Liberate Utopia

Liberate Utopia

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Utopia

Proposed by: Unibotian WASC Mission

Description: The Security Council,

Deeply Disturbed by the actions of The Alliance of Dictators, an invading organization, which captured the delegacy of Utopia by surprise on 2 December 2009,

Recalling that Utopia is a historic region, which has greatly contributed to the world’s security with its involvement in the Allied Liberation League (a defending organization),

Defining …
(a) “Password Grieving” as an invading technique, where an invader-in-disguise hides in a region long enough to accumulate a high level of regional influence, and then becomes delegate in the founderless region to immediately establish an invisible password, and begin emptying the region of those not affiliated with their invader organization,
(b) “Invisible Password” as a delegate-instituted password which is required to enter a region, if the password is hidden to any resident besides the regional delegate or founder,

Gravely Concerned that password grieving has spread as a common tactic used by invaders to defeat the timely stalemate between invaders and those who seek security, stability and peace in our world,

Having Ascertained that The Alliance of Dictators, and their delegate in Utopia, Lustrous Lemurs, have relied on password grieving to secure the delegacy of Utopia,

Cognizant of Acacallis and Ocean Pride, two residents of Utopia (at the time of this resolution’s creation), who the invader delegate has not yet been successful in ejecting and banning,

Bearing in Mind that these honorable residents have publicized their wishes for Utopia to be liberated,

Concurring with the residents of Utopia that the continued suppression of the region by The Alliance of Dictators could only have awful consequences for Utopia,

Convinced that ignoring them in their time of need would be being ungrateful to Utopia for its years of service to international peace and security,


  1. Liberates Utopia, by removing the invisible password and barring the delegate from attempting to implement a password in the future.

Co-authored by Sedgistan

While i find of poor taste putting resolutions at vote during christmas… i for this one, as i´m against raiding as a whole and, from what i read, the resolution has the support from the natives. is the link for the WA forum thread over this.

There is even discussion over Nietzche this time… But mainly what we see is the thread split between support, based on the fact those passwords were supposed to protect against invasion, that AoD is there only to damage Utopia, or that WA has the duty to promote peace, and critics, claiming a defender bias, as they use password too and no one complains, or that nations should have to defend themselves (or the lack of penguins…).

Last Decision

The Security Council resolution Liberate Utopia was passed 3,138 votes to 936.