[NOMINATION] Vizier: Dremaur

Hi all, in light of the recent CTE of Brotherland, and noting our shared goals of ensuring regional safety and security, as well as retaining a strong number of Viziers, I hereby nominate @Dremaur to the position of Viziership. I can think of few better equipped to serve this position, Drem having proved their value and loyalty to The East Pacific on countless occasions. Drem has served in numerous key positions, such as OO of the EPSA, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Integration, Deputy Provost and most recently the Vice Delegacy. I am confident Dremaur will make a fantastic member of our Vizier team.

Please clap.

I support this nomination. Dremaur has proven his loyalty, activity, and commitment to TEP time and again. I gave my blessing to the nomination and, in my capacity as a Magister, I will vote in favor.

I invite my fellow Viziers to comment if they wish.



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I motion this to vote.


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Vote: [C-2023-54] Confirmation of Dremaur to the Praesidium