New Citizenship Policy

The administrative and moderating teams met tonight to discuss modifications to the current citizenship policy. While we certainly understand that citizenship is a government issue, and that the administrative and moderating staff do not overstep over the government of this region, we believe certain actions should be taken to ensure security in this region is optimal and strong. In light of this, we have proposed the following:

  1. Government approves of citizens as they see fit.

  2. Administration cross-checks available IP addresses, logs, and other outlets to ensure the citizen-to-be is indeed who he or she is. This includes, but is not limited to, denial of citizenship for individuals using proxies, corporate IP’s, etc.

  3. Administration will provide explanation for any individual who was approved of citizenship but denied the privilege for security purposes.

  4. Administration will consider this a “trial period” after which administration will review and make further changes it deems necessary.

  5. Administration and moderation suggest that the Government of The East Pacific amend their laws to accommodate this security procedure.

  6. Appeals for those who are denied citizenship may be filed with administration, but will probably result in administration asking the individual to find a more secure IP address or other requests unique for the particular situation.