“Thank you, everyone, for showing. I know this has been a very busy time for most of you in terms of legislation, but we have something here that is significantly pressing. It threatens the very foundation of our nation, and I believe that we’ll need to bond together if we are going to reveal the threat to the world. It is the situation in Aurora.”
Mister Leader stood rigid, transfixed to the faces of his coworkers.
“As you very well know, Aurora is an economic stronghold on Urth. It has deepened the economic function and status of the USM, and has brought much innovation through trade and diplomacy. Myriad, although now simply a memory, tightened the strides taken by their continent and ours, not to mention other lands. The Empire, for instance, has contributed to the inner workings of our wondrous nation for nearly all of my predecessor’s office and my own. Along with that, Dragonia has shown explicit degrees of friendship and courtesy for nearly every nation on this planet. This is why I must encourage you to take action now, before the people of the Union, and fight for what is correct and just. Stratarin has long been our ally, but it is now time to set things straight. The same goes for all future belligerents in this inevitable war. For the sake of Aurora, I propose that we declare war on the GXE and her partners before it is brought to our doorstep. It is the only way to straighten, once more, the Auroran continent. If it were to fall to the Axis, it would surely mean devastation for Mexregiona. I’m willing to risk a domestic invasion if it means that Aurora can again see Long Peace.”
A representative in the back spoke up. “Why would we bother dealing with something on the opposite side of the Urth? Surely our people are more important than your own glory, Mister Leader?”
Leader went into an agitated stance. “Haven’t you been listening? This is to be the greatest war Aurora, and perhaps the world, has ever seen. It is the conflict between good and evil, progress and regression, light and dark. We as a confederation cannot stand idle as our family is slaughtered before our watchful gaze. Today is the time to act! It is the time to send a message to the Urth! It is time to push back the shackles of the past and step toward a new future. Going to battle is the only choice we have for a future. Now, who is with me?”
Nobody rose their hand. Anger, a rare sign in the Leader, flashed over his eyes.
“I see my talk has done no good. I can tell that I work within the presence of cowards, men and women who are unwilling to risk their lives for the good of the world.” The Leader trudged from the podium and off the auditorium’s stage. His pace was calculating; without the approval of the Gully (the government), he was powerless.
A newscast broke out above the assembly. The woman on the screen had a light Staynish accent, which might’ve meant that she’d lived in the Empire for only part of her life, and she appeared to be in the midst of a huge gathering of lunatics. “Breaking News: The son of Lambertus is now considered to be dead. He was shot earlier today during a parade in Sani Bursil; he was then taken to a medical bay in which it is widely thought that he perished. He will be mourned, and little is known of the future of the Empire, as the heir of a vast nation has been slaughtered in cold blood. The supposed assassins are being taken in for question as we speak, and future updates are sure to come from the palace. This is…”
The television cut out.
The inhabitants of the Gully began to raise their hands, one by one, as if to show sadness. Mister Leader looked around, donning an expression of surprise, then depression, then excitement.
“The rightful High King will be avenged!” Mister Leader II proclaimed to the crowd with all his might.
He was given a standing ovation and the officials immediately went to their respective duties, readying for the war.[edit_reason]Don’t I Feel Stupid; I Done Misread Stuff[/edit_reason]

[spoiler]Regarding the Auroran Coup d’Etat of the Republic of Xargrurg


WHEREAS, The organization known as the “Great Xargurgian Empire” successfully carried out a coup d’Etat on the Republic of Xargrurg,

WHEREAS, the Various Officials of Mexregiona’s Governmental Gully have officially refused to recognize the “Great Xargrurgian Empire" and any other satellite entities of the organization.

WHEREAS, The President and Leader of Mexregiona, Mister Leader II, has taken a hostile stance against the organization, not to mention a number of separate political parties and peoples of the Mexregionan Union.

ON THIS DAY, June 7, 2017 A.D., much like the Second Republic of Tretrid, the Legislative Bodies of the United Parishes of Mexregiona hereby declare that the said nation shall be in a state of war with the “Greater Xargrurguan Empire.”


-The United Parishes of Mexregiona will officially be in a state of war against the “Great Xargrugian Empire,” and any allies of the organization, regardless of previous international relationships.

-The United Parishes of Mexregiona shall sever all diplomatic relations with any nation friendly and/or aligning with the organization. This does not include satellite territories.

-The United Parishes of Mexregiona shall neither establish diplomatic relations with the “Great Xargrurgian Empire," nor with any of its allies until the courses of war are terminated.


-The United Parishes of Mexregiona shall not accept nothing less than UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER unless any of its allies agrees to treaty.

-The United Parishes of Mexregiona shall CONDEMN and RETALIATE UPON any uses of weapons of mass destructions (WMDs) (thermonuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, tungsten rod space cannons, et cetera).

-The United Parishes of Mexregiona shall personally and internationally see to the destruction of the “Great Xargrurgian Empire” and have it replaced with a more stable, preferably democratic government. This government shall forever see to the people of their nation, rather than their own needs, so Mexregiona shall administer.


Due to the current actions taken by the proclaimed “Axis,” the United Parishes of Mexregiona shall immediately be engaged in war upon the immediate signing of the document by Mister Leader II, President of the United Parishes of Mexregiona.[/spoiler]
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Beartrot stood in his personal armored vehicle, having been given many a thought on how the situation should be run. Three times had he been interrupted to be told information he was already adjusted to. The people around him wanted to help, but they didn’t know how.
The perimeter had been scanned time and time again, and there were surely no kinks in the system. At least, that’s what Beartrot thought. And Beartrot was usually right.
His country was at war, and yet it hadn’t done anything. Diplomacy and friendship were getting in the way. This meeting was important and worth their time, no doubt, but the man still thought that the Mexregionan Navy should be down in Aurora already. Mister Leader was against this, though, and so was the Gully. They had the final say in nearly all matters. Beartrot couldn’t do much. It is all a waiting game.