Magisterium Reform Act

BE IT ENACTED by the Magisterium of the East Pacific:


This act shall be known and cited as “Magisterium Reform Act.”


The Magisterium finds that --[ol]
[li] Magisterium numbers have dwindled to numbers below which it was designed to function.

[li] Magisterium cycles tend to become inactive towards the end of each cycle

[li] New nations of the past have expressed interest in getting involved in the government.

For the purposes of this act --[ol]
[li] Magister’s Pledge refers to a written agreement by a citizen wanting to become a Magister. The pledge shall read: I (forum name) solemnly swear to uphold the Concordat of The East Pacific and work with other Magisters to create reform when applicable. I will make it my personal duty to keep the best interests of the common East Pacific citizen to heart and work for the greater good of The East Pacific region. I pledge to serve The East Pacific to the best of my abilities.

[li] Removal from the Magisterium refers to the immediate termination of a Magister.

[li] Standing Orders refers to the Standing Orders of the Magisterium, to remain pinned in the Magisterium forum.
[li] Article B, Section 2 of the Concordat is to be struck null and void.

[li] Citizens wishing to become Magisters must recite the Magister’s Pledge in the form of a reply to a pinned thread to be created after the establishment of this act. Said citizens must also supply their TEP nation, WA nation, and any current positions elsewhere in NationStates.

[li] Magisters will elect among themselves a Provost every three months, outlined in the Standing Orders. This process is to be orchestrated by the previous provost or a representative thereof.

[li] A Magister may be removed:[ul]
[li] By any method of removal outlined in the Standing Orders.
[li] If the Magister has not logged into the forums for more than two weeks and has not informed the Magisterium of said absence.
[li] If the Magister has not voted in at least two votes that have taken place at least seven days apart from each other.
[li] If the Magister is found to have supplied falsified information in their Magister’s Pledge.
[li] If the Magister resigns.

This bill shall be enacted upon its signature by the Delegate, except if the Magisterium votes to override a veto of this bill by the Delegate. This law, if passed, must be re-visted in six months’ time, by which the Magisterium must determine if the law is still a feasible process for selecting and removing Magisters in The East Pacific Legislature.

The Magisterium voted 19 to 0 on April 18th, 2018 to repeal the Magisterium Reform Act. Further details may be found within and its