Llygad Duw - Welsh Oilean, guest starring SocDyl

Joint claim with Socialist Dylan

Flag: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/742488382080548875/936310277467693066/flag_12.png
Nation Name (long): Gweriniaeth Llygad Duw (The Republic of the Eye of God)
Nation Name (short): Llygad Duw (The Eye of God)

Motto: “By Union and Cooperation of All, We shall create Liberty and Prosperity for each,”
National Animal: Sheep
National Flower/Plant: Daffodil
National Anthem: “Ei Gwrol Ryfelwyr”

Capitol: Disgybl y Llygad
Largest City: Disgybl y Llygad

Demonym: Llygadian / Dwylo’r Llygad
Language: Llygadian / Tafod y Llygad (Welsh) and Aivintian (Romanian)
Species: 53% Dwarf, 27% Half-Dwarf, 12% Human
Population: 10M

Government type: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Elder of the Union Community: Mihai Hywel, Independent
Voice of the Citizens: Dafydd Gruffydd, Llias Gwlad
Legislature: Y Tri Phwyllgor (Tricameral “Communities”)
Formation: 1911

Total GDP: 17.8 billion SHD
GDP per capita: 17,824

Calling Code: +295
ISO 3166 code: LGD
Internet TLD: .ld

Historical Summary: Llygad Duw was a relatively isolated country before the 15th century, when Marnacian explorers discovered the island and its tribal residents, and decided to build trade outposts. Other Aivintian kingdoms soon joined in, trading with the residents and facilitating technological exchange. Although these traders abandoned their commercial interests in 1656 during the War of Aivintian Unification as a result of instability in their homeland, they returned shortly after, except in the period between the First and Second Aivintian Civil Wars. When the Order of Enlightenment took over the country in the early 1800s, they decided to exploit the prosperous relationship by colonizing Llygad Duw in order to spread their religion and strengthen the nation’s interests. During the Third Aivintian Civil War, the people of Llygad Duw launched a full-scale revolt against the Order, which resulted in much infighting, but the victory of the Monarchists in the Third Civil War and the disbandment of the central organization of the Order allowed the Llygadians to finally establish their independence in 1911. The Aivintian Empire returned in force over a decade later in order to occupy Llygad Duw once again for their natural resources and strategic position, but the Llygadians successfully fought back, cementing their status as an independent power with the ability to defend itself.

Currency: Llygadian Marc
Imports (not cleared with cartos): Timber (most of their forests are sacred to a large portion of the population so not much logging), machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and oil.
Exports (not cleared with cartos): Coal, metals (steel, primarily), mutton, wool, textiles, fish (trout, mainly), dairy, and aluminum.

This is my replacement for my former nation of Oilean


Disgybl y Llygad is the capital
Cewri is a metropolis
Gwlad y Coed Cysegredih is a small city

Following a vote on 31st January 2022, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 4-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.