Medical Blockade Restriction

Medical Blockade Restriction

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Strong

Proposed by: Philimbesi

Description: UNDERSTANDING that in the course of international affairs, nations may from time to time place trade blockades on other nations.

REGRETTING that at times said blockades might restrict life saving drugs and personnel from attending the sick and wounded in the blocked nations.

ASSERTING that life is fundamentally more important than political or international affairs.

The World Assembly,

DEFINES Medical Supplies as any item used directly in life saving actions, or those used to sustain life after injury or disease.

DEFINES Medical Personnel as civilian doctors, nurses, or paramedical personnel

REQUIRES any blocking force or forces to grant vessels carrying medical supplies and personnel passage.

PERMITS the searching of delivery vessels in accordance with WA statues.

PROHIBITS the blocking of delivery of medical supplies or personnel to the citizens of blockaded nations. is the link to the WA forum thread over this.

While its mentioned that nothing is loophle proof, is also mentioned that this one is a good try, and most seem to support it. A few critics are that the blocking nation might want to deny supplies to weaken the other, that drugs with dual use might pass and be misused and that giving passage to medics/medic vehicles might lead into trojan horse situations.

I´m against because to let this work, it should enforce that only personal/vehicles from red cross/WA/or same nation/organization accepted as neutral by the blocker could pass. As it is the trojan horse threat is real.

I agree with you concerning Trojan horse potential and black market trade. I’d also like to assert that a blockade of medical supplies could ultimately reduce suffering and economic stress by forcing a quicker resolution of hostilities.

— Begin quote from ____

PERMITS the searching of delivery vessels in accordance with WA statues.

— End quote

I would prefer to see said statutes included in the language of a future resolution.

My vote is NO.

I voted yes, but still I think it should be more detailed about this things

If the blockaded nation can make a profit with the medical supply, I’m against…

if they give the medicine away to the sick, fine…

but there’s no mention of anything of the sort in the resolution, so…I’m against.

Last Decision

The General Assembly resolution Medical Blockade Restriction was passed 4,299 votes to 1,371, and implemented in all WA member nations.