[Nomination] Evan Rikuta / Vulbania as Citizenship Official.

By my right as Grand Vizier, per 2.3 of the Citizenship Act, I hereby nominate Resident and Assistant Superintendent of the EPPS Evan Rikuta, known by the Resident nation Vulbania to the office of Citizenship Official. I call upon the Magisterium to discuss this nomination and to ask the nominee or myself questions about this nomination.

Relevant Law:

Current Officials:

I raise a question as to, why is the nominee only a Resident of the East Pacific and not a Citizen?

Why the nominee has not applied for citizenship is their question to answer, but on my end, I’ll take the question why I nominated someone who isn’t a citizen. I am a firm believer in residents’ rights, and it’s important to note that citizenship is not a requirement for holding this office. While I do very clearly understand the irony, what’s important is that the nominee has proven trustworthy enough for Commissioner Marrabuk to promote them to a position of high authority within our Police Service, vetting them extensively and concluding the security in such a promotion. Not to mention, no right or duty of citizenship, such as voting in elections, has anything to do with this office. If the renaming amendment hadn’t gone through, imagine, if you will, why we’d need a registered voter to register voters. The power to vote is not necessary to verify and accept or deny applications for the power to vote. Citizenship is not necessary to verify and accept or deny applications for citizenship. When loyalty and trustworthiness are not under suspicion, we must look to practicality, and I find it more practical to appoint this up-and-coming officer of the EPPS to a position where they can assist the Praesidium with important, but admittedly clerical, work than to let such a qualified nominee pass me by for reasons of citizenship.

I would understand if the Magisterium viewed this matter differently. I, of course, will abstain from the vote as is custom in conflicts of interest, and I yield to the judgment of the Magisterium on these matters as is necessary for the proper checks and balances of Magisterial confirmation of appointees.

I am unfamiliar with the nominee(due to my brief Leave), so would it be possible for you to enumerate why you, exactly, would nominate the nominee? Besides of course Commissioner Marrabuk’s endorsement, which I find quite satisfactory. Still, I’d like your perspective anyways. Thank you in advance.

Indeed. As Grand Vizier, I have born witness to Evan Rikuta’s activity within the Police Service and general activity within the region as a whole. It is something that I personally believe would benefit this region greatly, but I do understand that the EPPS is not immensely active. Of course, neither is the Citizenship Office, due to the reactive nature of its duties, but it provides the nominee with a position in which they may further pursue Praesidium involvement with heightened duties. And even if the Office itself is not necessarily active, having active members such as the nominee can help alleviate the weight on myself, as currently the only active Citizenship Official, and allow the ex officio Vizier members exercise their duties sparingly with respect to their busy schedules and, again, largely reactive nature within the government.

Furthermore, I believe this may be a tool for both our government and the nominee to test the weight of new responsibilities in the case the nominee wishes to pursue a deeper, more interactive opportunity in the future, such as in the realm of legislation or executive action.

I am satisfied by the reasoning provided by the Grand Vizier.

I see, I see, thank you for sharing your opinion on the nominee. Now, I turn my attentions to the nominee themself, Evan.





You know the rules, 4 questions, answer at least 2 correctly (due to the endorsement of both Aiv and Marrabuk) and you get my vote!!

So, these questions will focus more on the Citizenship Office role rather than a general understanding of law. I’ll also include 1 question that won’t be graded, just more of a “get to know you” kind of thing. Let’s go!

  1. Which nation must a Citizenship Official telegram during the Naturalization process?

  2. How can a Citizenship Official deny the application of an applicant?

  3. Where must a Citizenship Official publish the results of an application made by an applicant for Citizenship?

  4. How can a Citizenship Official Prohibit an applicant?

The situation question:
Assume that you already are a Citizenship Official, and you are processing a certain individual’s application. You recognize this individual, and know that there are bad rumors surrounding them in other regions. To be precise, they are rumors revolving around vote stacking: puppeteering multiple personas to influence a citizen vote of some kind. However, to the best of your ability, their application is valid, and the rumors are merely just rumors, and are difficult to verify. What would you do in this scenario?

Best of luck, Evan!

Edit: let the record show that all of these questions have been answered to by satisfaction. Applicant is uncomfortable with posting in the Magisterium subforums.

I am not at all enthused that the nominee is a non-Citizen who is nominated to handle Citizenship applications. It is only reluctantly that I’d consider supporting the nominee.

Evan Rikuta is now a citizen, note.

I motion this to a vote

I shall second it.


Vote here: [C-2023-44] Confirmation of Evan Rikuta to the Citizenship Office