Morstaybishlian Broadcasting Corporation

The Morstaybishlian Broadcasting Corporation is a Morstaybishlian public service broadcaster with its headquarters at Centre Broadcast Studios in Sani Bursil.

News at Twelve:

Amidst the conflict in Adumara, several veteran polemologists have deemed the FPA invasion of Adumara the “destabilisation of Concord”, following the recent dispatch of the Celannican “1st Fleet” towards the area. The United Kingdom has sent four carrier battle groups from Staynes, Caltharus and South Staynes to accompany its preexisting five vessels at Fort Tennig.

A ceremony was held at Redrugus, Staynes, seeing the public and the House of Constantine cheer on the dozens of vessels leaving its docks. The carrier battle groups were led by HMS Redrugus and HMS Bagrin, followed by four cruisers, eight destroyers, five amphibious assault ships, four attack submarines, two mine countermeasures, two supply ships, a replenishment ship and a repair ship; meanwhile in Caltharus, a similar ceremony was held. The carrier battle group was led by HMS Prosperior, followed by a cruiser, three amphibious assault ships, four destroyers, an attack submarine, a mine countermeasure and a supply ship.
South Staynes accompanied the three carrier battle groups with its own; led by HMS Labius, followed by a cruiser, an amphibious assault ship, a destroyer, four frigates, a attack submarine, a mine countermeasure and a supply ship. Justelvard also accompanied the group with several yet unknown frigates and a submarine.

An official statement has not been made by either the Prime Minister or the House of Constantine regarding the movement of several carrier battle groups into the area, and whilst it is believed that the UK is looking to intervene in the conflict with South Hills, any information is not confirmed and is still unknown.[edit_reason]Editing ship counts for more precision. second edit: changing RSNV, RCNV and SSNV to HMS - retconning[/edit_reason]

News at Ten:

After what has been utter mayhem for the world this past month, let alone the last year; the Fire Pact Alliance seems to be on its last hinges, with all member states withdrawing from mainland Concord, its islands and its waters after what seemed to be an attempt to ‘stabilise’ the continent.
On Thursday evening, the United Kingdom saw off four carrier battle groups towards the conflict after working out several deals with President Rob Hunter earlier this week. The two nations were forced to find a solution together, realising the Fire Pact Alliance was too dangerous and instable to be in charge of the “operation”. Three of the carrier battle groups are being relocated into Joralesia and Balidar for military exercises, the fourth continuing north.
Xagrurg has taken in enormous loans to pay off their debts and afford the war in a different continent after previously coming out of its own. The United Kingdom, the Yor Isles and other sovereign states that neighbour the country are seeing an influx of refugees enter their borders respectively. The United Kingdom has taken in just over five thousand refugees in the last two weeks, and with mounting border control pressure it is uncertain what to do next.
Several news agencies have reported a rise in civil unrest in Xagrurg, reporting rioting and a small but growing lust for independence in several areas, following its last two wars.

It is believed countries like Adumara and South Hills will push the Fire Pact Alliance into more debt for ‘compensation’ and to rid the area of Al Jaheed once more.

Walter Johannes, Prime Minister, has released his support for the people of South Hills, following the hospitalisation of their President Rob Hunter. Mr Johannes showed himself to be very surprised, stating the President was “of fine nature and health” upon their meeting earlier this week.

Primrose Inc. have publicised the release date of their new PrimPhone 9. The model was called “a technological genius, being almost incomparable to its predecessor”. The model will be released at 2pm on New Years Day in Fort Staynes, then being released worldwide an hour later, at 3pm. Analytics presume the phone will break record sales.

News at Eleven:

Almost twelve years later, with nothing to go by until now, Zecrod Furista, the alleged ‘Grand Ethnarch’ of the controversial State of Morstaybishlia has been sighted in Haderslev, Asendavia. The man responsible for the death of Peter Matthaus Burgundy Visteue, former Mayor of Fort Staynes and third cousin to Lambertus VII, as well as the oppression of almost twenty four million people for two years managed to escape Staynes unscathed in 2005. For a decade, it was widely speculated he fled to Sachenvorbund, but without sufficient evidence it was impossible to track the man down, that is until exactly 11:56PM Asendavian time on the 1st of December this year. It is unsure how far the investigation will go, or what it will lead to, and nobody is quite sure on whether the Prime Minister will release a statement. What is sure though is that justice is closer than ever before.

With Xagrurg civil tensions rising to unprecedented heights, more pressure has been put on controlling the immigration on the Xagrurg border after weaponry registered to Xagrurgian citizens was found in and around small towns in the Zycannes. The South Staynish Army has sent a relief force to occupy the United Kingdom’s side of the border. Of their nine hundred and ninety five thousand active personnel, two hundred and sixty thousand have been deployed into both South Staynish and Staynish territory in a plea to stop the potential for terror related incidents.

Xagrurg has mobilised its National Guard and Armed Forces after a rise in gunfights between civilians and cops have seen thousands dead. According to the Xagrurgian Census Bureau, there have been 154 cop fatalities as well as 210 civilian fatalities across major cities in the country. The unrest follows the nations’ political decisions in the past few months, a major contribution being its involvement in Adumara. The preexisting South Staynish border control managed to stop an ‘armed terrorist’ from spreading violence into the nation. He drove into the country by car, and was stopped two miles in. According to Armed Police, he had several grenades, two handguns and an M60A6 that was accompanied by a crate of ammunition. The destination in his satnav was set to Kirdintayos, the South Staynish capital. He was incapacitated upon his arrest, after firing shots at police. He is being sent for questioning.

News at Ten:

The fires of the Mauraida Hotel, which was established in 1810 in Palace Street, Aeternum, Caltharus, has been raging for over six hours. The fire started at 4:03 PM this evening and has continued despite over two hundred firefighters trying to put the flames out. The incident is believed to have started by a large broken gas pipe on the second floor, coming into contact with what yet is unknown. The entire hotel was evacuated and the street blocked off from the public.
The Hotel started out as a noble building for Staynish Royals in the late 1700s and was converted into a warehouse for shipping containers in 1799. Eleven years after that, the area was bought and renovated into its current form. The hotel saw visits from Thadeus II, Lambertus VII, Victoria II of Kuthernburg, two Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Victor Victrovavich and other political leaders from across the continent. With the building showing signs of collapse, the fire marks the end of such a pristine and delicate part of history for many.

The Prime Minister of Horalia, Mastui Malerin, has recently gone into talks with both Lokanian and Assowolfian officials regarding a permanent food import deal which would see the Horalian population come off of rationing. It is yet unclear whether the Horalian government will fix a deal.
Horalia is one of the UK’s most prominent and important overseas territories. It is regarded as ‘an extension of Staynes’, almost mimicking the nation. The territory suffers a geographic problem; that being only the coastline is inhabitable for sustainable, large towns and cities.
Back in late 2016, a group of military exhibitionists ventured into the former Veymar lands in a quest to tackle the food shortage. Their efforts went unnoticed, but the mission fell short after a deadly, fast and easily spreading virus almost entered civilisation. The virus killed a few soldiers, but was immediately quarantined and prevented from causing havoc.
Just over a year later, the virus was named Yamavirus. The virus, which has had 132 cases in 10 years, 101 of those in the last two years; is one of the most lethal viruses known to man. Whilst it is extremely rare, people who become infected have a 98% mortality rate. The severity of the disease in humans varies, from rapid fatality to severe fever or even in a few cases asymptomatic response.

News at Eight:

The fires of the Mauraida Hotel, which was established in 1810 in Palace Street, Aeternum, Caltharus, have come to a stop. The fire was found to be fed by a gas leak, the cause of the fire still yet unknown. A thorough investigation is being put in place in an attempt to find the cause. The fire had burnt for over 27 hours, and reduced the building to a scorched shell. The Mayor of Aeternum expressed his sadness upon the event:
“Times like these, with such valuable heritage being lost, we may only hope that our generations and future generations restore and respect the values carried down in history, leaving their own marvellous footprint across the UK.”
The fire did not cause any fatalities, but two people did suffer from second and third degree burns respectively. They were treated at the Lower Aeternum Hospital last night and were let out early this morning.

A thorough investigation has been launched into the assassination of Prince Thadeus, in Sani Bursil on the 7th of June this year. The event triggered a panicked but well-governed and sophisticated response from the Armed Police. Whilst the Royal Parade had tight security, the Ethalrian born assassins under Amalda Harimann managed to exploit a weak point; an unguarded 27 storey skyscraper. Authorities cannot understand the failure of the situation, and how they simply missed out the building. Two members of the council have come under heavy criticism by national newspaper and Members of Parliament, leading to the resignation of Guuk Mandalore, Chairman of the Sani Bursil District Council.
Three Ethalrian nationals were found responsible for the murder. Ivanka Drokeyvich, Les Chutin and Gas Paladini all pleaded guilty, later revealing a fourth national, who led the operation. The name of this woman is Feladine Junt. It is believed she never left the country. Whilst not top priority, a hunt for the woman is on the agenda. The hunt has been going on for just over four months, leading to seven cold trails. The latest trail has led Police to Corstanil. It is unclear whether she will be found, but several notable investigators assure people she will be caught eventually.
If you have any information regarding this woman, please call the police immediately. Whilst still at large, she is incredibly dangerous. Walter Johannes has come to agreements with neighbouring countries to keep tight on border control.

News at Three:

In 1981, Nacata saw forty one members of its sports team killed in the Pollok Massacre, one of the worst in their history. Nassad informed the authorities of the UK last night of the whereabouts of these prosecutors. According to Nassad intelligence, five organisers and sponsors live within the cities of Yikara, Redrugus and Fort Yakes. UK Armed Police have been sent full descriptions of the men and have begun searches. If you have any information regarding these men, please contact the police immediately.

After being sworn into office, Lupe Juentines, the first President of Vothetria has opened up the country to diplomatic relations with the world. The establishment of a provisional government was done in accordance with the Parliament of the United Kingdom. She hopes to bring peace and prosperity to the world, in favour for their fascist predecessor.

After the Auroran Pacific War ended with the defeat of Ethalria in Rivendale, the last nuclear weapons were seized by the UK. The government has collectively decided that it will deactivate a large majority of its nuclear weapons, deeming most of them both incapable of intercontinental status and unworthy for use in the 21st century. It will, however, add a little over one hundred to the Nuclear Arsenal of the United Kingdom, seeing the nuclear weapons produced from 2011 to the present being in prime condition. These nuclear weapons will be stored in Xenliada Fortress and Labius Fortress respectively, until a final decision on the even distribution is met.

News at Midnight:

Little less than nine hours ago the Dictatorship of Andromes began a full scale invasion into a big ally of the UK; Rijlev. Some critiques were shocked and taken back, and some had believed it would happen for some time. The Prime Minister, Walter Johannes, released a public statement expressing his absolute condemnation of their actions, stating: “The belligerent idiocy shown by Andromes clearly defines what kind of state we are dealing with here. Their views and morals kept high by their apparent lust for war mongering is disapproved of entirely by nations across the world.”
The Prime Minister will be flying to the Caliphate in the early hours of the morning to discuss the situation. It is believed the two countries could find a basis to form a coalition.
Meanwhile, the carrier battle groups armed for the Adumaran conflict, which was diverted to Joralesia is moving into the Gulf. The UK recently deployed an additional 30K troops to Adumara.
The House of Constantine has condemned the actions of Andromes, stating it’s a clear violation of peace.

The military spending of the UK is projected to rise from 2.98% in November to 4.5% in January. The rise was officially expected to increase by one percent, but analytics reckon it will rise further. Nickolas Frost, Secretary of State of Defence for the UK stated “…and it could rise even further. The constant state of war must call for higher funding.”
Some critiques believe the rise could reach highs of 8%.

The Parliament of the UK has been in debate over whether the Overseas Territories should be included in the GDP of the United Kingdom. The Overseas Territories fund the Royal Armed Forces of the Empire according to the tax rates and necessity in the region, but do not get included in an overall budget or GDP statistics. The Secretary of Finance mentioned that the inaccuracy could have its implements.

Joralesia currently serves as the second highest base of operations for the Morstaybishlian Empire, in front of bases in Pax - Draconica and Adumara. The existing 315K Morstaybishlian troops are said to be preparing for ‘something big’.

News at Ten:

Walter Johannes released a public statement at 5PM this evening announcing that the Morsto-Pax Coalition became a success in the late morning. With accumulations of carrier battle groups from both the UK and the Caliphate, as well as three groups arriving from Prussia, it is obvious that war is on the horizon.

In Adumara, another accumulation of troops are visible in both the country and at sea, it follows failed negotiations with the Dictatorship of Yuno. The allies are becoming more pressured to remove the regime following rumours of a nuclear program.

1st January 2018, 00:00AM

News at Midnight:

It’s a new year! The UK welcomes 2018 with prosperity and spirit! Fireworks are blazing across the country as the people welcome a new year; a new era. People around the world have paid tribute to the events that have occurred in 2017, positive and negative.
We’re now here live in the Burisaye Observatory Tower to witness the firework display live.
(25 minutes of insane firework displays)

1st January 2018, 00:25AM

(displays come to an end)
That was truly magnificent.
Alcohol consumption is expected to rise over 1400% this evening and early morning, emergency services pushing for people to be ‘safe, secure but having fun!’

1st January 2018, 1:00PM

With the release of Primrose’s newest model phone going worldwide in Fort Staynes in one hour and the rest of the world in two hours, the PrimPhone 9 is expected to hit “unprecedented sale levels” following Primrose’s promise to advance the level of technology well into the future.
The company has reported to have been working on the technology for this phone for over 2 years. With technology rapidly advancing, future generations are “expected to only get better”.
The model was called “a technological genius, being almost incomparable to its predecessor”.
Several key figures, including King Lambertus VII, Ma Xiaopeng of Ziseshouwei, Viktor Zharkov, Minister of Foreign Diplomacy and Duke of Yoria, are all believed to have their hands on PrimPhones after its release.
At the Primrose Conference 2017, the company announced the specifications for the new phone model. Crowds were left stunned at the design and sheer capabilities of the device. It is the first phone released by the company to feature an all-glass screen as well as wireless charging.
Along with the 33.2 megapixel camera, the device has Voice Identity Technology (VIT). Allowing for the device to detect the voice patterns of the user and have the user the ability to customise words to take the phone, from any unlocked position, to what they require, without hassle.
With a 6" Super Retina HD display and just over 510 pixels per inch, this phone is one for the records.
The company announced at the conference “we will debut True Tone technology, which will use an advanced six-channel ambient light sensor to subtly adjust the white colour balance onscreen to match the colour temperature of the light around the user, allowing images on the display to look as natural as on a printed document, which will reduce eye strain.”
Just a few of the many amazing capabilities this new phone will present.
With the model seeing no resemblance to other phone technology, surpassing its predecessors and other phone companies models by a considerable long shot, one must only expect a hefty price tag. Phones in Fort Staynes are selling at a starting price of ♅1079.99 whilst phones sold after 3PM are selling at a starting price of ♅1099.99.
Primrose is expected to sell over two million model phones on average a day for several months.

Xagrurgian rioting has calmed down for New Years. Protesters have instead began collaborating raids on certain politicians websites and social media pages. With such a massive coordination, the Xagrurgian Government Website crashed for almost thirty minutes for corruption allegations.
Over the last few weeks, several ‘independence groups’ have appeared across the country. Backed by their god given right to bear arms and their lust for an independent state free of ‘devilish, disgusting corruption’, these groups are a new threat to the sovereignty of Xagrurg. President Taft released a statement saying “These rebel groups, although their goals are correct in wanting to reduce the corruption in the Xagrurgian government, are inexcusable for using violent methods to achieve their goals”. It is expected groups like these will only continue to rise until it is too late.

News at Three:

Earlier this morning, Sani Bursil welcomed the opening of two memorial sites across the megalopolis in remembrance of those who were lost in the Celidizia and Vora bombings in June and October respectively. Mozat De Flont, a veteran artist who was badly hurt in the Celidizia bombings held a speech in the same estate, three months on, that brought tears to the many effected:
“…and to this day I don’t see the ethics behind it. We were at war, yes, but to bring that over the border into the livelihoods of many innocent people distraught me. I hope that with the support shown from the royalty and local charities that those effected can be given their deserved peace. We will remember those that fell.”
The memorial services were held at 10AM and 2PM respectively, seeing the Royal Family and several notable figures attend. Large banners were raised by volunteers of the families effected, hailing to several phrases including “We Will Remember Them” and “Always In Our Hearts”.

A memorial service for the hundreds of thousands of people effected by the Auroran-Pacific War has been scheduled on Palace Grounds Road, Sani Bursil Royal Palace, Bursil on the 26th of January. The Royal family and its affiliates have invited hundreds of VIPs to attend. The memorial service will start with an initial parade, followed by a funeral parade, escorted by members of the armed forces of the allied nations against the axis that served alongside their fallen comrade, which will take over a hundred thousand coffins through the city to their resting places at Fuldar Park, Winstlor Park and Kuthernburg Park. The service will last all day, and will conclude with a speech from Princess Rosamund and Prime Minister Walter Johannes.
The event is expected to have over two billion people viewing it on live television.

News at Ten:

Over two billion people will be viewing the memorial service that is to be held on the 26th of January on live television. It will be held on the entirety of Palace Grounds Road, next to the Sani Bursil Royal Palace, Bursil. It was scheduled to make an approach around the palace but was rescheduled to use the entire area.
Over one hundred thousand coffins are going to be walked up through Palace Grounds Road throughout the day.
A single coffin is to be lifted up by six men and tailed by two to four soldiers of said fallen soldiers division. A recruitment for able bodied veterans and civilians with some military involvement is to be cast today across the country to recruit upwards of five thousand men and women on a rotational basis to walk the coffins.
The House of Constantine, Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, and invited World Leaders will be observing the event from Edrudus II’s Platform, an extension of the royal palace ordered by Edrudus the second. Other VIP’s will be observing the event from Palace Grounds Road.
The memorial service is expected to house thousands of viewers in the streets, and will be severely regulated by Armed Police.
The memorial service is the largest and first ceremony to be held in Sani Bursil since the 2017 Royal Parade. The idea for it to be held so close to the royal family is sparking panic amongst some patriots and critiques, but the House of Constantine presses the idea that the radicalism shown in June “no longer exists and poses no threat to the nations sovereignty”.

Less than forty eight hours ago, the Government of Stratarin released information regarding “an attack of unprecedented cowardice and terror”, reporting “a violent insurgent movement in the northern Stratarin region ruthlessly exterminated the inhabitants of the small town Gorod”.
This morning, Premier Starikov ordered the release of information from his investigation to the general public.
The government released a series of satellite images taken during the attack, as well as the taped confession of an apprehended suspect who was complicit in this barbaric act of savagery.
Whilst Premier Starikov and Procutator General Iosef Demenok have made speeches, the story is likely to further develop.

An Atiland-led assassination on the royal Kuthern family took place earlier yesterday. Princess Laura, Queen Naomi II’s sister and cousin to Lambertus VII was killed. Two others were injured and were taken back to Kuthernburg for medical attention.
Whilst not much is known, it could be speculated that these actions is a clear declaration of war, but with the civil war in the country and not enough evidence, it is very hard to understand exactly who was behind it and why.
At six o’clock this morning, Royal One was spotted leaving Sani Bursil Capital Airport. The King is not expected to make a speech until he reaches Kuthernburg.

Feladine Junt, the fourth woman involved in the Assassination of Prince Thadeus was spotted in Andreen, a town 19 miles from the Axdel-Staynish border. She was spotted by two members of the local neighbourhood watch and was reportedly wearing a grey turtle neck jumper and light blue jeans. According to police, she is closing in on either the Staynish coast or the Axdelian border. When Armed Police stormed her alleged temporary residency, she had already left. With the capture of this woman, the Thadeus case can come one step closer to justice.
More on this story as it develops.

News at Eleven:

Lambertus VII has endorsed the capture of Feladine Junt earlier this morning, after her whereabouts are becoming increasingly known. A massive hunt has been pushed into motion, the Jikaaran Town Armed Police and Sekataan Town Armed Police collaborating for the woman’s capture. It is believed she has gone into hiding in the Cadvan Valleys, a 369 square mile national park splitting off from the Zycannes on the Axdel-Staynish border.

The assassination of a Kuthern Princess has led to the declaration of war between the KOK and Atiland. The assassination was believed to be the buildup from the country’s civil war.
Royal One had to make an emergency landing in Adumara, but will continue its journey to Kuthernburg tomorrow morning.

The newest innovative plan for a 75 megaton nuclear weapon has begun construction in Fort Nekaul, a military institution in Neptentia Islands. Following the decision, the military base is going to see its expansion from housing one thousand personnel to housing over three thousand by 2019.
Simulations for this colossal warhead has come conclusive, with a final discussion to deem it’s safety and production process in Parliament tomorrow.

With oil fields found off the coast of the Kohatu Isles in the later stages of last year, the prospect for the same success off of the coast of Kistel Island, Justelvard, has had considerable thought. An expedition is scheduled for the 25th of January to map out the seabed and its composition.

Walter Johannes flew to Stromharad, the capital of Asendavia to discuss the capture and extradition of Zecrod Furista yesterday evening. He was sighted entering Heimark Palace with Steinar Dullum, the Asendavian Minister of Internal Affairs this morning. He has yet to make a public statement upon his return.

Goru, a South Staynish multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services, with its HQ in Kirdintayos. Yesterday evening it launched a new program to involve more ‘off grid’ youth into urbanised areas. The focus is to establish a medium between the two very different South Staynish backgrounds from their release of affordable, yet ‘extremely cool’ line of clothes and shoes. The program has been endorsed by several South Staynish politicians.

News at Ten:

With all preparations set in stone, the nuclear weapon, conned “Blackwolf”, is expected to be finished in December. The device is expected to succeed over one hundred warheads, all being dismantled with the next two years over multiple institutions across the United Kingdom.

In September 2016, the Queen Consort was diagnosed with stage 3 primary hepatic cancer. She was flown to the Royal Bersius Hospital later that month, undergoing numerous tests. On the first of October, the King released his first public statement regarding the matter.
“…and, whilst not consenting to admittance, it is the publics right to comprehend the events last month. My wife is in a horrific place and it cannot be ignored…”
Upon her return from Tokapa in December, Rosetta underwent further medical treatment. She exited the Hospital today with notice of improvements. Several key figures have shown their delight over social media.
More on this story as it develops.

Mr Taft, the President of Xagrurg called for a closed door senate meeting in the Parliament Building on Wednesday, following yet another dramatic increase in civil unrest and rioting. Not much is known at this point.
More on this story as it develops.

Xagrurg held another military exercise in the Azure sea on Wednesday afternoon in response to the military exercises being conducted by Kuthernburg and her allies in the Yor Isles earlier this week. Social media has erupted with memes regarding what some call a “petty” face-off.

Storm Douglas is expected to hit Joralesia on Sunday, according to the Kirthgard Weather Station. It was spotted by satellite on Wednesday off of the coast of the Imperial Ocelot Sanctuary and was confirmed to have winds up to 95mph. Analytics have warned it is a potential danger to life.

A large thunderstorm is expected to move over Fort Jubrayn and surrounding areas tonight. Analytics warn the potential for electrical fires.

Primrose has released data for the first three days of its pPhone 9 sales. 2 million units were expected to be sold per day on average for the first four months. In the first 24 hours, over 16 million units were sold. ‘Die-hard’ Primrose fans have created a social media frenzy with hundreds of thousands of reviews.
The pPhone 9 has become the number 1 trending product so far in 2018.

A man known as Simon Kurogasa was found dead outside of his estate in Grand Pacific Valley, five miles east from Fort Vedras, a city located in the heart of Staynes. He was found with multiple broken bones, a fractured skull and a single stab wound. It was believed he was killed around five to seven o’ clock in Thursday evening. Vedras Police have released an appeal for any witnesses.

News at One:

9 people dead and dozens injured as Storm Douglas passes over Joralesia, according to local police. The storm, which was discovered by the Kirthgard Weather Station on Wednesday and deemed a category 4 hurricane earlier this morning, is expected to pass over Joralesia by Monday evening and reach South Rijlev by Tuesday afternoon before dispersing shortly afterwards.
The storm has caused billions of Kiribs in property damage, as well as the displacement of thousands of people. It is expected to cause more damage over the next day, with winds exceeding 130 mph. Several programs have established refuge camps across notable effected areas.
Following the storm, areas of east Joralesia have been struck with a massive blizzard storm, causing severe freezing. The Kirthgard Weather Station deem it as critically unsafe, following six deaths.

The UK border force has been boosted with additional funding, following immense pressure to maintain the borders from illegal immigration, drug trafficking and illegal imports. Since Xagrurg’s involvement in foreign wars, emigration has gone up tenfold, leading to police arresting hundreds of suspected illegal immigrants.
The UK has issued a warning to Xagrurg to bolster its own border force, following a shooting by a Xagrurgian immigrant in Fort Blayne, a town two miles from the Xagrurgian border near Laona this morning. The shooting did not result in any fatalities, but five casualties. The man was incapacitated and taken to custody to await questioning.

News at Twelve:

Simon Kurogasa, a retired veteran politician, was 92 when he was murdered outside of his estate in Grand Pacific Valley. He served as ambassador to Ethalria from 1960-1970 and again in 1978-1992 until his retirement from politics that year. He later went onto become a professor at Fort Vedras, teaching politics from 1998 until his final retirement in 2008 at 82.
An investigation led to the recovery of a cell phone conversation by two Thalrian’s who support the radical Ethalrian ideology in late 2017. With conclusive evidence supporting the link between the Thalrian nationals and the murder of Simon Kurogasa, the government has released an extradition request for the two females, Ursha Vinny (33) and Jacqueline Burdock (54).
An eye witness also reported seeing the two females murder the man. Flights from Fort Vedras to Rorikton also supported the boarding of two females into Thalria.
Simon’s daughter, Kelly Kurogasa, released a statement over social media, delving into the life of her father and his accomplishments. The post received the liking of David Willis (70), former Prime Minister, whom Simon served besides after the Auroran-Imperial War to tie the gap between Morst-Ethal hatred.

A man has died from his wounds from the Fort Blayne shootings in the early hours of the morning. The man, Gregory Sigurðsson (66) was evacuated to Fort Blayne Hospital and received intensive treatment. The man responsible for the shooting, Frederick Bigg (20), is going to appeal his case in court this evening.
Gregory’s family was utterly devastated, and have appeared on local television regarding the incident.
The UK has intensified its warning to Xagrurg to maintain its border control, stating that “failure to do so will result in sanctions”, and has requested the Xagrurgian government pay full compensation to the families effected. Xagrurg has failed to respond with a verdict.
More on this story as it develops.

Breaking News
Tonight at Nine:

Shock across the continent as Federal Order X was finally declared earlier this afternoon. Controversy has been surrounding Xagrurg all winter from their radical decision to join the Fire Pact Alliance and involve themselves in a war so far from their country without recovering from the Auroran-Pacific War only a few months prior.
Civil unrest has grown since its failure to pursue a verdict with the alliance, many groups calling for total reform, with analytics deeming the Xagrurgian government “too incapable of meddling in international affairs”. The conflict, which set the Xagrurgian government further into unknown twelve to thirteen digit debt, had a severe toll on the decision making and performance of the country. Underfunded sectors, angry citizens and ridiculously unstable debt forced a much needed Senate meeting on Wednesday to discuss a way forward.
Federal Order X implies the emergency breakdown of Xagrurg to try and pursue a more stable region; one that’s able to come to easier conclusions relating to internal and external affairs, as well as budgeting. Many people have thought this decision to be “far fetched” and “radical”, but notable Xagrurgian politicians have promoted the idea that Federal Order X will bring “Peace, freedom and justice” to the new countries.

Disaster as President Taft was found dead in Imperium today. His death has sparked outrage across the country, but mourning and sorrow has risen above all emotions.
It is confirmed the man died of heart attack. His death has caused panic across the government, being forced to reelect a new President in the stages of the devolution of Xagrurg.
Prime Minister Walter Johannes, as well as other notable figures have sent their condolences via social media to Mr Taft’s family.
Mr Johannes has also established a communications with the Xagrurgian government, willing to discuss an organised collapse.

More on these stories as they develop.

News at Ten:

Fort Mintagrud was reopened this morning after two months of upgrades and has been opened for commercial use as well as he UK Armed Forces. The port, located in Blueacia and capable of housing for five vessels is set to improve the livlihood of the microstate, being used not only as an essential route of Morst trade, but also being utilised as a ‘pitstop’ to trade giants such as Kuthernburg, Tretrid, Mexregiona, Stratarin and Prussia.
Rosamund Island has been another useful ‘pitstop’ for commercial use to trade giants in Gondwana and Atlantia, although it’s main port has been heavily developed for military use. The Island houses a population of 135 thousand people, according to a 2016 census, and has been ranked as one of the fastest developing islands in the world. It’s capital, Port Delivar, is seeing its airport expand from two runways to four by the end of 2018.

New Celidizia, a UK city state in Kurthernburg, is seeing the replacement of several skyscrapers to its horizon by the end of 2019. Nettlegroup, a multinational investment banking and financial company with its headquarters in Tuskaco Street, the Financial District of Lower Celizan, New Celidizia, has revealed plans for its building to undergo the development of several new floors. The project is expected to begin in March and finish in January 2019.

News at Ten:

Reporting from Lutherburg, Lambertus VII delivered a speech to Kuthern press this evening.
“My fellow associates, and to the people of Kuthernburg; one of our most trusted allies. I report a verdict of the United Kingdom passed through Parliament earlier this week. The UK will not tolerate actions executed by the Atiland government against its allies, and thus a deceleration of war has been deemed appropriate. The Prime Minister and I have stressed that the actions of Atiland will bear accumulative consequences and thus justice will be restored. I, as well as many, are completely disgraced upon the actions taken by the Atiland government. The Morst Commonwealth, which Atiland is a major trade partner in, has established severe embargoes and sanctions on the country. A conference is to be held in Sani Bursil at 10AM on the 14th of January to deem a coherent outcome of a war between Atiland and the Allies and to restore order and justice to the devastated country.”
The Atiland government has issued a 48 hour issue for the UK to withdraw its military from the country, as well as its consulates following its decleration of war. Whilst an official statement has not been made, communication between both UK and Kuthernburg forces have revealed that the military bases will be used as a medium to enter the country.
With the Morst Commonwealth establishing strict embargos as well as sanctions, many speculate the collapse of the nations foundations. Atiland, a former colony of the Morstaybishlian Empire, which gained independence in 1956, has been in the Commonwealth since 1957. It relies heavily on major trade partners within the organisation, including the UK itself.
Since the Roberto-led assassination of Kuthern royalty, thousands of Atilandians have walked the streets of it major cities of Lostwich, Rogueborough and Amberlay in protest.

Earlier this morning, the Aeternum Council’s social media released a spoiler for the next Urth Songvestival, to be held in Aeger Stadium. According to its social media accounts, “all countries are invited”. The songvestival is to be held on the 30th of January and last until the start of February. [edit_reason]changed 12th to 14th so i can write about it on time[/edit_reason]

News at Six:

The murder case of Freya Nobleson in 1966 has finally come to rest. A man was arrested earlier this month after he admitted to police he killed the woman all those years ago. The man, Anatoly Murreck (81) has been sentenced to life in prison without parole after his conviction earlier today.
Freya Nobleson was just 20 when she was murdered inside her home in Fort Ejard 62 years ago. Her body was found by a postman who complained that every time he visited, the smell of death grew stronger and stronger through the letterbox. There was no evidence to leave a trail for crime scene investigators, preventing the closure of the case.
Freya’s youngest sister Rosalina (64), her only living relative, expressed her delight that “justice was finally served”.
Anatoly Murreck is being taken to Detention Island and will serve out his sentence there. Many speculate that he will not see life outside of the prison again, being 106 upon his release. Some believe his sentence is too late for him to learn, as well as being too harsh on an elderly “gentleman”.

Lillian Pretty is a 119 year old woman who lives in the coastal town of Dundton, north of Fort Ejard. A documentary was recently released about her life, growing up as the wife of a Royal Navy Admiral, how it feels to be a super-centenarian - one of the last people born in the 19th century with a life spanning 3 centuries, her involvement in the War, her family, and her “miracle” to her survival.
Lillian describes her longevity down to eating one raw egg for breakfast, without failure, once every day. She explains how it has specific proteins useful for her needs.
The King’s Mother visited Lillian during the documentary, both sharing their vastly different but relevant stories about the War. Isobel (81), shared the stress of being married to the King, their troubles and what they did to get around it. Lillian addressed how it was working in the factories and the difficulties faced with danger lurking in the shadows.