Libertainia Claim


Nation Name (long): The Free Territories of Libertainia
Nation Name (short): Libertainia

Motto: “Freedom is not an option. Freedom is a must.”

National Animal: Eagle
National Flower/Plant: none
National Anthem: Visons of Liberty (WIP)

Capitol: Liberty District 290,126
Largest City: City of Roya 824,483

Demonym: Libertainian (s) (Somtimes called Tainians)
Language: Codexian, Tainian
Species: Mostly human with other humanoid species after recent immigration.
Population: 22,083,192 last census in 2020

Government type: Democratic Republic
Leader(s): Arch-Governor Aldrich Tal
Legislature: The Great Peak in Liberty District signed by the Arch-Governor
Passed by the National Assembly(Upper House)
Proposed by the Lower House

Formation: 1902

Total GDP: 671,798,038,243
GDP per capita: 30,420
Currency: Liberos or gold bars and coins
Calling Code: +192
ISO 3166 code: Lr Lbr
Internet TLD: . lbr

Historical Summary:

Before the formation of Libertainia, the region was ruled by the Kingdom of Tainia. The monarchy imposed strict laws and regulations on its citizens, creating high unrest for many centuries. This unrest soon turned into violence and led to a massacre of citizens.

By 1888, a civil war had broken out between the people and the leaders. Many citizens formed militia groups, while others spread propaganda, swaying many loyalists to join the fight in an effort to turn them against the monarchy. The monarchy, of course, was not happy and ordered the entire country under a state of emergency. This harsh response further fueled the rebellion, as widespread oppression and brutal crackdowns only strengthened the resolve of the revolutionaries. The conflict grew increasingly intense and bloody, setting the stage for the eventual downfall of the Tainian Monarchy and the birth of Libertainia in 1902.

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