Matters of Politics and Fashion.

1st October, 2022
Osfjord International Airport, Norgsveldet

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The airport as always was in constant activity. Where people from around the world landed to see one of the most important cities of Concord, a city filled with life, wealth, diversity and power. Since Osfjord status was not just capital of Norgsveldet, it was the financial center of the NCEF and one of the most important cities for trade and influence in the entire North Concordian Ocean…

And Johanna Sverdrup could not be happier to leave it all behind.

Indeed for the ex-prime minister it now was just a memory of a political career she had spent 15 years being involved in. 9 years of which she spent doing back room deals, political maneuvering and series of political favors to gain the seat of the most powerful civilian office of the land. Only to spend last 6 keeping her divided party and government in check, dealing with one conflict or crisis after another, dealing with Franklin fucking Barvata and most annoying of all, the bane of her political career. His Majesty, King Olav I.

She simply let out a sigh as she was escorted by two security guards to her private jet. One she would be taking to Vakrestrender to live in her new mansion. She had originally planned for it just to be a vacation getaway but now was going to be her new home. If there is anything she is happy with, it is that her otherwise unwise decision to take a bribe, led her to at least gaining a large net worth and large mansion in one of the most picturesque places in the world.

Though that did not change the general attitude of people around her, at least the people who weren’t too afraid of her security guards to voice their distaste for her. Though a quick cold glare from her would be quick to make them quiet down. One she had years to master. Likely helped that the way she walked with her guards was less that of someone being escorted and more a captain taking charge.

Seeing her private jet in the distance she could let out a sigh of relief knowing she would soon be far away from her place of birth. Though that idea was interrupted by a yell of a familiar voice.

“Johanna!” A feminine voice yelled out behind her, making her turn around to see a shorter woman with similar white hair and blue eyes to herself. Very much looking like a younger version of Johanna.

“Eve?” She said quietly, a bit surprised, though a small warm smile formed on her lips. Though turning to a small frown as her security guards stepped in front of her and the younger woman. In which she was quick to place hand on their shoulders.

“Ma’am?” They said confused as they looked at her.

“Let me talk with my little sister in peace, please.” Both Johanna’s voice and eyes were cold as she stared into their eyes.

The security guards simply gave a nod at that, though one of them did slightly flinch from her look. Taking hold of her baggage they were quick to put it onboard into the jet. Allowing the two sisters to talk.

Johanna saw her little sister approach her with a wide smile while dragging a piece of baggage. She couldn’t help but have a genuine smile at seeing her little sister again. With Eve wearing her typical designer clothing from the latest fashion trend. The little sister was wearing a stylish white trench coat paired with a black skirt and a top with several stylish flower symbols coloured in light pink. Quite a heavy contrast to Johanna’s signature outfit. One which was in one end high class with its design, but one that gives a hint of militarism with its uniformity and coldness. One that Johanna had chosen because it reminded her of her days doing fencing in high school and college. In which she had also picked up hobbies for other martial arts.

“How is my favorite ex-prime minister?” Eve said in a teasing tone.

Johanna just rolled her eyes. “Nice to see you as well, Eve.” She said while ruffling Eve’s hair, much to the annoyance of the little sister.

“Hey, now stop that!” She said with a pout. “I’ve recently been to the hairdresser to have my hair stylised!”

Johanna just chuckled as she stopped messing with her little sister’s hair. “Sorry, sorry.” Though her apologies weren’t that sincere.

“Paid a lot of money on it too…” Eve mumbled as she continued to pout.

“Now did you come here to taunt me for my political fall, or did you come here to say goodbye?” Johanna asked, crossing her arms, a warm teasing smile on her lips.

“Neither actually.” Eve said, rolling her eyes before smiling wildly. “I’ve come to join you on your flight to Vakrestrender.”

This caused the older woman to stay silent for a moment before speaking up, though only to say. “What.”

“Yep!” Eve said excitedly with a wide smile on her face.

“Did you just… suddenly decide to take a vacation or something?” Johanna asked, confused.

“Nope! I recently got hired to be a fashion designer for Cirivel’s Designs! They gotten new headquarters in Vakrestrender so i’m being sent there.” Eve’s excitement was quite apparent with her not being available to stand still.

“Oh that’s amazing, Eve!” Johanna said, giving her little sister a quick hug. “Wait, how did you know I was even taking a private jet?”

Eve just rolled her eyes. “Oh please, you really think I’d thought you’d take a public plane where there be crying children after having been bribed with so much money that you’d be the wealthiest woman in our own home town?” She said with a small smirk on her face as she placed hand on her hip in which her black designer handbag was hanging from.

“You know, you might be right. But you should still shut up.” Johanna said, crossing her arms giving a non-threatening glare towards her little sister.

“Love you too.” Eve said with a shit eating smirk.

The older woman pushed her little sister forward. “Get on board then you fashion freak.” She said, earning a giggle from the younger Sverdrup.

Jørgen was waiting, while it wasn’t officially his duty to welcome important and of notable influence. It was somewhat of a tradition with his family to welcome them. He was out of touch with modern political news, well he actively avoided it like the plague. He wasn’t tutored in the art like his brothers were. He had some training with public appearances from his mother and some work with his royal duties before the attack but that was it.

He didn’t quite know why Johanna was removed from office or why Olav hated her, being the apolitical man he is. Though when he heard that she was moving to Vakrestrender after her work in Norgsveldet. He, of course, had to give a personal greeting and welcome them to his home of Vakrestrender. She was a notable enough person to warrant a Jarl’s personal welcome though not a parade or anything of the sort. Though saved for royals and heads of state, instead she just be given a personal welcoming and ride with the Jarl.

Vakrestrender of course, have banned personal use vehicles as such only a handful of people are ever allowed to have them. The good Jarl being one of them, though he rarely drove, often having his massive bodyguard Yuri drive for him. He had to special order a car just to fit on Vakrestrender roads and Yuri’s size in the driver’s seat. Though it never even flinched, money was just a number to him.

He waited patiently as Johanna’s private plane landed and the final disembarking took place. Taking a small sip of his coffee on the bench.

_ _

Johanna took a sip from her champagne glass letting out a sigh of relaxation.

“Isn’t it a bit too early to drink?” Eve asked, raising an eyebrow at her older sister. “It’s like 1pm.”

“We are going to an Akuan nation, sis.” Johanna said with a small smirk forming. “I’m simply preparing myself for their customs.”

In which the younger Sverdrup simply rolled her eyes at. Causing the older one to chuckle.

“It’s also just one glass, calm down.” Johanna said in a warm tone, causing Eve to let out a sigh of relief. “…for now.”

“What was that?” Eve raised an eyebrow at Johanna.

“Nothing.” The older sister said quickly as she finished her glass. “So you’ve gotten an apartment yet?”

“Actually I heard you got an house in Vakrestrender, so I thought I could live with you.” Eve said, smiling sweetly.

“Well, mansion not house.” Johanna said with a small smirk before replacing it with a warm smile. “I’d love to have you there.”

Eve’s eyes lit up in excitement. “A mansion!?” In which her older sister simply chuckled at and nodded her head. “Does it have like a big pool as well?”

“Yep, though I haven’t brought a swimsuit with me. So I won’t be using it that much.” Johanna said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Well you know what that means?” Eve said, smiling teasingly at Johanna. The older sister just raised an eyebrow at that.

“It means…?”

“Shopping trip!” The little sister cheered, raising her arms in the air. Earning a sigh from Johanna.

“Fiiine.” The older sister said knowing how much her little sister loved going on shopping trips with her. “Though nothing too revealing!”

“Oh that was one time!” Eve whined as she crossed her arms. “And you looked good in it!”

Johanna simply sighed before letting out a small chuckle and poured herself another glass.

“D-Do you think we get to meet Jørgen?” Eve stuttered out nervously. Her older sister raised an eyebrow at her. Eve’s cheeks were flushed and she nervously played with her white hair that had been tied up into a ponytail.

Her older sister let out a sigh. “He is a jarl, dear.” Taking a sip from her glass. “He is likely a busy man, he has a lot on his shoulders. Plus do you really think a man like him would try to even get close to a politician who recently had a corruption scandal?”

Eve looked down at the floor. “Oh…”

“Why do you even want to meet him?”

Which made the little sister immediately look towards Johanna, her eyes wide in surprise and almost as if she was offended. “Are you serious?”

The older sister just looked confused at Eve, not sure why she was reacting in that way. “Um, yes?” She said not fully certain.

Eve took a heavy breath in, before a tsunami of words streamed out. “He is one of the most important people in the entire fashion industry, not just in Valkyr or Norgsveldet, but the entire Ulvrikian sphere! He had worn outfits so expensive they topple the GDP of entire nations! Extremely good fashion designer and artist! A single positive word on an outfit is enough to triple the market value of it! And-”

“You done?” Johanna asked, placing a hand over her little sister’s mouth, only uncovering once she got a weak nod from her.

“H-He also j-just very very c-cute.” Eve said, looking away, blushing deeply, in which her big sister couldn’t help but smile.

“I’ll see what I can do to get a meeting with him, can’t promise anything.” Johanna said, placing a hand on her little sister’s shoulder.

Eve smiled nervously at that. “T-Thanks.”

Jørgen saw two people step out of the private plane, he double checked his plane number to make sure he had the right plane. It is a busy airport after all. His large security team surrounding him was easy to notice even in the private section of the airport. Yuri gave a grunt, opening the door so he could exit the building and greet the two on the tarmac.

At distance Johanna looked familiar enough to Jørgen to recognize though he didn’t know who the person she was walking down the stairs with. The security team flood outside alongside Jørgen, forming a meat shield around him the the path between the two.

He clapped his hands, then out stretching them in a welcoming fashion towards the two. “Welcome to Vakrestrender, Sverdrup well. I hope you’re Sverdrup, otherwise this will be quite awkward!” He gives a hardy laugh, resting his arms at his side.

Johanna looked surprised at seeing Jørgen, simply giving him a respective bow. “Your highness, I did not expect to see you here.” She said smiling respectfully towards the slightly taller elf. “And yes we are both Sverdrups, I am one you likely heard too much about.” She let out a small chuckle before gesturing to Eve. “This is my little siste-”

Though the older sister was about to introduce her, Eve found it better to interrupt so she could introduce herself. “H-Hi! I’m Eve Sverdrup, I’m going to be a fashion d-designer at the Cirivel’s Designs h-headquarters here. I-I h-have s-some design ideas if you want to see them, Sir Bjø- I mean your highness.” She nervously stuttered as she fickle with her designer bag to find the designs she had for a new dress.

“Ah, don’t worry about it. I’m sure your designs will come across my desk at some point if your outfit is anything to go by.” He gives Eve a charming smile, he approaches the two and gives the traditional Akuan greeting of a kiss on the cheek. “May your new life here be enchanting and grand as your stewardship was of Norgsveldet.” He gives a smile to Johanna, offering to shake her hand.

Eve was smiling wildly and blushed deep from Jørgen’s compliment, seeing his charming cute smile and the kiss he gave. “T-T-Thanks!” She said in a daze, placing hand on the cheek Jørgen kissed in which Johanna couldn’t but slightly giggle at that.

The older woman raised an eyebrow at Jørgen, confused as to why he was talking so positively about her leadership. Though she internally shrugged it off that he might have been a fan of some of her policies. She gives his hand a firm handshake. “Thank you, I feel my new life has already started off grand and enchanting by getting to meet the handsome Jarl everyone has been talking about.” She said, a small smile on her lips.

“Ah everyone is talking about me? Well, I guess my PR department really does need a raise.” He warmly smiles, “While personal cars are banned here, I pull a few strings and give you two a ride to that mansion of yours. Afterall what are good neighbors for?” He got a curious look from Yuri after while he was giving him a warm welcome. Yuri being more in touch with political news than Jørgen ever was.

“Shall I lead us to the car?” His charming face never drops.

“Lead the way, your highness.” Johanna said giving Jørgen a respectful nod. While Eve was still in Cloud Nine.

“Well you heard them, Yuri.” He clapped his hands, “Lead the way.” He says with a charming smile, “So, why did you move to Vakrestrender you two? Eve, I remember you saying you got a job here correct?”

Eve stuttered a bit, having to drag herself down to reality. “Um, um yes. One of Norgsveldet biggest fashion brands, Cirivel’s Designs, recently opened a headquarters here. I-I’m going to be a fashion designer for it.” She said nervously trying to calm herself.

“Ah, I think that’s one of the companies my family owns or at least partly owns.” He gives a polite chuckle. “How about yourself Johanna?”

The older woman raised an eyebrow at the owning of companies, making her… more curious about the jarl. “Well, I just wanted to find a place to relax after this year’s politics. Far away from Norgsveldet, far away from Osfjord.” She said with a sigh. “Start a new life, finding people to spend time with.”

“Well you certainly find plenty of people to rub shoulders with here.” He gives a wink towards the older sister. “I’m hosting a small gathering at my castle if you two are interested.”

Eve almost jumped up in excitement. “Yes, we are!” She yelled out before looking towards Johanna. “Right?”

“Sure, I see no reason not to.” Her older sister said in a chuckle, in which immediately the younger one’s head was placed in the clouds once again. Johanna turned her attention to Jørgen, placing her hand gently on his shoulder. “Hopefully there will be many handsome people to rub shoulders with over there~” She gave Jørgen a small, almost seductive smile.

Jørgen’s face blush slightly, “Ah, um. Yes, there will be…” He said awkwardly, while not completely unused to being flirted with. It’s usually not with people he wanted to flirt with first. They trio made it to the armored car outside, Yuri opening the door, letting Jørgen enter in the car first before the other two.

As the two entered Eve found herself unfortunately sitting next to the window, while Johanna was between the elven jarl and her little sister. “So what could you tell us about yourself? You said your family might partially own the company Eve works at?” She said curiously.

“I thought the Bjørn Trust only had shares in Cirivel’s Designs?” Eve spoke up being a bit curious as well.

“In all honesty, I have lost track of what companies my family’s trust has in its portfolio.” He shrugs, “I just figured if it’s one of the larger fashion companies my family would have bought it or at least have shares in it.” The car moved, driving past the various high-end neighbors and commercial districts. Crowds of people waved at the Jarl’s car as it went past.

Johanna let out a chuckle. “Must be quite a large fund.” She said and looked out the window. “The people are lucky to have you as a jarl.”

Eve stuttered out a “y-yeah!” and nodded vigorously.

“I like to think, I’m lucky to be their jarl.” Trying to act somewhat humble. Flowers start being thrown at the car. “I thought I asked them to stop doing that…” He quietly mumbles to himself. It was a moderately annoying habit by his people that started happening last year after an incredibly successful movie in Vakrestrender that featured throwing flowers at people for good luck. Then his people decide to make it a literal thing, throwing flowers at each other and at him. He used his Pigeon account to ask them to stop but that only encouraged them further.

“Well, I guess we are extra lucky then to spend a moment with you.” Johanna smiled kindly as she looked at Jørgen, while Eve, too nervous and too shy to speak, popped her head up beside her older sister to make sure the jarl saw her nodding frantically in agreement.

“It is my family’s tradition of personally welcoming important people such as yourselves to their new lives here.” He turned his head towards Eve, “Is everything alright?” He asked in a concerned tone.

“Y-Y-Yes! E-Everything is okay!” Eve stuttered out and leaned back into her seat covering her blushing face with her hands. Earning a small cute giggle from Johanna.

He gave her a warm smile, “Is it alright if I pat your head? It has a habit of calming people down. Well at least that’s what I was told before.” He speaks in a reassuring tone.

“U-U-Um s-s-sure!” Eve placed her hands on her lap, her face being of deep red as she looked downwards, embarrassed to look at the Jarl, though trying to calm her breathing, leaning forward to allow Jørgen an easier ability to pat her. In which Johanna leaned back in her seat to help as well.

He leans forward, giving the younger Sverdrup sister a pat on the head and ruffles her hair a little bit. “Is that better?” He leans back into his seat, giving a charming smile. “Kemonomimi tend to find it quite soothing.” He places his hands back onto his lap.

Eve just gave a weak nod, still embarrassed but is more calm now, fickling a bit nervously with her skirt. Her older sister let out a warm almost motherly chuckle, as she as well ruffled a bit with Eve’s hair. Causing her to pout.

Jørgen gave a small laugh, “Well, I take that as a yes then.” He looks outside of his window again, the car nearing the residence of the sisters. He turns back to face them, “We should be having delightful weather all week.” He claps his hands, “Oh the party I almost forgot. It will be tonight at sunset, hosted at my castle of course.”

“We will be there, I will assure you of that.” Johanna said with a very slight flirtatious smile.

“It is a pleasure that you’re inviting us, sir, um your highness.” Eve said calmly her cheeks only a little bit pink, trying her best to not freak out about going to his castle.

“I think you can figure out the way to the castle.” He gave a smile as the car came to a stop in front of their mansion. Yuri opened the door for the sisters, the mansion having a clear and beautiful view of the giant castle of the Bjørn family.

Eve’s eyes widened in excitement to finally seeing the famous Bjørn castle, her eyes almost gleaming when seeing it. While Johanna’s eyes widen only slightly in surprise, never having done much research about the Bjørn Family beforehand. “Well it will be a pleasure seeing you there, handsome.” She said and gave Jørgen a peck on the cheek, having a small smirk on her lips.

Eve got off from her trance and gave a respectful bow to the Jarl. “S-See you l-later.” She stuttered out as she and her older sister left the car.

While he didn’t take the kiss as anything more than a Akuan greeting. Her calling him handsome was… Flirtatious to say the least. Usually he just gets called ‘cute’ rather than handsome by most people he has somewhat of an attraction for. It caused him to blush slightly, but he gave a respectful bow as they left. “I see you two at the party now.” He flashes them a charming smile as Yuri closes the car door.

As the sister pair watched his car in silence as it drove further and further away so far that they did not see it any longer, only then did one of them speak. Though it was less speaking, and more screeching.

“Aaah!” Eve yelled out excitedly jumping up and down covering her mouth as she was blushing. “By. The. Gods! We got to see the Jørgen Bjørn, the Jarl of Vakrestrender!! N-not only that but he picked us up and invited us to a big event tonight. And did you see how cute he was?? Like he is super cute right?” Eve looked up at her older sister just not avaible to keep herself quiet and constantly moved around. Which only caused Johanna to chuckle.

“Come now, let me show you where you will be sleeping.” The older sister said as she gently pushed her sister to the direction of their new home.

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As the two sisters entered their new home they had to take a moment, not used to having so much space as they have now. With a large pool in the back, and in the living room being a large black leather sofa with a few sofa chairs next to it facing an extremely large flat screen TV.

Eve let out a small whistler looking at it all. “What a bit of corruption can get someone, huh?” She said looking towards her older sister with a small smirk on her face.

Johanna crossed her arms giving her little sister a small glare. “You know I can kick you out, right?” She said, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Aw but you wouldn’t do that to your adorable little sister, right?” Eve said in a fake dramatic tone giving Johanna puppy eyes.

The older sister just chuckled as she placed hand on Eve’s head, ruffling her hair heavily in which the little sister let out a whine of how expensive she had made her hair style. “You don’t become a good politician by being soft, Eve.” As she walked towards the kitchen to brew herself a cup of coffee.

“800 Krone wasted…” The younger Sverdrup mumbled to herself. “Oh! Johanna, do you have an outfit to wear for Jørgen’s party?”

“Oh I was just planning on wearing one of my suits.” She said simply not having thought too much about the party, not even looking at Eve paying more attention to the coffee machine.

“What.” The little sister just said looking in disbelief at Johanna, even dropping her designer bag.

“What?” The older sister said confused now looking at Eve.

“We are going shopping.” She said as she walked over to Johanna grabbing her hand and immediately started dragging her to the door. Small frown on the little sister’s face.

“But I haven’t even gotten my coffee yet.” Johanna said that despite her wordly protest let herself get dragged by her little sister.

_ _

Johanna let out a sigh as she fidgeted with her dress. It was a tight fitting light blue dress with white snow crystal symbols placed around the lower end. Showing her long legs, too much so in Johanna’s own opinion. Though her little sister ensured it showed “just enough”. Though Johanna was not fashion blind enough to not mention that it was a gorgeous dress, she will complain about lack of mobility with it. Even if it “showed off her curves nicely” as her little sister had put it.

“Stop fidgeting so much.” Eve said, rolling her eyes. She was wearing a dress that was a bit looser than Johanna’s dress. Being based on a dress that the queen has been known for wearing. Though Eve’s dress was dark purple instead of black. Small modifications had been made to put more focus on her legs. “It fits you perfectly.”

“I still would prefer a suit….” She said as the two of them walked forward to the castle’s doors.

They were led to the ballroom. It was a lavish affair, mostly having Valkyr and a handful of Norgsveltian business leaders in business or politics. The ballroom itself was absolutely beautiful with the stained glass showing colored shadows along the floor of the myth of creation by Akua’s thinking machine. Everyone was dressed in an outfit that could be worth a country or two, even more so Jørgen. He wore an outfit fit for a legend of an old, wonderful coat of deep blue with gems matching Vakrestrender sky, a suit jacket of white and blue that symbolized his royal family. Everything about his outfit was symbolized, even though this was, for him at least, a small affair. Barely anything in his calendar for the most part.

He saw the sisters entered, or at least was informed by his staff. He himself approached the two, “Ah, welcome! I’ve been waiting for you two.” He gives a charming smile that matches the joyful and playful mood of the room.-

The sisters smiled and bowed their heads, Johanna still being cool and collected despite her having a bit awkwardness to walk. Eve on the other hand, was already blushing. The younger Sverdrup was pulling her black designer bag close to her.

“T-Thank you for having us here.” She stuttered out.

Johanna walked up to Jørgen giving him a kiss on the cheek to greet him, though staying a few seconds longer than is needed. Placing a hand on his shoulder. “We are very thankful for you having us here, so anytime you might need help from us, just ask. Okay?” She said with a sweet smile on her lips.

He smiled warmly, returning the kiss with his on the older sister’s cheek. Then giving the younger sister a kiss on the cheek as well. “Please, enjoy yourselves at my home. Can I interest you in a drink?” He gestures over to the bar over in the far end of the room.

“Glass of champagne does sound lovely.” Johanna said with a smile still on her lips as she walked to the bar taking the lead.

“Y-Your outfit looks amazing, your highness!” Eve said, still nervous though available to keep herself more calm. If she rather focused on his outfit and its amazing craftsmanship rather than his stupidly cute and handsome face.

“Why thank you Eve.” He gives her a charming smile, guiding the sisters to the bar. Ordering a round of champagne for all three of them. The bartender handed them their drinks, giving special respects to Jørgen. He held his drink up for a toast, “To a wonderful friendship and a new life for the both of you.”

Eve blushed deeply at that not available to not look at his face. ‘Aaaaaah, why must he be so cute!’ She internally screamed to herself.

Johanna held up her drink as well. “And to our handsome host, might we become ever closer.” She gave the elf a quick wink. “Cheers!”

“C-cheers!” Eve stuttered out as she raised her drink.

They clink the glasses together, Jørgen drowning his drink in the first go. Like a true Akuanist he is. “Ah, how refreshing.” He smiles towards the two sisters.

Johanna frowned a small second when she didn’t get a reaction before replacing it with a sweet smile again. Trying to think of a new strategy taking a sip from her drink, though in contrast to Jørgen was trying to enjoy it.

Eve, seeing the elf finishing of the drink in one go, decided she has to do the same to impress him. Though it was obvious that she was not used to it as she was only available to finish two thirds of the glass before she started to cough heavily. In which Johanna placed hand on her shoulder and looked genuinely worried.

“Are you alright Eve? Do you need to sit down?” Jørgen asked in a concerned tone, tilting his head. “You shouldn’t try to match an Akuanist.”

“I’m alright! I’m alright.” Eve said, blushing deeply from embarrassment. Though she noticed she had accidently spilled on herself. “U-Um where is the bathroom? I need to dry this off and ensure it doesn’t stain.”

He simply waved his hand in the air and a nearby maid serving drinks came over. “Yes master Bjørn?” They asked in a kind tone. “The young lady spilled her drink, can you take her to the bathroom?” Jørgen asked the young maid in a calm and sweet tone. The maid bowed her head, guiding the younger sister away to the bathroom.

“One of these days, I should put up a sigh outside the airport to say don’t try to out drink a Akuanist.” He chuckles as Eve was led away.

Johanna let out a chuckle with that. “Could be wise.” She said, shaking her head in amusement before taking a sip from her drink. “Though I don’t blame her, she did do it to try to impress you.” Warm smile on her face as she watched Eve being led to the bathroom by a kemonomimi maid.

His face was slightly flushed but he recovered quickly, “Ah, who am I to impress but a humble Jarl on top of a volcano.” He gives Johanna a playful smirk.

“You forgot to place words cute and handsome next to jarl there.” She replied playfully and flirtatiously. “Though I guess you have no limits on people trying to impress you. Most them likely put on the clothing that they thought would catch your attention~”

He blinked once, then twice. “Um, yes…” He was properly flushed now, caught unawares. “Well, I suppose that is true. I am a bit of a thing in the fashion world I suppose.” He gives a weak but still cheerful smile back.

Johanna rolled her eyes at that and let out a small giggle. “My dear, I didn’t mean it like that~” She said in a low seductive tone.

“Oh what did you mean?” He gives her a flirtatious wink, leaning his elbow on the bar.

She placed her hand on his chin giving him a playful smirk. “Well, I think many here want to impress you with their looks. Want you to look at them~” She said slowly leaning in to whisper into his ear, her chest grazing his. “They hope you end up wanting them~” Her tone was extra seductive as she dragged out the words.

“I suppose some of their outfits are nicely tailored but they need more work done.” He orders a small beer for himself. Her hand on his chin made his heart flutter. “I-I don’t suppose you would like to dance?” He asks, giving the best flirtatious tone he possibly could.

She leaned back with a chuckle after thinking she had done enough teasing of the boy. “I would love to dance with you.” She said with a small kind smile.

He took her hand, guided her to the dance floor.

The two made their way onto the floor, people making way for the Jarl. Jørgen took the disgraced former prime minister by the hand to the center of the ball room. More than a few heads turned as they saw the pair, with a mixture of curious and concerned looks. Something Jørgen noticed, quickly checking over his outfit making sure that Eve didn’t accidentally spill something on him. Of course she didn’t, so he was left wondering why they were looking at them.

It’s not odd for people to be looking at him but their looks were something new. He spoke in a soft tone, “Curious.” Then placing his hands on Johanna in a conservative way, hands on shoulders or the back and alike. “So how are you enjoying the castle?”

The former prime minister placed a hand on the Jarl’s shoulder and followed his step, trying to overcome challenges of her dress lack of mobility. “A bit large I have to say.” She joked as her eyes glanced around the ballroom. Not looking at the other guests around, but rather… room itself. In how it screamed wealth and power with how over decorated it is. “But it is a nice castle nonetheless, though I might not be one wanting to jog a marathon to go from one end of the castle to another.” She let out a small chuckle.

He joined in on the chuckle, “Well, we have installed some elevators and travelators to help speed things up. I tried to add in an underground road to really get things moving but the engineering firm I hired nearly cried at the architect’s blueprints.”

The older woman had to place a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh in which she did slightly trip over her feet but not to lose her footing. “Sorry, my dress hasn’t exactly left much on the mobility department.” She said, though mumbling.

“It’s quite alright Miss Sverdrup.” He said with a smile, “Believe me, I understand your struggle.” He gives a wink. “It is curious, I expect some eyes to be on us but they look quite confused.” He gives a shrug.

“Well I don’t think any of them expect you to be dancing with me.” Her voice was half teasing and half serious. Before giving a small smirk and moving a hand to his chest. “Though do not mind them, just keep your eyes on me~”

“Why would they be concerned about me dancing with just a lovely woman like yourself?” He half teases back, moving his hands down from her shoulders down more towards her waist. He’s being more teasing than he normally is but just something about Johanna peaked his interest in her.

She let out a small chuckle. “That would require a lot of talk about my boring political life in Norgsveldet, are you really interested in hearing about that or…” She gently placed hand on his cheek, ensuring he kept his eyes on her and gave him a seductive smile. “Do you want to continue this dance?”

“That’s an easy choice~” His eyes looked onto hers, he wanted to flirt with her but he just had to crack one last joke. “Tell me about your policy on the wolves.” He gives a charming smirk at her.

The older woman rolled her eyes and chuckled. “Now aren’t you the biggest flirt ever.” She said sarcastically, shaking her head in amusement. Despite her less than stellar motives for flirting with the Jarl, she was enjoying it. “Obviously they deserve to be drone striked.” She joked back.

Jørgen gave a small laugh, “Now that’s a policy I can get behind.” He said in a clearly joking manner. He tilted his head at her, in a cute fashion. “Honestly, I thought you would have come in a suit rather than a dress~” He said in an almost disappointed tone.

“Well…” She started saying a bit awkwardly as she looked away. “I was originally going to go in a suit…”

“Not to say you don’t look absolutely lavishly beautiful in that dress of yours~” He said in a teasing tone, he took a hand and rested on her cheek. “Don’t you now~”

The usual calm and collective Johanna could not help but slightly blush at that. Her cheeks only had a slight flush, but it was quite noticeable on her pale skin. Breathing in and out, she replaced her blush with a smirk. “Glad you noticed~” She said seductively, placing a hand on his chest again. “Almost was afraid you wouldn’t notice how well the dress fitted me~”

Seeing the once all powerful prime minister become flush with his small flirt swelled gave him a bit of pride in himself. “I noticed all right, I’m sure everyone in the room noticed~” He moves his hands back down to Johanna’s waist. Flashing her a wink and a smirk as he did so.

“Well for me the only one I care about having noticed is…” She pulled him a bit down by grabbing his tie, giving the young elf a kiss on the lips. The kiss didn’t last too long, but it was longer than a simple peck. After pulling away she leaned forward and whispered into his ear. “You~” in which she walked back to the bar with a smirk, her hips swaying.

He was stunned for a moment. His eyes trailed her body as she turned around and left him on the dance. His face flushed with red, he didn’t notice the surprised and shocked faces looking at him. All his attention was on Johanna. He quickly followed her to the bar. Sitting next to her.

The former prime minister simply kept a smirk on her lips, loving the Jarl’s blushing face. “How can you be so handsome and cute at the same time?” She said teasingly before ordering a red wine from the bartender.

The elven Jarl replied with a smirk of his own, recovering from the kiss just a few moments ago. “Well you se-”

Jørgen was interrupted by Eve’s light cute voice calling up to them. “I’m back!” She said, smiling brightly, deciding to sit next to Johanna. “What have you two been up to?”

Johanna simply let out a chuckle. “Oh we had just some fun, right?” She said looking towards the jarl with a teasing smile.

He gave Johanna a wink, “Just a bit of fun on the dance floor.” He turned his head to face the younger sister. “Ah, the stain came off I see.” He gives her a non-teasing smile.

“Y-Yeah the stain wasn’t too bad so it was easy to get it off.” Eve said still nervous but had been able to find the courage to talk more comfortably and calmly with the Jarl. “W-Well, since you were dancing with Johanna then, um, would you mind dancing with me?” She asked while playing with her hair as she looked up to the Jarl.

“Of course, I would love to. Mind if we get a small refreshment first?” He says in a kind tone.

Eve immediately brightened at that, smiling widely as she nodded her head. “Yeah, ofcourse!” She could barely stay still in her seat swaying very slightly side to side happily. Her older sister couldn’t help but have a genuine warm smile seeing how happy she was.

He ordered himself a glass of mixed whiskey drink. Taking a sip of it, “So, besides the small slip-up. How are you enjoying the castle Eve?” He tilts his head at her, giving his full attention.

Eve didn’t say anything, still too occupied thinking happily about dancing with Jørgen. In which Johanna let out a sigh and waved her hand in front of her little sister’s face. “Planet Urth is calling.” The older sister joked as she tried to get her little sister’s attention.

“Oh um, what is the matter, sis?” Eve said confused as she looked up to her.

“His highness was asking you something.” She said, taking a sip from her wine.

Eve’s eyes widened and looked towards Jørgen. “Oh! I’m sorry! What did you say?” She asked nervously, afraid she had offended the Jarl.

Jørgen gave a small chuckle, “It’s quite alright.” He took another sip of his drink. “I asked how you were enjoying the castle Eve.”

“Oh! It’s nice!” She smiled brightly. “I am obviously no expert in architecture, but with the mere size of it most likely means it will be quite the bother maintaining everything.”

“It is the size of an entire neighborhood after all.” Johanna jokes.

Not quite the response he was hoping for. Who goes through a caste designed off a fantasy and myth, only to talk about the architecture and cost of maintenance. He held back his disappointment in her, instead giving her a charming smile. “Well, when one has a volcano. One must just simply make it into their super villain hideout.” He says in a joking tone. “You should see the shark tank.”

“You’re not planning on taking over the world are you?” Johanna said with a teasing smile.

“You must have quite a dedicated staff keeping everything in order.” Eve said politely, still with a sweet smile on her face.

“Well, perhaps I will just take over Aurora.” He gives Johanna a smile, then refocuses on Eve. “I like to think I have the best and most dedicated staff on Urth.”

“Well Aurora deserves new management.” The older Sverdrup said with a smirk before taking a sip from her wine glass.

“W-Well someone like you deserves the best staff.” Eve said complimenting the Jarl, her cheeks being a bit flushed.

He gives Eve a respectful nod, “I will give them your high praise.” He takes another sip of his drink, finishing it off. “Shall we Eve?” He holds out his hand to walk with Eve to the dance floor.

“Y-Yes!” She said excitedly as she took a hold of Jørgen’s hand, her heart pumping heavily and her cheeks deep red. Yet despite her nervousness, and her shyness, she followed the Jarl to the dance floor. Bright smile on her face despite it all.

Johanna looked in the distance with a small genuine smile as the two danced. “Damn, looks like she found her courage.” She said to herself, taking a sip from her glass, finishing it. As she kept watching them smiling, only looking away when someone tried asking her out on a dance but a cold glare was enough to make them run away.

Dancing with Eve was less… Impactful on the young jarl, and it didn’t help that Eve was a poor dancer. Though Jørgen never showed or said anything about it. Keeping his ever-so charming smile on to the fan-girling Eve. The pair return to the bar, Eve looking like she just stepped into her dream world and Jørgen simply looking like Jørgen. Smile on his face and a deeply troubled look in his eyes.

“Jerry, another glass if you don’t mind.” He said in a kind tone to his staff. Jerry, the bartender, gave the good jarl a glass of wine. Jørgen turned to face the two sisters. “My apologies for the party being a bit small but this who I could get on short notice.”

Johanna gave the elf a confused look before a small smirk on her lips appeared. “This is small? Way to flex about your other parties.” She teased as she took a sip of her second glass of whiskey, having drinked one while Jørgen and Eve went to the dance floor.

The little sister placed a hand on her hip and shook her head in disbelief. “This far larger party than i’m used to.”

“Ah, I will be sure to invite you two to the Valkyr Media Festival or some of the other events.” He gives a smile, “I admit, I am partially flexing but I thought more would come to greet our newest neighbor.” He sips his glass of red wine.

Eve orders a glass of white wine from the bar as Johanna lets out a chuckle. “And here I thought you were just trying to impress us young girls~” Johanna teased.

The little raised an eyebrow at that. “What do you mean? You’re not youn-” She started to say before her older sister elbowed her side.

He gave a small chuckle, “I know that I’m quite out of touch with politics and that whole news cycle thing.” He made a hand gesture, and spoke again, “I am somewhat aware of your age Ms Johanna.”

“Well there goes my chances.” The older Sverdrup joked as she placed hand on Eve’s shoulder. “Good luck, sis. You got this.”

The little sister blushed heavily and started stuttering. “W-W-W-What?! I-I-I h-have no idea w-what you t-talking about!” She said, looking away crossing her arms. Earning her chuckle from Johanna.

“Oh, being older just means you have more experience.” He gives Johanna a flirtatious wink. Taking another sip of glass, he turned to face Eve. Deciding to be a little mischievous, “Well I have no idea either.” He held a straight face towards her.

Eve just took a sip from her wine glass looking down embarrassed.

“Well, do you want to test out that experience?~” Johanna teased as she looked seductively into the elf’s eyes as she took a sip from her whiskey glass.

“Perhaps later tonight~” He flirts back with the disgraced former prime minister. He does take a moment to acknowledge Eve, not wanting to look like a complete jerk to her. He resists the urge to pat her on the head like he usually does with his staff. “Eve, if I remember right. Your new boss is here.” He gestures towards an elven woman in a corner speaking with a fashionably dressed human. “I already spoke to him a few times before you two arrived, but it might be good to talk with him while his guard is down. Let him know I invited you.” At least he could make sure her career will go far in Vakrestrender.

Eve didn’t trust leaving Johanna alone with Jørgen for a second, but getting to talk with her new boss in a relaxed environment is always beneficial. After a few seconds of thinking, she nodded her head. “Alright, that is a good idea. Thank you, Jørgen.” She smiled sweetly at the jarl before turning her attention towards Johanna. “No funny business, okay?”

“Okay, okay.” Johanna said with a chuckle placing her hands up in a defensive posture. The little sister just sighed.

“Alright, see you two soon enough!” She said bright smile as she walked over to her new boss giving him a wave as she called out for him.

Though Johanna immediately smirked once her little sister was far from view. “Later, huh?” She teased as she finished what was left of her whiskey glance, immediately ordering another.

Jørgen gave a smirk, “Well, I figure we can get up to some funny business first.” He finishes his wine, instead of ordering another wine. He ordered a whiskey, same as Johanna is drinking. “So, what does a former prime minister do for fun?” He teases her.

She chuckled at that. “Well this one had the pleasure to tease and flirt with this very handsome elf~” She said, taking a sip of her new glass. “Which was a lot of fun.” Johanna placed her hand on Jørgen’s knee.

“Oh? Tell me more about this lucky elf~” He rested his hand on top of Johanna’s hand. He could feel the side-glaces coming from the room. This being something that never happens, Jørgen openly flirting with someone? Even more so, with someone with such a ‘problematic’ background? Has he lost his mind?

“Perhaps I can arrange something between the two~” The elf takes a sip of his whiskey, giving her a smirk.

Johanna’s thumb rubbed Jørgen’s hand as it was placed on top of hers. With a seductive smile leaned into him for a whisper, her chest pressing up against his. “If you are a good boy I can tell you a lot of stuff~” She whispered into his ear teasingly before leaning away to take another sip from her glass.

His face was flushed, but he was more than just enjoying it. He drinks his glass before responding, “My, my Johanna how scandalous.” He gives a dramatic pose, of his hand covering his mouth. “Perhaps, we can cause another scandal.” He gives a smirk, completely unaware of Johanna’s own scandal that got her thrown out of office.

“Then how about we start making it, cutie?~” She said, finishing up her glass before placing her hand on his chest. Letting her fingers playfully walk on it.

He finishes off his own glass, gently placing his glass on the table. “How so?” He asks, faking an innocent tone.

Johanna simply smirked as her hand went to his tie which she pulled him by to be able to whisper into his ear. “Your bedroom could be a good place to start~” She said seductively before letting him go and ordering another whiskey glass, already feeling a little bit tipsy.

“I have a bottle brought up to my room then. We can discuss our little scandal further up there~” He gives the concerned looking bartender, giving him a nod to bring the ‘good stuff’ to his room.

“That sounds like a great idea~” Johanna took hold of her whiskey glass and took a wide sip drinking up half of it.

The handsome elf stands up, being the ever-so polite gentleman he is. He offers his gloved hand to help her stand up.

Letting out a warm chuckle she gently takes hold of it as she gets up. With her placing hand on his shoulder and giving the jarl a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, darling~”

Jørgen rest his hand around Johanna’s waist, planting a kiss on Johanna’s cheek. “Anytime… Icy.” He gives a smirk, already giving Johanna a nickname.

“You shouldn’t be afraid of letting your hand go lower… Smiles.” She teased giving Jørgen a nickname as well, having the time of her life in teasing this young absurdly rich jarl

(CW: Sensual undertones, reader discretion is at advised)

Johanna could hear the laughter coming from the kitchen, as well as Jørgen’s own voice. It was midday and the sun was beaming from the colored windows. Jørgen sitting at a kitchen counter, his head in his hands. The laughter coming from out of his phone laying in front of him.

She let out a sigh as she pushed away the blanket that was covering her, placing hand on her head as she thought about what happened yesterday. Her cheeks flushing a little bit when realization came to her but calmed herself. Small smile formed on her lips as she thought about her special moment with the young jarl. Though was cut off with her letting out a yawn and stretching her arms. Getting off the bed she walked over to the kitchen leaning on the doorway as she did so. ‘He is very cute,’ She thought to herself, smiling warmly as she looked at the young elf who was holding his head. ‘And he is extremely rich.’

Jørgen after suffering from laughter coming out of his phone for longer than he should have finally hung up. He looked down at his unfashionable attire consisting of sweat pants, t-shirt and socks. Completely unlike him, even more so given it’s the middle of the day. He shoved his phone into his pocket and leaned back in his stool. Giving a small sigh.

Johanna, who was still in her underwear, simply let out a cough to get the jarl’s attention, giving him a small wave as he turned to him. “Already busy, huh?” She teased, a small smile on her lips.

His eyes widen at the sight of her, his adorable face being flushed. “Ah… Nothing important really.” He gives her a warm smile. Despite his reasoning telling him not to encourage this further.

“Good.” She said simply as she walked past Jørgen and towards the coffee machine her hips swaying as she did so. Pouring herself a cup she turned around looking at him with a smirk. “I prefer having all your attention on me~”

His eyes followed her as she moved across the room. Smirk growing on his lips, he knows that he shouldn’t try to turn this into a relationship, she is a walking scandal and extremely problematic for his image but… Well, last night was fun. “Well, didn’t think you be the needy one~”

“Oh I can be needy when I want to be~” She said, taking a sip from her coffee cup letting the caffeine kick her into gear. “But no really, who were you talking to? I heard laughter coming from your phone.”

He thinks for a moment, “Prince Wilan of Blaskog… He called me earlier and overheard you asking where I was going. Which of course, um. Well informed me of your certain crimes. Which gave him a good laugh.” Why was he being this honest?

The former prime minister simply stayed silent for a while before letting out a quiet. “Fuck.” Before then letting out a sigh. “Well, I guess it certainly makes this being more than one night hard to do.” She said trying to look non faced but clear disappointment in her voice. “If you want me to, I can call him, I can be quite good at ensuring something doesn’t get leaked to the press.”

He waves his hand, “He won’t leak it, we have too much blackmail on each other. Besides, my family owns the majority of the press in the…” He thinks for a moment, “All of the Norgsveltian speaking world, unless you’re scared of someone taking a picture and uploading it to Pigeon.”

“I think you’re likely exaggerating on the press part, sweet heart.” She said letting out a chuckle and took a sip of her coffee cup. “It be wise ensuring it doesn’t get leaked, for your sake at least.”

He shrugs, “Eh mostly exaggerating but I do sit on the board… For some reason.” He scratched the back of his neck. “Could you get me a cup as well?” He looks up at her eyes, the deep blue sea of his eyes begging for a drop of bean juice.

Johanna covered her mouth as she let out a small giggle. “By the gods you are adorable.” She smiled warmly as she got another cup out and poured coffee into it. Walking up to the jarl she gave him a kiss on the forehead as she gave him the cup. “There you go, sweetheart.”

Jørgen gave an adorable pout after being called adorable. He’s handsome as hel damn it, it was with this same energy he sipped his coffee. “Thank you young lady.”

She just chuckled warmly as she placed hand on his hair, roughing it up a little as she rubbed it. In which she walked back to the counter she had her coffee cup and took a sip of it.

He takes a sip of his coffee, so many things running through his mind and only three of them doesn’t involve returning to the bedroom with her. “Soo….”

“Soo……” She teased as she looked at him, a teasing smile on her lips, a hand on her hip as she raised an eyebrow at him.

He finishes coffee, placing it on the counter. He rested his chin on his hand, teasing a smirk of his own on his lips. “Shall we?”

“You mean going back to the bedroom with you? Then yes~” She said with a seductive smirk as she finished her coffee cup in a sip then walked over to Jørgen, her hands being gently placed on his shoulders.

Jørgen gives a smile, simply replying with “We Bjørns live to serve.” Then leans up to kiss her.

In Jarl’s ever so lavish and needlessly expensive bedroom. His body screams awake in a panic sweat, heart slamming against his chest. Fear gripping his eyes, expanding his pupils to the size of dinner plates. What was this time? His time in Blaskog? Another memory of someone trying to assassinate him? Is the same day over and over on repeat of a fiery wreck and screams that will never stop.
He held onto his chest with his hand, the sun hasn’t even raised its light over the seas and yet he is restless. He moved his hands to hold his head, thousand nightmares going on all at once in his mind. Reliving every single horrific day anytime he closes his eyes. He starts getting out of the bed, off to start his day early again. Like he has for the last five years, never a full night’s rest, always waking up beyond early in the morning and with visuals of horrific events in his mind.

Though as he was about to sit up two arms pulled him down towards the bed again. In which he looked up towards Johanna, smiling warmly down at him as his head rested on her chest. One hand rubbing his head as she gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I’m here, you’re safe. You can relax sweetie.” She said in a genuine warm and sweet tone. She was concerned by his sudden scream, the fear that was in his eyes was one she rarely has seen. But right now she was going to be there for him, no matter what.

He muttered quietly, “Nothing is safe.” His face still in degree of shock, he held no resemblance to the playful and good natured Jarl he almost always looked like. The terror in his eyes, the fear pounding his heart made him look more akin to a scared animal than a Jarl. He tried to give a better tone, more happy one but it just came off as nervousness and scared one instead. “Ah, I-I am fine. Just need my morning cup of coffee.” He gives a weak smile to Johanna.

“Stay here.” She ordered though in a warm sweet tone. “If not for your sake, do it for me. Okay?" She said titting her head to the side as she smiled. Her eyes looking down at him almost begging him to stay in place.

He gave a sigh, “I suppose I could stay like this for a few more moments.” He truly doesn’t believe he goes back to sleep but if it makes her happy he gives it a try. He rests against her, attempting to close his eyes but is barraged by visuals of what he sees as his failures and mistakes. Quietly muttering again, “If I was only better…”

“You are already amazing, sweetheart.” She gave his forehead another kiss and then placed her head on his. Holding him close trying to give her as much warmth as her mostly cold body can give. Rubbing Jørgen’s back and head, comforting him.

To his own surprise, he felt… Safe. Well safe enough to drift back to sleep. The Jarl was able to keep his eyes closed, though he still had a degree of trouble judging by his sleeping expression but he felt secure in Johanna’s arms.

After seeing the young elven jarl under her start slowly going back to sleep the disgraced prime minister could not help but feel genuinely happy. Happy to be there for him. Like a need to protect him. One she hasn’t had since Eve was very young. ‘He is very cute when he is sleeping’ She thought to herself with a small sweet smile on her lips as she closed her eyes. Allowing the sleep that had taken the extremely wealthy and cute boy that slept next to her also took her as well.

Soleikenborg, Maanbriak

Olav sat up from his bed letting out a loud yawn stretching his arms out, or well only his right arm. For his left was being occupied by his wife who was holding on to it. Which made him chuckle quietly to himself. “I think I need my arm sweetie.” He said in a low warm tone.

“No.” She mumbled out as she rubbed her head against it. Her white nekomimi ears are slightly twitching. Her tail lay on the king’s legs. She still had her eyes closed trying to drift back to sleep.

The king simply rolled his eyes as he gave her forehead a kiss. “I have work to do dear.” He said, giving her ears a gentle rub. Which immediately got her to purr a little.

She let out a small sigh. “You and your darn sleeping schedule. Are we not on vacation?” She muttered to herself as she looked up at him, her wide yellow eyes meeting his blue.

Olav simply chuckled. “A worthy and responsible king needs to do his duties no matter where he is.” He was finally available to get his left arm free as he got out of the covers and got dressed. He chuckled a little bit. “Nor are we on a vacation.”

Wilhelmina rolled her eyes as she sat up in bed but had the covers still covering her whole body, her eyes trailing her husband. “Yes, but have you thought about sleeping in?” Her eyes looked at his broad chest as he buttoned up his dress shirt.

“You’ve never seen Jørgen ever sleep in now though, have you?” He said with a small smirk as he noticed his wife looking. He walked over to her and gave the queen a kiss on the forehead. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Always praising Jørgen, huh?" Wilhelmina teased with a small smile. “You better come back soon though~”

Olav raised an eyebrow towards her. “Why?”

In which his wife soon showed him by pulling him by the cover to kiss him on the lips. “That.” She whispered into his ear.

The king grinned at that. “I will try~” He said as he gave her another pat on the head before leaving.

He was quick to get to his office only giving occasional greetings to the mainly tiefling staff at the Royal Mansion. The staff being far more serious compared to the staff he has in Osfjord. His office was beautifully decorated with expensive historical paintings of past kings and generals, with a large bookcase behind his wooden desk. Quite similar to one in Osfjord but with more potraits. As Olav sat down behind his desk he was quick to take out his phone to call Jørgen. Having treated him like his own son he always was careful to check up on him. Knowing him he would be up by now. But after a couple minutes of waiting for the Valkyr Jarl to pick it up it just went to the voicemail. After trying a few more times the jarl was yet to pick up the king’s call.

That is rare. Very rare for Jørgen to not pick up his calls. Olav could not help but feel worried. So much so that he decided to call up a NCIS agent that was stationed in Vakrestrender.

“Your majesty.” A calm cold voice answered back.

“Agent Gværn, If you don’t mind could you check up on the jarl for me.” Olav said as he held up the phone with his shoulder as he looked through some documents.

“Certainly, your majesty.” The agent said as the phone ended.

Well now that an agent was on the case Olav could relax it might take a while but he was certain the NCIS would figure it ou- His phone started ringing again and checking who it was he was quick to realize it was Gværn again.

“That was quick.” He said as he answered the phone. “Already found out where he is?”

“He is in his bedroom, your majesty.” The voice he said in the same professional cold tone.

"That’s… new. So he is actually sleeping in for once.” Olav said, surprised perhaps Wilhelmina was right that everyone occasionally deserves to sleep in at times.

“Yes he is sleeping in with his girlfriend, your majesty.”

“His girlfriend?” Olav scratched his beard. He has heard about Jørgen getting close with that Eve girl, with pictures of the two dancing. Must be a good girl to be available to get Jørgen to sleep in. Maybe he will even have Jørgen bring her up to the anniversary so he and Wilhelmina could talk with her.

“Johanna Sverdrup, your majesty.” The agent said in such a calm nonchalant tone that Olav felt like he must have heard it wrong.

“I think I must have heard you wrong.” Olav said in a nervous chuckle shaking his head in disbelief. “Almost sounded like you said Johanna there for a second.”

“I did.”

The king simply stayed silent for a couple of minutes. Letting in the news of the fact that his ex prime minister, Johanna fucking Sverdrup is dating his non-biological son. After finally having processed it all he stood up quickly from his chair, the chair falling down to the floor as he slapped a hand on his desk so hard it creaked. Simply yelling a loud “WHAT?!”

Which echoed so loudly that it bounced across the halls of the Mansion that each servant that was walking there jumped even if slightly. Even Wilhelmina heard it in the distance which made her sigh as she slowly got up from her bed. “That is not a good sign.”


The sun glazes onto Jørgen’s face as he stirs awake. Johanna is still asleep, he quietly escapes her grasp on him without waking her. Letting her sleep in for longer. He does actually have some work to do and this is the second time he slept in a row. Feeling slightly bad for leaving Johanna in bed but feeling worse ignoring his royal duties.

He quietly dresses himself in his usual fashionable dark blue and white suit. Grabbing his phone off of the wireless charging pad next to his bed. He made his way out of the lavish bedroom, making his way to his office. Being polite to his staff as he greeted them, requesting a coffee to be delivered to his office.

Finally reaching his office, coffee in hand. He takes out his phone to lay it next to his computer before he starts work. Seeing five miscalls from ‘Spinecrusher’ and a few text messages saying ‘call him as soon as possible.’ Assuming the worst of the situation, he calls the king in a small panic in his mind worrying something happened to Ingrid or one of the other members of the royal family.

“Hello Olav, is everyone okay?” He spoke with a degree of panic in his voice.

“Jørgen.” The king’s voice said simply in a serious and calm tone.

“Yes? Did something happen with the family?” He said, still concerned but also picking up on the serious tone coming from Olav. Did a war happen with MBE when he was still asleep?

“Everything is fine here. But I must ask you a serious question, boy.” Olav’s voice continued with its deep and serious tone. As if he was going to explain to Jørgen that the world was ending and he should be taking a flight far away from Vakrestrender.

“I swear, whatever Esta did, I can buy you a new one.” Jørgen was quick to offer it. “If it’s impossible to replace, I can have my best team to recreate it.” He was deeply worried about the ‘boy’ usually Olav calls him boy when he makes a really bad mistake. Like replacing the statue in the Norgsveltian Palace of Gustaf II with one of a very large penguin.

“We can talk about what Esta did later.” The king simply said before letting out a deep sigh. “No that is not the problem, rather it is about a small issue that you had recently done.”

“I swear, I didn’t know Esta replaced your portrait again with a penguin in uniform, I had nothing to do with it.” Jørgen started going down the list of recent pranks he was pulling on Olav.

“I know about Johanna.” He said in a calm tone, calmer than earlier.

“Oh… She just moved to Vakrestrender and you know I don’t keep up with the news. So I will admit, I probably shouldn’t have had a welcoming party for her.” Jørgen hoped that would be all the king knew about.

“I know she is in your bed.” Olav took a sip from his coffee hoping it would calm his nerves.

Helsike.” The Jarl quietly muttered into the phone.

“So I just have a small little question involving that.” The king said in a fake friendly tone.

He dreads to say this but he pushes forward anyway. Taking a drink from his coffee to soothe his nerves. “Go ahead.”

“Have you lost your damn mind!?!” Olav said loudly in anger, the coffee having done nothing to help calm his nerves. “Because boy I will help you find it!” The king just let out another sigh but he was far from being done. “Jørgen I will go through all the nine different realms and ask the allfather himself to help get your mind back or at the very least wisdom if you someone still have it with you!”

The Jarl was silent for a few moments. Taking a sip of his coffee before speaking again. “Well, suppose I did.”

The king leaned back into his chair trying to calm himself. “Jørgen, why couldn’t you just have dated someone normal?” His voice was calm and tired, having likely used a lot of his energy on saying all that.

“In my defense, I only recently learned about her small scandal in Norgsveldet.” He braced himself.

Olav’s eyebrow twitched at that before he took a sip from his coffee. ‘Calm yourself, he is politically illiterate’ The king thought to himself as he tried to calm down. “She is nine years older than you boy, and I know her. You should not trust her.”

“Well at least better dating someone older now compared to when I did when I was 18. That’s an improvement right?” He said, digging himself into a deep hole.

“Boy I could kill you.” The king said with a sigh. “Why didn’t you go for Johanna’s little sister, the Eve girl? She is your age and seemed to like you from the pictures that were taken of you two.”

“Well, primarily for two reasons in all honesty. She works for one of the companies my family has shares in, I don’t want to have a complicated relationship where I hold that degree of power over her. Second being… She is a fangirl.” He says with a small sigh, hoping Olav knows what a fangirl is.

“Fangirl? Like those young women me and Wilhelmina saw when we visited Vakrestrender?” Olav said, scratching his beard remembering back when he was at Vakrestrender in July where there was crowds of women wearing costumes from that anime that so popular there.

“Yes, like that though without the cosplaying.” The Jarl sips his coffee, finding it half empty he refilled it with just a small drop of vodka.

“Then I can somewhat understand…” Olav let out a sigh, as he finished his coffee. Putting his phone on mute for a quick second he ordered a cup of Eyjarian coffee from one of the servants that was in the Royal residence. Unmuting his phone he was quick to turn up his seriousness again. “Still I advise you to end things with Johanna.”

“I will take it under considerable advisement.” Jørgen sips his Eyjarian coffee. He wouldn’t break things off with Johanna of course, but it’s best to soothe the moderately angry Norgsveltian mind unless his spine will suffer for it.

The king let out a sigh of relief as he took a sip from his own Eyjarian coffee. “Thank you, Jørgen.” His tone was far more softer and fatherly. Olav didn’t like being angry or strict with the Jarl, he knows that he is trying his best. “I will make it up for you when I come there.”

“Ah… When is that again? I don’t have my calendar open.” Jørgen kept his playful and bright tone of voice hiding his slight concern.

Olav just let out a small chuckle. “In two days, we will be taking the plane going from Maanbriak tomorrow so be there quite early!” He said in a warm, joyful tone. “Wilhelmina has been looking forward to it! I’ve been thinking of even BBQing while I’m there!”

He put his phone on mute, so he could curse in Nys’tat’en freely. Then returning to the call, “Well, Esta will be visiting as well! There is a new release of a movie we’ve been wanting to watch together so perhaps you can join us.” He was lying, well partly Esta is going to be in Vakrestrender but the movie was something he had planned with Johanna.

It was Olav’s turn to mute the phone as cursed many Norgsveltian curse words, including wishing for Ragnarock to take him. Finishing his cup of coffee and being quick to order another Eyjarian coffee, he got a concerned look from the tiefling maid that was serving it but she gave a nod nonetheless. He unmuted himself as he let out a cough. “I guess that is to be expected… So long you ensure she stays away from me and Wilhelmina’s bedroom.” He said in full seriousness.

“What? Are you scared of your number one fangirl?” He gives a laugh, giving a motion to his own tiefling maid to bring him a second cup of Eyarian coffee. “Come on Olav, perhaps both me and Esta can camp inside your bedroom. We can share scary stories with each other and talk about the good old times.”

“She isn’t a fan girl, she is a devil.” Olav said, gritting his teeth as he remembered all the times that girl was able to break into his palace and leave behind special ‘gifts’ for him.

“Yes, a devil after your own heart Olav.” Jørgen smiles, thinking back about all the small and large pranks they pull together on Olav. Though some of it was less of pranks and more outright stalkerish. “So, you won’t join us in the movie then? I can’t promise you Esta won’t try to cuddle up during the scary bits.”

“Fine, but I won’t sit next to her.” The king said letting out a sigh of defeat.

He forgot to mute himself as he let out a long Nys’tat’en swear word. “Are you sure? She can be really clingy, you know.”

"That’s more of a reason for me to not sit next to her.” Olav said, taking a sip of his coffee.

“It will be in my private theater at the palace. There isn’t much space you know.” He lied, there is tons of space in that theater.

“You can keep her occupied.” The king looked through some of the documents he had been reading through earlier. Mainly reports of stuff that has been happening in Maanbriak and the political unrests there.

He gave a defeat sigh, is it time to be honest or is it time to throw out more lies. Being himself, he of course picked the worst option. “I’m not breaking up with Johanna, love you. I see you soon, hope we can enjoy the movie together!” He moved to disconnect from the phone call.

“Wait Jørgen! What the fuck do you mea-” Olav started saying before Jørgen disconnected the call.

Jørgen turns on airplane mode on his phone, if someone needs him. They can call through the landline and go through his staff. Saying that, his landline started ringing. Lifting it up slightly, to hear an extremely angry Olav at the other end of it. He wisely hung up the phone and went on to his work on his desktop. Seeing how his phone is connected to his computer, he got to see the fury of angry and misspelled words coming from Olav.

Jørgen took a moment to go over to the messaging app on his computer, going down his contact list to ‘Olav’s Handler.” Simply sending a small message of “You should check on Olav.” Then returning to his work.

_ _

Wilhelmina took a sip from her coffee as she was eating breakfast that had been prepared for her by the Maanbriakar staff. It was early in the morning, or for her at least. Part of her wished she had her husband’s ability to wake up so early but on the other hand she did not envy all the work her husband had to do. Though she wished he could at least use his time to eat some breakfast together. Especially with the kitchen staff having prepared amazing dishes such amazing Borean noodles that reminded her of the noodles that were served in one of the Nystatinne restaurants in Osfjord. She chuckled as she remembered how surprised the owner was to see her sitting in his restaurant.

There were also other dishes they prepared like some Norgsveltian sausages, smashed potatoes and even some Eyjarian waffles with brunost on that had been prepared for her husband. Looking side to side she pulled the plate of waffles to her side of the table. Though before she could dig into them she heard a text message from her phone. Letting out a sigh she opened it expecting it to be from Alexandra or Joan that was checking on if she was doing fine on the trip like the sweet daughters they are. Instead it was from Jørgen, or ‘adopted son’ that she had saved on her phone. With it simply saying:

“You should check on Olav.”

She looked at that with concern, usually meaning Esta did something after all. Quickly texting back. “Can you explain?”

“It’s best if you handle it in person.”

Wilhelmina let out a sigh as she got up from her seat and found her way towards Olav’s office in the Royal residency. Though without even opening the door she could hear heavy stomping from the other side. She gave a gentle knock on the door. In which it was quickly opened harshly, the door inwards smacking into a wall so hard that she was almost afraid Olav had broken it. Though Olav’s face was one of anger and rage softened at once he saw his wife’s face.

“Oh, sorry. I hope I didn’t scare you.” The king said apologetically as he awkwardly scratched his beard.

“Only a little bit.” Wilhelmina teased before grabbing her husband’s hand and pulling him out of the office. “Now come, we are having breakfast.”

“But I need to call back Jørgen and-” The king said before being interrupted.

“Yell at him? What did he do this time?” She teased as she pulled a reluctant king towards the kitchen.

“Well I was going to say kill him.” He said in a half joking manner allowing himself to be dragged like this. If there was anyone who could make him calm down it was his wife.

“That bad?” She was surprised at the man who normally only praised the elf. “What? Did he give Esta your phone number?” She joked.

“He is together with Johanna.” He said simply.

She was waiting for him to clarify it was a joke but no, the king was completely serious. “Oh… That is certainly an interesting decision by him.” She said in a calm tone as the two sat down at the kitchen table, with Olav slowly eating his sausages while she ate what was meant to be Olav’s waffles. The two sat in silence for a bit. Before the queen decided to speak up again. “Okay but what is up with Jørgen continuing to date problematic people?”

“I know!” Olav said in frustration in between bites shaking his head in frustration. “I swear I will kill him.”

“What by crushing his spine again?” She joked earning a playful glare from her husband.

“Oh he barely felt it at full strength!” Olav let out a hearty laugh. “But seriously we need to have a word with him once we come to Vakrestrender.”

“We will, we will. But you can think about it later once we come there.” She said rubbing Olav’s hand and leaning in to kiss his cheek.

“You’re right… By the way, aren’t those my waffles?” The king raised an eyebrow at her as he pointed at her plate of waffles.

“….no” She said carefully before she quickly ate up what was left of them earning herself a warm chuckle from Olav.


[Two days later]
Bjørn Castle, Vakrestrender

Jørgen wisely decided not to be there to pick up the Norgsveltian royal family. Not because he was swamped with work but rather he was concerned about being murdered by Olav in the car ride over. However due to family traditions and royal customs, he does have to be at the door to welcome them into his palace.

He, of course, had time to plan for this and arraigned some busy work to be on his desk during the duration of their stay. Work that could easily be ignored and didn’t really need his handling but it would make him look busy enough that Olav could be willing to crush him to death later.

His staff looked at nervous elven Jarl. Concerned about his being, he never, not once when welcoming someone to his home looked as nervous as he is now. Let alone the Norgsveltian royal family, they always seem close to each other, if not acting like he is part of their family outright.

As Olav and Wilhelmina entered the castle it was quite immediate to see how they carried themself and how their mood was. The queen was almost always bright, with a sweet smile and excited waves towards Jørgen. She was wearing a typical white summer dress and a straw hat. She gives typical polite bows towards the staff as she always did to ensure she has the deepest of respect towards all the work they do. The king on the other hand… Though he looked calm, even having a small smile as he gave respectful nods towards the staff. But his eyes were cold, hidden in rage. Which only became oh so apparent when he glared at Jørgen, giving a look that could make Thor himself waver. Though not what one might first think for a man wearing a Valkyr shirt and blue jeans shorts.

He gave a respectful half body bow. “I welcome you to my home, I only wish for your stay here to be as relaxing and a great memory.” He lifts himself back up, avoiding the gaze of Olav and towards Wilhelmina’s much more friendly eyes. “I trust the flight was calm and the ride over here was a bright experience?”

Wilhelmina was quick to give the younger elf a tight hug and kiss on the cheek. “Oh the flight was uneventful as always sweet heart.” She said in a sweet motherly tone as she stepped away. “We missed you a lot Jørgen! Isn’t that right Olav?”

The king simply gave the elf a hard pat on the shoulder before simply walking past the Jarl and towards the stairs leading up to the bedroom he and Wilhelmina would be in.

“Okay. He could be in a better mood.” The kemonomimi queen said with a nervous chuckle.

“I think it’s going to get worse… I don’t know where Esta sneaked off to.” The Jarl replied with a nervous smile. “Are you hungry? I can have my staff prepare us a snack in the gardens. Away from your two bedroom.”

“That be lovely dear.” Wilhelmina said in a sweet tone as she allowed the young jarl be the one to lead the way.

Esta waited in the Norgsveltian royalty’s bedroom. Hanging up a picture of herself on the ceiling above the bed. Muttering to herself, “They won’t be here for another thirty minutes or so. I can still do a bit more.”

Esta had two gifts for the royals. For the queen, a nice new brush designed for kemonomimi ears. For Olav, it’s a not-so-nice video tape recording of him walking in the royal gardens in Maanbriak. Which took quite a bit more effort than it normally does given the traveling.

As the king stepped up the stairs carrying the baggage he had with him he could not help but let out a sigh of frustration. He was frustrated at Jørgen and his decision. At the current moment there was nothing more that Olav wanted to do than lay down at his bed and relax. Perhaps allowing the stress to leave him would make him think clearer. Perhaps not wanting to kill Jørgen. Yeah, a small nap might even do him well. As such with that he opened the doors to his and Wilhelmina’s bed room, to be alone with his thoughts and relax. Unfortunately that did not end up happening.

Esta turned her head towards the door. Still on the ladder, she rapidly climbed down it running at Olav arms opened wide. “Olav! I missed you!”

The king by reflex closed the doors on her. Letting her run into it head first. “Well so much for relaxing…” He mumbled to himself as he started walking down stairs with his baggage, not wanting that she devil be left alone with it.

There was a heavy thud coming from the door followed by the door opening and Esta with a red mark on her forehead followed after him. “Olav…” She said in a slightly hurt tone, after she was so good not to openly harass him during his realm tour. She quickly caught up to him, no longer trying to get a hug from him. She didn’t speak, only followed him in disturbing silence.

Olav didn’t say anything, simply walked in silence as well, but with that he also didn’t try to push her away or tell her to go away. He didn’t like her, but no matter how often he has told her to stop she never did. As such, why bother? Simply giving her occasional glances, mostly to ensure he has an eye kept on her. But otherwise he was going to find Jørgen.

Jarl and the Queen sat in the royal gardens. By the row of statues of all the Jarls of Vakrestrender, which seemed like they were staring at Jørgen in particular. Especially the statue of Jørgen’s father Kristofferson. Frankly this part of the garden scared him, though he refused to show it. He has a bigger fear to worry about right now, one named Olav.

The staff brought out tea cakes and Valkyr tea, or black tea mixed with wine. Placing them on the table and bowing before they leave. Jørgen gives them a smile and a nod, thanking them for their service before returning to look at his ‘adopted mom.’ “So, how are things?”

The queen simply let out a small warm chuckle at that. “Well not much to complain about to be perfectly honest.” She said, taking a sip of her tea before giving a small smirk towards the elf. “Though Olav has been quite irritated lately for some unknown reason.” Her tone was filled with sarcasm and small giggles at teasing the elf.

“I have no idea why he could be angry. Perhaps he accidentally hit his toe on a corner piece or perhaps he keeps seeing Esta in his dreams.” He sips his tea, giving a joking and playful tone.

“Not sure about that he kept mumbling about something, what was the name oh yes, Johanna.” Wilhelmina said with a teasing smile as she poked Jørgen’s side.

“Ah, I heard of her. Though I didn’t think Olav was interested in her.” He takes a long sip of his tea. “Well… I do believe it might be partly my fault.”

Wilhelmina took a sip from her tea still having a bit of teasing glint in her eyes but less so being more warmer and welcoming. “Well, I already know about you and her.” She said with a small chuckle. “Gotta say do you have a thing for older people? Since I am starting to see a trend with people you date.”

“Hey! It’s only been two people.” He chuckles back, “I really should have paid more attention to the news. I didn’t know about the scandal until the day after…”

“It certainly would have been wise.” She said, shaking her head in amusement. “Also you I’ve only been dating two people, so if by going like that 100% of everyone you have dated has been quite a bit older than you.”

“Okay, define quite a bit older? I mean they are not decades older than me. Well, almost a decade but that’s not the point.” He scratches the back of his head.

“Sweetie. Your first partner was a 25 year old prince who had just finished his military service when you were only 18 and now you’re dating an older woman almost 10 years older than you with over a decade of experience in politics.” The queen simply grinned at the attempt of the elf trying to justify his dating choices. Even taking a small piece of cake for herself. “If that is not you having a certain type then I have no idea what is.”

“I… You might have a point…” He takes a small slice of cake, enjoying the flavor for a moment. “Well, you can’t say I don’t have bad taste appearance wise.” He gives a sly look,

She just rolled her eyes and let out a small chuckle. “They both do have white hair, is that another type of yours as well?” She gave him a teasing smirk.

Jørgen briefly looked at Wilhelmina’s white hair before looking back at her eyes. “No, I don’t think that is one of them.” He shifts nervously in his chair.

The queen grinned at the way the jarl nervously shifted simply raising an eyebrow towards the elf. “Oh is that so?~” She said in a teasing tone and took a sip from her tea cup. “So being far older and having white hair is the trick. Poor Herra never had a chance.”

He looked sick at that comment, “Spirits Wilhelmina. Next you’re going to say Ingrid or Esta.” He covered his mouth, just thinking of the concept of him dating any of those three moved him to being sick-like.

Wilhelmina could not help but laugh at the jarl’s reaction. “Sorry! Sorry!” She said as she tried stifling her laugh. “Though I doubt you’d ever have to worry about Esta, she’d have to stop focusing on Olav to think of you like that.”

He gave a small sigh, quietly muttering. “It depends on the day.” Then goes to take a sip of his tea. “Strange question but you haven’t ever checked any Pigeon tags in relation to me and Ingrid have you?”

“What?” Wilhelmina just looked confused at the jarl.

“Sorry it was a strange question to ask.” He said right before he took a bite of his cake.

She was about to ask him to explain but her eyes caught the figure of both Olav and Esta walking towards them. The two are apparently very quiet, with the elven girl seeming to be very down. Wilhelmina took a sip from her tea cup but not before nudging Jørgen’s side so he saw the arrival of the two.

“Ah, thank you for the tea time, Wilhelmina. I do have to get back to work now.” He gives her a charming smile and start walking completely opposite of the two upset looking royalty.

"Jørgen, you stay here.” Olav loudly ordered the jarl in a calm tone as he put down his baggage and crossed his arms.

The queen took bite from her cake before giving a wave to Esta smiling warmly to her.

“Sorry, Olav I am quite busy and I’m sure you can uh…” He started walking away alot faster than he was before.

Esta gave a weak wave back to Wilhelmina and walked past the king to the chair across from her. Taking a seat in a huff and crossing her arms.

Olav started walking after the elf. “Oh don’t even try getting away from this!” He said in a loud voice as the two men walked away from the ladies.

“So… tea?” Wilhelmina asked in a sweet tone as she held up the kettle and looked towards Esta. “There is also cake.”

Jørgen started running away from Olav. Yelling back to him, “Sorry Olav! I’m really swamped today! I’m sure we can catch up later!”

Esta just rested face against the table and only giving a sigh in response.

As Wilhelmina saw Olav run after Jørgen in the distance she could not help but giggle at the antic. Though it stopped once she saw how down Esta was. Placing the kettle down, she went to rub her back. “Oh darling, is everything okay? You seem so down.” The kemonomimi said with genuine concern.

“I prepared a really special gifts for the both of you, was being good and Olav still won’t give me a hug…” She spoke more like a moody teen that a serial killing Jarlyia she is.

“So you were in our bedroom?” Wilhelmina raised an eyebrow at her. While she wouldn’t say it was the first time, she could understand her husband’s reaction to say the least.

“I thought you two weren’t going to be here yet so I was preparing the presents.” She replied in a sad tone.

“Well what have you prepared? Perhaps what you gave to Olav might make him give you that hug!” The queen smiled warmly but also excitedly.

“Oh I got you a new hairbrush, the ones made for Kemonomimi ears.” She bounces back, clapping her hands together. The sudden mood shift would have been concerning from anyone else.

“Aww that’s sweet.” She gave the elven woman a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. “If you ever need a hug you can always just ask me, you know?”

Esta hugged her the kemonomimi back. “Thankies.” She replies in a cute and childish voice.

“Jørgen! Come back this instance!” Olav yelled out as he ran after the elf. He might be getting up there in age but did not spend all those damn years doing sports and being in the military for nothing!

Jørgen on the other hand, spent his youth doing art, reading and not fucking running away from angry old men. “Sorry! I am just so busy I can’t stop! Love you though! I’ll see you at dinner!” He tried to keep a faster pace than Olav but the king was gaining on him.

The older man simply grunted at that as he quickened his pace staying quiet until he had gotten just in reach. As Jørgen looked to his left the look of Olav was like that of a reincarnated viking but before he even could say “fuck” the king had already jumped towards him. Tackling the poor elf.

The jarl gave a yell as he was tackled to the ground. He hit the ground with a thump, “A-ah!” His extremely manly scream attracting several of the palace guards, then running outside to him at a moment’s notice. They came running towards the pair on the ground.

The king was far quicker on his feet as he quickly stood up while holding Jørgen by the shoulder and started dragging him towards where Wilhelmina and the she-devil was. While gesturing to the guards to calm down. “We are simply going to have a nice talk.” Olav said in a calm tone.

Jørgen gave his own gesture at the guards, given that they are his guards and this is in his royal palace. “You don’t have to hold my shoulder. I’m coming willingly.”

The king simply looked towards the ground that he had just tackled the jarl and then towards Jørgen raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yes. I am aware I did get my exercise in a few moments ago.” He gives a small smirk and a joking tone. While rubbing his arm that was hit during his fall.

“Shouldn’t have run.” Olav simply said in a serious tone as he relaxed his grip on Jørgen’s shoulder but still kept a hand there.

“No, I shouldn’t have.” He gives a weak sigh, simply letting himself be guided back to the table. Before they reached the table however, “Hey uh, Olav… You wouldn’t mind me sending Esta away before we talk about… this?”

“As long as you ensure her not going into my bedroom again, then sure.” He said letting out a sigh.

“It’s the only way I can keep her out of here… It will be difficult for her to understand that I’m dating someone and it would be safer if I spoke alone with her later about it.” He gazes weakly into Olav’s eyes, surely he knows how the little crazy would react.

Olav hesitated for a moment before finally letting out another sigh but one far deeper. “Fine. Do what you have to do.” He shook his head as he relented to his ‘adopted son’.

“Thank you…” He wanted to say dad but uh, probably not the best moment. They go over to the other two. Taking separate seats, Jørgen sat directly across from the unyielding Norgsveltian king. “Esta… You are free to finish your decorations in their room.”

Esta didn’t bother checking with the other two royals. Simply jumping up and running towards Olav’s bedroom.

Jørgen gave a sigh, resting his head in his hands. “So… Where do you want to start?”

“Why? Just why?” The king said in a small defeated tone as Wilhelmina poured him a cup of tea and prepared a piece of cake for him.

“Well… I… like her quite a bit… She helps me sleep.” He had a weak, almost pitiful tone just about speaking about his small issues with sleeping and screaming awake in a panic.

The king went silent at that. He hadn’t been told everything but he knew the jarl had issues with sleeping. It’s why he wakes up so early. According to reports he had gotten from NCIS agents, Jørgen had clear signs of consistent night terrors.

It was Wilhelmina’s time to speak up, taking a sip of her tea. “You two only been dating for like what 4 days? So… how much does she actually mean to you?” She said in a soft caring tone.

He was quiet for a few moments, “More than enough.” He kept his eyes low, looking at the table. He doesn’t feel safe anywhere, never has in all honesty. Not until Johanna held him and he finally felt like he could be safe enough to close his eyes.

The king let out a deep sigh. “How do you know she’s not using you?” He said, giving the jarl a serious look.

“Olav.” Wilhelmina spoke up, giving her husband an annoyed look.

Olav simply took a sip from his tea before speaking up. “I know her, she is sly. Always have been.”

“I don’t know… I just want to be able to sleep through the night without…” He doesn’t finish his words, scratching his arm awkwardly.

“Then I simply have one more question.” The king looked at the elf seriously. “Are you determined to stay together with her?”

He looks up at the King’s gaze, matching it with his own serious look. “Yes, if she will have me.”

Olav let out a sigh. “Then I can’t stop you…” He said, taking a piece of his cake as he looked away. Wilhelmina giving him a pat on the shoulder.

He gave a sigh, “If that is all, I have some… minor business to take care of.” He starts standing up.

“Just to make it clear.” Wilhelmina started saying, a small smirk on her face. “She’s the one on top right?”

Olav rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Why are you like this…”

“Why I never-… Yes.” He quickly turned around to hide his blushing face, he goes to return to ‘business.’ The business being Johanna in his office currently with the curtains closed.

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The Bjørn palace movie room was large, with important luxury furniture specially designed to match the room. The room itself was carefully built to ensure the best viewing experience at all times. There was even a remote made to summon the servants with drinks, food and other amenities depending on the button pushed. Nothing but the finest luxury and comfort for the Bjørns and their guests. The room itself being worth a small fortune to any rich person already, but for the Bjørn family, it was pocket change to be spent with the only thought being the annoyance of construction work in the palace again.

Jørgen had his servants prepare the snacks, caviar importanted from the Oan isles, wine from Pledonia the good kind not the trash one gets off the shelf and of course popcorn bought from a local food chain here and seasoned by chefs. He also included a small case of craft beer, Olav’s favorite brand when is in Vakrestrender. Wilhelmina of course received her own little special gift in the form of baked cupcakes from the palace’s bakery. For Esta, it was chicken nuggets. Johanna received a gourmet hot chocolate and dark chocolates.

He already planned where everyone was sitting of course, Esta sat next to him, himself sitting next to Johanna, then Wilhelmina and Olav on the other end. Keeping the still slightly upset Esta as far away as he reasonably could from Olav. It was a hard decision where to place Esta, but frankly this was the best solution in his mind.

He took his seat and waited for the party to arrive at his theater.

Olav and Wilhelmina were first to arrive with their arms locked with each other. The two were smiling of course, but it was clear Wilhelmina’s was a bit more genuine. Though Wilhelmina stopped having her arm locked with Olav’s when she noticed the cupcakes that Jørgen prepared for her. Clapping her hands together she smiled sweetly. “Aw thank you dear!” She said walking up to Jørgen giving him a hug, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she pulled away. “You shouldn’t have!”

He gave a smile back, giving a kiss on the cheek in return. “Of course, I should have. What kind of Bjørn wouldn’t prepare well for their guests.” He says in a bit of tongue and cheek tone.

Olav’s eyes glanced over the gifts the Jarl had prepared for all of them causing him to raise an eyebrow at Jørgen. As he had no special snacks or drinks prepared for the elf. “Where is yours?”

He gave a curious look, giving a soft hmm. “Johanna should be on her way.” Assuming Olav is talking about his girlfriend.

The king let out a sigh and gestured to the snacks Jørgen had prepared. Small smile was on his lips finding it the elf’s answer amusing.

Wilhelmina just giggled. “He wasn’t talking about partners sweetheart.” She teased.

“Ah.” The elven jarl gave a shrug, “I do not need much, there popcorn here.” He says as he takes the bowl. Though he does in fact, dislike popcorn it is far too salty and manufactured for his taste generally. He has a much more refined pallet. He gives his usual charming smile towards Olav.

The king gave his wife a kiss on the cheek before speaking up. “I will go get you something, i’ll be back soon.” Olav started walking back outside to go get his ‘son’ some snacks for the movie.

The jarl raised his hand, “No, no you don’t need to do that. Please, it be my pleasure to have you sit and rest here. I ha-”

Esta walked in, bumping into Olav. She looked up to him, wearing sunglasses indoors. The short elven Jarlnja only gave a huff and stormed by him to take her seat next to Bjørn.

Olav gave her a curious glance but shrugged his shoulders as he walked out ignoring Jørgen’s protests. ‘At least she isn’t trying to get my attention anymore’ He thought to himself, seeing the interaction as only positive.

Wilhelmina, however, gave a concerned look towards Esta. “Everything alright?”

Esta only gave an angry scoff, curling her knees up to her chest on her reclining chair. She had been wearing those stupid sunglasses indoors, to hide the fact she was crying earlier. How dare that white hair demon ruin Wilan and Jørgen’s relationship with her nekubuss ways.

Jørgen lifts up the plate with the chicken nuggets, “Look little crazy, chicken nuggets.” He said in a warm brotherly tone. Esta grabbed the plate out of his hands, in a kid-like fashion dipped them in ketchup and started to munch on them. The Valkyr gave a small chuckle, rubbing the top of her head. Turning his attention to his ‘mom’ speaking in a gentle tone. “She just had a difficult conversation, she is fine. Just needs her chicken.” Giving her a warm look.

“Ohh, that’s unfortunate to hear.” Wilhelmina said in a gentle tone, giving a sympathetic look towards Esta as she picked up one of her cupcakes. “If you want one you can have it.” She gave the elven girl a sweet smile.

Esta mumbled quietly in Nys’tat’en a quick thank you. Reaching over to take one of the Queen’s cupcakes. Jørgen gave rubbed her head again.

The sweet moment was broken by Olav and Johanna entering the room with the later holding newly baked anpans in a plate giving the jarl a warm smile. Well warm for Johanna’s standards. “I knew you didn’t make anything for yourself.” She said leaning in to give Jørgen a kiss on the forehead before sitting down in between him and Wilhelmina. With the queen being far happier seeing her there then the king was.

Olav just sat back in his seat silent as he took a sip from his beer bottle while his wife gave his other hand a squeeze. “I guess you two think alike at certain things.” The queen said quietly to herself letting out a small giggle as she did so.

Jørgen gave a genuine smile, not one of those that he learned to fake so well. Giving the former Prime Minister a kiss back on the cheek, taking a small bite out of his special treat. “Thank you Icy.” He rested his head on top of the older woman’s shoulder.

Esta refused to look at anyone, only focusing on taking small bites from her cupcake.

“No problem, Smiles.” Johanna said, resting her head on top of Jørgen’s as she waited for the movie to start. Wilhelmina couldn’t help but smile and lean her head on Olav’s shoulder. She was happy to see the two happy in each other’s company… While her husband on the other hand took an immediate sip from his beer when he glanced at the two and heard those damn nicknames.

Jørgen raised his hand to snap his white gloved fingers. The servant in the projector room started playing the film and turned off the lights for them. Esta leans on Jørgen taking one of arms for herself while he takes one of Johanna’s arms to cuddle with while watching the film. The film itself was a Blaskovian horror movie, oddly enough. It was one of the films he watched with Wilan though it was of course completely accidental in picking it.

As Johanna cuddled into the jarl’s arm, Olav took that moment to take another sip of his beer bottle. In which he finished it. Wilhelmina took moment to give Olav a stern look, which just looked adorable in Olav’s eyes.

Esta cuddled into Jørgen’s arm, something quite normal for her to do though it did slightly concern the jarl. He hasn’t gave Johanna the ‘Esta’ or the ‘Akuanist’ talk yet.

The disgraced prime minister did give a curious look towards the elven girl but didn’t say anything trying to put her focus on the movie. Olav had a hard time not glare at Johanna as such tried to distract himself with alcohol. Though Wilhelmina stopped him instead replaced the king’s beer bottle with a cupcake. As such having the Royal pair eating some delicious cupcakes as they watched the horror movie.

Jørgen, still resting his head on Johanna, leaned up to give her a kiss on the cheek before focusing back on the movie. Then took another bite of this treat, he only known her for such a short time but yet she already figured out his favorite dessert.

Johanna took a sip from her hot choco humming as she did. If it was one thing she been certain about Jørgen, other than him being very cute, was that his staff made amazing coffee and hot chocolate. The king still very much wanted to grab another bottle but was stopped by his wife stern look and her delicious cupcakes.

Esta took off her sunglasses for the film placing on the table. Still quietly working away at eating the cupcake despite the other two cupcake enjoyers already going through several of them. East Boreans having strange eating customs after all, Jørgen paid it no mind given his experience with them.

The ever-so sleepless Jarl felt safe when he was next to Johanna even more so when her arm was around him. Though he fought the urge to sleep of course, one doesn’t want to be rude now.

Johanna stroked the Jarl’s head, kissing his forehead. “Love you a lot.” She whispered into his ear as a jumpscare came up on the movie that she had no reaction too. While Wilhelmina grabbed hold of Olav’s arm getting a little bit scared at the jumpscared.

Esta gave out a small giggle at the jumpscare, thinking the movie was hilarious all together. Blood doesn’t splatter like that, was one of several things she said in her own mind.

Even after all this time, this movie still creeps and scares Jørgen the hell out. He was prepared so he only gave a small jump, and his girlfriend calmed him down. He quietly whispered back, “I love you three thousand~”

The king gave a concerned look towards Esta which he heard giggling from a man getting his head suddenly smashed in. Though he kept comforting his wife giving her a kiss on the forehead but wanted to keep an eye on Esta.

Esta gave another small giggle as the monstrous killer was chasing down an injured veteran in the film. She did something just like that last month! It was fairly boring though all things considered, injured people don’t run that far nor do they fight back that well. It was always boring but in the movie, it made it seem all so much fun!

Jørgen was used to Esta giggling and laughing at horror movies. He simply used his arm the she was cuddling to give her a small pat on the head. Remind her that her big ol brother still loves her.

Olav couldn’t help but feel that the scariest part of this movie night was not the movie but Esta’s reaction to the movie. Even Johanna gave a worried glance towards Esta’s direction before continuing to watch the movie. The king just let out a sigh and gave Wilhelmina a kiss on the forehead. His wife purring as she cuddled up to him while taking several bites from her cupcake.

Jørgen whispered to Johanna, “It’s okay, Esta is a little strange at times. This is just her way of enjoying the film.” He comforted her, taking another small bite from his snack and a small sip of his wine.

She gave her elven partner a confused look before taking a sip of her cup.

“You don’t seem very scared, huh?” Wilhelmina said, looking up at her husband, smiling sweetly. She was talking in a low tone to not annoy the others. The king just shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve seen worse stuff in real life.” He said in a calm tone as he took a sip from his second beer bottle. He smiled warmly at how tightly Wilhelmina was hugging his arm.

Esta seen a lot worst stuff too, well she done the worst stuff. Though one would really think such as she cuddled up like a small child on her pseudo-brother. She was focused on the movie but briefly glanced at the white hair bitch stealing her brother’s boyfriend.

The Vakrestrender jarl himself, enjoyed the film even more when he had such a pretty woman on his arm to cuddle. No not Esta, the other woman Johanna. He thought for a moment, a brief second he looked at Olav then back at the movie giving a slightly stupid smile. Muttering quietly to Johanna, “I just realized everyone on the couch has white hair but Olav.”

The former prime minister just let out a small chuckle as she gave a quick glance across all members in the room and yeah he was right. The king being only one not in the white haired team. “Well he’s also the only one with a belly.” She teased giving Jørgen a kiss on the cheek before taking a bite of her dark chocolate.

“Well the way he goes through beers when he is here.” He gives a quiet chuckle, “He totally looks like a main character from Loki and The Dragon.” He shakes his head, chuckling slightly louder now but still not loud enough to overpower the sound coming from the music.

Johanna chuckled at that. Both from the beer joke but also from Jørgen’s obscure reference to what she assumes to be an anime. Finding it a cute quirk that the Jarl had.

Wilhelmina glanced at their direction, smiling sweetly when she saw them chuckling and whispering among themselves. “Having fun, you two love birds?” She teased looking at them, while loud enough to be heard by the others it didn’t match the sounds coming from the movie.

“Oh sorry, we will be quiet now.” Jørgen gives a small giggle alongside with Johanna. “My apologies.”

“Apology not accepted.” Esta spoke up quietly as well.

The king rolled his eyes at hearing that but kept himself quiet as he took a sip from his beer, placing his attention at the movie again.

“Oh it’s all fine. It’s nice having a bit of fun when a scary movie is on.” Wilhelmina said still with a wide sweet smile as she went back to cuddling Olav with her purrs being audible to the rest.

Johanna couldn’t help but smile seeing that. She knew Olav wouldn’t accept her being together with Jørgen, but she was pleasantly surprised at Wilhelmina being so.

‘How dare the queen support Jørgen’s horrible decision to date this homewrecker.’ Esta thought to herself, angrily sipping on her orange juice box that Jørgen had prepared for her.

Jørgen could thank the spirits for Wilhelmina being here to soothe Olav. She wasn’t here then he would have his spine crushed by him by now. He leaned up and gave Johanna a kiss on the cheek.

Johanna cuddled up to Jørgen as she took a sip of her cup again. Not really caring about the movie which she found extremely unscary. No matter how the killer killed his next victim she gave absolutely no reaction. Being calm as ever.

Olav gave his wife a kiss on the forehead as he had to excuse himself to go to the toilet. “I’ll be quick, no need to pause the movie.” He said preemptively before Jørgen could speak up as he walked out of the theater.

Jørgen already held his fingers up to stop the movie before Olav spoke up. He let his arm drop with a sigh, cuddling back up to Johanna. Esta was annoyed at most things, the killer was really boring with the kills, she can do way better than them. She finishes her orange juice and she grabbed another.

Wilhelmina chuckled. “You sure don’t listen to him, do you?” She teased as she looked towards Jørgen with a small smirk taking a bite of her cupcake.

“He is very independent like that.” Johanna said as she let out a chuckle as she ruffled his hair as she patted it.

“Another 800 krone wasted.” He gave a sigh, “I have you know I have always been independent, thank you very much.” He gives a overly dramatic scoff and a pout, playing into the character.

“Oh please, you’re starting to sound like my little sister.” Johanna said, rolling her eyes at the Jarl’s antics.

“I’m his little sister.” Esta whispered to herself.

“Oh how is Eve doing? I hear from Jørgen she started working at the fashion company called, Cirivel’s Designs? I think it was called that.” Wilhelmina said, raising an eyebrow at her former prime minister.

“She is… doing well.” Johanna said awkwardly scratching the back of her head. It is likely the first time the queen saw her not act completely calm and in control. “She has become well respected by her boss at least! He seemed to like her a lot.”

“Ah, I put a good word for her at the company. The boss there owes me a favor, I think I also have part ownership of it to some degree. I’m not sure, I have to check the books.” His tone went from confident to more awkward as he spoke. Honestly, how in the spirits’ name does one keep track of all these blasted companies.

“You have some shares in it, yes.” Johanna said simply giving Jørgen a kiss on the cheek. “Starting to feel like I know more about the companies you own than you do.” She teased which got her a giggle from Wilhelmina.

“You really should get yourself a Secretary sweetheart.” The queen said warmly, giving the jarl a motherly look.

“Ah, I actually recently hired one at my head of staff recommendation. She quite experience, and getting a recommendation from Mrs. Eversbork is quite a rare achievement to say the least.” He thinks for a moment, “She will be starting work with me tomorrow. It would be nice to have a face to face encounter with my new staff member.”

Esta stands up, quietly leaving to go to the bathroom. Leaving several empty orange juice boxes on the table as she hurried on out.

“Oh that’s interesting? First time I heard about this.” Johanna said raising an eyebrow at Jørgen.

“Oh you should show us what she looks like.” Wilhelmina said, smiling excitedly at the prospect of the jarl having finally found someone to help him with all his work.

“Uh, sure.” He sits up straight to fish out the phone from his pocket. Taking it out, he scrolls into his folders for resumes for various potential staff members. “Ah, here she is Mrs. Lisbeth Ny’Soliesten. Top marks from university, hired right after graduation by Yovirk Capital in Rikevaarland.” He passes his phone to Johanna and Wilhelmina, “Mrs. Eversbork also is pressuring to hire a few more secretaries for the Trust fund and other operations but she will be my royal secretary.”

The two women’s eyes slightly widen at seeing the picture, not expecting the Jarl to have chosen such a…. attractive woman to be his Secretary. Johanna gave him a suspicious look crossing her arms as she narrowed her eyes on him. Wilhelmina on the other hand had a teasing smirk, giving a dramatic pose as she placed her hand over her mouth. “My oh my Jørgen~”

“What? Is there something I missed on her resume?” Jørgen was confused by their reactions, “Why are you both looking at me like that?”

Olav let out a sigh as he washed his hands. He couldn’t help but be… annoyed. He kept it to himself well enough, a lot thanks to his wife being there to calm him. He said to Jørgen that he accepted it but seeing that… woman here, acting innocent despite crimes she has done? It felt wrong. Very wrong. Though he already had to deal with one white haired criminal he doesn’t need to deal with another. As he walked into the hall he kept himself occupied with his own thoughts about the situation, at least until he noticed someone else in the hall.

Esta stormed in angrily, she looked up from the floor to stare at Olav. She raised her finger at him “Why haven’t you broken them up! Why are you letting the white haired harlot near him!” She was almost yelling but not quite, she was clearly furious. Well passed the depression stage and straight into the fire and fury of it. “He listens to you, break them up and has that demon shot!”

“Nice to meet you as well, Esta.” He said, rolling his eyes as he placed his larger hand on top of hers, holding it firmly as he pulled it away from him. Giving her a stern look. “I don’t control him. I don’t want them together but it is his choice to make.” He said in a calm tone before giving her a glare at what he heard her say at the last part. “And please realize one thing, I’m not you I don’t rule like you. I don’t get someone shot because I hate them.” His grip on her hand tightens.

“First up, get better intelligence reports. I don’t shoot people when I hate them. Oh? Then have NCIS or something do it for you! She did crime!” She insisted, “She a nekobuss and ruining Wilan’s and Jørgen relationship!”

Olav pushed her into the wall the moment he heard the elven girl use a slur. “Don’t you dare use that word.” He glared intensely at her. “You might love stabbing and torturing people, but I don’t. And I won’t send people to kill her. Do. You. Under. Stand.” He tightened his grip even further as rage built up in him.

“She is one though, she gets into his bed for his money and influence and ruins a perfect elven relationship.” She says in a broken up tone, hurt by that old witch. “Okay then have them leave the room and I do it.” She looked back with tears in her eyes, unflinching looking into Olav’s eyes.

“You disgust me.” He said simply letting go of her hand and pulling away from her. Crossing his arms as he looked down at her. “Are you prepared to hurt Jørgen?”

She truly starts tearing up now, something only three, now four have ever seen her do. “N-no not again.” She gave a weak whimper.

“Then don’t go in between them, okay?” He said letting out a weak sigh. “You do know the only reason I haven’t told Jørgen of all the things you’ve done in Lapiliszna and against me is that I don’t want to hurt him, right?”

Esta didn’t respond, only looking down at her feet in sorrow and self pity. Repeating in a small whisper, “I don’t want to hurt him again.”

The king placed a hand on her shoulder as he couldn’t help but give her a sympathetic look. Look he gave to his children when they were sad. “Then let him stay together with Johanna. It will hurt for now, but it’s better for both of us to let him. Okay?” He said calmly, slowly rubbing her shoulder. He mostly does it to calm her down and not getting his ‘son’ mad at him again.

Esta gives a weak nod, “O-okay…” She gives a quiet sniffle, “Can I please have a hug?” She says in a weak, kid like voice. A weak tone that Olav hasn’t heard before.

He was surprised and hesitated for a moment. Afraid it was a trick of sorts that the woman he had considered a she-devil for so long could act like this. But the way she looked at him, he couldn’t help but nod. As he placed his large arms around her as he gave a warm tight hug like he gave to all his children.

She gave a weak hug in response, not even trying to harass him in the hug like she normally does. She held back her tears, not wanting to ruin his shirt. ‘Children who ruin clothing get punished Esta.’ She was reminded of her father’s words. After the hug was finished, she stepped back and away from him. Simply leaving to head to the bathroom.

_ _

Olav could not help but sigh as he walked towards the theater. Hoping that Esta would actually accept Jørgen’s decision. He knows it will be hard for her but hopefully she will accept it as time goes on. Though when he finally entered he was caught off guard by Wilhelmina chuckling as Johanna was staring down Jørgen with hand on his chest pushing him down his seat. “What in the nine worlds is happening?” He said, crossing his arms giving the two an raised eyebrow.

Jørgen looked towards Olav with a slight degree of panic in his deep blue eyes. “I don’t know! I took your advice on getting a royal secretary and then this all happened.” He spoke in a deeply confused tone, not sure why his girlfriend looks like she’s about to murder him while Wilhelmina is looking dangerously smug about it all.

“And you had no other thoughts when you picked her? Really?” Johanna said in a dangerous low tone.

Olav raised an eyebrow at Wilhelmina trying to get her to explain. She just giggles as she picks up Jørgen’s phone to show him the picture. “She is quite attractive.”

“I don’t see how that would cause th-” The king started saying before his eyes widened at the picture before letting out a small cough. “Okay I get it now.”

“I don’t! I don’t get any of this!” Jørgen exclaims, “Mrs. Eversbork gave her seal of approval and she has a great resume. I don’t understand why it draws this kind of reaction.”

Johanna let go of his shirt and sat back down in her seat crossing her arms. “We will talk about this later.” She said coldly.

Jørgen quietly mutters, “I probably shouldn’t show you the other people I’m hiring on staff then.” He fixed his clothing to straight out.

The ex-prime minister gave him an ice cold look.

“If it makes you feel better she is still acting exactly the same as when I got my Secretary.” Olav said with a small chuckle as he gestured to Wilhelmina with a small smile.

“I just found it interesting you got such a… attractive elf as a Secretary.” His wife teased as the two sat down in their seats.

“She worked for my family for several decades, sweetheart.” He said, rolling his eyes as his wife giggled.

“I don’t understand any of this.” He scratches the back of his neck. He looks at his girlfriend’s cold and unflinching gaze. “So, I take it you don’t want to come with me to meet her?” He gives a charming smile towards the frozen glare staring daggers at him.

“You really shouldn’t tempt fate, boy.” Olav said in a chuckle as he took a sip from his beer bottle.

Johanna just stayed silent, her look clear to be a no.

“Take it this way Johanna, if you’re there you can keep an eye on him! That’s why I’m usually there when Olav is speaking with Miss Ingerdatur!” Wilhelmina teased out before getting nudged by her husband.

Johanna gave her a cold look but it was far much milder than she has given Jørgen.

“Well, it might be nice to get this out of the way. Shall I show you the other staff members I’m hiring? The one for my family’s trust and a few others.” Jørgen knew it was playing with fire and Johanna will be certain to punish him later for whatever reason they are acting like this.

“I’d love to see them!” Wilhelmina said excitedly, gaining a sigh from Olav.

“Well since we are waiting for Esta, I guess I don’t see the harm.” He said as he mentally prayed to the gods to save his ‘son’ from the jealous Sverdrup.

Johanna just gave her boyfriend a challenging look.

He gets his phone back, scrolling through to find his other potential hires. “These all made it through Mrs. Eversbork interview process.” He goes through selecting a few of them and passes his phone to Johanna. “You can swipe right to see the new resume and position they’re applying for.” He scoots away from his lovely girlfriend.

The trio simply stayed silent as they looked at the pictures which Johanna was looking through. With the ex-prime minister becoming more and more annoyed with each picture. While Wilhelmina’s smirk just grew wider and wider. Until the silence was finally broken by Olav. Who asked the thing everyone was wondering.

“Okay why is every single one of them hot?”

“What?” Jørgen looked confused once more as Johanna grabs his tie.

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The smells of burgers and sausages being cooked spread across the palace’s gardens. With the man who was behind the grill flipping those burgers being none other than Olav, who was whistling to a song he listened to in his youth. “So, bye-bye Miss Concordian Pie.” He sang quietly to himself, smiling to himself of the moments he sung the song with Øyvind when he was young spending his summer vacations in Vakrestrender.

“Drove my Gyllir to the levee, but the levee was dry!” He heard Wilhelmina’s voice singing behind him causing the king to chuckle. He couldn’t help but turn around to kiss his wife on the forehead. She just placed a hand on her hip. “Whatcha you cooking good looking?” She had a teasing smile on her lips.

“Hot dogs and burgers. The fish on the second grill.” He gestured to it with his shoulder. “How’s the salad and fruit dishes going along?”

The queen could not help but roll her eyes at her husband’s lack of knowledge about vegetarian food. “It’s going along quite well, since compared to you I have the servants helping me.” She teased as she wrapped her arms around the king’s waist.

The servants coming from the top culinary schools across the Norgsveltian influence world, primarily from Vakrestrender of course. The crew of them worked seamlessly together, with barely a word spoken between them. All under the eye of Mrs. Eversbork the old elf keeps everyone on time and on track with nothingless but absolute precision. Though they did have to work around a certain queen’s ‘homely touch’ to the dishes. They carried on with their task.

“Look, the grilling is left to me. I don’t need help making amazing burgers.” He said it was his turn to roll his eyes as he put another burger on the grill. He smiled when he heard and felt his wife gently purr against his back.

Wilhelmina chuckled at her husband’s comment. “Well you certainly have dressed for the part.” She teased as she gently pulled on the Valkyr shirt Olav was wearing.

The king wore a red Valkyr shirt and some blue shorts, which he typically wore whenever he was in Vakrestrender. “Well it is comfortable.” He defended himself by raising his hands.

“Oh I’m just teasing, sweetie.” She said kissing his cheek and to stop having her arms wrapped around his waist needing a hand to hold her straw hat in place. She took some steps back as she smiled warmly at Olav. “I for one really like it. It always fits you.”

He smiled gently at that and gave her a peck on the lips. “I’m soon done, kitty.” He whispered, rubbing her shoulder.

“Well you better, the boy and them are arriving.” She teased and poked Olav’s nose making him laugh.

Speak of the spirits and they will arrive, Jørgen and the girls arrive. Smile on the jarl’s face, sniffing the air as he entered the backyard. Esta trailed behind him, her nose buried in a manga and a new dark purple bow on her head with bells tied on to it. Johanna however, looked different.

Instead of her usual business suit she always wore. Now she wears a lavish one, a silk dark navy blue tie, a suit jacket with ash gray colors and golden cuffins, solid gold not plated. On the back of the jacket was a dozen jewels in the formation of a star constellation that she was born under. A eggshell white button up dress shirt, with the buttons being a dark blood red. Her suit pants being no less lavish as her jacket, being a color the same in expensive fabrics. The outfit all together being more expensive than a house in Osfjord.

As they approached, Jørgen looked around the garden they call a humble backyard. Over by the crater lake his family had filled all so long ago before his birth. He opened his mouth, almost about to say something before he closed it with a small frown. His eyes still staring at the lake as he gave a weak sigh. Just for a moment, a few seconds he thought his big brother Øyvind was here. Only to be reminded by the fact that he is in fact. Never going to see him, or the rest of his family again.

Johanna gave the Jarl a kiss on the cheek as a hand of hers went down to hold his. Smiling gently as she did so. Ensuring that she was there. With him.

The king’s eyes widened slightly at seeing the overly expensive suit that his former prime minister was wearing. In which he then narrowed them, judging her. Feeling like it was proof that the lying devil was just there for the boy’s money.

Jørgen squeezed tightly on Johanna’s hand. Still not quite recovering his everso common smile he usually has. Still, it is a comfort for him to have her with him.

“Oh you look amazing, Miss Sverdrup!” Wilhelmina said, clapping her hands together. Being not at all suspicious about Johanna’s motives. “Did Jørgen force you to change your wardrobe during the shopping trip.”

“I was just looking for a new tie…” Johanna said, shaking her head as she let out a small sigh.

“Your fate was sealed as soon you came with me to my tailors.” Jørgen gave a smirk, brighten up now.

The queen could not help but laugh at seeing the two’s interaction but then brought her attention towards Esta smiling still brightly. “Esta! I like the new bow, it’s cute!”

Esta raised her head with a smile from her manga. “It chims!” She wiggled her head around, the bells ringing out as she did so. Then quickly returned to her reading.

Wilhelmina chuckled at that with even Olav joining on it, finding the action cute despite knowing how much of a devil Esta is. He placed the burgers and sausages into their separate plates. “Well you all arrived at a good time, the food is ready!” He said with a bright smile as his wife got a plate for the fish. With the two walking towards the tables they were going to eat at.

“I love you.” Johanna said to Jørgen giving him a kiss on the cheek before she walked after the Royal Pair.

“Love you too.” He returned the kiss before turning to Esta, speaking in a low tone in Nys’tat’en. “Remember our deal.”

Esta gave a sigh, putting her manga away in her bag. “No reading at the table.” She mumbled, following after Johanna.

Jørgen gave a small chuckle, it’s strange how Esta is sometimes. She can be a well polish spokesperson in one moment, monster in the other and a little kid when they are alone together.

The table was filled with several dishes from the meat and fish that the king was preparing, to the vegetarian dishes made by the chefs of the Jarl. With some small touches done by the queen. Olav had already sat down on the other end of the table with his wife next to him, Johanna was on the other end. Leaving seating position either being in between Olav and Johanna, or Wilhelminna and Johanna.

Without thinking about it for too long, Esta took her seat and Johanna, out of some sort of chaotic divine interaction took the seat next to Olav. Leaving Jørgen to sit between Esta and Johanna. Perhaps Esta just slightly concerned the former prime minister to such a degree that it was better to sit next to the man who hated her rather than the murderous psycho Jarlnja.

The king clapped his hands together. “Dig in! There is a lot of food for everyone.” He says with a wide smile as he tries to ignore Johanna’s existence. With his wife being first to do so she took a slice of the fish and got a lot of salad with it. While the ex-prime minister on the other hand was like the king and got herself a hamburger.

Esta really wanted to read but a certain jerk elf said she had to eat with everyone. Why that? She never had to eat with her family before. Well, she was not allowed too but the point still stands. She takes a plate with large amounts of steamed vegetables and other bits of salad with it.

Jørgen took a humble slice of fish, and steamed vegetables as well on his plate. “This smells great, old man.”

Esta quietly muttered in Nys’tat’en, “Well Johanna is an old woman.” Even though Jørgen said old man instead of woman. Making the whole sentence a bit nonsensical.

“Thank you! Thought you’d like it, I did try my best to impress.” Olav said with a heavy grin before he took a sip from his beer.

“You usually do.” Wilhelmina said, giving her a husband a kiss on the cheek.

“Well, if you are trying to impress. I can always take you to my tai-.” Jørgen was interrupted by the Norgsveltian monarch.




Jørgen gave a small sigh, shaking his head though he had a wide grin on his face.

The interaction caused a chuckle among the group as the king rolled his eyes and took a bite of the meaty and juicy hamburger that he had made.

“How was the shopping trip?” Wilhelmina said as she took a bite of her slice of fish, raising an eyebrow at the three. “Did Esta do anything to get her in trouble again?” She teased smirking as she looked towards Esta.

“Oh, just a triple homicide.” Jørgen gave a laugh at his own joke. Olav and Johanna didn’t laugh at the joke for whatever odd reason. Wilhelmina and Esta laughed, for very different reasons. “She was perfectly well behaved, now only if she can be like this all the time.”

“Not on Olav’s beard.” Esta nudged Jørgen with her elbow. Taking a small bite of an orange slice.

Johanna just kept quiet, taking a small bite of her hamburger. Not saying anything about the joke. Giving a knowing side glance towards Olav who nodded understandingly. Perhaps only time he didn’t glare at her.

Wilhelmina just chuckled. “Well it would certainly make Olav happy if you were better behaved.” She teased by taking a sip of her wine glass.

“I am well behaved when the cameras are on. When they are off, I simply enact my inner East Borean habits.” She takes another small bite from her food.

“Ah chaos, mayhem and destruction then?” Jørgen smiled, taking a sip of his wine.

“Of course, of course. Nothing but absolute terror and death.” Esta gives a small giggle. Thinking of a memory best left unsaid.

Johanna kept taking small bites of her hamburger being quiet. She was calm and did not show any real changes in her personality but internally she could not help but feel uneasy. The king on the other hand was not as good at hiding it, but also wasn’t uneasy. He frowned, and the grip on his glass tightened. He was angry, though it wasn’t obvious one would notice it. As he looked towards Esta, not glaring rather keeping an eye on her.

The jarl raised his head, “Ah, Esta told me she prepared gifts for you, though she refused to tell me what they were.” He looked towards Wilhelmina first, “So, could you two please tell me what she got you two? It has been on my mind all day.” Esta looked up at Olav matching his look by eating a small orange slice and taking another one off of her plate. Looking less like a insane woman bent on death and torture, rather a simple royal girl enjoying her food.

“Oh mine was a kemonomimi hair brush! It was very sweet of you giving that to me, Esta.” Wilhelmina said, smiling happily. Before giving a curious look towards Olav. “You never told me what Esta gave to you?”

Olav simply took a sip of his beer giving one more glance towards Esta before turning his attention to his wife. “Oh it was nothing big.” He said trying his best to fake a smile. Trying his best not to think about it. It was… scary how good she became at stalking. At first he thought she was working with someone. How else was there a clip of him in one of the gardens at his brother’s palace in Dvalheim? But when that camera turned around, to show Esta’s face just… smiling. That smile terrified him.

“Oh? Then you wouldn’t mind sharing with the class then.” Jørgen took a sip of his wine. “Come on Olav, tell us.” He gave him a charming smile.

The king took a bite of his hamburger, taking a small glance towards Esta.

Esta gave a smile, “I gave him an edited video of his trip around the realm.” Then returned to food. Jørgen gave Esta a pat on the head, causing her bells in her bow to ring out.

“Ah thank the spirits, it was nothing too weird then.” Jørgen smiled at Esta.

Johanna could not help but give a suspicious glance towards Esta. She knew well enough that she lied. The king would not be so quiet if she was actually telling the truth.

Wilhelmina chuckled. “Well good to know it was a video with decency in it.” She smirked and winked at Esta before turning her attention on her husband. “We should look at it together at some point.”

“Maybe… another time.” He said calmly as he just took another bite of his hamburger finishing it.

Esta gave a smile towards Olav and Wilhelmina, “I got really good at editing videos now. I have been working on them in my free time.”

“Well that is probably your least creepy and destructive hobby you have then.” The jarl gave a chuckle. “Good on you for finding something you enjoy.”

“Oh I enjoy it alot. I can combine my hobbies to make new videos.” She claps joyfully.

“I rather you didn’t.” Olav mumbled under his breath as he finished his glass of beer. Letting out a quiet sigh he stood up. He needed a small moment for himself. “I must go double check if the grills were turned off, I’ll be back real quick.” He said in a small warm hearty chuckle, as he walked over towards the grills that were off in the distance.

“Huh, he could have just asked the servants to check them.” Jørgen gave a shrug. “To each their own I suppose.”

Wilhelmina raised an eyebrow at seeing her husband suddenly walk away. As such was quick to stand up to move after him.

The king simply rubbed the bridge of his nose, breathing in and out calmly. He was just so… tired, angry and unnerved. He was trying his best to not let the she-devil get to him. It has been years now and she never let up. If it was any other woman he would likely just ask for her arrest, but he couldn’t do that, not without hurting Jørgen. But by now he might not have a choice. He has to confront either her or Jørgen, to put a stop to this.

“You okay sweetie?” His wife spoke up behind him. Turning around he saw her looking up to him concerned. He smiled weakly seeing that.

“Oh I’m fine!” He said confidently, trying to act strong for his wife. “The grills was off already, so let’s get back.”

Though when he was about to walk back he was stopped by his wife pulling on the edge of shirt. Her tail was no longer swaying, her ears were flat. “Please, don’t hide anything from me. Okay?”

Olav did not know how to react, like a lump that was stuck in his throat. Letting out a sigh he gave her a tight hug. “There are some things I wish I could tell you but can’t.” He said in a low but warm voice. “That unfortunate aspect of being king.”

It was clear Wilhelmina was not fully bought into that but she nodded nonetheless as she let out her own sigh. “Fine, but you don’t need to lie to have a moment for yourself.” She said pouting a little bit before giving him a kiss on the cheek and took a few steps back. Olav just smiled, a genuine one and a warm one as the two walked back to the table.

Jørgen looked up at Wilhelmina as she passed him by before Olav arrived at his seat, speaking in Nys’tat’en. “He is alright?”

She just smiled sweetly and nodded as she sat down at her seat again. Taking a sip of her wine glass. As the king sat down she placed her hand on his to comfort him. He chuckled at that and gave her a kiss on the forehead. His mood immediately brighten.

Johanna was watching the interaction closely earlier, the slight shift at Olav’s behavior earlier was hard to not notice. She took a sip of her wine glass still keeping an eye on him.

Jørgen was not a complete idiot, he knew something was wrong with the old man. He gave him a charming smile, “Say Olav, let’s say this evening just me and you go out fishing. I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind if us guys disappeared for a little while.”

Olav couldn’t laugh warmly at the idea, giving the boy a smirk. “Well I’d love to but I can’t promise you that you won’t get any of your fancy outfits dirtied.” He joked, taking a sip of his beer.

Wilhelmina lets out a small giggle at that, Johanna being next to Jørgen had to stifle her own.

Esta looked at him as if he went a bit mad. “You don’t fish. You hire other people to go fish for you.”

“Well, times change. I’m a fisherman now.” Jørgen said, rolling his eyes at the table. Giving a wave towards Mrs. Eversbork to come closer.

“You will be an awful one.” Esta crossed her arms.

“And you talk a lot of trash for someone sleeping in my palace.” Jørgen gave a smirk, nudging her. “I will be sure to leave the TV on and plenty of snacks so you don’t go cause trouble.”

“You don’t need to leave the TV on, I know the passcode.” Esta rolled her eyes, Jørgen quite literally being the one to give her the passcode. She didn’t even need to steal it from him.

“Fair enough.” Jørgen gave a laugh, “Mrs. Eversbork, can you prepare the yacht for this evening?”

“Right away your majesty.” The elf gave a bow.

“That will be all, thank you Mrs. Eversbork.” Jørgen returned his attention to Olav. Honestly, Jørgen hates fishing. It is dirty, messy and completely unsanitary not to mention unbelievably boring. However, he remembers how Olav and Øyvind would come back soaking wet, covered in fish guts and with a big stupid smile on their faces. Øyvind chasing his little sibling around with a severed fish head all around the palace much to Mrs. Eversbork disapproval. “Believe it or not, I do have some clothing that is not fashionable. Crude even.”

Wilhelmina let out a dramatic gasp. “Oh my you have clothing that is only worth 2k Krone?! How crude!” She said in an overly dramatic tone placing a hand on her forehead. Earning a laugh from Olav and Esta while Johanna dramatically shook her head in disapproval of the idea.

“It is worth 4k krone but that is regardless of the point.” Jørgen tried to seem like he was joking but he was undershooting it. His planned outfit was actually only 10k krone, almost all of it being custom tailored save the shirt. “I think you all dramatically over-estimated the cost of my outfits.”

Esta poked his side, “How much is your sleeping outfit?”

"Oh, it’s not that bad.” Jørgen rolled his eyes.

“You are literally the only person I know that has a separate sleeping outfit for every day of the week plus holidays.” Esta gave smirk. “Seriously, just wear a t-shirt and shorts to bed.”

“Absolutely not.” Jørgen refused the idea that one could sleep in the same clothing everyday.

“I am certain if we got the Federation’s Tax Service to start taxing you Jørgen that you would single handedly be able to pay for a new carrier for them.” Olav joked at the boy’s expense once more.

“Good for the both of us that we don’t live in the Federation, the news would not give me a day of rest and you’d be forced to wear clothing that isn’t overly expensive and custom made.” Johanna joked and poked Jørgen’s side.

“I have you no none of my clothes are overly expensive, I never overpay. It’s why I own several clothing companies, so I don’t pay book price. Thank you very much.” Jørgen rolled his eyes, but gave a warm smile. “Besides, who wears off the rack clothing.”

“Everyone besides you at this table.” Esta sipped her wine.

“Seriously, what is the cheapest shirt you have?” Wilhelmina asked, raising an eyebrow at the prince.

“And don’t say the ones that are free because you already own the fashion company.” Johanna said, taking a sip of her wine as well.

“Companies, not company. I’m not poor.” He gave Johanna a nudge. “I think I have an old Valkyr shirt that I got for…” He stopped, “Well, I have a Valkyr shirt.” He got the shirt from Øyvind when he came out as a man. ‘Your one of the boys now’ His brother’s words stuck with him when he handed him that stupid ugly shirt. He kept his smile, but he gently held Johanna’s hand under the table.

Johanna rubbed his hand with her thumb as he held into her hand.

“You could wear it for the fishing trip then!” Olav said, clapping his hands together. “We both look the part after all!” He had a warm smirk on his face.

The jarl gave a sigh, “Fine, but no pictures then. Spirits forbid if I was ever seen in public with.” He looked at Olav’s shirt. “Well, what you’re wearing.” He gave a smile to him, his hand still holding on to Johanna’s own hand.

“Well now that is just rude.” Olav said taking a sip from his beer, his wife chuckling at the comment

“Listen, if I am going to wear one of those… Wonderful shirts and drink one of those things. I am allowed to be a little bit snippy.” He gave a smile, as he gestured to the beer.

“Are you even old enough to drink?” Olav said with a smirk.

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The king walked up to the yacht carrying large coolers in each hand which for most people would be extremely hard to carry yet he made it seem easy. One of Jørgen’s servants was there supposed to help him get all the stuff needed onboard but they simply stared a bit awkwardly on the sidelines looking. Olav has basically put it on himself to carry everything on board, not leaving much for the servant to do.

“You sure you do not need help, your majesty?” The kemonomimi servant said awkwardly with their hands behind their backs.

“Quite certain.” The king said as he climbed up the ladder to the yacht with a hand still carrying a cooler, the second cooler being on the ground. Which the king was soon to go after as he climbed back down to get it. After having taken both coolers on the yacht he gave a wave to the servant with a warm smile on his face. “Thanks for the help!”

“Um no problem?” The kemonomimi just said confused as they bowed their heads.

Olav walked more into the yacht, being now out of view for the servant.

_ _

Jørgen was wearing possibly the cheapest clothing he owned and felt completely weird about it. A Valkyr shirt, straw hat, white shorts and a humble cloth belt. No fancy jewelry, expensive fabrics or anything of the like. Something Johanna ‘suggested’ he wear to the fishing trip. He felt wrong, just wrong wearing any of this. He had an umbrella with him just in case he needed to block any photo being taken of him, he wouldn’t want to be caught dead in such a ugly and cheap clothing.

He walked towards the lead servant, a short tiefling that looked nervous at his approach. “Is everything alright Mr. Ntor?”

The tiefling straighten up his back as he spoke to the Jarl. “Everything is well under way, it is just his majesty Olav seems to refuse all of our assistance in preparing the yacht.”

Jørgen gave a polite laugh, “Ah, that is just like him. Fear not, I won’t tell Mrs. Eversbork if you don’t.” The elven man gave a wink.

“T-thank you Jarl Bjørn.” The tielfing gave a bow, “The boat is ready.”

“Good man.” Jørgen gives him a pat on the back before heading towards the boat.

The elven jarl could hear Olav yell from the distance as he waved to him. “Get your damn ass in gear boy!” The king had a wide grin on his face. Olav still wearing his red Valkyr shirt, blue jeans shorts, straw hat and gold Witcain watch on his right wrist.

“No, I believe my gears are in perfect working order.” Jørgen gives a smile to the Norgsveltian. He keeps his normal walking pace, climbing aboard his oldest brother, well now his own yacht. He tried not to think too much about how he owned the boat. Forcing a smile as he climb on a yacht he has not been on for almost seven years now.
Olav gave Jørgen a heavy pat on the back. “Ever drove a yacht before?” He said with a smirk on his face.

“I have, what kind of Bjørn would I be if I have not driven a yacht before?” He gives a smile, he learned to drive a boat at a very young age. Mostly by his brothers kidnapping him and forcing him to drive around the island while they were piss drunk.

“Ata boy, I’ll take out the alcohol from the coolers as you get this going.” Olav gave a chuckle as he patted the Jarl’s shoulder and went inside the cabin.

“Huh, already getting alcohol.” He gives a smile as he goes to the controls. Mumbling to himself, “Alright one of these things make it go forward.” He pushes the throttle going forward at a steady pace, then gives a smile. Then pushing the throttle at max speed. Pulling out of his family’s dock at a breakneck speeds, then slowing down as he charted a course to sail around the island on an autopilot function.

“Ever gone fishing before?” Olav said behind him, taking a sip from his beer bottle while holding a bottle of wine in his other hand that he gave to the elf.

He took the bottle and smiled, “Not once in my life, I usually just watched anime while you all went fishing. Also, did you pack any wine glasses?” He tilts his head at the Norgsveltian.

“There are some in the cabin, though you could just drink right from the bottle.” The king said as he looked out the windows to admire the view. “I remember you being obsessed with one anime show in particular during one of those fishing trips.

He gave a laugh, “Yes, it was oh spirits what was it’s name.” He snaps his fingers, “It has something pink diamond. Ah! It was Pink Diamond and the triplets! I loved that show when I was younger, it was so cheesy but I couldn’t help but love it.”

Olav chuckled warmly at that as he ruffled Jørgen’s hair. “You seemed to always be a massive anime fan, huh?” He said smirking.

“Ah, just a tad you would say.” He tries to open the wine bottle but can’t pull the cork out of the bottle.

“Bit more than just a tad.” Olav teased as he took a sip from his beer bottle, though raising an eyebrow at the struggling jarl. “Need help?”

He hands the bottle to Olav. “Please and thank you.”

The king chuckled as he put down his beer bottle on a wooden table and then effortlessly opened Jørgen’s wine bottle. “There ya go.” He said with a small smirk on his face.

“Ah, thank you noble viking warrior. I will be sure to compensate you well.” Jørgen gives a smile, taking a sip of his wine. Feeling completely out of place just by his clothes and drinking out of the bottle like some uncivilized barbarian.

“Well you certainly have the money for it.” Olav said jokingly as he took another sip from his bottle.

“I could buy all of Eyjaria if I wanted too.” He says in a sing-song voice. Repeating the lyrics to a Valkyr football chant, one they made after beating Eyjaria in the Ullr-Yunyøn Games.

The king raised an eyebrow at that. “I did not know you were into football.” He said sitting down on a wooden chair. “Well not expecting you to be into any sports for that matter but that is besides the point.”

“I own several sportballs teams Olav.” He looks at him straight, “Besides, everyone and their mother in Vakrestrender was talking about it online and in the media.” He sips his wine, relaxing on a wall.

“Jørgen, half the stuff you own is something you forgot that you owned.” The king replied with a deadpan voice but smirking ever so slightly. “I would not surprise me if they made an anime version of the song either.” He chuckled slightly at the idea.

“Well, yes there is an anime version.” He gives a small chuckle, “Honestly, it’s far more than half. I have no clue how much I own, I’m not sure how any person could keep track of it all.”

“Well luckily you are going to have someone to help you keep track of it all.” Olav teased. “Which just happens to be a very attractive woman that you hired.” The king had an shit eating grin on his face.

“Spirits Olav.” He shakes his head, “I finally get a secretary and everyone keeps talking about her looks rather than her qualifications.” He gives a sigh.

“Sorry, sorry.” Olav said with a chuckle shaking his head. “I’ll stop teasing, I’m not going to be as cruel as Wilhelmina and Johanna was over it.” He took a sip from his bottle before giving a more serious but yet playful look towards Jørgen. “Though seriously their qualifications weren’t actually that impressive, at least from what you were able to tell us. Though my secretary has a long experience as a secretary and been one hel of a good one as well. So I guess expecting someone to be on a similar level there when that is likely impossible to get.”

He gives a sigh, scratching the back of his head. “Well, it’s more about how she is honest. She worked in Rikevaarland, she is familiar with my family… Business customs and practice.” He takes a long drink from his wine bottle, more than he probably should. “You know how my family conducts itself in business, I need someone who can… Understand how it works and keep on working on it.” He takes another long drink from his bottle. His family business, the Bjørn Trust is something that stresses him out everyday. It felt criminal but it wasn’t, it followed the letter of the law. However they did everything to get around it.

Olav simply nodded to that, taking a sip of his own bottle. “Seems that she might be a very good pick then, for better or for worse.” He said in a more calm tone. “I think you should be all fine then, you know what you’re doing Jørgen and you should be proud of it. Being a leader not about knowing everything yourself and do it, it’s about picking the right people for the right job.”

“Hel I do.” He quietly says, he feels as if he is drowning. He was not a cunning ruthless man like his brothers or father was. He does not even like his mother with her way around numbers and taxation from the NCEF. He was never supposed to be in the family business, he was supposed to be just their little artist nerd.

“Jørgen? You okay?” Olav asked concern as he was about to stand up from his chair.

He fakes a smile, looking at the king. “Ah, I’m fine!” He lies, taking another sip from his wine.

“I think you should be careful to not drink too much now.” Olav joked giving a small chuckle yet still giving him a concerned look.

He hands his wine bottle back to Olav. “I fear the wine is getting to me.” He gives a weak smile to Olav.

“Don’t worry we have a lot of time on us to drink more later.” The king said with a warm smile as he held the Jarl’s wine bottle. He was quiet for a moment before letting out a sigh. “I will try to limit the amount of teasing Wilhelmina is doing over the whole Secretary stuff. I understand if it was a bit overwhelming.”

“Thank you, I have enough trouble with Johanna.” He gives a smile, checking the map on the boat. “We are near the fishing spot, shall we get our fishing poles?”

“I’ll go get the fishing poles, you can think of a plan on how to deal with your jealous girlfriend when we go back to the palace.” Olav joked as he gave a pat on Jørgen’s shoulder as he went to the cabin to get their fishing equipment. Taking the wine bottle with him.

“I still don’t understand why she got so mad.” He looks down, shaking his head, walking towards the portside of the boat waiting for Olav. Looking at the sea as the boat came to a spot.

Olav came back with two long fishing poles at his side with the string and bait they would be needing. “Here is yours.” He said giving Jørgen a fishing pole.

He takes the fishing pole, not quite sure how to actually use the blasted thing. He waited for Olav to cast the line to see how it was actually done. “Thank you, storebror." Jørgen gives a small smile.

The king just smiled warmly at that before casting the line, it going far ahead as he has done it several times before. “I think Johanna will likely forget about it eventually. She might have acted very irrational at first, but she is generally a rational person.” He said, trying to cheer up the boy he looked at as his own son. Even if it meant saying arguably most nicest thing he said about Johanna during his entire time here.

“Ah I suppose you would know her better than I in some ways at least.” He watched carefully how Olav casted the line into the ocean. He followed suit, Jørgen was always good at copying people and their expectations of him.

“And the other ways I certainly do not need to know…” Olav mumbled to himself as he thought about the times his agent in Vakrestrender attempted to give more… detailed reports.

“You sure you don’t want to hear about how she drinks her coffee?” He gives a playful smirk, nudging Olav with his elbow. Then he remembered he did not actually bait his hook, and by this point he can’t just reel it in. He has made his decision and he will live with it.

The king chuckled at the comment, shaking his head in amusement. “She drinks it black, she had been prime minister of mine long enough to know that.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“Ah, but coffee from where hmmm.” He smiles at him, “I give you ten hundred krone if you get it right.”

“You do realize I’m not poor right?”

“Compared to me? Absolutely.”

The king gave the jarl a playful shove which still almost pushed him over. “Oh you’re so full off yourself.” He said laughing. Though the laughter was cut short by feeling a tug at his pole. In which he was quick to reel it in, the fish he caught fighting it but as he was about to reel it into the air the fish was able to get out of the hook. “Damn.”

Jørgen almost said something crude but held his tongue. “Ah, Olav I am sure you will catch the next tone.” He says in a cheerful tone, “So, how’s the new prime minister, I promise not to date this one.” He is absolutely pushing it, but he needs to test the waters first.

“Well he is in his 50s so that I hope is severely too old for even you.” Olav said half jokingly half seriously as he casted the line again.

“Well, it depends how they look.” He gives a warm laugh, “Mind if I have my bottle back?”

“It’s back in the cabin, you can go pick up some beer bottles for me while you’re at it.” Olav said and rolled his eyes. “There like plenty of pictures of him on the internet, and it is becoming concerning how much you into older folk.”

He gives a small chuckle, “Well, in my defense, my family said I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 35.” He disappears into the cabin, and then comes back with a wine bottle and a cooler. Struggling to carry it. “How much did you pack?!” He looks at Olav, “It feels like I’m carrying a dead body in here.”

“Only a little bit, there’s other stuff in it as well like ice cream.” Olav said in a hearty laugh as he lifted up a dead fish he had broken neck off. Having caught a fish while Jørgen was away. “It’s not that heavy, you’re just weak.” He said simply as he threw the fish into a white box next to him.

The elven jarl looked around, at the Norgsveltian king. “You didn’t get any blood on Øyvind’s boat did you?” He placed the cooler down, opening it up to get a beer for Olav.

“I drained the blood out in the water.” Olav said but raised an eyebrow at Jørgen calling it Øyvind’s boat but decided to not say anything about it and just accepted the beer bottle.

Jørgen took a sip of his wine, picking up the fishing pole. “Ah, I still haven’t caught anything.”

“You forgot to put bait on it didn’t you?” Olav said, opening his beer as he gave the Jarl a curious look.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that.” He gives a smile, still not reeling the line back in.

The king just chuckled, taking a sip from his beer bottle. “It happens, it’s your first time fishing afterall.” He gave the elf a pat on the back. “My new prime minister is doing well so far, his party doing quite well at the polls so the new government far from unpopulare.”

He gives a forced and overly dramatic yawn, “Oh wow politics how interesting.” Then he fakes falling asleep standing up.

Olav gives him a playful shove again. “You were the one who asked.” He said, rolling his eyes and taking a sip from his beer bottle. “If you want the gossip he did get into a scandal almost a year ago when he cheated on his wife.”

“Hm, curious it seems Norgsveldet loves getting into scandals involving cheating on their partner.” He gives a small laugh, “It’s not with a Nystatinne too?” He says in a joking tone.

Olav just sighed, he cannot help but finding it extremely unfortunate how often it happened recently. “No but it was with the Eyjarian foreign minister. Who is a kemonomimi, so the far right immediately jumped on the opportunity.” He said taking a bigger sip from his bottle.

“Ah a secret Akuanist, my secret society grows in influence.” He gives a small but nervous chuckle. “I must say, it is quite strange when I visit Norgsveldet, if they are not aware of my absolute glorious standing and mountains of krone I keep under my bed. They always assumed I’m a Ulvktruar and not an Akuanist. However when it comes to kemonomimi it’s the reverse. Friend of mine once got into a argument with some tiefling in Osfjord that she told her she was a Akuanist despite being a Ulvktruar and at the end the tiefling called them a confused Akuanist.” He shakes his head, laughing slightly.

“Well it has long been a very speciest attitudes in Norgsveldet to make assumption on ones religious standing by what species they are.” Olav let out a solemn sigh at that as he took his third sip from his bottle but finishing it as he did so gesturing to the jarl to get another bottle for him. “You better ensure me that you keep your relationship with Johanna secret, alright? Last we need is another scandal.”

“Of course, of course. Norgsveldet is not the only place that had some speciest attitudes. My people might not assume religion based on species but they do expect me to date only elves.” He gives a sigh, getting a beer for Olav.

“So is an unfortunate part of it all.” The king said with a sigh as he held his bottle up for them to cling their bottles together. “I will stand up for your right to date whoever you want no matter what species, just like your father stood up for me and Wilhelmina.”

He looks longing into the ocean, then turns to Olav with a weak expression. “Thanks. That means a lot, it truly does.” His tone is a bit weak, “Not sure what I would do without you here storebror.”

Olav smiles warmly at that. “No problem, lillebror.” He said placing an arm around Jørgen’s shoulder holding the younger elf close. “I am always here for you.”

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The movie room was prepared for the girl night, a row of snacks and drinks placed onto the table in a specific order. A very large plushie of a bat seated on an edge of the couch, Jørgen ordered it a few hours before he left the girls to go fishing with the old man. He didn’t leave out the other two girls of course, Johanna receiving a large golden retriever plush and Wilhelmina receiving an extra fluffy plushie of a forest cat. It’s always like him to leave gifts for people held dear, where words couldn’t be spoken.

Esta was politely guided into the movie room first by Mrs. Eversbork, the old maid being one of the few people on Urth that could make her listen and actually follow her instructions. Esta took her seat right next to her plushie. She gave a small girlish squeal at the new plushie for her collection, it was one of the rare ones she hadn’t collected yet and the elven woman in charge of millions in her country gave the plushie a tight hug.

Wilhelmina giggled a little bit hearing the younger elven girl act so excited about a plushie. She placed hand on her head, rubbing it as she stood behind her. Despite Esta sitting down she still was almost as high as Wilhelmina was standing up. “You can be quite adorable when you act more like yourself.” She said with a sweet smile.

Esta rubbed her head against the bat plushie. “Ayay!” She said in a cheerful tone. She looked back at Wilhelmina, “I can’t act like this, all the time. I have to.” She tries to fake Jørgen’s mannerism and tone. “You must act professional Esta, you are an enshrined spirit and an important public figure. You cannot be driving my car into a lake Esta.” She gives a giggle, covering her mouth as she did so.

“Well certainly can’t do the last part at least.” The kemonomimi joked as she sat down next to Esta as she placed her plushie on her lap, but not otherwise caring about it. “But I do think it does you well acting more like that with Olav. I think he will be more at ease seeing your more sweeter side then, well, flirtatious side that you put on with him.” She says as she gives the younger elf’s head a few scratches before she pulls her hand away from her head. Giving her a motherly yet serious look. “I think it will also be good for you.”

She stays silent for a disturbingly long time, thinking about it. A serious look on her face as she thinks about the Queen’s words. Then gives an extremely poppy and cheerful tone, “Okay I will try that then!” She says with a clap. “Thank you for your advice Mrs. Ymirdval.” She gives the kemonomimi a smile.

“Now, Now. I thought we were closer than that!” Wilhelmina said in fake offense as she gave Esta a small nudge into her side, smirking as she did so. “You can call me just Wilhelmina or give me a nickname if you want to.”

“Okay, Big Cat!” She claps her hands together in a joyful manner, totally not side-eyeing Wilhelmina’s very large cute plushie of a cat.

The queen could not help but let out a warm hearty laughter hearing that shaking her head in amusement. “You want to hug the plushie, huh?” She said, having a teasing smirk on her face.

She nodded her head yes, “You have to hug it first. So it knows you are its owner.”

“Your ability to act so cute with a drop of a hat would be terrifying if it wasn’t you.” Wilhelmina said with a small giggle before giving her cat plushie a quick hug before handing it over to Esta.

She gives a smile in response. Giving the big hug to the plushie before returning it to the owner. “It is very soft, and would be great for a pillow like what peacock got for me.” She said with a joyful tone.

“You two have some interesting nicknames for eachother I will say that.” Wilhelmina said just holding her plushie.

“He got my nickname from Wilan, they both call me Little Crazy and now Estrid calls me that.” She gives a pout, before squeezing the bat plushie again and smiling once more.

“What is your nickname for her then?” The kemonomimi raised an eyebrow at the younger elf.

“Gothy!” She claps her hands together, “I have her name saved on my phone as that too.” She smiles warmly, well as warmly as an East Borean could.

“Well I can’t say it doesn’t fit.” Wilhelmina chuckled. “How are things going on between you two? Love still flying high?~” She teased Esta by nudging her in the side again. It reminds her that time she never stopped teasing Alexandra about her artistic boyfriend.

“Good, we’re planning on taking a vacation to Eyjaria. Peacock is letting us use his house there. We might go visit the Federation to see the Puffin sanctuary there.” She says with a happy clap.

“I’d have Ny’Kandenor join you in the trip to the Puffin Sanctuary if it wasn’t for fact that I know you and Estrid could do well with some alone time.” The kemonomimi said with a small smirk.

She returns the smirk and gives a wink, patting the giant bat plushie on the head.

The queen just giggled at that, shaking her head. Though noticing a certain lack of a human among them she started looking around. “Do you know where Johanna is?”

_ _

The ex-prime minister was currently busy snooping around Esta’s bedroom. Now this is something most people would say is a massive breach of someone’s privacy… Johanna doesn’t care. As far she cared, everything she knew about that girl gave her enough reason to see if she had brought anything that was concerning. But having spent several minutes looking around in Esta’s closet and desk, well she found nothing. But so far she has only found several dresses of the same outfit she always wore, with the occasional kimono bringing some variety, gothic style makeup and a lot of plushies. No, really. The elven Jarlynja’s room was almost so packed with plushies that Johanna had issues walking around in that damn room. Eventually she had to let out a sigh. Perhaps she was just imagining the tension between the king and Jarlynja.

Though as the disgraced ex-politician was about to leave the room she noticed that in the very corner of the room a black box. One which was almost completely covered by Bat plushies. Johanna walked slowly over to the corner of the room, and tried to lift up the box. She was able to, but it was very heavy. She let out a tired sigh as she placed the box on Esta’s bed. Before opening it she kept herself quiet as she tried to hear if anyone was approaching the room. After a few seconds of no footsteps, she immediately started to open the box. She was expecting to see knives or some kind of torture device. No, instead it was just a bunch of VCR tapes. Which is not something Johanna expected a spoiled Royal to have. All the tapes had some variety to do with Jørgen. With names like ‘Summer vacation with Jørgen (2017)!’ or ‘Me and Jørgen at the zoo!’ or ‘I fought with a cat :(‘ being placed on the back end of each tape. It almost made the cold lady chuckle at the aspect of it, before she remembers that this is Esta and to not let herself get fooled. Still, she can’t help being… suspicious. The titles of these tapes simply do not fit the Esta she knew. As such she took one of the tapes out of the box which was titled ‘My vacation to Nyveldet!’ and put it into her handbag. Hearing a distant, “Johanna you joining us or not?” from the Queen immediately got the ex-prime minister to carry the box back to the corner of the room. She hurried herself out of the bedroom as she walked towards the direction of the movie room. When she entered it she saw a large golden retriever plushie sitting on the couch which she can only imagine meaning it was her spot. This caused her to chuckle lightly to herself.

“I imagine Jørgen brought a plushie to all of us?” She said with a small smile as she looked towards Wilhelmina and Esta, raising an eyebrow at them.

The queen just giggled as she nodded her head showing the ex-politician a forest cat plushie holding it up casually.

Esta took a break from hugging her bat pillow to lift it into the air. “It’s adorable!” Then quickly pulled it back down to hug it more closely.

“Well I guess mine is also quite cute.” She said, shaking her head in amusement as she sat down at her seat which was next to Wilhelmina. Having put her large dog plushie down and had a hand on top of its head. “So what are we watching?”

Wilhelmina simply nudged Esta so she could explain what they were going to watch.

“Oh Peacock picked a movie for us.” She clapped her hands joyfully, “He didn’t quite trust me for picking a movie for some reason.” She gave a small pout, picking up the remote. “It’s some romance movie that he funded, something about a man falling in love with the moon based on an anime series he watched.”

“Well I am not certain you’d pick a movie that would be safe to watch.” Wilhelmina teased the elven girl by giving her a small poke on her side.

Johanna just took a small bite of her dark chocolate as she thanked the gods that Jørgen did not allow her to pick the movie.

“It was one time and I didn’t know.” She gives a pout, taking a small bite of her chicken. She started the movie resting her head on the massive bat plushie.

Wilhelmina just chuckled and took a bite of the muffin that Jørgen had prepared for her as she watched the movie. Being bit more interested in the movie then Johanna who was not that interested in anime to begin with.

Esta watched the movie, the opening part having the moon rise over a lake while a boy sits and watches it. His hands opened towards the moon as if he was trying to give it a hug.

Esta took another small bite from her chicken. The animation itself was amazing, flawless brush work, quality voice acting and such. She nodded her head along to the opening theme song of the movie, loving every moment of it.

Johanna felt like she was about to fall asleep. She took a bite from her chocolate as she tried her best to resist the urge to not take out her phone. The movie wasn’t bad, it just… wasn’t the type of stuff she liked. Though seeing how much Esta and Wilhelmina liked the movie, Esta more so, she just had to bare with it and took a sip from her wine.

Esta and Wilhelmina gave a collective “awww” as the movie showed the boy making a birthday card and tied it to a balloon. Sending it up into the air at night during a full moon. “He’s so cute!” Esta said in an adorable tone of voice, clapping her hands.

“He is very cute!” Wilhelmina agreed in a motherly tone as she nodded her head. “Just the cutest! Don’t you agree, Johanna?”

“Oh, yeah of course it is all very adorable.” She said with a smile but very much lacking the same energy and genuinity as Esta’s and Wilhelmina’s.

Esta gave a clap of joy, “Ayay!” As the boy passed his high school exams, being now enrolled into a college.

“Ayay!” Wilhelmina clapped her hands together, smiling sweetly seeing it. Though not repeating as Esta was but still sounded excited.

‘What in the nine realms is an ayay?’ Johanna thought to herself giving a confused look towards the two before looking back at the movie.

“Johanna, you looked confused before, is something you are not understanding from the movie?” Esta asked in a polite tone, which was strange. Not that she was asking the bitch something but rather, she never turned her head or eyes to look at her. Only ever facing towards the movie.

Johanna could not help feeling slightly creeped out, still not sure how Esta noticed her looking but she just focused on the movie as she responded. “Oh I was just confused what Ayay meant!” Johanna said in a calm tone.

“Oh it’s an Akuan expression of excitement and happiness.” Wilhelmina said with a warm smile as she looked towards her. “You get eventually used to it, Olav had to when both me and our children started using it a lot.” The queen giggled at the memory of their children following Olav around saying ayay in unison.

“So did my brother and father.” Esta says with a smile. She was mostly lying, she only did it around her brother. Carl was less than pleased when she said that wonderful phrase often ending up being grounded for it. “If you’re living in Vakrestrender you have to get used to it, we Akuanists tend to say it quite a lot.” She takes another bite of her chicken.

“I understand…” Johanna said, raising an eyebrow at the two as she took a bite from her chocolate chip.

“You should say it as well!” Wilhelmina said in a sweet tone as she looked up at the taller woman. Looking at her with anticipation.

“…what?” The ex-prime minister looked at the queen like she had grown a second head.

“Ayay!” Esta said in a joyful tone, clapping her hands together. “Say Ayay!” Even if she hated this white hair homewrecker, saying ‘Ayay’ is actually quite enjoyable.

“Ayay!” Wilhelmina followed after to encourage Johanna to say it. Her white tail gently swayed side to side.

Johanna let out a small sigh and clapped her hands softly together. “Ay… ay?” She said with an awkward pause in between.

“No pause, all together. With much greater joy in it like this. Ayay!” Esta corrected the horrid dragonic woman, may the fire of the next world sallow her soul in tortuous pain forever.

Johanna’s cheeks could not help but have a slight hint of red in it as she looked away. “Ayay” She said in one word yet lacked enthusiasm that was needed.

Wilhelmina, who had taken up her phone to film it, spoke up. “No, no. Do it with more enthusiasm and joy!”

The ex-prime minister let out an audible sigh before speaking up against her pale cheeks being a bit more redder now. “Ayay!” Her tone, while far from the joy the other two have, was a stark improvement from before.

“There ya go! Jørgen would love that!” The queen said with a grin as she was quick to end the video and went to the text messages to send it.

Johanna’s eyes widened when she noticed the kemonomimi tapping away at something. “Wait, nonono.” She said as she tried to grab the phone but was too slow as the queen had already stood up from the sofa, being out of reach.

“Aaaand there it is sent!” Wilhelmina said, smirking down at the annoyed ex-politician.

Esta gave a giggle at the situation.

Jørgen’s phone rang half-way through a song, spending quite a bit of time drunk singing sea-shanties with Olav. He lazily shoved his hand into his short’s pocket. Lifting up to his face, resting his head next to Olav. Briefly saying, “Oh it is from your waifu.”

“D-Do you mean wife?” Olav asked, confused as he slurred his words yet still took another swing from his beer bottle. “You young folk have some weird slang!” He let out a small chuckle as he hicked.

“Wil-” He hick as well, burping soon after. "Wilhelmina.” He opened the text message, playing the video.

Olav looked over Jørgen’s shoulder to get a better view. “She-” He hicked once more. “She usually only sends me videos… well hopefully it is not the same type of video.”

“I have seen them.” He hicks, “Also you two need to learn how to end video calls.” He gives a shiver.

As the video played a clip of Johanna saying “Ayay” in different variations as she blushed causing Olav to let out a laugh.

Jørgen burst out laughing laughing as well, and yelling out “Ayay!” himself.

The king just gave the smaller jarl a clap on the back as he laughed before taking another sip of his beer bottle, finishing it and placing it next to dozens of others.

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(Readers discretion be advised, this post will include topics about troubling variety. Expect far darker tone)

Johanna could barely believe it herself but she genuinely had a lot of fun tonight. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had an ‘movie night’. The last time she did that was during high school when Eva forced her to spend some time with her and her friends. Though she did miss Jørgen who likely went to sleep at the yacht. Though with the amount of spelling mistakes the Jarl made during his texts to her, well she could easily guess why he was spending the night there. Even sent some photos which, well… Johanna might have saved it on her phone. After having finished brushing her long white hair she was dressed in her nightgown as she wast prepared to go to bed, that was until she heard the door of the bedroom open quietly.

Esta sneaked in, silently cursing at the door creaking open. Her footsteps were near completely silent, though one could smell the booze coming off of her and see the glint of her knife in her hand. After both talking with Olav and Jørgen, she still couldn’t just accept this bitch coming in and ruining her brothers’ relationship. She moved carefully, despite being nearly completely drunk after Wilhelmina’s 'encouragement’ to drink before she went to bed.

“You need something?” Johanna said in a completely cold and calm tone from the bathroom’s doorway. Raising an eyebrow at the elven woman in her bedroom as she crossed her arms.

She raised her knife to show it off, “Break up with him.” She said in a semi-drunkard tone but somewhat seriously. “Just take whatever money you wanted from him and leave, that is all you type of people ever wanted from him.” She starts walking forward to her.

“I think me and Jørgen make quite the pair.” Johanna said in a simple tone as she placed her brush on the bathroom counter before walking back to the doorway, giving Esta a cold icy look. “I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, that you’re just drunk and thinking unreasonably because of that. But please, what do you think Jørgen would feel when he comes back? You think he’d jump in happiness to see my corpse in his bedroom?”

“I can get rid of a body, I’ve done it before.” She slurs, “You’re just another gold digger, I have gotten rid of gold diggers before.” She gives a hick, “Another power hungry, money seeking bitch trying to ruin his relationship with Wilan.” She waves her knife around wildly.

“Well I am glad we have established that you were not deserving the benefit of the doubt.” Johanna said, still acting calm and cold as she walked into the bedroom having poured a glass of water for herself. “Try to act rational for once in your life, Esta.” The ex-politician took a sip from her glass. “This is not your dungeon in Lapiliszna. You don’t have dozens staff willing to ignore screams of torture and the smell of blood. You have none of that, you’re in Jørgen’s palace, surrounded by his staff and Olav’s NCIS agents.” She gave the elven royal a cold icy glare. “Do you really want Jørgen to visit you in a prison cell, crying his heart out demanding why his ‘little sister’ killed his girlfriend? You want Jørgen to find out all the torture you done?”

She thinks about it for a moment, still not fully convinced save the part about Jørgen visiting her. “You won’t always be surrounded by people, and I don’t need a knife. I can just poison you later and make it look like a heart attack you thieving witch.” She at least lowered her knife.

“Or you can not do that, and I won’t tell him about your torture chamber.” Johanna said, finishing her glass of water before leaning her back against a wall. “The NCIS has evidence of your actions, If that gets revealed… Well, do you really think Jørgen will call you his little sister anymore?”

She nervously bit her lip, thinking about it. “If they reveal it, you don’t have the backing of Norgsveltian intelligence now do you.” She raises up her knife again, not quite in a position to strike but more so she reconsidered it. “Olav would have shared it with him by now if they were going to.”

“Well I think Olav would be quite up to sharing it if you killed me.” Johanna was acting completely unfazed by Esta, almost looking bored as she placed the glass on her nightstand. “Afterall with all those tapes of you stalking him? Obsessing over him? I don’t think he’d let it slide if you killed me. After all, if you’re bold enough to do that, would he consider himself safe?”

“Olav doesn’t even lik-” She stopped refuting when she brought up the tapes. This white hair bitch was in her room. She could have seen all the others… More concerning tapes she has of Jørgen… Or of Wilan in that matter or any number of tapes far worse than just her simply stalking Olav. She gave a violent yell at her, speaking in Blåskovian and lashed out at her side of the bed. Stabbing the pillows, slashing the blankets, picking up her water glass and throwing it against the wall. She walked right up to her, giving her a look showing off her soulless purple eyes. “You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying!” She screamed into Johanna’s face with a furious tone.

Despite the elf’s anger Johanna did not flinch though she was quiet for a good few seconds before speaking up as her icy blue eyes looked into Esta’s soulless eyes. In a stoic voice she spoke. “Does ‘My vacation to Nyveldet’ ring any bells? You quietly stalk Olav while in some bushes? What do you think your big brother would think seeing you stalk him? With you whispering to yourself, commenting about Olav’s physique?”

She gave a scream into her face, slamming the knife next to Johanna’s head. Turning around and stormed out, knocking things over in her rage. At least she could seek comfort; it was not any of the truly ‘disturbed’ ones as her biological brothers put it. She slammed the door on her way out.

Johanna waited a few minutes to ensure that the elf who just threatened her was fully gone and wouldn’t just storm in any second to kill her. After having waited for what seemed like an eternity the ex-prime minister simply slumped down towards the floor leaning her head against the wall as she looked up at the knife that was still stuck in the wall. Breathing in and out rapidly as she felt her having a panic attack as she clutched her chest, “I I-” She said over and over again quietly to herself. She was absolutely terrified, she gave a look towards the bed. “I-If I-I had fallen asleep I-” She muttered to herself. She was not a very religious person but whatever beings helped her keep calm earlier she would pray too.

Connected to the upper arch of the bed frame, a small charm dropped onto Johanna’s head. Loosen up by Esta, rather furious slashes against Johanna’s side of the bed and the various destruction around the room. The charm dropped off of the frame, hitting on top of Johanna’s head. The charm being a small Akuan protection ward, with the symbol of Hækhimånoric, deity of war, Ny’Sænuri and most importantly of protection. The charm was placed on Jørgen’s bed frame by Wilhelmina after his family was murdered years ago and stayed there ever since until now of course. Johanna couldn’t help but let out a weak chuckle as she gently picked up the charm. “I guess it was effective after all.” She said holding it into herself as she once more tried to calm herself.

“I need to call someone to fix this…”

11th October, 2022
Ørnerede, Vakkerhavfruebukt, Vakrestrender

Ørnerede or Eagle’s Nest, was an overly pompous all-vegan restaurant. The building itself was designed to be a modern minimalist tower, with very little windows save on the top floor where the guests will actually be eating. Top chefs, top service staff and all the other assorted high-end, top-of-the-line things you would think a restaurant that caters to the extremely and disgustingly rich would have.

It also happens to be one of Jørgen’s favorite meeting spots for his prime minister. To be able to see all of the capital from high up in it. His father preferred a stuffy office, where Jørgen preferred a more open room approach. That being said, he still reserved a special table that is completely secluded from the rest of the guests but still had a great view of facing towards the sea.

“See, I told you, we are not overly dressed for this.” Jørgen nudged Johanna with his elbow, “It’s just a simple formality and check up.” He gave a warm tone.

“That is quite obvious.” Johanna said in a rather cold tone. The Jarl had made her wear another new expensive suit. Despite urging him to let her wear her old suit for this he was determined against it. Honestly made her a bit shocked how firm the elven royal could be in his attitude, despite his… reputation. “It is nice to be finally able to talk with new people at least.” She had not said anything to Jørgen about Esta’s actions over a week ago. She was hopeful that the Nystapi Elf would not threaten her again.

“Well, some new people.” He gave a small chuckle, opening up the elevator door and stepped forward first. It opened up to the hallway with a kemonomimi hostess, who saw the Jarl and gave a nod, unlocking a nearby room attached to the hallway. “I had a more direct route built to my table here. Usually I like going through the main restaurant but given the…” He gave a hand gesture, “Well you know, I figure it better to take the less traveled way for us.”

“Well Esta was… new to meet. Though I am glad to have you for myself again.” Johanna gave the elf a kiss on the cheek as she followed his lead. “I am shocked none of your fans have fallen down from the roof to get a picture of you.”

He gave a small laugh, “Oh, Esta did she get all mad and pouty with you? She’s more adorable than angry when she gets that mad.” He takes her by the hand through the hallway, opening the door on the end to show a large room with a circular table in the middle and four chairs around it. He pulled out a chair for Johanna to sit first, before he took his own seat next to her. “Well, I have Yuri to hold up the roof and scare them off.”

“Well, I have experience handling angry people so it wasn’t too much of a problem.” Johanna gave a fake smile as she slightly looked upwards towards him. Having been able to act stoic in front of Esta being able to act normal with Jørgen was no issue. Even if she questioned what in the nine Realms was adorable about Esta. At all. “It was nice meeting the Queen in a non-professional environment. It is nice to know she is as warm and loving as she is portrayed.”

Jørgen smiled at that, “She is a quite lovely woman, I’m glad both the Norgsveltian royal family PR and my own agencies can do her justice.” He relaxed into his chair, looking outside of the window. “You can see all of Valkyr mainland from up here.” He gave a small clap, and a man stepped in, placed three glasses at the table and filled them up with the Jarl’s favorite kind of wine from Novaris. The elven man raised an eyebrow at that but didn’t say anything.

“Dvalian red wine? Very fancy of you.” Johanna had a small teasing smile as she sat down at her seat, taking a sip from her glass. “Now you haven’t told me much about the politics of Vakrestrender. Not that we had that much time.” She let out a small sigh as she thought about how much time they spent with either Olav, Wilhelmina or Esta being constantly around them. “Anything I need to keep in mind about your prime minister? She hopefully isn’t a socialist.” She teased once more knowing full well that the Valkyr prime minister wasn’t. Though most Akuan Democratic policies would be considered socialist in her eyes.

“Politics? No thanks.” He gives her a smirk, sipping his wine. “When it comes with Mrs. Hove is quite capitalistic, Valkyr Akuan democracy and all that.” He tried to avoid the issue of politics for as long as he possibly can. “That being said, I’m surprised that her husband is not coming. He’s quite a lovely man, he manages a few of my golf courses in Vakrestrender.”

“You’re quite detached from politics aren’t you?” She raised an eyebrow at the Jarl. “I know it is not my place to meddle but a certain level of political literacy is needed with your position.” She gave him a small but genuine smile.

He gave a sign, “I know a little bit, but I always prefer to avoid it whenever I can. I’m not like my… Family. I prefer to be more of a ceremonial monarch than what they were.” He said with a slightly pained tone, taking a long drink from his wine glass.

The ex-prime minister placed her hand on Jørgen’s, giving it a tight squeeze. “I understand.” She said in a warm tone, something becoming awfully common when she was with the Jarl. “I look forward to meeting her, perhaps we can go golfing with her and her husband at some point.”

He gives a pained smile, “Ah, at last he perhaps is too busy. Such is life.” He tries to fake a strong tone before giving a better comforting tone. “However she is quite nice, despite her asking for permission to retire.” He sips his wine again.

Johanna raised an eyebrow at that. “She needs to ask permission?” She took a sip of her glass, curious what her boyfriend meant about that.

The door opened again, and stepped the Valkyr prime minister in all her height. Towering over the both of them easily. She gave a half body bow to Jørgen. “Your majesty.” She sat down across from him, giving Johanna a quick glance. Suppressing her shock and deep concern at her. “Mrs. Johanna, I’m… Pleased to see you again, though I must admit not so soon.”

“It has been awhile, Miss Hove.” The Norgsveltian ex-politician said standing up, giving a bow towards the Valkyr prime minister. “It is difficult to explain this in simple terms of why I am here, bu-”

The jarl interrupted, “Excuse me for my rudeness, but I would like to focus on the topic of the meeting. My apologies but I have a meeting scheduled with some new hires to my staff and I wouldn’t want to make a poor impression on them on their first day of work.” He says with a respectful but warm tone.

Johanna wanted to make a comment about Jørgen’s new secretary but she held her tongue. Instead simply nodded her head as she sat down.

The prime minister gave a nod, “I understand, I avoid taking up too much of your time your highness.” She takes out several files, “While everything is ship-shape, there are some festivals and diplomatic visits from a collection of countries I think will benefit from you being there. I would like to highlight Children’s day, a particular one, we’re planning to make it into the largest festival for the holiday on record. It benefits from a donation and the Jarl being there.”

The elven man gave a nod, “It will be so, have the donation request sent to my secretary.”

“You got a secretary? After all this time?” She was surprised, one that she couldn’t hide giving a look to Johanna. “Did she talk you into one?”

“I think that is mostly the result of the contribution from his majesty, Olav I.” Johanna said, taking a sip from her wine, acting quite calm about the matter. “The king has tried to convince him for a while.”

Hove just gave a shrug, “I’m quite surprised to say the least. I have the request sent soon.” The jarl’s phone began to ring before she could move onto the next piece of the meeting. He gave a quiet apology before stepping out of the room. Leaving the two women alone together.

“Hopefully your premiership hasn’t been too exciting recently?” Johanna raised an eyebrow at the prime minister in front of her. Calm professional tone one she used so many times before.

She gave a nod, “Not since the jet tiff, though I have a feeling you are going to be causing another issue.” She calmly speaks, sipping her wine. “What is your relationship with the Jarl, in your words.”

“Still do not understand why the UNAC made an issue of it, which seems like an unnecessary matter to bring up.” Johanna said, shaking her head before taking a sip from her glass before continuing further. “That will depend on how quiet you’re able to keep the matter.”

“It is my business to keep the royal family’s affairs in private. It is also my business to assure the royal family keeps their reputation clean.” She states in a calm tone, raising her glass to take another sip.

“He and I are dating.” Johanna said in a completely calm tone as she put down her wine glass. “Some very fine wine, is it not?”

“What reason is that?” Mrs. Hove placed down her own wine glass, giving a cold stare into Johanna’s eyes. “Before you joke, I’m not speaking of the wine.”

“I’m not going to act like I am purely innocent in my intentions.” The ex-politician let out a sigh as she thought for a moment the right words to say. “When I first met him my plan was to hopefully get some connections through him, make a name for me instead of laying on a beach the entire time. But…” She looked towards where Jørgen went, a small smile on her lips as she thought about him. “I guess waking up next to him changed me…” She took a sip from her wine as she looked towards Hove with a serious look acting fully calm. “Nothing more than that, how is your husband?”

“He is fine, I wanted to have a private meeting with the Jarl so I asked him to stay at home.” She sipped her wine, “How close are you to the Jarl? Do you have his ear as well as his heart?” She was, of course, incredibly suspicious toward the woman across from her for clear reason.

“I’d say so, we haven’t been apart from each other from the moment we met.” She let out a sigh realizing this will likely be a long discussion. “I understand your reservations and that you might be afraid I will try to use him for political gain. I promise to not meddle in politics when clear I am not needed.”

“I don’t think you understand, Bjørn are Vakrestrender. What happens to them, happens to all of Vakrestrender. They are the country, as such a woman with your criminal record affects all of the country. It could damage our profit margins.” The woman sipped her wine, “Of course that can be fixed, as all things can but I have a simple request for you. Convince him to let me retire.”

Johanna was quiet for a small moment taking a sip from her wine before she spoke. “So, what you are effectively telling me that Vakrestrender only runs the way it does is because of Jørgen, that no matter what government we are talking about the true power lies in him?”

Mrs. Hove sipped her wine, “The Bjørn are Vakrestrender.”

“Well, that is certainly… non-typical for Akuan nations.”

“We’re a Valkyr Akuan democracy.”

“Right… What is the reason Jørgen has not allowed you to retire?” Johanna raised an eyebrow at Mrs. Hove.

She gave a sign, “He doesn’t want to have to deal with another prime minister I believe. Being a prime minister in Vakrestrender requires a… Closeness to the Jarl, among other things. Not to mention his disdain for dealing with politics in general which his family… Well you understand.”

The ex-politician slowly nodded her head. “Hopefully you have someone in mind to replace you then? It certainly makes it easier to convince Jørgen.” She took a sip from her wine glass.

“I placed forward several replacements, even going so far to try to encourage a relationship between the two but he still refuses to let me retire.” She says, “I’m hundred and nine years old, I want to relax and enjoy the rest of my days. Not to mention keep my pension.” She gives a small chuckle, then thinks for a moment. “You don’t know Valkyr politics very well do you?”

“No and I haven’t exactly gotten the best insight on it from Jørgen.” Johanna let out a quiet chuckle of her own. “I’d love to learn more about it, especially with the information I now have that the Jarl wields such amount of power over Vakrestrender.”

“He want to be a ceremonial monarch when it is quite impossible for him to be so. Not when he owns all of Vakrestrender, both economically, diplomatically and politically. That being said, the Bjørn are always quiet about it, keeping the veil on and such.” She finishes her glass, “I’m not surprised his majesty said nothing about it, I knew his parents and brothers very well. He always was.” She gives a hand gesture, “Well, not involved in the family business, if you understand.”

“Understandable, I’ll try my best to convince him. Is there anything else I should know?” Johanna raised an eyebrow at the prime minister. Keeping note in her mind to try to get her boyfriend more directly involved in political affairs.

She thinks for a moment, then gives a cold stare at the former prime minister. “If you wish to take my job, which I know is running through your head right now. First thing you need to do is to convert to Akuanism, donate your bribe money away, his majesty will just give you that money back anyway. Second is to go on a rehabilitation tour, to show that you have changed. Third is to keep close to the Jarl, he refuses to be in politics but just by you being around him is enough for the people to understand who to vote for.”

Small teasing smile formed on Johanna’s lips. “What makes you so certain I was thinking about taking your job?” She said, taking a small sip from her wine, before giving a more genuine smile. “I will keep it in mind, thank you. Perhaps you will see me soon at one of your party’s rallies.”

“It’s Family and Tradition, to be clear.” She gave a small smile, “I know you had the same drive I once did for political power. Just remember, Vakrestrender is different from Norgsveldet. Remember to Ayay once in a while.” She rested her arms on the table, “Besides, you haven’t even seen the pension nor the unofficial salary for the job.” She gives a smirk.

“Well I don’t think you have to convince me more than just saying that.” The ex-prime minister held up her glass for a toast. “For the Bjørns, for Vakrestrender.”

She gave a small chuckle, “They rule alone.” She clicks her glass against hers. Then placing the wine glass down, writing down something on a napkin, passing it over to Johanna. “I think you understand why this position is… Special.”

Johanna picked up the napkin giving it a quick look, her eyes widened for a quick moment before she looked back at the Valkyr. “Certainly far more than I earned as prime minister.” She said, shaking her head.

“It’s far more than anyone on Urth is usually paid.” She gave a smile, as the Jarl entered back into the room.

The white haired couple entered the Jarl’s castle having just finished their dinner meeting with the Valkyr prime minister. Johanna placed her hand on the Jarl’s cheek carrasing it as she looked up into his eyes. “Just wanted to let you know that the night is not over yet~” She said with a small smirk on her face as she gave the elf a small kiss on the cheek, though close to his lips. “Bring a wine bottle to the bedroom, I’ll be waiting for you~” She gave his nose a small poke as he walked up the stairs with subtle sway as she did so.

Jørgen gave a smile, “I have your favorite bottle prepared for us~” He was still quite flushed, his cheek burning red. Stepping away from her and personally going down to his wine cellar to retrieve it. Leaving Johanna for a moment.

The ex-prime minister let out a small sigh as she had a moment to gather her thoughts. As she entered the Jarl’s bedroom, she sat down on a chair facing the door. As she waited for the young elf who was not just stupidly rich but also full political control.

After a few moments, he returned with a tray with wine glasses and the bottle on it. He already took off his tie, and was already working on his shirt’s buttons when he spoke up. “Well Johanna~” He stopped his teasing sentence when saw her still wearing her new suit. In which his smile fainted away, placing the tray down and pouring them a glass.”Something wrong?”

“I have just a few questions for you.” She said in a kind yet professional manner as she grabbed her glass. “Specifically about you not being completely honest about Valkyr politics.” She crossed her legs with her other hand being gently placed on her knee. "Specifically, how all of it is centered around you.”

He picks up his glass, taking a sip of it before sitting down at the bed. “Well, you never asked me about my involvement in Valkyr politics.” He responded honestly, “Besides, I try not to involve myself more than I have too.”

“That is fair I suppose, still a few times you talked about it you did state you saw yourself as a more ceremonial monarch. But that’s far from the truth.” Johanna took a sip from her glass before placing it gently on the wooden table made from the tropical trees in Tangrland. “As such I think I am at least need to know some of what your policies are. Especially if we ever want to let the public know about us, it be best we speak of same mind.”

He awkwardly scratched the back of his head, “I don’t have policies, best I do is keep the plans in motion my family had set out already. Never had the time to think of policies of my own out, so I just keep doing theirs.” He takes a longer sip from his wine glass.

“Do you want help to form your own?” She sympathetically looked towards him, a small warm smile on her lips. “At some point you will need to form your own path in rulership and I want to help you If I can.”

He takes a longer sip of his wine, “No, I know what my family planned for the country. I will carry them out.” He refills his wine glass, “They was quite the architects when it came to things you know, always had a plan or guide on how to handle things.” He gave a small chuckle, “You know my dad had a fully written out plan for what would happen if I turned out asexual? He started mapping out my life when I was just knee high.”

“Well I doubt he could have foreseen this.” Johanna’s warm smile smelted away her typical cold exterior. “Is it why you have not allowed Mrs. Hove to retire as prime minister?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

He gave a shrug, feeling uncomfortable in this whole situation. Taking another drink of his glass, “Well, according to the plan it’s supposed to be another dependence aligned prime minister. As well continued until Olav’s death where we would reconsider our alignment. I just haven’t found a prime minister I trusted enough for it.” He finishes his glass and goes to pour more into it.

Johanna grabs her glass taking a sip from it before placing it on the table as she stands up. She walked over to Jørgen resting her arms at his shoulders as she spoke. “Perhaps you haven’t looked far enough?” Her hands caressed his chest. “Whenever you need someone to help you, someone to lean on. I will always be there for you.” She kissed his cheek as she rested her head against his shoulder.

He poured his wine into his glass. “I thought about you, its just…” He trails off, “Your recently history, and brand doesn’t fit the criteria.” The wine bottle was third empty.

“Well brands change all the time, all I need is help making that reality sweetie.” She gave the back of his neck a kiss, before whispering. “I think we can make a great team, but I will need your help. You might be rewarded if you do~”

“You have to change your public personality, that’s not an easy task.” He drink again from his glass, “Not to mention that issues it would cause with Norgsveldet proper. Olav has a disdain for you, and you have history with the Norgsveltian politicians. They’re going to be looking at you with a fine tooth comb, and in affect Vakrestrender.” He leans his head on her.

Johanna grabs the elf’s glass, taking a sip from it before putting it down on the table. She walked in front of Jørgen as she sat down on his lap. “I am quite willing to go far in my changes, I am quite ambitious.” She leans her back towards him, giving the Jarl a kiss on the cheek once more. “I am not talking about something that will happen immediately, I doubt Mrs. Hove would expect that. We’re talking years sweetheart, I think you owe it to her to at least set things in motion to make her be able to retire.”

He gave a sigh, seeing his glass be taken away. Resting his head on her shoulders and wrapping his arms around her. “I-I have to think about it…”

“That is all I ask.” She scratched his hair in a caring almost motherly manner as she wrapped her own arms around him. “We could go to that shrine tomorrow that you wanted me to visit. If you want that, smiles?”

He thinks for a moment, “I would like that, though I have to make some calls when I get up tomorrow.” He gives her a tight hug, “Can you give me my wine back? I think I need another drink.”

“I know something better than wine that you could have~” She said gently, grabbing his chin in one hand looking down at him, with the other unbuttoning her dress shirt.

He gave a smile, working on unbuttoning his own. “Oyoyoy~” He teased.

‘I swear, Akuanists makes the weirdest expressions.’ The ex-prime minister thought to herself as she gave the much younger elf a passionate kiss.

Next day

The Grand Shrine of Pzæffin was unlike most shrines, and even further different than any Grand Shrine. Which is not saying much honestly, given how different Grand Shrines are. It looked as if it was designed by some Neo-Fanton architect firm, taking liberal use of neon-lights, holograms and projectors. Most importantly it didn’t use ‘natural’ materials rather being made out of glass, steel and concrete. In the shape of an old fashioned merchant vessel, like the one his great-grand dad used to sail to get to Vakrestrender.

It was in prime location, right by the beach, a 20 minute bus ride from the airport, 30 minute bus ride from the shipping yards and about 15 minutes away from vast skyscrapers that made up the media corner. Jørgen used to love going here, but now he felt very strange and quite awkward. Giving a look over to Johanna before changing the way he is facing back towards the outside of the window of his armored car.

“Must say. The shrine is not like those that I’ve read about.” She said looking out the window. She was wearing one of Jørgen’s designed suits, with a winter motif for its design. As light blue snow crystals were decorative symbols on her black tie. Could not be more fitting for the Jarl’s nickname of hers. “How do most Akuanists feel about the lack of natural materials?”

He looked back, giving a soft smile to hide away his concern. “Well it is a bit strange, but it is a form of how we honor Pzæffin. They wanted us to push forward to new trade routes and understanding of their coins movement around the world. Using the strange materials, is how we in Valkyr express it without having to express without doing the deeds ourselves. Most Non-Valkyr Akuanists however tend to be a bit more traditional in their view.” He pulled at the collar of his button up shirt, “That being said, would you mind if I asked you a personal question?”

“Ask away.” She placed her full attention on the Jarl, being curious of what he would ask.

“You’re not… biological sisters with Jeanne Pierre are you?” It wasn’t the question he actually wanted to ask but recently he watched this very interesting three hour long video on the interest getting into the conspiracy. He just had to ask about it.

“What?” Her cold professional demeanor fell with her face being rather replaced with confusion as she raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well got into this rabbit hole of videos going into this theory that you two are related. Not to mention the anime series that is semi-related to the theory.” He confesses, “Your father has Duval syndrome, white hair, different but similar personalities, and you two do look alike quite a bit.”

Johanna let out a small giggle hearing that, shaking her head a little bit in amusement. “Oh that little conspiracy.” She said with still some chuckles leaving her. “No, she and I are not related. Even if she and I look somewhat similar.”

“Okay, but according to all my repo-” He stopped himself, best not to let her know he hired a private investigator firm to look into her and her family after their first night together. “According to almost every newspost, interview and stuff. You two are close friends right?”

“We are, she and I interacted a lot. Even outside of work we interacted and met.” The ex-prime minister said with a small smile on her lips as she thought about all the times the two had fun at events together. She took out her phone and opened the gallery showing the Jarl a picture of Jeanne teaching her to shoot with an assault rifle. The Côtoise prime minister helped her with the posture when that specific photo was taken. “She taught me how to shoot a gun. Just scroll through, it’s an album of all the stuff me and her did together before, well, the scandal.”

He took a hold of the phone, leaning on Johanna to scroll through the photos. Looking for any ‘sisterly’ activities whatever that means. Coming across various photos involving firearms, a lot of firearms which did make him a little uncomfortable to say the least. He swiped to a different picture, a very interesting picture that he stopped to… inspect. Of Johanna, Jeanne and Jeanne’s wife Aurélia in swimsuits. “Oyoyoy.” He quietly said.

“Oh hush, she and I went swimming a lot. According to Aurélia, Jeanne was big into swimming when she went to school so both she and I had passion for it.” Johanna rolled her eyes at the elf’s expression, poking his side as a playful warning. “I was the better swimmer, so I gave her some tips in that field.”

“How interesting.” He teased, playing with fire. Taking another swipe to a photo that he looked at for a good long while before swiping very quickly again. Refusing to look at Johanna after seeing it. “Hey look, this one is you two riding horses.” Trying to avoid the topic of the last photo and how long he looked at it.

“I know what you looked at.” She said in a calm tone, though her cheeks were slightly flushed. She thought she deleted the Hel’s Day photo. “Jeanne was raised on a farm, so she wanted to show me some of the stuff she had to learn.”

Before his intelligence could catch up with him he asked a very dumb question. “Can I have a copy of that photo?” Then quickly recovered, “Oh, I mean um, this horse riding photo is just very nice… so nice. Umm, did you show her any of the stuff you like? Are you two still friends?”

Johanna let out a sigh as she took the phone back from his hands as she quickly went to the text messages she had with Jørgen. “I will kill you if anybody else finds out.” She said, giving a cold glare towards Jørgen, with his phone lighting up as she gave her phone back to him. “There are some pictures of me teaching her fencing.”

He was scared, but damn he was so happy with the photo. Giving a stupid smile and kissing Johanna while she looked like she was going to murder him. “Seriously, both you and Jeanne both have really similar looks.” He gave a chuckle.

“You better be talking about hair styles…” She muttered under her breath with her cheeks becoming a bit more red again.

“Hey, hey I mean like your ice and she’s hot. I mean not like hot as in attractive but like warm and fiery.” He replied defensively, rather quickly as well. Giving a brief look through the one-way glass to his driver, Yuri with a moderately concerned look.

“Very smooth.” Johanna said sarcastically but she let out a small chuckle shaking her head in amusement. “But yes that is often how her and my relationship was called. I remember one news article calling us the elemental ladies instead of the iron ladies that Jeanne wanted us to be known as.”

He gave a curious look, “Really? In Valkyr media it you two was always referred to as the Two Sisters. One of my companies even got sent a complaint before by the Federation government about calling Jeanne by her nickname before.”

“Ah, so the conspiracy is very popular here then?” She said, raising an eyebrow at the Jarl. She knew that there were a surprising number of people who actually believed it but she didn’t think it was that big.

“That and well, her nickname in the Federation made its way to our humble isles. So Big Sister Pierre and then because you two has so close…” He stopped himself, hoping she already knew her own nickname on Vakrestrender. “Well you know your nickname here.”

“I don’t actually, I was called by just my name when I was on official visits here.” She said, giving a confused look towards the Jarl.

“Well, you were called Bigger Sister Sverdrup.” He scratched the back of his head, “I suppose we did alway say that in Nys’tat’en. So I can’t blame you for not knowing it.”

Johanna let out another chuckle, having to muffle her laughter with her hand to stop. “My, I never knew it was that popular over here.” She could not help but let out a few more giggles. “What caused the popularity of it?”

“Mostly an anime, ‘The time me and my sister were reincarnated into a different world and became leaders of two powerful countries!’ It is still on going as well, I think it is in the fifth season right now.” He gives a small laugh, he personally approved of funding that anime way back when. “If you wish, we can watch it when we get back home.”

“Five seasons? The conspiracy only was made in 2018.” She was very confused on how such anime could become so popular.

“Filler and fan service episodes to pad out the seasons.” He said in a quiet voice, scratching the back of his neck.

“Please say they at least didn’t just copy our looks.” She said in a more cold tone though there was a joking glint in her eyes.

“Have I ever told you how absolutely beautiful you look?” He gives her a charming smile hoping that will be enough to get out of this.

“You approved it, didn’t you?”

“I love you.”

The elven jarl stepped out of the car, holding his hand out for his girlfriend to help her out of the car. When he told Yuri that he was heading to the Grand Shrine, the NCIS had the shrine cleared out by everyone but the most essential staff which means only the shrine maidens and the brewmaster themself. All of which had to be searched beforehand. It wasn’t always like this, he used to just visit the shrine with minimum notice beforehand. After the terrorist attack, everywhere he goes requires several dozen NCIS agents combing the area beforehand, and at least eight agents around him at all times.

He looked around, tall barriers around the entrance to prevent people from looking in at him but he could hear the crowd. He always could hear the crowd. “Welcome to the Grand Shrine, Johanna.” He gave a soft tone of voice keeping his head low in this most holy of places. “We change when we get inside.”

She gave a simple nod at that, keeping herself quiet as she took a moment to admire the shrine. She had to admit, all the agents near them did put her a little bit on edge. Even when she was a prime minister she did not have this large amount of security around her.

He gave a pat on her back, whispering quietly while looking ahead towards the entrance gate of the shrine. “Sorry about all the security, but it used to be far worse. Olav used to have a platoon of royal guards around me even when I was home.” He kissed her cheek, taking her by the hand.

“I remember that. After the attack he told me during a meeting about sending more security over here. I did not oppose him in it but I was surprised he was willing to lower his own security for it.” She whispered back keeping a professional attitude over it all, though she gave the Jarl’s hand a squeeze.

Leading her into the entrance building, after lowering his body to give a bow as they walked under the shrine’s gate. “I didn’t know what a Lews person was before that, but I sure do now. They barely let me be alone for longer than a few minutes.” He shaked his head softly, “Every now and then, Mrs. Hove and Olav try to get me to establish a royal guard here.”

Johanna gave a bow as well following Jørgen’s directions. “Is there any reason you don’t?” She asked, keeping her voice, still holding his hand firmly.

A large NCIS agent opened the door to the main office building. Several more are inside of the building itself. “We are a proper Akuan country, of course there are disagreements theologically but we wish to have a military. A royal guard is just the first step towards that. At least for the general public.”

“Should I question the fact you called Vakrestrender a country?” She joked in her rather flat and quiet tone but had a teasing smirk as she gave a gentle nudge towards the elf’s side. “Not sure how having a royal guard would be any different then having all these agents around.”

“Please don’t.” He quietly joked back, heading towards changing rooms. Handing Johanna a special robe dyed in gray with a red ribbon with blue edging. “They’re police, the royal guard is military.” He went into his small room to change.

Johanna could not help but feel like the line placed was arbitrary, especially knowing quite well on how deadly the NCIS can be. She glanced towards one of the agents before entering her own small room with her robe. The agents around Jørgen were arguably more trained than the average royal guard. After having shifted to her robes once more stepped out to where her little elf was waiting for her.

He gave a warm smile, whispering “Besides, I don’t even know where to start with it. I guess that be Mrs. Hove’s issue.” Giving a shrug, lowering over to correct her ribbon’s position. “Our outfits will be here, make sure to grab three coins on our way out but don’t look at them.”

Johanna nodded her head as she once more followed the Jarl’s lead. “I won’t try to convince you but I do not fully understand your thinking.” She said following him keeping voice and head low out of respect. “Royal Guards in most nations are arguably just a well dressed security force then an actual military. Even if the Norgsveltian one is a bit… special.”

“I thought they would be from Norgsveldet not… Well you know.” He gave a shrug, collected three coins himself, two in the left and one in the right. As they left the main building they walked down towards the path, despite the strangeness of this shrine. They still kept trees and flower gardens. Walking towards a small fountain, he placed the first coin into it and then used a cup to wash his mouth. Spitting it out into a nearby drain.

She followed suit collecting three coins for herself, two in her left and one in the right just like the elf. Johanna couldn’t help but smile a little bit over how… calm it all felt. A sense of quiet tranquility. Following Jørgen towards the fountain she placed a coin beside Jørgen’s before spitting water into the same drain after having washed her mouth. “You should probably explain the spiritual significance of this all.” Johanna said in a quiet tone behind him.

“Two coins on your left is for Pzæffin, thanks for their watchful eye and wisdom in practice of business. Right is payment for allowing them to cleanse you.” He gives a soft tone, barely heard over the sounds of the nearby ocean crashing against the cove the shrine was built in. “Pzæffin is different from other spirits, they are less forgiving and require their due. The coins are for that. They are also much more selfish than other spirits, so don’t think or mention any other names of spirits.” He gave a nod towards, a small forest in laced with small neon lights giving the look of wondering nature spirits.

“Understood, is Pzæffin main one prayed to in Vakrestrender?” Johanna whispered as she followed the Jarl giving a curious look towards the neon spirits.

The neon spirits flickered all around the dark forestry, dancing around the sunlight coming in from the window. “They are the ones we give thanks to the most here, primarily after the 1940s during the Valkyr miracle.” He said in a low voice, approaching a small wall up on it and a series of small sheets on it. “We make our prayers here, write them on the paper.” He thinks for a moment, “It has to be in Nys’tat’en, I will help you with it.”

“Write on my end about hopes for further prosperity and wealth for the Bjørn Family.” She gave the Jarl’s hand a squeeze before letting it go so he could write. “It does fit Vakrestrender quite well.”

He gives a smile to her, quickly writing down on the paper. Then writing on his own sheet. He reaches to the top of the small wall, taking out a small knife and several cleaning wipes. Giving it a few good clean swipes, then poking his thumb on it. Placing his blood print on to his sheet, cleaning the knife to hand it over to Johanna. “This is only done at Pzæffin’s shrines, they require their due.” He places his sheet on the wall, pinning it with a small push-pen.

Johanna nodded her head as she poked her own thumb with no hesitation nor with any flinching before placing her own blood print on her sheet then pinning it against the wall as well. She cleaned the knife then looked up to Jørgen for the next instruction.

He gives a warm smile, grabbing one of the bandaids out of the box on the wall handing it to her. “Now we just give them their pay, it’s in front of the Husavann. We place our coins into the pot and we can go. Unless you want to stay here and enjoy the quiet.” He starts guiding her to cove part of the shrine. Where the water crashes against two buildings standing on stone pillars. The further back building has a large flag in tatters attached to it on the pillar.

Johanna, having nodded along with the Jarl’s instructions, put her two coins into the pot before sitting down on a bench. Letting out a small sigh. Not out of annoyance or tiredness but almost more of relief as she sat there in quiet. Closing her eyes as she let a larger feeling of calm come over her. She felt at peace. Feeling the nerves leave her body. Her encounter with Esta still shook her up, even a week afterwards she still remembers it so clearly. That anger, that rage, she was not sure what was able to make her act calm at that moment. But knowing some reports about Esta… Whatever it was, likely made things far better than in the case if she faltered.

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19th October, 2022
Bjørn Castle, Vakkerhavfruebukt, Vakrestrender

Johanna let out a large yawn and stretched her arms out, well only one arm was stretching out. The other was being held down by a still sleeping Jørgen. With the Jarl cuddling into her all the while holding her arm close. She couldn’t help but smile seeing it, especially with how adorable he looked when sleeping. His warmth made her almost want to go back to sleep, though that thought process was broken by her phone lighting up on her night desk. Not wanting to disturb her handsome boyfriend she tried her best to reach out with her non-occupied arm. Stretching it out as much she could be only just able to reach it, though almost dropped it when she picked it up. Opening up the phone she noticed she got a text from Eve. With it just saying: “Could we meet up tomorrow?”

She let out a sigh, she had broken the news about her relationship with Jørgen a few days later after the party. To say that the two sisters haven’t been in much speaking terms since then would be an understatement. She tried to apologize but well, there is only so much words can get you.

“I wish we never were sisters…”

Even though it wasn’t too long since the two were laughing and joking among themselves, less than a month. It has changed a lot since then. Though if her little sister wanted to meet her… then at least must be a good sign? She nervously typed back.

“Sure, any place in particular?”

“Ny’San’s Morning Bakery.”

The suggestion made Johanna smile, a small one but one filmed with warmth as she looked at the text.

“Of course, you always had a major sweet tooth.”

“Hush ~w~.”

Johanna giggled at that, she remembered how they wrote texts in just this way. Her teasing her little sister, to embarrass her in any way she could.

“I’d love to meet you there, I miss you.”

She looked at her screen for a good few minutes, her smile slowly disappearing as she didn’t get another message. Not that she was that surprised but she still felt a bit sad. It does make sense that Eve doesn’t miss her after what she did. She let out a small groan, being about to close the phone and go back to sleep before hearing the notification sound again.

“Thank you… And I miss you too.”

Johanna smiled immediately, brightened, filled with joy as she let out a sigh of relief. She put her phone back on the desk before closing her eyes as she turned to her side to hug her boyfriend tightly. Her generally cold touch being bit warm.

Jørgen’s phone starts to buzz with activity, giving a silky smooth alarm to alert him. Giving a muffled annoyance sound, he withdrew from Johanna’s arm. Reaching over to pick up his phone, the blinding blue light covering his face. “Ah… spirits help me.” He was quick to get out of the comfortable bed, going towards the door to his walk-in closet.

“Just as I was about to cuddle up against you….” Johanna muttered out annoyed as looked up at the Jarl who was now standing in the doorway, her nude form being covered by the blanket that she pulled up to her.

“Sorry Icy, she gets… very angry when I am late. Even more so when I organized the meeting in the first place.” He quickly moved into his closet, finding a suitable outfit. Something far, far more modest than his normal outfits. “Ah, spirits, I won’t have time to visit my hair dressers. Spirits take me.”

“Who is it, Hove?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at the Jarl.

“Spirits I wished, no it’s Jeanne Pierre.” He spoke in an echo from his walk-in closet. Coming out in a very boring looking suit. “She, like every other FPM the Federation ever had, despises Vakrestrender and my family personally. Her, even more so. You think I should wear the red or the blue tie? I don’t want to appear copying her but I also don’t want to appear like I’m picking the opposite of her." He holds up two simple, plain covered ties up for Johanna to see.

She just chuckled quietly at that. “Yeah… I remember that quite well with Jeanne.” The ex-prime minister had a stoic face but the tone of her voice showed the somberness behind it. “Blue fits you more.” She gave him a reassuring smile.

He quickly puts on the plain blue tie, tossing the red tie onto the bed. “Probably even more upset, when she discovered Mrs. Hove isn’t going to be there.” He gives a weak smile over to Johanna, “You know they are about that kind of thing.”

“Trust me I do. She might have rant about you a few times when she and I interacted with each other.” She said, shaking her head in amusement about the times Pierre went on half an hour rants about the ‘degradation’ of Akuan culture for ‘capitalistic’ interests in Vakrestrender. Johanna laid her head down on the incredibly soft pillows behind her. “My advice is to be professional, act confident but not cocky, be direct so no small talk, no misdirecting and act humble. If you want an example on how to act, King Olav might be the best one you could copy. She has respect for him despite her complaints about… some of his children.”

He gave a soft smile, “You know Olav said the same thing. Though it is a small problem with that, I already misdirected her that the Prime Minister was going to be there.” He gives weak thumbs up, “I was going to have Mrs. Hove there but Mr. Hove had a surgery for his liver and I don’t want to distract her with a minor bit of… Crown Realm stuff.”

“Well… I guess I might as well start ordering a casket.” Johanna said a small teasing voice as she gave the Jarl a tiny smirk. “Now go, before your lateness puts her on a rampage to destroy Vakrestrender.”

He thinks for a moment, “Wanna come? If there is a witness she won’t hurl a plate at me.” He gives a moderately concerned look, “It is… Sort of about you, after all.”

“Trust me If I’m there it will be even worse for you…” She said, shaking her head and looked up towards the roof to think. “And you know just as well as I that our relationship is still a secret for most, If I’m there what do you think Jeanne will start imagining?”

“Well… She already knows. Norgsveldet and the Federation share information that might disrupt the Crown Realm. Which, does unfortunately include well, this.” He already picked out her suit, something far less flashy than normal but still formal.

Johanna let out a tired sigh as she sat up. “Alright if that is how it is.” She removed the blanket from her and walked up next to the Jarl to get dressed. “You were planning this, weren’t you?”

“Well, I wasn’t planning on being late.” He smiles at her warmly. Getting his phone off the charger and started texting to his driver to have the car ready, however as he started to send off the first message. His face turned sour, “Ah… Spirits…”

“Well your treat to me tonight has to be good to make this worth it.” Johanna said in an attempting teasing and seductive tone but her tired voice made it sound far more annoyed than anything else. “Jeanne?” She raised an eyebrow at her boyfriend.

“I will spoil you, don’t worry about it.” He gave a quick peck on the cheek to her, placing his phone back into his pocket. “Well, she is here and… She didn’t bring her wife as requested, so that’s not good… She’s running late but she won’t be at breakfast.” He silently cursed under his breath, he hoped she would keep Jeanne from cracking his skull open.

Johanna let out a tired sigh as she went silent for a moment.

“You better spoil me a lot tonight.”

“I will break out my checkbook.” He says in his own tired tone.

The two Valkyr arrived at the breakfast, hosted outside in the garden with several eyewitnesses around. Jeanne Pierre, the FPM and staunch socialist already sitting down, giving them both a ‘polite’ scowl. As polite as one could be, she was in a great mood in spite of everything. She took a long sip of her coffee, staring holes into them.

“Ah, Madam Pierre, excuse our tartiness.” The Jarl gave a half-body bow, pulling out the chair for Johanna to sit in before sitting next to her. Sitting directly across from the angry looking human.

“Yes, I will certainly apologize for mine, Jørgen did not tell me beforehand.” Johanna said, sitting down taking a sip from her coffee cup giving a slightly annoyed look towards Jørgen before placing attention on her old friend. Giving her a full serious and professional look.

The jarl gave a weak smile, taking a sip of the juice prepared. “In addition to that, I must apologize again, Mrs. Hove will not be joining us.” He braced himself for whatever happens next. Giving a quick glance over to Yuri disguised as bushes in incase the two would need a quick exit.

Jeanne raised an eyebrow, “First late, now you admit to lying?” She spoke in her usual, upset tone but didn’t show much emotion. Only taking a small bite of her hashbrowns, “I already knew Mrs. Hove wasn’t joining us. I called her office and learned she was with her husband for his surgery.”

“Ah.” Jørgen scratched the back of his head.

Jeanne looks over at Johanna, staring at her. “World is quite strange is it not?”

“I do not think it was ever normal to begin with.” Johanna kept a calm and stoic demeanor as she looked back at Pierre. It was an odd feeling seeing her old friend again.

Jeanne kept a stiff upright position, taking another bite from her food and sipping her coffee. Unknown to the two Valkyrs, Pierre had a small polite discussion with Olav about the developing situation here. To which, she made it a point that if Johanna tried to gather political power or become the prime minister. Vakrestrender would face serious repercussions, that of course was depending on a few factors. “Now, I understand you explained to his majesty about the nature of your relationship. However, I hold some concerns over the instability it will cause in the Crown Realm by having you be connected to a criminal. There has been enough instability recently, and having a criminal and a human being connected to a…” She bit her tongue, forcing the words out of her mouth. “Important figure in the Akuan community and the Crown Realm as a whole. Would be deeply troubling.” She directed her look straight towards Johanna.

“I think people can learn to ignore the human part seeing how his majesty King Olav also married a member of a different species and religion it is hardly fair to place such expectations on Jørgen.” She stated keeping eye contact with Jeanne, acting calm despite the situation. She took a sip from her coffee before continuing on. “Obviously I’m not stating this in any way similar to the King’s and Queen’s marriage, but more that we should not let old traditions keep us back in this.”

The jarl decided wisely to keep his mouth shut and let his girlfriend speak to Pierre.

“The royal family of Norgsveldet, has dated different species throughout its history. The Jarls of Vakrestrender have not. Second, despite the… Vakrestrender unique form of Akuanism, the royal family of Vakrestrender, have important position within the faith and more importantly within the faith in the Norgsveltian speaking world and crown realm. Tying it to a non-believer, whose party in the past has made attempts to remove Akuan District privileges. As well as being a criminal who escaped justice.” Jeanne tried her best to keep calm and not release the full volley of what she thought. She did promise his majesty to stay calm in this endeavor and more importantly promised her wife as well.

“The Norgsveltian Royal Family only really dated one specific species before Wilhelmina, that being elves. In which part long history in Norgsveltian history to keep elven aristocracy up high, often for colonial reasons as well. His Majesty broke centuries of tradition in Norgsveldet, all because he wanted to marry who he loved.” Johanna took a small bite of her sandwich letting her words stay in the air for a moment before continuing on. “It is written specifically in the Norgsveltian Constitution that the Norgsveltian monarch and its children must marry a member of the Ulvriktru faith. King Olav knew that perfectly well when he decided to go out with Wilhelmina, he went against constitutional law.” She took a sip of her coffee cup finishing what was left before pouring herself a new cup, acting still calm about this. “On your second point Olav was arguably exactly the same if not far more among the Ulvriktru faith. He is the Fylkir of Gustafistic Ulvriktru, the largest branch in Ulvriktru with over 220 million followers worldwide. His actions when he was Crown Prince had a massive instability factor, it took several forces for everything to work. I’m not here to downplay my actions, nor to act that my relationship with my boyfriend does not pose any risks. But on this front, the differences between Olav’s and Jørgen’s positions are not as radical as you might first think they are.”

“Several issues with that, first of all King Olav didn’t marry a criminal who took money as a bribe to be neutral in a war that ended in slaughter of innocents. Second off, Wilhelmina converted to the faith at least publicly, despite how friendly and open Akuanists are. We… They can sniff out a fraud, even more so one that held the nickname ‘Warhanna.’ Which war tends to be frowned upon by Akuanists. Another is the Akuan Conference coming up soon, and your relationship is giving ammo to every other group. Ulvriktru, and Akuanism are far different, and the legacy of the two faith interactions is known.” Jeanne finished her coffee, narrowing her eyes at Johanna. It was unheard off, for Jeanne to ever be so candid about her faith. Something only for her family, wife and former close friend would have heard her about, at least in the modern day. “That brings up another factor in your argument, Wilhelmina was always likable, and had a story to tell. When others look at you, they already know your story and see you for the unlikable fugitive.”

“W-well I think she’s very likable.” The elven jarl spoke up quietly, enjoying his cake and coffee.

Johanna placed a reassuring hand on the Jarl’s hand under the table, rubbing it. “Well I’m no longer as agnostic as you remember me, I am genuine in my attempt to convert. But you can remain critical while I shall keep trying.” She said once more in a calm tone haven’t lost her cool, despite how annoying it is to be called a criminal over and over again. “In terms of likability then any good PR team can make any unlikable person popular and well liked. How often have you heard people forgiving past wrongs just because the media has portrayed the person in a certain manner? How many politicians whose lack of experience and expertise gets ignored by their followers just because of biased media? Wilhelmina is a genuinely good person, better than I by a mile…” She gave a cold icy look at Jeanne. “And better than you. Yet, let’s not lie and not pretend that the media didn’t play a role in her likability.”

“We don’t have too, and I’m sure all the Syrtæn’at are leaping out of their graves to give you ayay, for your conversion. I’m positive with the Jarl’s endless pool of money and media companies, you might actually have people believe that you converted. Anyone who doesn’t know you personally at least. You implied biased media is the reason for a politician’s downfall, but it’s the politician themself that brings controversies to the table. Some can be overblown but others, such as the one in your case, are completely understated to save face for the country.” Jeanne returns Johanna’s ice cold stare with her own fiery burning one. “Let’s not mince words, you’re not a politician who got caught in an affair, you are a politician who took a bribe to sell a country down the river. Full of Akuanists, that you are suddenly claiming to be part of.”

“You seem to care a lot about Syrtænaszna, huh?” Johanna took a sip from her coffee looking away before locking eyes with Jeanne again. “Then why do you support a nation that co-invaded them? It see-”

“I was trusting in his majesty, and I was trusting in you.” Jeanne was quick to cut off Johanna, pouring more coffee into her cup.

“The point is, I did a criminal act, yes. And I am willing to give back that money, but If we are being honest there are far worse people involved in this affair. Which would be far better spending energy on rather a woman who wants to spend her time with the one they love.” Johanna said, taking a sip from her coffee. “Especially since I will assume you did not come here on your own volition.”

“I’m sure the dead are happy to hear you are returning the money.” Jeanne sips her fresh coffee. “If you think I am going to believe you, you of all people only want to spend time with their partner. Then you are wrong. I know you, you want political power most of all. You cannot help yourself at getting it.” Jeanne gives a fiery stare at her, “I was asked to be here to investigate your potential acceptance as a PM of Vakrestrender, and I must say. When I speak to his majesty again, I cannot say I will leave a favorable view of you. When you skirt around consistently the subject of why you was dismissed.”

The elven jarl spoke up, after being silent for so long. “Well, um. Could you at least give Johanna a better chance? Let us show you how she changed, I’m sure after you find her more agreeable.”

Johanna let out a sigh as she looked away for a moment, annoyed. She stayed quiet for a few minutes not sure where to continue.

Jeanne nearly burst a blood vessel at that, her face not only being angry because of her condition but genuine anger. “This isn’t some fanas-” She was cut off by her former friend.

“I’m sorry. Alright? I’m sorry…” Johanna spoke up, her eyes locked at Jeanne, but there was none of the icy cold calmness that she was used to having. None of the stoic politician who could face a raging lunatic while still acting calm. Instead she looked genuinely ashamed, and somber as she spoke. “Do you not think I didn’t actually feel bad? My actions cannot be redeemed and I know that. If you don’t want to give me a chance then… I won’t blame but just…” She let out another sigh before speaking up looking a bit more annoyed. “Just leave my relationship with smiles out of it, alright?”

Jeanne was taken aback, surprised beyond measure. The FPM, fixing her tie. Giving a very forceful and direct attempt at overcoming Duval syndrome for at least this bit. She gave a soft look at Johanna, struggling to sound it as well. “I will give you a chance then, I tell his majesty we need more time.” She stood up, “I have to meet with Aurélia, I have to make it up to her after asking her not to come.” She left the two Valkyr at the breakfast table.

Before Jeanne fully left Johanna made one small comment. “Thank you, Jeanne… Tell Aurélia that she is lucky to have you.” She let out a tired sigh as she visibly slumped into her chair.

‘Smiles’ gave a tired sigh, watching as Jeanne left the area. “Well, at least I don’t need to pick out my funeral urn.” He jokes, wrapping his arms around Johanna to give her a tight hug. Planting a kiss on her cheek.

A Day After

Johanna was wearing a new designer suit that Jørgen bought for her. Specifically bought for her after having dealt with the awkward situation that was with Jeanne. It was largely a suit with dark blue and light blue color themes though with white ice crystal as a symbol on the back of the dress jacket. Bit over the top, fitted nicely on her even if it was a bit too tight. Without knocking on the door she entered the Jarl’s office to get her purse. “Will be back soon, darling.” She said walking over to her boyfriend who was nervously fickling with some papers as walked behind his desk.

“Oh hi yes. I am Jørgen.” He said in a voice that clearly shows he is up to something he probably shouldn’t be. Quickly closing a lid to a box he had next to him. Looking up at her with a smile, as his hands push papers underneath a file. He had an almost concerned look, though his smile never wavered. “Um, forgive if my mind is adrift but where were you going and how long was it? At least a couple hours right?”

She picked up her white purse that was hanging on from the elf boy’s chair. Placing the purse strap over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow at her boyfriend. “I’ll only be gone an hour or two, I’m meeting my sister at Ny’San’s Morning Bakery.” She said before placing a hand on her hip and giving a more curious look towards the Jarl. “How about it?”

“How about what?” He smiles, reaching into his pocket and taking out his wallet. Removing the credit card from it and handing it to her. “Why don’t you two do more than just go to a bakery, go out shopping and visit the sights. Vakrestrender has much to offer, and it was cruel of me to keep you locked up in here with me.”

“You’re up to something.” Johanna crossed her arms giving a more suspicious look towards the Jarl.

“Of course I am, but that’s neither here nor there.” He smiles brightly up at her, giving that damn charming look of his. “Take the day, go to one of my amusement parks or the movies. I have my guards be with you just in case and all that, plus Yuri is great on roller coasters absolute screamer on them.”

“…What’s in the box?” Johanna asked, glancing towards the small box on the Jarl’s desk.

“Well, it is you and Jeanne’s cups from the other day, I’m going to have it analyzed to prove that you two are sisters of course.” He gives a joking tone, making it seem completely ridiculous. He even gave a small laugh to really make it seem like it is a big joke.

She rolled her eyes and took the credit card. “Alright keep your secrets, I will interrogate you later after I’ve spent time with Eve.” She said letting out a small sigh having to deal with boyfriend making such dumb jokes. “Though I swear if you are doing a background check on me…” She took hold of the Jarl’s tie as she pulled him more upwards, not out of his seat but more keeping his head high as she leaned in close to his face. “I will ensure that you will not have a good night’s rest tomorrow.” She whispered in a cold and deep tone before leaning back. Giving him a small, almost warm smile. “Understood?”

“Why got something to hide~” He gave a teasing voice, pushing Johanna’s buttons to get a reaction out of her.

“Careful, you will be having a scandal if you don’t keep that cute little mouth of yours shut~” She said, tightening the pull on the tie even more, putting only a small bit of pressure on his throat. “Be a good boy, now~” She let go of the tie before giving the Jarl a kiss on the cheek.

He rubs his neck with his hand, his cheeks flushed with a gentle red. “Don’t worry, I won’t leak your middle school photos. Now go spend my money with your sister. The biological one of course~” He couldn’t help himself, like a moth to the flame or an elven jarl to angering his girlfriend the fun way, not the toxic way. “I might be busy for a little while anyhow, so you have plenty of time with Eve. Give her my regards.”

Johanna just shook her head at Jørgen’s antics as she walked towards the door, her hips only gently so swaying as she did. “That’s alright, I’ll punish you later~” She teased giving the Jarl a cold dangerous look with a small smirk as she opened the door.

He pulled on his collar, looking most certainly not at Johanna’s face as she walked away. “For someone becoming a Akuanist, you certainly act like a Hjørdist~”

“Oh If you want me to act like a Hjørdist then I have to double my efforts.” She teased before finally leaving the office, closing the door behind her.

As she left, he finally tore his eyes away from the lovely woman. Returning to his minor investigation, with a deep level of concern. He still has to wait for the NCIS agent to pick up the box to have the cups analyzed, only then he feels certain enough about the situation.

Johanna took a sip from her black coffee as she was waiting for her little sister to come. She found herself a small corner for herself to sit down at, wanting some level of privacy. Or well as much as privacy she could get anyways. With there being several men and women in nice suits on the other tables, which she knew was in actuality NCIS agents. Who likely would be listening in to ensure everything is in order. With a large ursine with glasses being the barista behind the counter of the cafe. With it being none other than Jørgen’s personal body guard, Yuri. She was not sure how he convinced the cafe that he worked there, nor will she pester him about it.

“Johanna!” Was yelled out which immediately made the ex-prime minister turn her head to see her smiling little sister as she walked up to her. Eve wearing her own designer outfit, from Cirivel’s Designs of course. A white top and jacket while wearing a light blue skirt with snow crystal symbols on it. She was about to speak up before looking Johanna up and down, before having an excited smile on her face. “Are you wearing designer clothing now?!” She sat down at the other side of the table before grabbing Johanna’s hand squeezing it out of excitement. “And it looks custom made as well!”

Johanna gave her little sister a confused and bit surprised look after seeing how excited she was. “Oh, um. Yes. J-Jørgen made it for me…” She said in a nervous tone being afraid mentioning him might lower the mood.

“By gods! You have to ask him to make something for me as well! You look just absolutely amazing!” Eve said gushing over the outfit, having let go of Johanna’s hands to feel the material was hers and getting a closer look of it. The older sister had to lift up the coffee cup just so the younger sister does not push the cup over.

“I-I thank you, I’ll tell him you liked it.” Johanna said still a bit shocked but took a sip of her own cup holding it in the air still. “I like it as well, though the pants are a bit tight.”

“Oh but that’s just good! You should show off your curves! At least a little bit when they as nice as you-”

“What do you want to order?” Johanna said in a hurried tone as she interrupted her little sister to ramble far more than she should. Her cheeks have a slight shade of pink. “I have Jørgen’s credit card so go ham.”

“Ah, I think I have to order a Dvalian Whipped Coffee and a Chocolate Cake.” Eve said, still smiling warmly.

“I think you have to specify there like a dozen different versions of chocolate cake.” Johanna said letting out a small chuckle as she waved for a barista to come here.

“Please, you know I alway take Black Dragon Cake.” Eve said, rolling her eyes as a large ursine walked towards their table.

The massive ursine stared down at the two, far, far shorter humans. Taking out a piece of paper and writing their order down silently. He gave a grunt, placing the order into his pocket and disappeared behind the counter. Coming back around with the coffee and cake, placing it down in front of Eve. Then returned to his station behind the counter.

“Hmmm.” Eve gave a curious glance towards the ursine that was standing behind the counter before taking a sip from her coffee.

“Everything alright?” Johanna asked her giving her little sister a concerned look.

“I don’t think…” Eve started saying to herself stilling looking at the ursine before looking back at Johanna. “That I’ve ever seen ursine work here before. Feels bit weird.”

“Weird how?” Johanna took a sip from her coffee.

“I mean, there was only like a few times i’ve seen ursines and usually that was like on rare occasions when there was like ursine business men from Asendavia that talked with those CEOs in Osfjord.” Eve just shrugged her shoulders. “Nothing against them but hard not to turn your head when seeing such large people walking among you.”

“I can get that, now before getting dragged away on that topic. What did you want to talk about?” Johanna asked in a nervous tone, her thumb rubbing against her own hand as she took a sip from her coffee.

The younger sister just let out a loud sigh as she looked away for a second before speaking up. “T-There was nothing I wanted to talk about… I just wanted to meet you again.” Eve took a small sip of her cup again being a bit nervous. “I’m still… bad and a bit sad what happened.”

Johanna just listened and nodded her head being bit ashamed of what happened.

“But I don’t want some boy to ruin the fact we are sisters and close ones at that.” Eve said looking up at Johanna with a weak smile. “Of course it was a filthy rich, stupidly cute and kind boy… But a boy nonetheless.”

“I missed talking with you as well…” Johanna said allowing herself to be vulnerable for her sister. She was the last one of her family really. Their dad had amnesia, and their mother died when they were young. It’s just the two of them left from their immediate family, with the exception of their uncle from their dad’s side who visited their father at times. “And I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright…” Eve said, taking a small bite from her cake going silent for a moment before speaking up. “I forgive you… If you agree to go shopping with your boytoy’s little credit card~”

Johanna chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Fine, we can do that.”

“Wooo!” Eve said in an excited tone grabbing Johanna’s hands. “We’re going to get you the best of swimsuits!”

“Wait no no no.” Johanna said in a hurried tone.

that evening

Jørgen was politely waiting in the main entrance for his girlfriend and her sister to arrive at the palace. Yuri had alerted him that they were on their way after a small trip to half-a-dozen malls, several high-end clothing stores, a manga store and a few other stores that best not to mention polite company. Already organizing his humble army of servants to prepare for their arrival and to bring in their purchases.

Yuri opened the front door for the two to enter in. Disguised as a tree, which frankly works surprisingly well for him as a disguise though he could have just worn a suit or something to that effect.

Johanna let out a small tired sigh as she gave the several bags she was holding in both her hands to some of Jørgen’s maids. Giving a thankful bow to the both of them before rubbing her wrists. “By the spirits I’m tired…”

“Oh come on, it wasn’t that heavy!” Eve said, having a wide excited smile as she gave several dozens of bags to several maids. Having effectively used the entirety of her arms to hold all of them. How her arms weren’t in pain after it was something Johanna did not know. “Plus it was worth it, we bought you some new swimsuits!”

“Was far more than just ‘some’ and several of them barely count as a swimsuit…” Johanna shook her head out of tiredness, her cheeks having a slight redness in them as she thought about the outfits Eve had made her wear.

He gives a smile at their reactions, and makes him remember when he got into an argument with his oldest brother about what to wear to a beach. “I suppose my credit card went to good use then.” He gave a joking tone, looking lovely at Johanna.

Meanwhile Yuri somehow already changed out of one disguise into a completely different outfit. Back in his suit, silently watching all of this from the corner of the room.

“Don’t worry Yuri, next time we go shopping, I will make sure to get you a swimsuit too.” The elven jarl gives a soft giggle. His bodyguard only gave a small grunt in return. “Oh, come on, it was one time and you looked great in the Valkyr shirt.” He shakes his head at the massive Ursine.

“Eve certainly put it in good use at least.” Johanna said, giving a weak smile.

“Hey, isn’t that the same Ursine from the cafe?” Eve said, giving a confused look towards Yuri as she gave a shopping bag to a maid. The maid blushing when she saw what was inside it before hurrying off.

“He was also the store manager, the tree in the park and his most favorite of disguises, owner of a veggie burger stand you two ate at.” He gives a warm, charming smile at Eve. “I admit it is creepy how well a massive Ursine can blend in, but he does it well.”

“Ah, so you had someone spying on us?” Eve said, crossing her arms as she gave a suspicious look towards the Jarl.

“Only about ten NCIS agents.” He raises his hands defensively, still giving a soft charming smile towards Eve. “I was going to have more but Yuri refused.”

“He is just protective of me, Eve.” Johanna said, scratching her little sister’s hair as she walked up next to Jørgen.

“Fine, as long as your agents haven’t ruined the surprise we bought for you.” Eve said having a small mischievous smirk that was mostly targeted towards Johanna.

“Surprise? Yuri, why did you not inform me of any surprises?” He looks over towards his bodyguard, hiding in the corner. The Ursine gave a grunt, one that elven man understood to be of mischievous nature. “I’m not going to be hurt by this surprise am I?”

“Never mind that.” Johanna spoke, her cheeks being a bit more flushed now. “How about we find something to do?”

“Oh we could go to the pool! You could show off one of the swimsuits you bought.” Eve said in a half teasing tone and half excited tone.

“Well it’s already evening. I doubt Jørgen would want to do that, right sweetie?” Johanna said giving a kind look that somehow she was able to still feel icy.

“Well, I was thinking about a movie but frankly, I need a bit of movement after sitting in my office all day.” He gives that damn charming smile to her, one that she can’t help but adore and protect.

“…damn you.” She let out a sigh as she shook her head. “Find we can go to the pool, but I pick the swimsuit.” She gave a cold glare towards Eve as she crossed her arms.

“Fine…” Eve rolled her eyes before grabbing Johanna’s arm and pulled her away from the Jarl. “We’ll go and get ready then!” She yelled out as she dragged her older sister to a guest room which the maids had been putting their bags in.

He watches the two leave the room, giving a soft smile. He thought Eve would be far more pissed at him, and honestly. The whole talk between the two reminded him a lot of himself and his own family, ones far gone. He gives a sigh, Yuri suddenly appearing behind him places a comforting paw onto his shoulder. “Thanks Yuri, I gotta go get dressed.” The Jarl turns and goes to go get into his swimsuit.

Eve wore a white one piece swimsuit with light blue crystal motif at the chest area. Having already jumped into the water. Johanna on the other hand was sitting at the edge of the pool, wearing a rather interesting bikini with a winter motif for its symbols.

Jørgen was dressed in simple bright yellow swim shorts, with no shirt. His scars from his surgery from oh-so-long-ago being readily apparent for the girls to see. He ordered Yuri to get dressed alongside him, the Ursine wearing shorts, and a purple Valkyr shirt. Jørgen tried to get him to wear some designer sunglasses but the Ursine refused. The bodyguard working a grill nearby while keeping a careful eye on the jarl.

The elven jarl jumped into the pool, well it was more of a lake. The lake being actually filled in the volcano’s mouth. Swimming over to his girlfriend, “Hey Icy~ Funny seeing you here at my volcano~”

She rolled her eyes and leaned in to look down at him. “Well you one who wanted to go swimming, smiles~” She teased a small smirk on her lips.

He rested his head into his hands, looking up at her with that damnable charming smile of his. “Ah, but then I wouldn’t be able to see you wearing your new swimsuit~”

“Oh so that’s why you wanted us out here?~” She kept her teasing tone though her red cheeks showing the Jarl’s impact with his words.

“Well, if you really want me to look at your sister but you are far more on my eyes~” He teased her, unaware of his flirtatious mistake.

“Keep me out of your two’s flirting!” Eve yelled out splashing water at Jørgen before swimming away. The action caused Johanna to let out a small giggle as she stepped into the pool.

“You behave now, alright?” She placed her hand on his chin rubbing it.

He only gave a small laugh of his own, resting his chin into Johanna’s grip. Times like these where he wished he had one of those purring collars he gave to Esta for her birthday. “Yeah, I will try my best to behave.” He gives a soft look with his deep blue eyes towards her own, more cold looking ones. “I thought you two were going to spend more out of your two big days around the capital. I was prepared to have to buy a shopping center or two for you two.”

Johanna gave the Jarl a serious look. “Smiles. We spent almost 200k UKR during our shopping trip. You do realize how much money that is, right?”

“One of my cheaper suits.” He says with a joking tone, warmly looking at her. “It’s 200k, that’s just a house in Osfjord, its when gets to be a mansion in Osfjord I will start to be concerned.” He thinks for a moment, then looking over at Eve, “Hey, did Johanna ever show you her other suits?”

“You know your flippancy about money is making me understand why Jeanne’s dislike of you so much.” His attractive but ice cold girlfriend said, crossing her arms under her chest.

“What specific suits are you talking about?” Eve yelled out to Jørgen as she swam closer noticing the pair seemingly having stopped flirting.

“Oh take a look in her wardrobe room, I just had to get her a whole new set of suits.” He says with a warm smile at Eve, then turning his gaze back to his girlfriend. “FPM Pierre, dislike of me is just business as usual. Besides, it is not as I spend 200k everyday, just once or twice a week.”

“…I’m going to have you spend more money on charity.” Johanna said letting out a sigh before turning her attention to Eve. “Despite me trying to stop him he still went overboard with the suits he got me. The suits I already owned were already expensive, like 2k UKR for each one.”

“Ah let me guess, the suits he bought you was three times that amount?” Eve said in a small teasing tone.

“Please, if its not 10k suit then are you really showing off?” He laughs, “If it makes you feel better, I was the cheapest one in my family when it came to suits, my brothers would spend a minimum of 50k on a suit, not including watches, earrings or other things.” He said with a half joking, half sorrowful tone. “Besides when it comes to charities, I donate the most money out of every Akuanist in the world anyhow.” He gave a sassy eye roll.

“Next time Jeanne visits you, find some normal people’s clothing. It’s way too much money used for clothing.” Johanna said, shaking her head. “That type of money could be used for investments, or weapons. Rather than a slightly different fashion style because the silk was made in some very old fashioned way in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well that’s a bit rude, the silk made in Borea is of very high quality and hard to obtain.” Eve spoke up, crossing her arms.

“That wasn’t Borean silk, that was artificial silk.” He shakes his head, “Now what I got you was Borean silk, true and through. I even request my si- Ingrid to get a priority delivery for your suits.” He says with a degree of pride in his voice towards Eve.

He turns his attention back to Johanna, with a slight discomfort in his face. “I spend quite a bit on investment but weapons?” His voice showed how uncomfortable he was about the subject. “Well, um, I hope you’re enjoying the lake Eve.” He turns back to the sister, not wanting to discuss such violence tools.

“Well it is quite nice, but I should probably not spend too much time I have a meeting tomorrow morning with my boss, Mr. Daskerson is not exactly the most patient man.” Eve said letting out a sigh as swam back to the edge of the pool, turning around to give a genuine warm smile towards the couple. “I did have a lot of fun, both with shopping and this.”

“Its just to call when you want to hang out together again.” Johanna said, giving a warm smile as well as she saw her little sister lift herself on top of the swimming pool.

“If he gives you a hard time or you want time off, just tell Johanna and I remind him of Eyjaborg.” He says with a polite wave and a damnable charming smile. “I have my car to take you home, no need for you to walk or wait for the bus now.”

Eve just let out a small chuckle. “Thank you, now you two have your fun as I dry myself off and get dressed.” She gave her older sister a wink at that as she walked away while drying her hair with a towel.

He looks at Johanna with a warm look, “Yuri how close are those veggie burgers?” He hears a solid grunt in the distance. “Well, that settles it then~”

“You’ll get your surprise soon.” Johanna teased poking the Jarl’s nose.

3rd November, 2022
Bjørn Castle, Vakkerhavfruebukt, Vakrestrender

“I’m sorry about all the dust, I tend not to go here that often anymore.” The elven Jarl seemed far more timid, more cautious than he had ever been around her. Here in his personal sanctum, his art workshop that once was filled with life in his creative endeavors. The whole thing being filled with all manner of tools, equipment, half-finished paintings and so much more. The largest painting he was working on, one dead in the center of the room struck by the sunbeam forcing its way through the curtains. Had a silly white sheet over it, refusing to show the secrets that laid below the layer.

There are rows of barely started, or half-finished paintings next to the fireplace. Ready to be destroyed for the slightest mistake. Other canvas having slice marks through it, wine stains thrown at it and so much more. He refuses to even let the slightest mistake ruin his artwork, perfect to the extreme.

Johanna had studied the Jarl’s expression and behavior carefully. “Why don’t you get up here as often?” She asked in a soft tone, placing a hand gently on her shoulder. Trying to be reassuring as she looked over the room, having to brush some dust that got on her chin earlier.

“Outside of making the portrait for the Cryrian Queen, I have been stuck in a rather desperate state of creator block. For… It’s been a very long time.” He held a sad tone, “I tried before and after Cryrian Queen portrait but I still locked away from it. Nothing I made was ever as good as it was and even before I stopped painting my work was failing my standards.” He gave a sigh, looking towards the floor.

“Well I can’t make that creator’s block go away, but I’m not sure if I agree with your assessment about the quality of the other paintings. You’re being too hard on yourself.” She gave the elf a kiss on the cheek. She glanced towards the covered painting that was in the middle of the room, giving it a curious look.

“I wish that was true.” He felt some small degree of comfort from her. He looks towards her glance, “Ah. That thing… I try not to look at it for too long, it brings… Not good memories.” He started walking towards it, grabbing the bottom of the sheet. “I couldn’t bring myself to burn it, no matter how many times I thought of it.” He begins to start to lift it up.

Johanna waited patiently, not wanting to rush the Jarl. Letting him go at his own pace, it was his choice to reveal it or not. “Go at your own pace, sweetie. I’m here for you.” Her tone was warm, despite the nickname he often gave her.

With a quick toss of the sheet, letting the white fabric hit the sheet. Walking towards Johanna so he can take a look at the most painful of paintings for him. The massive canvas was fit for a royal family portrait laid on it. His whole family, including himself, his nephews and nieces, his brothers and parents. All of them looking forward, with a bright, warm charming smile towards the onlookers. “It took me ages to get Mathias to smile, his son Alfred not so much. Just had to tell him, I get him a pony after.” His pain tone was obvious to hear. The painting had small tear stains, ruining the canvas. “It was almost finished…”

Sverdrup was good at hiding her surprise not fully expecting this yet the moment she looked at Jørgen she was quick to wrap her arms around him. Holding him closely, laying her head on his shoulder. “I’m here… You can let it all out.” She comforted him, she will always admit it’s not her expertise but she tried her best. It’s the least she could do for him.

He released a flood of tears into her shoulder, wrapping his arms around her. “It’s a silly thing but… I wanted to give them a gift on my own birthday, a-a reverse birthday gift for them all.” He gives her a squeeze, a tight one. “I-I wish I spent time with them instead of this…”

“I’m certain they would have loved it.” She kissed his cheek as he let her cry into her. Keeping her warm hold on him, she hoped it was effective in some small ways.

“They’re not here to say it now are they… I should have done something…” His hands grabbed at her suit’s jacket. “I should have done anything, it should have been me. I-I never did anything remotely as good as they have done. I-I was never supposed to be the Jarl, I-I couldn’t even run a company…”

“Hey, Hey.” Johanna said in a comforting and serious tone. “Don’t speak like that, okay? I didn’t know your family, so I don’t know how good they are. But your life is meaningful, to me and to everybody here.” She gave him another kiss on the cheek. “Please, you’re being too hard on yourself. Trust me, people speak proudly of you, even when you don’t think so yourself.”

“J-just to you, I think if I was replaced with Øyvind or Mathias no one would notice or mind. Honestly, t-they did so much more than I ever did when they was my age… Øyvind… H-he was always so smart a-and clever…” He keeps crying onto her shoulder, giving a quick look at the painting. It stealing his eyes, his attention staring at the kids in the painting. “T-they was so young…”

“Your life is meaningful to me, to Olav, to Esta, to Wilhelmina to very very many.” She gave him a kind but serious look. “We don’t measure ourselves by looking at others, but by what we ourselves. And you were given a bad hand, yet you kept your duty as Jarl. Olav is hard to impress, but when he saw you trucking on despite everything? You impressed him, he was proud. I didn’t understand it at the time…” She looks down for a second saying that before giving him a peck on the cheek again. “But I do now…”

He started to run out of tears but didn’t stop, despite the pain of dry tear ducts. “That’s just… individuals, I am Vakrestrender, I am the head of the three Akuan families and… I’m supposed to be the moral guiding figure of Akuanism but… I can’t even… I can’t anything…”

Johanna held him tightly, letting him continue crying on her as long as he needed too. “Calm, you’re amazing and I love you.” She gives him another kiss on his cheek, her head still on top of his shoulder. Whispering into his ear that she loves him, that people love him.

He doesn’t speak another word, just staring into Johanna’s shoulder. Tears poured into her shoulder, holding on to her desperately for comfort.