[NOMINATION] Myehn for Citizenship Officer

WHEREAS, the Citizenship Office, the membership of which includes all Viziers and Citizenship Officers, is struggling to meet the demands of its job with the sheer volume of applicants and the busy schedules of its members; and

WHEREAS, currently, only one non-ex officio Citizenship Officer is employed by the Praesidium; and

WHEREAS, on May 24th, 2024, the Grand Vizier released an announcement seeking the hiring of new Citizenship Officers; and

WHEREAS, Myehn showed immediate interest in the position, demonstrating their time flexibility and their commitment to the Office; and

WHEREAS, Myehn’s experience as a member of Valsora and a Regional Officer demonstrates commitment to the wellbeing and advancement of The East Pacific as well as an integration into an underrepresented community of The East Pacific; and

WHEREAS, Clause 2.3 of the Citizenship Act says, " The Magisterium shall confirm Citizenship Officials nominated by the Grand Vizier via a 2/3 majority vote for an indefinite term;"

NOW, THEREFORE, may Myehn be nominated to the office of Citizenship Officer by the Grand Vizier of The Praesidium, subject to the confirmation of the Magisterium.


Feel free to ask questions of me and/or the applicant, @Myehner

I’ve seen Myehn’s actions as an RMB moderator and feel the conduct is exactly what we should get from citizenship office so full support here

Given that I have moved for a vote on Cappedore’s application, I move for a vote here as well.

I second.

With Drem’s revelation I now motion this to a vote myself


Vote: [C-2024-23 / 24] Confirmation of Myehn / Cappedore to Citizenship Office