May 2011 Update

Quiet Time in Lazarus

Well, we seem to have once again found ourselves in a bit of a lull. It’s not completely quiet, but activity levels have noticeably declined from the last month or so. It probably doesn’t help that our Activity Commissioner is currently away in Real Life on a fun little excursion to India.

Puppet Contest

In an effort to get the recruiters who pass through our region depositing their adspam to be a bit more chatty, Drop Your Pants proposed a contest. The region with the best ad for a given week would gain a puppet from one of the Lazarus residents for their region. So far, no ads have been deemed worthy enough to qualify.


The Emerald Council is currently voting on a couple of Election Amendments that will close the loopholes exposed during our last election. No longer will non-Council members be allowed to run for positions, and applications for Council membership will not be considered during an election period.

Foreign Relations

A number of embassies were closed at the end of the month for inactivity of at least three months. But we have also re-opened embassies for the regions of Gay and United Kingdom, while opening new embassies for Jethnea, The Dominion, and The Walbard Union.

And that’s our quick little update for May!