Memorandum of the Viziers

Grand Vizier’s Memorandum on Citizenship

I. Creation of the Public Conciliation Panel

1- The Public Conciliation Panel is established under the authority of the convening Grand VIzier.

2- The convening Grand Vizier shall be the Chief Executive of the Panel.

3- The Delegate, Provost, Viceroy, Viziers, and Grand Vizier-appointed citizens shall be members.

II. Functions of the Panel

1- The Panel shall convene at the Grand Vizier’s referral of a citizenship application:
1.a- If accepted by an authorized person other than the Grand Vizier, applications may be referred to the Panel within one week.
1.b- If the applicant is shown to utilize an illegitimate IP address, or addresses, citizens may be referred to the panel at any time.
1.c If the applicant is shown to have falsified information on their application, citizens may be referred to the panel at any time.

2- The Panel shall consider and debate any cases referred by the Grand Vizier.

3- The Panel shall remain under the convening Grand Vizier’s authority until its adjournment.
3.a- Should the convening Grand Vizier no longer be Grand Vizier, their title shall remain Chief Executive.

4- The Panel is empowered to request an EPPS investigation, through the Grand Vizier.

5- The Panel shall make recommendations for the treatment of the application.

6- The Panel shall adjourn at the discretion of the Grand Vizier / Chief Executive.

III. Citizenship Considerations

1- Any cases under the consideration of the Panel are suspended.

2- Suspended cases may not be considered naturalized, be listed in a citizen register, or assume any functions afforded to a citizen. [/font]

Grand Vizier’s Memorandum on Citizenship

I. Citizenship Application Considerations

1- A member of the Citizenship Commission may not process an application for citizenship unless the applicant has completed the following:
1.a- Explicitly ratify the Concordat;
1.b- Complete an Application Questionnaire;
1.c- Display their Resident Nation on their forum profile; and
1.d- Submit an Oath of Application;

2- Citizenship Commission members must enforce compliance with this order prior to processing citizenship applications, and are empowered to question the applicant for purposes related to their application prior to referring it to Forum Staff for masking.

3- Citizenship Commission members may request for a member of the Forum Staff to edit the applicant’s profile in order to comply with this order.

II. Citizenship Application Components

1- The Application Questionnaire shall read thus:[/font]

[code]I, (nation name here), hereby ratify the Concordat of The East Pacific.

1. The name of my NationStates nation within The East Pacific is:
2. If I have one, the name of my World Assembly member nation is:
3. List of all nations, names, aliases, and personas I go by in NationStates:
4. My Discord name and ID number, if I have one, is:
5. List of all organizations, regions, and entities I am currently involved with in NationStates:
6. List of all organizations, regions, and entities I have been involved with previously within NationStates:
7. I like to be contacted by a recruiter from the following internal organizations- [sup]Say YES to all that apply[/sup]

  • The East Pacific Sovereign Army -
  • East Pacific Police Service -
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
  • Ministry of Information and Communications -
  • Ministry of Culture -
  • Ministry of Immigration -
  • Ministry of Manpower -
  • Ministry of RMB Affairs -
  • Ministry of World Assembly Affairs -
  • TEP Evolved Roleplay-
  • None, thank you -

I swear that I have been completely truthful in applying for citizenship within The East Pacific and that I have fully disclosed all information material to this application and its purposes. I swear my allegiance to The East Pacific leadership and citizens, and swear not to engage in hostilities against The East Pacific, the leadership of The East Pacific, and the Concordat of The East Pacific.

Grand Vizier’s Memorandum on Citizenship

I. Institutionalization of the Citizenship Commission

1- The Citizenship Commission is established under the authority of the Grand Vizier’s Office, and is considered to exercise the powers of that Office in the consideration of Citizenship applications in a limited manner as prescribed by the current Grand Vizier.

2- Grand Vizier-appointed citizens shall be members, along with any Directorate position authorized by the Grand Vizier.
2.1- Membership shall be posted in the Plaza.

II. Functions of the Commission

1- The Commission members shall act upon each citizenship application.
1.a- The members shall ensure the applicant has fulfilled the requirements for citizenship.
1.b- The members shall ensure that the applicant’s nation is correct as described in their profile field.
1.c- The members shall refer the application to the Forum Staff for citizenship masking.

2- The Panel shall undertake any other duties as requested by the Grand Vizier.

III. Commission Devices

1- The Devices of the Commission shall be as shown in Table A.[/font]
1.a- Use of the devices is authorized only in the case of official usage by a member or as approved by the Grand Vizier.
1.b- Misuse of the devices or title of the Commission constitutes Fraud and will be subject to a trial. [/font]

[table][tr][th]Table A[/th]
[tr][td]Header Image, Full Logo[/td]
[tr][td]Squared Logo[/td]