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8th January 2021

Today’s morning an explosion has destroyed a considerable extension of the cargo port in Privétia Tauríllien. The source of the explosion seems to be a group of trucks transporting 2,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated from an abandoned Balistrian ship in Cukish waters. The buildings nearby the explosion area have been destroyed, the explosion has been felt even in Órna Çéqi, and the deaths are expected to be hundreds. The police investigation is in course, but it points towards a terrorist attack, after tonight’s controlled explosion of a significantly lesser amount of the same substance found nearby the Porósin stadium, in which the Urthvision Songfestival was taking place at the time.

We will continue the report as we keep on getting information. Stay with us for information minute by minute.

Breaking News

Police sources confirm that today’s explosion is linked to a failed attempt to cause an explosion in Porósin during the Urthvision final, stopped at time. The people involved were arrested, but their identities are still to be confirmed.

Karnéias would earn the first absolute majority of the century, according to CSU

[justify]7th January 2022[/justify]

[justify]The Commonwealth Sociology Institute announces the results from the first poll of 2022, year in which the upcoming General Election will take place. Confirming the trends shown by private media’s polls since 2020, Civic Union would earn the first absolute majority in four decades, with 274 senators. That way, Karnéias would not need anymore any coalition partners. Civic Union and the opposition leaders, Natural Justice, get the most revenue at the expense of traditional and minor parties: Qár Amírbell’s platform would strengthen its opposition role with 63 more senators than 2019, accounting a total of 161. The major losses would happen to the coalition “Our Commonwealth”, loosing all their regional seats and keeping only 4 of their 10 original senators, while the traditional government party and coalition partner of Karnéias, Liberals, would see their seats reduced to 14. The Cukish Progressives Coalition, which used to exchange the National Government with Liberals under the name of Social Democrat Front, would endure with an additional seat from their current ones, earning 29 in total. The Cukish Communist Party would keep its 3 senators, while the newly formed right-wing coalition “The Strength of Freedom” would overpass Liberals in the right area of the parliament, with 16 seats.[/justify]

2022 General Election results announced

[justify]31st July 2022[/justify]

[justify]After 99% of the votes have been scrutinised, the electoral results are as follows:[/justify]

[justify]Civic Union wins the election with 53.56% of the votes and 293 senators. This is 55 more seats than the 2019 Senate, following CU’s wide majority in the Regional Elections of April, and, as the polls have been predicting for a long time, this result brings Areuína Karnéias’s party the first absolute majority of the century, with 42 more seats than the required for a majority and more than 30 years after the previous one, held by the Social Democrat Front. After the record second time Karnéias’s confirmation as Prime Minister succeeded, Civic Union will not need any coalition partners to invest a government, but the possibility remains that they continue their partnership with Liberals. If Karnéias completes the upcoming term as Prime Minister, she will have remained in the position for 9 years in total, being the third Prime Minister in the Cooperative Commonwealth’s history to serve for three terms.[/justify]

[justify]Natural Justice obtains the largest growth of all represented parties, with 62 more senators and 160 seats in total. Qár Amírbell will henceforward reinforce her position as Leader of the Opposition, while her ecologist platform is confirmed as the second largest party for three more years. This is done at the expense of Our Commonwealth, which looses the 62 senators they previously held and abandons the Senate. Liberals experience an also large but less harmful loss, with 16 senators, confirming the predictions made until this day. The major surprise of the election day has been The Strength of Freedom’s results: the right-wing coalition have progressed from their 16 seats prediction by the CSU in January, to only 3 senators with these results. [/justify]

[justify]Despite the slight growth the newly formed Cukish Progressives Coalition experienced in the Regional Elections, their decrease in voters now make them loose 3 senators from the ones previously held by the Social Democrat Front. The remaining represented party is the Cukish Communist Party, which increases its presence with 4 senators, one more than in 2019.[/justify]

The Commonwealth obtains its third victory on Urthvision

Lórien Talháwi holds the trophy after winning Urthvision XVII in Altomaré, Tawuse, with the song “Euphoria”

[justify]With 132 points and multiple countries giving it their highest score, the Cukish entry on Urthvision XVII, “Euphoria” by Lórien Talháwi, has obtained the first position in the song festival. This is the third Cukish victory on the contest: the first one happened in Urthvision VII following the tie Qúns and Tribárne obtained with Blueacia in the first position, while the second victory was achieved by Ltxemxein Sarvis in Urthvision XIII, hosted by Tavaris. Aside from the Commonwealth, no other country on Urthvision has ever won more than once. This record is expanded by being Lórien’s second victory on Urthvision, after she couldn’t represent the Commonwealth in Urthvision IV, reason why she submitted her entry under Furnifold’s delegation and ended up also winning the contest. Again, no other artist has won the contest more than once. “Thank you for believing in me” have been Lórien’s words for the Urthvision audience in Altomaré and all over the globe, thanking this way the people who have made her victory possible. [/justify]

[justify]Prime Minister Areuína Karnéias has congratulated the singer on Pidgeon, remarking the benefits this victory would bring to the Commonwealth’s music industry:[/justify]


[justify]In a month’s time, the venue for the upcoming eighteenth edition will be decided by the Cukish Urthvision Committee of this same broadcaster, Livá Leganéasle Nafiólle Televisión. Nevertheless, three cities have shown their interest already: Karúna, Cábonégro and Privétia Tauríllien, which already hosted Urthvision VIII and Urthvision XIV.[/justify]


The Commonwealth Might Get A New Name
The Talks Are Over: Prime Minister Areuína Karnéias Announces Constitutional Referendum To Be Approved On The Senate

After several months of conversations between Civic Union and Natural Justice, the Senate will pass a Commonwealth-wide referendum, to be then approved by the Commonwealth Government. The draft includes the following question:

Should our country change its official name in all instances?

  • Yes
  • No

If yes, what name should our country carry from this moment?

  • Cooperative Commonwealth of the Impelanzan Ocean
  • Cooperative Commonwealth of the Oceanic Islands
  • Cukish Cooperative Commonwealth

The vote will take place in Constitution Day, 23rd December 2023, and participation is expected to be compulsory.

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First Round results

Should our country change its official name in all instances?
Turnout: 85.59%

  • Yes: 68.15%
  • No: 31.11%
  • Blank: 0.20%
  • Invalid: 0.54%

Second Round results
Turnout: 79.40%

  • Cukish Cooperative Commonwealth: 40.36%
  • Cooperative Commonwealth of the Impelanzan Ocean: 31.55%
  • Cooperative Commonwealth of the Oceanic Islands: 25.09%

Since no option has obtained more than 50% of the votes, a final round will be held between the two most voted options.

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Final Round results
Turnout: 81.87%

  • Cooperative Commonwealth of the Impelanzan Ocean: 55.43%
  • Cukish Cooperative Commonwealth: 44.32%