Nation Registration Oreecea

Nation Name (long): The Democratic Republic of Oreecea
Nation Name (short): Oreecea

Motto: Tyranny Shall Never Reclaim This Land
National Animal: Owl
National Flower/Plant: Lotus
National Anthem: An Ode to Freedom

Capitol: Riashc population:3,255,288
Largest City: Azercov Population 980,000

Demonym: Oreecean
Language: Codexian
Species: Human
Population: 290,467,515

Government type: A Totalitarian dictatorship that has a bizarre blend of Facism and Communism
Leader(s): Title: Administrator General Name:Isanjia Canedrovna Pronouns: She/her
Legislature: Most laws are made at the chamber of Officials
Formation: 1949

Total GDP: 14.72 Trillion
Currency: Necessity Ticket

Calling Code: 972
ISO 3166 code: Two Letter OA Three letter Ore

Historical Summary: A brief overview of your nations history. In Antiquity Oreecea was a wealthy Kingdom known for its rich ore deposits and sea lanes this wealth attracted the envy of its neighbors which led to it being conquered by an empire lost to history it briefly regained independence in the medieval ages but was soon brought back into the fold.Centuries later with the spread of nationalism the Oreecean people would revolt and finally gain their independence but their freedom was not in there grasp the revolution became corrupted and Oreecea fell into Totalitarianism. Modern Oreecea can be described as a Bureaucratic nightmare with some form of government Agency,Bureau,and ministry controlling every aspect of the individuals life the citizen is tightly controlled and monitored by the government. While the Political and Civil situations are abysmal Oreecea is highly industrialized and has become a chief manufacturer for the world distributing its goods across the world making it ridiculously wealthy Oreecea has a massive military but doesn’t involve itself in conflicts but it does sell weapons and provide funds to insurrections across the globe as well as bribe more democratic countries to be in on more friendly terms with it.

I couldn’t see where to actually put what I’m claiming so here I claim everything east of the black line up to the river where Reijia is

Accepted 6-0-0, pending the fixing of border within 1,000,000 km2. Thank you for your patience

Stats accepted via discord communication: 60 Million people, 13k GDP per capita = 780B (not the stats on the claim) and <1 million km2 size.