Minimum Standard of Living Act

Seeking to eliminate extreme poverty in all states,

Believing that every person should enjoy a minimum standard of living, so long as they are willing to contribute to their society,

Convinced that World Assembly member states should guarantee this minimum standard of living to their legal inhabitants, so long as sufficient resources exist to do so,

The General Assembly,

  1. Defines the “minimum standard of living”, for the purposes of this resolution, as the minimum levels of access to food and water, clothing, housing, sanitation, appropriate utilities, and appropriate transportation necessary for a person to remain reasonably healthy, safe and productive in a given member state;

  2. Declares that each member state is required to guarantee a minimum standard of living to all inhabitants of that member state;

  3. Specifies that member states are permitted to facilitate the provision of a minimum standard of living through public or private sector initiatives, including but not limited to a minimum wage, a living wage, a guaranteed minimum income, social security, unemployment insurance, subsidized housing, food stamps, or any combination thereof;

  4. Exempts each member state from guaranteeing a minimum standard of living to individuals who:

a. are not legal permanent residents or citizens of that member state,

b. refuse to make a good faith attempt to make restitution for crimes of which they have been found guilty by a court of law, or

c. refuse to make a good faith attempt to support themselves without government assistance, or to engage in government-mandated job training, temporary employment or community service, without a legitimate reason, such as a disability that would prevent them from doing so;

  1. Permits each member state to guarantee only a partial minimum standard of living, to the extent that that member state deems practicable and appropriate while remaining consistent with the object and purpose of this resolution, and notwithstanding the provisions of section 2, when that member state:

a. is undergoing or recovering from a national emergency or economic crisis, or

b. cannot guarantee a minimum standard of living without causing substantial and lasting harm to their economy;

  1. Clarifies that nothing in this resolution shall be interpreted as prohibiting the World Assembly from legislating in the future on access to a minimum standard of living.

Minimum Standard of Living Act was passed 9,226 votes to 4,971.