Monisau Claim


Nation Name (long): République Monisau (The Monisau Republic)
Nation Name (short): Monisau

Motto: Liberté, égalité, fraternité, Dieu (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity & God)
National Animal: Dove
National Flower/Plant: Sunflower
National Anthem: La chanson nationale
Capitol: E’lla
Largest City: E’lla

Demonym: Monisauian
Popular Languages: Monisauian, Monisauian Indigenous Languages
Species: Human
Population: 25 Million People (2022 Census)

Government type: Republic
Leader(s): President Shaqiri: President of Monisau
Legislature: Assemblée nationale (National Assembly
Formation: 1815

Total GDP: $1.0 trillion, The biggest industries are Tourism, Agriculture & Sports Entertainment/Overall Entertainment, Major Crops grown here are Coffee, Cocoa, Beans, Rice, Maize, Sugar Cane, Soybean, Pineapple, Tobacco, Sweet Potato & Tea among others. Sports Entertainment mainly comes from the Monisau Ligue 1, Which is the biggest Professional Sports League in Monisau, and the Monisau Ligue de Basketball which is the second biggest sports league in Monisau. Tourism is important as well as Monisau profits from tourism annually due to its tropical climate and beautiful site seeing and a lot to explore and see.
GDP per capita: 40,000
Currency: Moni
Calling Code: 240
ISO 3166 code: MO, MOT
Internet TLD: .ms

Historical Summary:
Originally settled by Indigenous peoples which had plenty of warring tribes in different islands and areas of the islands would live and war with each other, throughout the millennium the indigenous people were left undisturbed by the outside world, however in the 16th century, Monisauian-speaking peoples who were seeking new lands to settle in land in the islands throughout the century, over time the indigenous people and new settlers came into contact and originally would be generally peaceful, would trade and live nearby each other, over time settlers began to grow much larger than their indigenous counterparts and began to overrun areas that they lived in, forcing indigenous groups to relocate to other islands or parts of the islands, a major war broke out in 1622 and it lasted for about 15 years, becoming a settler victory however feeling like war would not work out well with each other, the settler clans and indigenous tribes decided on an on boundaries and began a era of peace and working together, the settler clans would war with each other for the rest of the 17th and until late 18th century, the indigenous tribes would also war with each other throughout the same era, however another major war broke out between indigenous and settlers, it went on until 1801 where it was decided both settlers and indigeous groups would begin to unite as they all occupied the islands and needed to work together to help each other, so throughout the years they began to open borders and start trading while also working to unite under a single government, eventually in 1815 the foundations are agreed upon and the Monisau Republic is founded, to this day both Indigenous and settler decendents still live in harmony and as a unified nation.

The Star is the Capital E’lla,
the City in the north is Djumu
City in the southern island is Guila

Following a vote on March 16th, 2023, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 6-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.

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