New Leganes

Hello, my nation is the Cooperative Commonwealth of New Leganes, and as it has some importance (population, medals…) I think now is the best moment to ubicate this nation in TEP map. Here is a description from my factbook you can use to draw it, but if you need changes, I don’t care.

New Leganes is located on the centre of the East Pacific. It is an archipelago made of 510 islands, 4 of then much bigger than the others, and an atoll. These are Forndinge, on the northwest; Rhundinge, to the northeast; Rhunstell, by the southeast; the archipelago of Fornstell, an atoll formed by a volcanic eruption that immersed the original island, by the southwest; and Taurillien, where the capital of New Leganes is placed, to the south.

On the centre of the New Leganes archipelago there are 463 small islands that are a famous touristic landmark for workers and old people.

Forndinge is the biggest island of New Leganes.

Privetia Taurillien expands gaining the sea, what makes Taurillien the real biggest island of New Leganes.