Minor correction to the SOP

Following The East Pacific - Tapatalk - Login during the most recent vote on a SOP amendment, I herewith want to propose an amendment to the SOP. The second section, numbered 1.2, shall be renumbered to 1.3, or, in standard practice color code:

— Begin quote from ____

…1.1- The branch of the Viziers, hereby known as the Praesidium, is established.
…1.2- The duties of the Viziers are as follows:
……1.2.1- Maintain the security of the East Pacific as best they can.
……1.2.2- Investigate any security threat to the East Pacific and its sovereignty.
……1.2.3- Enforce all endorsements caps, as regulated by law.
…1.2.4- Accumulate endorsements and influence in order to carry out their duties.

…1.23- The Viziers shall have no endorsement caps placed upon them, but may not surpass the number of endorsements maintained by the legal Delegate or Acting Delegate.

— End quote

I feel like this change can just be done since it’s a misnumbering instead of an actual change.

And now I’m wondering how man timez I’ve updated the SoP with that same error.