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Militants Attack Army Convoy on I-34

NEW SKOPJE — Yesterday, armed militants assaulted an Army convoy transporting food and medical supplies to a small village recently liberated by Southern Yugoslavian forces. The attack occured at 5 PM on the I-34, the highway connecting New Skopje to Kragujevac, the nation’s largest city. The convoy was in an extremely dangerous part of the province.

Four servicemen were killed in the attack, as well as 16 confirmed militant deaths. The convoy was attacked with rocket propelled grenades, assault rifles, and mortar fire. The province of Kvatch has been dangerous territory for servicemen and women, as well as government officials and police officers. The province has been called the “Afghanistan of Southern Yugoslavia”.

Three of the ten vehicles in the convoy were destroyed, including two of the cargo trucks carrying several thousand dollars worth of medical and food supplies. The President has condemned the militant group, and declared supporters of the group “Public Enemies”. A bounty of §100,000 dollars ($95,000 USD) has been placed on most of the high ranking members of the miltant group, identified as Khajin Rai Tuanis (KRT).

Military prescense on the I-34 has increased over the past year, mainly because of militant activity in Kvatch. It is currently unknown why KRT turned Kvatch into their stronghold, although some experts believe it is because of its many forests and caves.

If you have any information regarding Khajin Rai Tuanis or their high ranking officers, call toll free at 213-4910.
Another convoy transporting medical supplies to the province of Kvatch.

National Guard Deployed to Province of Kvatch

Kvatch City — The National Guard was recently deployed to the province of Kvatch after countless militant attacks on military convoys and vehicles occured on the I-34. In addition to the National Guard, martial law has been declared in the province until it is cleansed of the militant threat. Last week, a small village was taken by militant forces of Khajin Rai Tuanis and was recently liberated from the militant’s grip.

Thousands of refugees fled Kvatch in fear for their lives. As the trucks moved into the province, they were taken by suprise when improvised explosive devices (IED) were used for the first time on Southern Yugoslavian soil. After the IEDs were detonated, small arms fire pestered the most of the convoys until they reached Kvatch’s capital, Kvatch City. Kvatch City is intended to be the main staging area for the National Guard to clear the province. Roadblocks were placed at all roads in and out of Kvatch to prevent the militants from moving across the provincial and national borders.

According to the capital, New Skopje, the National Guard is intended to remain in Kvatch until the militants are removed. The Southern Yugoslavian Red Cross built refugee camps a few miles from Kvatch’s border for the refugees leaving Kvatch.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

S.Y. Navy and Republican Guard Captures Vekaiyun Submarine

New Skopje — The Southern Yugoslavian Navy and Republican Guard captured a Vekaiyun submarine twenty miles off the coast of Silverado, the northernmost province of Southern Yugoslavia. The destroyers SYS North Karolina and SYS Schavichokiva captured the sub and crew early yesterday morning. Only one causality has been reported, a Vekaiyun crew member of the sub whose name has not been released.

The area has had an increasing amount of instability as Warreic Naval vessels, a single Vulshainian vessel and ships from a group known as “the Regime” entered the vicinity of Southern Yugoslavian maritime claims. The ships from Warre have not entered Southern Yugoslavian waters, however, Regime ships entered Southern Yugoslavian waters and were mostly destroyed by Southern Yugoslavian naval power and the Vulshainian ship, Halo’s Light.

Talks are continuing between the nations of Southern Yugoslavia and Vekaiyu for return of the crew and sub. It is believed that the sub entered Southern Yugoslavian waters accidently, receiving botched orders from their headquarters. The sub and crew is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 airmen and the destruction of at least $35 million USD of Southern Yugoslavian property.
SYS Schavichokiva (left), SYS North Karolina (center), SYS Brancko Censki (right)

Government Denies Biological Weapon on Board Destroyed Mil Mi-8 Helicopter

New Skopje — Rumors have been circulating that a biological weapon was on board the Mil Mi-8 helicopter that was shot down accidently by a Vekaiyun submarine that was captured early yesterday morning. Despite the rumors, the government has declared there was “…no weapon of any sort [biological, chemical, or nuclear] on board the Mi-8 that was shot down over Silverado.”

There are many skeptics, however. One expert believes there was something on the helicopter, otherwise there would be photos of the crash released to the public. The government maintained there was no weapon of mass destruction (WMD) on board, and released a photo of what appears to be the carcass of the Mi-8 that crashed over Silverado in response. The picture, which shows a Mi-8 with a Southern Yugoslavian military paint scheme.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Kragujevac Liberated From Militant Hold

New Skopje — Early yesterday morning, National Guard forces pushed into Kragujevac, the nation’s largest city, fighting heavily armed militant forces. The attack on Kragujevac is one of many assaults against militant strongholds throughout the province of Kvatch. The assault on Kragujevac began on Friday at 9 PM. Although the militant forces were heavily armed and barricaded inside Kragujevac’s many high-rise buildings and offices, the National Guard used their technological advantage to the militants. An estimated 200 to 500 militants were killed over the bloodied weekend, with 35 National Guard causalities and 40 civilian causalities.

Although Kragujevac has been liberated, its infrastructure took a heavy toll when many important office complexes were destroyed in airstrikes against militant strongholds inside the city. Many buildings were burned out by militant forces in an effort to kill off civilians. Airstrikes proved effective in eliminating dug in militants throughout the city. With the capturing of the city hall, the city was declared liberated, except for small pockets of resistance that are being routed out by the National Guard.

One of the many destroyed buildings in Kragujevac.

Leaked Photographs Embarrass Government

New Skopje — Leaked photographs have embarrassed the Southern Yugoslavian government. The photograph depicts what appears to be a weapon being carried out of a destroyed helicopter sshell by members of the Hazardous Materials (HazMat) team. A second photograph depicts the weapon itself, guarded by sodleirs wearing HazMat suits. On the weapon, a File:HAZMAT Class 6-2 Biohazard.png - Wikipedia
, which reads: “Infectious Substance. If leaked or damaged, notify Public Health Authority”, is visible on the sides. Along with the Biohazard sign, an sign is beside it.The government however, denies the photos’ authenticity.

The photographs first appeared on a billboard on a major interstate in Southern Yugoslavia, and quickly made their way online. Government officials immediately took notice, and reportedly had the billboard removed. Speaker of the house Ysven Trakovak held a press confernece early yesterday, where he was reported saying: “These photos are 100 per cent fake. More than likely, pranksters altered photographs to make it seem like we were transporting a biological weapon. This is an immediate threat to national security, as a hostile nation could see these false photographs, and take military action.”

However, photographic analysts have found the photos were not altered or tampered with. With this evidence in hand, one of the analysts filed for information using the Freedom of Information Act of 1890. Unfortunatley, his request was denied. The government wrote back saying, “Due to the sensitivity of the subject you are filing for, your request has been denied.” This leads many to believe, something was in fact on board Helicopter 7.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Army Reports Liberation of Kvatch Within Reach

Fort Bragg, North Karolina — Top Army officials have claimed that the province of Kvatch, once a hotspot for militant activity, has been almost completely liberated from militant hold. Three weeks since the National Guard was deployed to Kvatch, militant activity has been on a downfall and should come to a complete stop. Since the initial deployment, a total of 15,000 National Guard troops have been deployed to Kvatch.

General Patrik Ryuska, commander of the Southern Yugoslavian Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), expects the Kvatch Militant Crisis to be over within the week. “Our troops are highly trained and dedicated men and women, and I fully expect them to finish the job by Friday.” However, the remaining militant forces are highly concentrated in areas along the border with Vulshain, Dyr Nassad, and Iskios. General Pryiol Skvenin, commander of Southern Yugoslavian Army Continental (ARCON), says: “While I have full belief that our troops can finish the job within the week, the militant areas are so highly concentrated, that it would normally take at least two weeks to completely root out the militants, however, it is feasible that the National Guard can eliminate the remaining militants by Sunday.”

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Military Publishes New Doctrine

Fort Bragg — The Southern Yugoslavian military published its newest doctorine today, replacing the old “minimum retalliation” doctrine. Military leaders reported the new doctrine will allow the Southern Yugoslavian military to strike an aggressor state with up to five times the strength of the original attack. However, the doctrine limits nuclear, biological, and chemical retalliation. Nuclear weapons are limited to nuclear attack, biological weapons to biological attack, and chemical weapons to chemical attacks. However, the doctrine only allows for up to two times the strength of a chemical or biological attack. The military believes that this doctrine can and will deter would-be aggressor states to Southern Yugoslavia, allies, and territories she occupies. To clarify the doctrine, the military released this scenario:

An aggressor state launches attacks against Southern Yugoslavia with approximatley 100,000 soldiers. The doctrine allows for the use of up to 500,000 soldiers in a counter-attack. The doctrine does not limit the amount of soldiers used in an offensive.

Military officials also report that if a war goes nuclear, the doctrine is void, and maximum retalliation is authorized. The President signed off on the doctrine yesterday at 4:38 P.M. SYST, immediately putting it into action.

Feds Seize $35 Million of Narcotics, Arrest 23

New Skopje — Federal police officers secured $35 million worth of narcotics from two warehouses in the port city of Rajin. Federal officers received an anonymous tip about large amounts of narcotics in warehouses, and when a deal was going to occur. The tip proved relieable, as Federal officers simultaneously assaulted the two warehouses believed to be holding the narcotics and arrested 23 involved in a massive drug deal. Suprise caught the dealing parties off guard, and resulted in a bloodless arrest.

The drug bust is the largest in Federal police history. Drugs captured included heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, and marijuana. Twelve defendents are charged with possession of an unregistered firearm, transportation of narcotics, and possession. Four are charged with sale of narcotics, six are charged with intent to sell and possession, and one is charged with homicide in an unrelated crime.

How the narcotics slipped passed customs is still under investigation.

The defendents are innocent until proven guilty.

Photo of the seized narcotics.

The New Skopje Times


Feds Arrest 20 More and Seize Another $40 Million in Narcotics and Weapons

Rajin — Federal police officers arrested 20 more suspects in the Rajin Drug Bust that occured last night, and seized another $40 million in narcotics and weapons in what the president is calling: “…the biggest drug dealing ring bust in the history of the Federal Police.” As of 11:00 P.M. on August 13, 2010, a total of $75 million in drugs and weapons have been seized by Federal officers. It is still unknown how so much drugs and weapons got into the country in the first place.

Since the start of the drug busts early yesterday morning, all commercial traffic has been searched by police, resulting in the discover of $40 million worth of drugs and weapons in a convoy of 18-wheelers. The drivers and passengers have been arrested and are charged with possession and transporting contraband with the intent to sell. The drivers and passengers are facing 10 to 60 years in prison.

Eight have been charged with conspiracy and conspiracy to sell contraband.
They are facing 25 years to life in federal prison.

One was charged with five counts of homicide in two related cases.
He is facing the death penalty, or 40 years to life in federal prison if he makes an agreement.

A plane was also captured carrying approximatley $250,000 worth of narcotics, and $42,000 worth of weapons. The owner of the plane has also been arrested, and charged with conspiracy to transport contraband and twenty counts of possession of an unregistered firearm.
The owner of the plane faces 10 to 50 years in federal prison.

Four were arrested loading a large amount of cocaine into the back of an 18-wheeler. They are charged with possession, intent to transport contraband, and conspiracy to transport contraband with the intent to sell.
They are facing 20 to 60 years in federal prison.

*Now, if you’re a reader not from Southern Yugoslavia, then the jail terms may seem outrageous. However, Southern Yugoslavia has a zero-tolerance drug and contraband policy in effect, which means that any person(s) with the intent of buying/selling/transporting any contraband can be arrested and can serve at least ten years in federal prison, and can serve up to 75 years in federal prison.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Feds Blow the Lid off of Rajin Drug Dealing Ring

Rajin — A top customs official was arrested late last night that is believed to be connected to the Rajin drug dealers arrested two days ago in the Rajin Drug Bust that captured $75 million in contraband. Sources indicated that the customs official had ties to the drug dealers, and have led Federal officials to believe the official allowed the dealers bring in the contraband via ship.

The customs official confessed to being connected in a plea deal, and even revealed the name of the ship that was used to carry the contraband. Armed with this information, the Federal Investigation Bureau (F.I.B) launched an assault against the ship, killing six and wounding four. In the cargo hold, the F.I.B discovered roughly $5 million worth of narcotics, and $500,000 worth of weapons. The owner and surviving crew were arrested, and have been charged with possession, transportation of contraband with the intent to sell, conspiracy to sell contraband, and first degree assault with the intent to kill against government officials. The crew and owner is facing 25 to 75 years in federal prison.

The name of the ship and customs officer have been withheld for security and safety reasons. All defendents are innocent until proven guilty.

Rajin Drug Dealing Ringleader Identified

Rajin — Federal officers believe that they have identified the ringleader of the Rajin Drug Dealing Ring that seemed to appear overnight. Mirvok Reskitoniv is the alleged ringleader, and a bounty of $750,000 has been placed on his head. Those with information on Reskitoniv that would lead to his arrest will receive $7,500. The F.I.B hopes that this bounty will flush out Reskitoniv and turn his associates against him.

The F.I.B will continue to launch raids against Reskitoniv’s alleged hideouts or storage centers, hoping to find evidence to his whereabouts or crimes. A judge signed off on a search and seizure warrant that allows the F.I.B to raid buildings believed to be under Reskitoniv’s command and seize any incriminating evidence against him. The warrant will be void once Reskitoniv is in custody or is killed.

If Reskitoniv is captured, he faces up to seven life sentences and even the death penalty from the following charges:
Five counts of Conspiracy
Seven counts of Conspiracy to commit murder
Fifteen counts of Conspiracy to hire hitmen
Sixteen counts of Conspiracy to transport contraband with the intent to sell
Twenty-three counts of Third-degree assault
Twenty-three counts of Third-degree battery
Twelve counts of Contract killing
Thirty counts of Buying and selling of contraband
Thirty-one counts of Transporting contraband
One count of Evading arrest
One count of Evading government officials
Six counts of Assault of government officials
Three counts of Unlawfully purchasing of military-grade weapons
Four counts of Blackmail
Five counts of Extortion
Two counts of False pretenses
Three counts of Kidnapping

Mirvok Reskitoniv is innocent until proven guilty.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Mirkov Reskitoniv Arrested in War-Torn Kragujevac

KRAGUJEVAC — Mirkov Reskitoniv, alleged leader of the Rajin drug dealing ring, was arrested early yesterday morning by soldiers of the National Guard. Reskitoniv was discovered in a building that was believed to hold the remaining militants in Kragujevac. Because of the damage to Kragujevac’s infrastructure, Reskitoniv was moved to the neighboring city of Kiajuvecia, located across the river in the province of Krajinak. Reskitoniv is expected to go to trial at the Federal courthouse in New Skopje sometime this week.

Most information on Reskitoniv is classified at this time.

Troops Celebrate in Kvatch City as Final Militant Stronghold Destruction Leads to Liberation

KVATCH CITY — The last militant stronghold was destroyed today in a massive combined strike between the National Guard and the Air Force. The stronghold, dubbed “The Finale”, was located ten miles from the Southern Yugoslavian-Vulshainian border. The battle raged on for more than two days, and ended when the remaining militants surrendered. Approximatley 120 militants were killed by airstrikes and the forces on the ground, and another 40 were injured. No planes were lost, and there were only thirteen National Guard causalities. Most military officials are happy with the low number of causalities. One official reported;

— Begin quote from ____

“If it wasn’t for the Air Force and the National Guard’s dedication to keeping the nation safe, the numbers would have been drasticly higher.”

— End quote

The National Guard was deployed to Kvatch almost four weeks ago, and is now celebrating a major victory against militant forces, and is expecting to leave within the week. Martial law has been lifted, and the citizens of Kvatch are ecstatic to finally get back their freedom and safety of travel.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Mirkov Reskitoniv Sentenced

NEW SKOPJE — Mirkov Reskitoniv, leader of the Rajin Drug Ring, has been sentenced by the Federal Court in New Skopje. Reskitoniv pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, but with insurmountable evidence against him, Reskitoniv was proven guilty to most of the charges filed against him. Reskitoniv will serve two life sentences with no possibility of parole for the following charges:

Four counts of Contract killing
Nineteen counts of Buying and selling of contraband
Five counts of Transporting contraband
One count of Evading arrest
One count of Evading government officials
Two counts of False pretenses
Two counts of Kidnapping
Two counts of Unlawfully purchasing of military-grade weapons

Reskitoniv narrowly avoided the death penalty by telling government officials the locations of drug producing plants around the nation. He will serve his sentence at the Federal penitentiary in Kanistan, a major city about 50 miles north of New Skopje.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Nation Comes Together as New Laiatan Calender Year Approaches


NEW SKOPJE - People from all over the country have come to the fields around New Skopje to witness an event that only comes once a year. Every year, a natural phenomenon show lights up the skies over Southern Yugoslavia. This light show marks the new calender year of the Laiatan Protestantism religion, followed by more than 98 percent of Southern Yugoslavians. Although Southern Yugoslavia uses the Gregorian 365 day calender most other nations use, it is only used in the government and international businesses employing foreign workers.

The Laiatan calender is based on an 8 (eight) 45 day months and 365 day calender. Currently, the Laiatan calender is at year 1505 MT (Modern-time). The year of the Laiatan calender is based off of the first teachings of the Den Mother by Her son, Saint Emir, 1,505 years ago.

Months of Laiatan calender: Decimbr (1)- Janury (2)- Februry (3)- Mache (4)- Apreil (5)- Mai (6)- Julei (7)- Septobre(8)

An estimated 125,000 are expected to attend the yearly concert under the stars in the Field de Gras, the alleged area Saint Emir called for the Den Mother to deliver a sign. More than 75 percent of the nation is expected to see the specticle.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

National Guard Called to Assist Border Patrol
Published Septobre 44, 1505| The New Skopje Times

KIAJUVECIA – The National Guard was deployed to multiple border crossings to assist the Border Patrol along the Southern Yugoslavian-Vulshainian border during the week of Septobre 44, 1505 to Decimbr 7, 1506–the time of year when more than 5,000 Vulshainian lobos travel to Field de Gras to witness the new Laiatan calender year.

Although roadwork done the year before has cleared some traffic, most border crossings are still conjested. Although terrorism has declined heavily the past two years President Zachary Kreskov has been in power, fear of an attack on Field de Gras has always been a concern because of the large amounts of religious peoples and occasionally religious leaders.

The government is attempting to avoid a situation the occured two years ago, when a group of gunmen opened fire from a small hill into the Field de Gras, killing six and injuring 46. The gunmen were shot and killed by Marines stationed at area to discourage conflict. To avoid this, President Kreskov has ordered two batallions of Southern Yugoslavian Marines to the area, armed with both lethal and nonlethal weapons, including pepper spray and tear gas, as well as three helicopters as support.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Celebrations End Without Issue
Published Decimbr 3, 1506| The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – The celebrations of the new Laiatan calender year have ended without issue. The celebrations began Septobre 44, 1505 when the natural light show, known as the “Lights of Heaven” for their significant role in Laiatan Protestantism. The light show appears almost every night across Southern Yugoslavia, but they are at their brightest four days out of the year. This time period is when Saint Emir is said to have made his final contact with the Den Mother before being killed by guards of Iska.

The two battalions of Marines that guarded the major religious event are to be airlifted from the site tonight. No arrests were made for the first time since 1496 (2000 Gregorian calender). Multiple nationally-renowned bands played for the annual concert celebrating the important event.
Picture of the Lights of Heaven over Field de Gras.

Congress to Vote on Nationwide Repeal on Same-sex Marriage Ban
Published Decimbr 3, 1506| The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – Speaker of the House Roman Irinov announced today that Congress would vote on repealing the ban on same-sex marriage enacted in 1893. Irinov reported that Congress would consider repealing the ban after Frecio v. Province of Nuerak reached the Supreme Court last week. The ban on gay marriage totally outlawed same-sex marriage throughout Southern Yugoslavia and her territories, and did not allow provinces or cities to take charge of same-sex marriage laws.

The repeal would cancel all anti-same-sex laws and discriminating against homosexuals in the workplace and and services illegal. Homosexuals would receive the same treatment as a heterosexual. According to the bill, discrimination (refusal of service, unfair payment, etc.) can be punishable of up to $5,000 USD fine.

Outside of Congress building in New Skopje D.S., both supporters and those who opposed showed their views. The rallies were broken up by riot police when a clash between opposing demonstraters injured seven. The clash sparked a riot in the streets in the government district. The vote is set to take place tommorrow night.

Riot Breaks out When Clash Between Demonstraters Injure Seven
Published Decimbr 3, 1506| The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – A clash between pro and anti-same sex marriage demonstraters sparked a riot that injured a total of fourteen people and resulted in the arrest of thirty. Anti-same sex demonstraters allegedly threw bottles and other objects at pro-same sex marriage demonstraters which injured seven, and sparked the riot. Riot police were called to the scene and deployed via helicopter or armored vehicle. Equipped with tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, batons, and riot shields, the riot police effectively halted the riot in its tracks.

Key government officials were forced to evacuate from the government quarter because of the riot. The riot also sparked looting and arson along shops located in the government quarter. A total of thirty rioters were arrested for theft, arson, assault, or disorderly conduct. Nobody was seriously injured, but most felt the effects of the tear gas or pepper spray.

Damages are estimated to be worth over $100,000 USD.
Firefighters respond to burning building after the riot dispersed.
Tear gas being used to disperse riot.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Congress Repeals Act 291
Published Decimbr 6, 1506| The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – The Southern Yugoslavian Congress has repealed Act 291, the act banning same-sex marriage throughout Southern Yugoslavia. Act 291, in place since 1893, was deemed unconstitutional and repealed after an intense debate, riot, and death threats. With repealing Act 291, Congress also passed a new bill making discrimination against homosexuals illegal and punishable with a fine. To discourage abuse of the bill, enough evidence must be provided in order for a case to be deemed discrimination.

Amazingly, the Church of the Den Mother expressed their support for the repeal. According to Turin Ryakiv, head of the Church:

— Begin quote from ____

“Seperation of Church and State should be practiced throughout Southern Yugoslavia, as with the world. It all comes down to civil rights, whether we agree with it spiritually or not.”

— End quote

The President signed both bills, repealing Act 291 and the Anti-homosexual discrimination bill, into law last night.

©1506 The New Skopje Times

Riots Explode in Streets of Naistikast
Published Decimbr 6, 1506| The New Skopje Times

NAMGIAT – Riots exploded in the streets of northern Namigiat, an area renowed for anti-homosexual policies. The riot police went in with non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, batons, tear gas, riot shields, and rubber bullets, the riot police entered an area that, according to one of the officers, “looked and felt like a warzone.”

Looters and anarchists roamed freely, as gangs battled for control of cities. Eventually, riot police officers were sent in with lethal weapons only to be used if their lives were threatened. It is unknown when the riots will be under control.

©1506 The New Skopje Times

Southern Yugoslavia on the Verge of Civil War
Published Decimbr 6, 1506| The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – Multiple provinces threatened to secede from Southern Yugoslavia if Act 291 is not put back into law. The President has condemned the provinces of Devasti, Naistikast, Ryikon, Naistikast and Maiskiat. With the threats to secede, the President has declared martial law in the provinces threatening to secede.

— Begin quote from ____

This is President Kreskov’s defining moment on whether or not he will in fact be a successful and remembered president in Southern Yugoslavia’s history. If he can keep the provinces together and the union strong, he will be the only president to keep Southern Yugoslavia from descending into another civil war.
-Political Analyst Yrevn Kreikon

— End quote

Southern Yugoslavia has suffered civil wars in the past, but not one that divided the nation into two. It is unknown whether the conflict can be settled diplomatically.

©1506 The New Skopje Times

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The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Nation Remains Intact
Published Decimbr 10, 1506|The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – President Zachary Kreskov signed off on a bill that would once again make same-sex marriage illegal. However, the bill is only in affect in the provinces that threatened to secede almost a week ago.

— Begin quote from ____

“We realized we can’t make everybody happy, but we can at least appease them.”

-President Kreskov, Decimbr 7, 1506

— End quote

The bill, now a law in the near-seceded provinces, will make marrying a person of the same-sex illegal. However, those married out-of-province cannot be prosecuted in said provinces. The govenors of the provinces signed the bill last night. Although they seemed happy to sign it, rumors have begun circulating around the internet that the provinces were threatened with total martial law, and the govenors to be removed from their political seats. Martial law in the provinces has also ceased, allowing those living there their freedom back.

©1506 The New Skopje Times

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

S.Y. Carrier Group Moves Closer to Rygardi Coast


NEW SKOPJE – An aircraft carrier belonging to Southern Yugoslavia has reportedly moved closer to Rygardi waters. According to the S.Y. government, the carrier group was sent to keep Rygardi in check after numerous negative statements made by the Rygardi government about multiple canine-sentient nations in the East Pacific.

This article will be updated accordingly.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Operation Swift Strike Initiated

NEW SKOPJE – Operation Swift Strike, the military plan for an invasion of Rygard, has officially been initiated after a state of war began between the nations of Southern Yugoslavia and Rygard. President Kreskov condemned the island nation of Rygard, and further announced an invasion would stop once the military junta was eliminated from power once and for all.

The S.Y.S Brancko Censki launched fighters and helicopters against Rygardi coastal defenses and other key facilities.
Southern Yugoslavian AC-130 fires on Rygardi positions.

The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Air Force Called “Crown Jewel” of Military With Release of New High-Tech Southern Yugoslavian-Designed Aircraft

FORT BRAGG – After years of secrecy, the Air Force has unveiled it’s newest member to its fleet. The Zakoliv-Suuin-Urolai Aerospace Design Bureau, or ZSU (Zeus) revealed the first known prototype at the annual air show at Gregorin Air Force Base last week. The ZSU-15 “Striker” is the newest aircraft designed by ZSU and is planned to be used in small numbers for combat testing in Rygard before replacing aging MiGs from the 1960s. The Striker’s main competetors are the MiG-35 and other newer Russian aircraft.

Although the Striker will not fully replace the aircraft in the Air Force’s arsenal, it is part of the planned removal of foreign weapon systems from the military’s arsenal and replaced by Southern Yugoslavian designed and built weapon systems. The military hopes to accomplish this feat within the next 20 years, possibly hinting at more top secret projects that have yet to be released.


General Characteristics
Type: Low Observable/Highly Manueverable Multirole Stealth Aircraft
Crew: Two
Length: 62 ft 5 in
Wingspan: 44 ft 6 in
Height: 16 ft 8 in
Airfoil: NACA 64A?05.92 root, NACA 64A?04.29 tip
Empty weight: 43,430 lb
Loaded weight: 64,460 lb
Max takeoff weight: 83,500 lb
Powerplant: 2x Mennander E2010-PW-120 Pitch Thrust Vectoring Turbofans
-Dry Thrust: 24,000 lb each
-Thrust With Afterburner: 35,500+ lb each
Fuel Capacity: 19,000 lb internally or 28,000 lb with two external fuel tanks

Maximum Speed: (CLASSIFIED) Mach 2.25+
-Supercruise: Mach 2
Range: (CLASSIFIED) >2,000 mi with two external fuel tanks
Combat Radius: (CLASSIFIED) >480 mi
Ferry Range: 2,200 mi
Wing Loading: 80 lb/ft²
Thrust/Weight: 1.10
Maximum G Design Load: -3.0/+9.0g


Guns: 1x 20 mm Vulcan 6-barreled gatling cannon in right wing root, 500 rounds

Air to air:

6x Yusikoniv AAM-210 AMRAAM
2x Yusikoniv AAM-18 Rattler

Air to ground:

2x Yusikoniv AAM-210 AMRAAM
2x Yusikoniv AAM-18 Rattler (for self-protection)
And one of the following:
2x 1,000 lb RGBM JDAM
8x 250 lb GBU-90 Small Diameter Bombs

Hardpoints: 4× under-wing pylon stations can be fitted to carry 600 US gallon drop tanks or weapons, each with a capacity of 5,000 lb.



The New Skopje Times

Major Headlines:

Merrill Rivers Discharged From Hospital into Hands of Military Police
December 1, 2010|The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – The Former Viceroy of the Democratic Republic of Vulshain (now the Confederacy of Vulshain) was released from the hospital last night into the hands of waiting Southern Yugoslavian Military Police officers. According to witnesses and hospital staff, Rivers was placed in a straitjacket and lightly sedated to be moved to an undisclosed military facility.

Merrill Rivers was arrested by members of the National Guard in July, resulting in the deaths of two Republican Fist members and a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Southern Yugoslavian authorities are charging Merrill Rivers with genocide, murder in the first degree, and attempted murder of Southern Yugoslavian military personnel. It is unclear at this time if Rivers will be deported to Vulshain to face trial.

Assassination Attempt Against Southern Yugoslavian President Fails
December 1, 2010|The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE – The President of Southern Yugoslavia, Zachary Kreskov, was recently targeted by a sniper of unknown origin. Thanks to Republican Guard personnel, the sniper was located and arrested by Republican Guardsmen. The sniper reportedly pulled a handgun on Republican Guard troops, and was shot by the Guardsman on point. The sniper was taken to the hospital, and is currently in critical condition.

The New Skopje Times

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Rally Car Driver Peter Klistov Sent to Hospital
December 18, 2010| The New Skopje Times

NEW SKOPJE — The National Rally Racing Association suffered a hit today when Peter Klistov, the top racer in the NRRA, crashed his vehicle on a blind turn in the Ninji’kait Mountain Circuit.

Klistov, aged 26 and father of two, crashed after careening over one of the blind turns and rolling into the ditch. He was airlifted to the hospital in Riusk in critical condition. The hospital in Riusk reported Klistov sustained a broken left arm and three broken ribs. He is reported to be in a stable condition.
Klistov’s vehicle after the crash.

The New Skopje Times

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Vekaiyun Submariners Trial Begins
June 22, 2011| The New Skopje Times

New Skopje D.S. — The eight Vekaiyun submariners captured in Southern Yugoslavian waters trial begins today, an anonymous military official confirms.

The submariners and their sub were captured by the combined efforts of the Navy and Republican Guard with the death of one Vekaiyun crewman, whose body was removed from the sub after the sub arrived at dry dock. The sub allegedly fired missiles that shot down multiple helicopters that, the government later confirmed, were carrying chemical agents to an undisclosed location and killed ten airmen. The prosecution is pushing for the maximum sentence towards the crew and their submarine commander.

Each crewman is facing up to fifty years in a federal penitentiary for destruction of government property, violating Southern Yugoslavian maritime claims, and manslaughter. The sub commander whose name is being withheld for safety reasons, is charged with murder of Southern Yugoslavian Nationals inside Southern Yugoslavia, conspiracy to murder Southern Yugoslavian Nationals inside Southern Yugoslavia, attack on government property resulting in death, and violation of Southern Yugoslavian maritime claims. If convicted, the commander faces the death penalty.