Nauxos claim


Nation Name (long): The Senatorial Republic of Nauxos (Nausos)

Nation Name (short): Nauxos

Motto: “Ναυξός πάντα!” (“Nauxos evermore!”)

National Animal: Dolphin

National Flower/Plant:Acanthus Mollis

National Anthem:Progression Evermore!

Capitol: Tovaris (red dot)

Largest City: Syrus (green dot)

Demonym: Deltan

Language: Corencian, Codexian,

Species: Humans, Kemonomimi,

Population: 40 million

Government type: Technocracy
Leader(s): President Konstantinos Kallos

Legislature: Voulí

Formation: September 5, 1818

Total GDP: 202 billion

GDP per capita: 5,350

Calling Code: +216

ISO 3166 code:nau


Internet TLD: .nx

Historical Summary:

Prior to the creation of the South Naux Confederation in 1787, many factions were riddled across the northern coast, constantly in states of conflict with little to no diplomatic connection. Taking advantage of the instability in the north, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Hellas had rallied many of the factions in the south at the Διάσκεψη του Άπω Νότου, or the Far South Conference.

At this conference, Prime Minister Andreas Kistakis had promised that a confederation of Deltan states would bring prosperity to the north, and all its resources would be split equally between the residents of each constituent country, but in his words, all that was needed to bring such prosperity was “Αίμα και σίδηρος” (Blood and Iron”).

After a unanimous vote, the factions of the south had united, and combined their armed forces into the new “Blue Army” which then began a long period of reform before its declaration of war with all of the north in 1810.

Prior to 1810, many of the lesser factions had already been twisted into surrender by the larger Cape Vick, a half Codexian speaking state who had worked to flex its dominance over the territory. Before an official fight could take place, the Vicksh Codexians had experienced a period of decline economically with widespread debt, and a severe population decline in the war torn state. To add to this, the Deltans among them had wished for more integration with the SNC. To avoid war, the two nations had combined into the Nauxian Confederation

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