NNN-RDM Music Contest!

NNN-RDM Music Contest!
OOC Rules:
No English songs; It needs to be in the native language of your nation. If you got a conlang, we can pretend that the song is in your native language. If your native country is all English speakers, then tough.
Actually has to be a popular song in your country, so no skitty bop toilet or other YT poop songs.
Having fun! But not too much fun.

There are two voting brackets, one for popular vote and one vote by judges.
Popular vote: you pick your top three songs.
Judge vote: Pick a song that is not from your popular vote.


“Welcome to NNN-RDM Music Contest, brought to you by the Norgsveltian National News and Red Dove Media.” A Nystatinne Kemonomimi gives a flat, uncaring tone wearing a polka dot suit and a flat red tie. Standing in front of an extremely colorful stage. “I was supposed to give a song but I do not know how to sing. Instead I will explain the rules now.”

They gave a gesture towards a panel of judges. “They will vote to pick a song.” They give another gesture towards a panel with a URL on it. “This is where you vote on three songs. Very simple rules. Very hard to mess up.” The camera refocuses onto the Nystatinne again, still not smiling or changing their flat tone. “Artists will perform their song live on this stage. Audience will clap. Then we move on to the next artists. Audience will clap again and this will continue until all artists play. Then we vote.”

The kemonomimi walks over towards the panel, not speaking and the only audio being heard was his footsteps for several seconds as he walked over. “These are judges. This judge from the Federation, they paid the bill so they get to be here.” The Côtoise gave an awkward look towards the camera and reaching over to take the microphone from the Nystatinne but they walked on to go towards the next judge. “This is a judge from Norgsveldet, they also paid the bill.” The Elven Norgsveltian strange look towards the Nystatinne, trying to reach over to grab the mic but the Nystatinne moved their hand away from the elf. Already walking onto the next judge. “This is another judge, their nation has not paid the bill but they are here anyway to seem unbiased. I accidently pushed over the lamp earlier so they are hidden. Mystery judge.” Sounds of a person struggling and muffled. “They are here willingly. I wanted to make sure they stayed as mystery judge, so I tied them up so they wouldn’t accidentally relieve themself.”

The Nystatinne walked over to the stage, again not saying anything but the camera stayed focused on the judges and their perplexed state. None of this actually was according to the plan, and honestly completely scuffed. No mention where they’re hosting the actual contest, very scuffed explanation of the rules, and spirits know forgetting to mention any of the other important things. The camera focuses on the Norgsveltian getting up and walking over to the mystery judge untying them in the darkness. Shaking their head in annoyance.

The camera refocuses onto the Nystatinne. “Glory to Nystatiszna, this will be a good music contest. Artists will begin playing soon. Keep your eyes on your screens to watch. This is not a suggestion.”