Liberation of South Pacific

Through a coalition effort of [region=The East Pacific], [region=The South Pacific], and many others against [region=The Black Hawks] and its allies, we have liberated South Pacific. It was certainly not an easy task, but we had persisted until the region was free.

By all accounts, our turnout was historic. There was a record (90) amount of updaters that first night, at least a third of which came from the EPSA and its affiliated militia. It took many tries of course, but it was a deep and important operation.

Those who participated in the op are rewarded with this:

(Designed by our former Delegate and Overseeing Officer of the EPSA [mention]Xoriet[/mention])

Feel free to use in your forum signatures or dispatches to show how cool you are. A more comprehensive mission report and participant list will be tabulated soon.


EPSA (this includes people who joined because of the op):

[mention]FBI Kaiserreich Dude[/mention] 
[mention]Great Imperial States of America[/mention]  
[mention]Rage Mage[/mention] 

Civilians: (a bunch kinda just hung around the server providing moral support and there were too many to list)
[mention]Kyon Thomas[/mention] 
[mention]Art (Sokala)[/mention]
[nation=Washingtonian Order]
[nation=Gran Libertario]
[nation=Independent Antarctica]
[nation=Kingdom of Palau and Other Constituents]
[nation=Ironesian Republic]
[nation=Cymru Broadcasters]
[nation=Masia Crimson]
[nation=Western Pakistan]

Viziers and Delegate giving moral support:
AMOM (who is unpingable)