i m new…juz create my own nation…THE QUEENDOM OF DEVIL TEEN…check tis out…pm me…

ROFL! Interesting motto you’ve got there! “Ruin ur life,win my heart,” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at any rate, you certainly need no longer feel lost! Welcome to TEP, land of alcoholic squirrels in the 12-step program, pesky fridge owls (some of whom are actually cybernetic) and where every member is required to own at least one pair of clown shoes! Come on, you know the type … big long toes … floppy … I’m now up to sort of three pairs. Of course, none of them match, because the dog keeps eating one of each pair. :wink:

You’ll find us all laid-back and friendly, Devil Teen, so feel free to ask questions about either NS or the forums!

It’s great to have you here! :smiley: