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10:44, 22 MARCH 2021

Host Alec Linter (left) and Guest Vernan Right (right)

>> Next up is Vernon Right who went to New Montinay the afternoon of the terrorist attacks in major Joralesian cities, to those same peaceful protests turned riots which brought about such horrible violence. You went there when, was it after the Black Alert was called?

Hey there Alec, yeah absolutely. <<

>> What was it that motivated you to go?

Well it really disturbed me was how fast the government issued a Black Alert and how fast that stopped what we do every day. So I just went there like hundreds or maybe even thousands of other people to stand up for what I believe in. <<

>> Do you not think that what the government did - enacting Black Alert to curb any other attacks - were a good thing?

No absolutely not, why would it be? Why stop everyone from having basic rights by walking in the streets? C’mon, a few attacks blip up and they react li-lik-like-- <<

>> --Inevitably whether you like it or not the government in Sani Bursil did stop and has prevented any further attacks with the enactment of Black Alert, which is ongoing. When you were there on the first day, what were you there as?

Oh, I was only there to protest peacefully. <<

>> Describe the day, what did you witness?

It all happened so quickly. I heard through a mate that demonstrations were going down in a couple of places including Torch Square where we were. When we got there it was only a couple dozen of us holding signs and the atmosphere was really calm. It was like that for several hours even if police were trying to break us up… <<

>> What were the reaction of police when you were peacefully protesting?

Besides one or two clowns generally respectful, though they were trying their best to send people home without escalating the situation. <<

>> And then?

At least where we were an organised crowd of what, about several hundred marched down to the police line and began hurling things at police and it began to get messy. <<

>> And then it kicked off, didn’t it. The police were targeted by protesters throwing granite blocks, glass bottles and rocks in horrific attacks. Some were really badly injured. Do you think that’s acceptable in a protest?

No, no no no, of course not. People should remain in peaceful protest. But what’s wrong Alec and why people did descend into violence is the government in Morstaybishlia thinking its fair to give police greater powers in their anti-terrorism bill. Why on urth would that be fine, it’s a direct violation of my human rights-- <<

>> --I don’–

–Do you think it’s fair to be arrested for affiliating with a peaceful protest? No you wouldn’t, it’s just a con to stop people from expressing free will, and they can’t take that away from us. <<

>> T… Thank you Vernon. Alright! We’re going to play a few tracks for you now and we will return to our discussion on Joralesia where we will talk more in depth. Up next, The Beach Boys-The Trader - YouTube.

(Dated 3rd April 2021)


17:03, 3 APRIL 2021

Host Rian Childs (left) and Guest the Prof. Est. Bridget L. Ghalmarsi (right)

>> Hello and welcome to our special guest, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and youngest ever MP upon her election back in 2012 - the Profound Estimable Bridget Ghalmarsi, welcome.

Hello. <<

>> I wish these were under better circumstances like our last interview a year ago but they aren’t. So Bridget, tell us how the Opposition are reacting to Romilda von Anzitter’s demands this afternoon, tell us about that.

We’ve all been expecting this. Since the official predictions one day before voting day both the Conservative and Labour camps were expecting a MARIP majority in the Marislian region, but we all hoped it would not come true and that’s evident because we’ve all been so silent. <<

>> That’s very true. So with Romilda demanding an independence referendum or threatening to cause a second general election, what are your views?

It is a very calculated move on her behalf. Winning a majority of pro-independence seats in Marislia has been very well timed. Of course it was inevitable, but when Barvata officially forms government he needs to not bow to the pressure. If he does it will make his position look intrinsically weak and that is not a good start for any new ministry. <<

>> And of course Romilda has threatened to collapse his government on day one if he doesn’t agree to an independence referendum.

What an incredibly foolish thing to say. <<

>> Why?

Well you take what she has had to say, and you imagine she does that. Her party is instructed to prevent a new Labour government to pass any legislation, and then the parliament comes to a halt. What then other than a second general election in less than a month. The independence movement is not popular across the rest of the MBE and voter turnout in Marislia for pro-unionist parties are at an all time low. Messing around all these people by having them go back to the polls so soon; do you think they will want to do that, or do you think they will want a majority government to sort out Joralesia? Rather than MARIP gaining more seats, pro-unionist voters will be have more incentive than ever to go out and vote, and in their respective constituencies I would expect to see proper use of tactical voting. <<

>> In a region where it has historically been apart of Ethalria - for centuries, switching between the two powers multiple times over the past few hundred years but keeping with a centralised Ethalrian identity, do you not think they have the right to self determination? I know a lot of my Marislian listeners right now would want that.

Well of course some of them would want that. But though MARIP now has a majority of seats in Marislia, they don’t have a majority of voters. They have I think 39.45 percent of the vote there. So no, I do not think they should have an independence referendum. Not only is now the completely wrong time with the current political climate in the MBE, not even a majority of Marislians want Marislian independence. <<

>> That’s all for now folks, we will be back with Bridget Ghalmarsi in a few minutes after the next song in our Top 500 Greatest Hits Countdown.

(Dated 3rd April 2021)


13:19, 19 JULY 2021

Host Ashlia Perst (left) and Guest Cecil Horton (right)

>> Welcome to the talk show Cecil Horton, it’s so nice to have you today.

Thank you, thank you. <<

>> Now, to my audience who are unfamiliar, Cecil Horton is a body language analyst who has been active in the field for the past nineteen years. Cecil, could you give an example of your expertise?

That’s right. Yes, so listeners might be familiar with the 2018 Amy Dunhart serial killer trial. I was heavily involved with another body language expert when we reviewed police evidence. <<

>> That is absolutely fascinating! Body language, and forensics, and all that crime stuff is such an interesting field of work.

Ha ha, well if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be doing it nineteen years later. <<

>> That’s right! So, Cecil, we’ve mainly got you here because just over half an hour ago, Horace Lanx, who has been the centre of a great big emerging scandal in government, has gone to parliament and made some quite strong claims in his personal statement. Presumably you saw the video?

I have yes. <<

>> What did you think of it?

Well, let me give you a bit of background before I go on a bit. Body language is a form of nonverbial communication that plays such a crucial part for teams like myself and my colleagues. It can tell when a person is being truthful or whether they’re lying, and there are lots of things you can gather which can help you form a conclusion, such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space. <<

>> What did you see?

I think the main aspects I’d first like to focus on is his body posture and eye movement. Throughout his speech Horace was seen shifting in his position, indicating that he was perhaps nervous, and his eyes darted from person to person. If someone is telling the truth, they don’t tend to move uncomfortably or display pacifying behaviours with their eyes. <<

>> Isn’t it amazing what we can learn from body language? What I found interesting when I watched the video earlier was when asked questions by members of the opposition, especially that of Bridget Ghalmarsi, who was relentless during the whole ordeal as she stepped in for Benjamin Wardola; Horace was seen crossing his arms. Can you tell us about that?

Absolutely. The crossing of the arms is a typical behaviour from someone who is unhappy or distressed. It helps the individual with calming and comforting and we class that as a self-soothing behaviour. Though this isn’t indicative that he is a liar, as humans cross their arms all the time because they tend to not know where to place their arms - Horace was doing this when confronted by Bridget. <<

>> Right.

What’s also interesting during when Bridget was asking these questions to Horace, is that Horace not only shifts uncomfortably, he is seen touching parts of his face whilst looking down. When he answers these questions, someone who has to think about an answer will almost certainly look up to think about it, and that is because they would need to recall memories. Horace doesn’t do this, instead he looks down, or nothing at all. Looking down on its own isn’t a sign of deceit, instead it shows that he is trying to hide something or he is very uncomfortable in this situation. It is submissive to the stressor - and whilst it doesn’t mean he is lying, it means he is uncomfortable in the situation he is in. <<

>> Thank you so far, and to those of you who are just tuning in, we are with Cecil Horton, a body language analyst, on the topic of Horace Lanx! We will be continuing our conversation after the break. Don’t go anywhere.