Neuatt Economic Analysis

Neuatt Economic Analysis


The profits are positive this quarter, with a 5% surplus over projections earlier this year. Gondwanan raw materials are a necessity up north, and the demand has dramatically risen while the supply has steadily increased, driving prices upward.

Meanwhile, Gondwanan mementos/finished products are valued even more so, causing a rapid rise in prices. Economists are monitoring this trend to make sure it is not a bubble, but most assure that the prices will gradually go down as more and more Atlaesians continue to buy Gondwanan products.

Vice versa, Atlaesian products are being increasingly popular in Neuatt, with demand skyrocketing upwards while supply is rising. However, many economists believe that the demand will reach the supply curve sometime soon, so there is no need for concern.

The Karuble has grown 367% after Feb 7, the establishment of the Atlaesian colony of Neuatt.

This phenomenon of economic growth after colonization is something many Neuatt citizens like (35% increase GDP per capita), and some have dubbed “The Colonized Karuble Effect.” Whether this trend will grow remains to be seen.

Neuatt Economic Analysis


The profits are positive from last quarter, however with a 2% loss from projections made last quarter at this point. Demand has remained relatively the same, while the barriers to obtaining supply have increased.

While Gondwanan materials seem to still be a trend up north, our Social Outreach officers have shown with increasing concern that the fad is nearing the end of its course. We predict that the stream of income will eventually stabilize at sustainable levels.

Ancient Asendavian settlements from religious missions found near Atlaesian/Neuatt lands have been excavated, with high projections for antiques. However, the government of Asendavia has stepped in to save its artifacts and agreed to send reimbursements for archaeological costs and possible relief for the soon-to-be-mentioned naval problems listed below.

In the last two months, the trend continued from the last quarter’s prediction, but recently, has suddenly dropped. This could be attributed to the recent stock crashes responsible from the War in Atlantia. Agriculture and industry, particularly in the northeastern-Atlae Isles, has become rather skittish and have such slowed.

Another attribution for the sudden decrease in productivity is reported maritime issues. Trade has, historically, been a big part of the area around Neuatt. As such, cargo ships/cargo planes launching from the Neuatt-administered Atlaesian ports/airfields require utmost impunity while sailing.

The recent hurricane has momentarily cut off much of the trade with the Southern Isles as well as much of Atlantia. The cargo ship Los Muelles has sunk off the coast of Kadur; however, it is reported that the crew has safely evacuated and is one day away from Kadur. We here hope for them the best.

Trade to the west, however, is threatened by something else. While ships reportedly make the trip safely, many reported unidentified and hostile ships pursuing them. Some have fallen off the radar (or sonar), possibly felled by this foe. Unfortunately, the Neuatt Port Authority could not find the sailors or the reported enemies. Was this a wild sailor’s tale or an act of blatant piracy?

Trade by air has been recommended by the government due to these problems, and cameras have been installed to record any ‘sightings’ of this fleet. Current photos indicate a naval blockade, but we do not know who aggravated such action.

The complete quarterly report will come out in one-month’s time; however, it was worth pointing out the changes in the trends this point in time.