[NOMINATION] Vizier Nomination: Hobbesistan

Hey everyone,

Considering what happened in TEP with the Fedele and co. coup, our security is jeopardize with many viziers losing influence. Therefore, we need to solidify our security even further after recent happenings.

With that being said, I will be nominating Hobbesistan as Vizier of The East Pacific.

Hobbesistan has been a long time native of TEP and has served in many different governmental positions including vizier. I believe Hobbes will make a good vizier for TEP.

+100 Support

Give me someone I don’t support >->. All the nominations insofar are excellent…


I recognize the name Hobbes(istan) as from belonging to a long-time TEPper. However, I do not remember having ever read stuff from him. (Could as well be my memory though.) So I will follow the support from other long-time TEPpers here, like ASBS, Bach, Todd, Brotherland, EM, et cetera.


Will you be active during this term? Trying not to be a jerk (sorry to other nominations too), just want to get some tough questions, lol.

More or less the same thought as Todd, do you want this position?

I’m not as active as I once was, but I believe the coup was evidence I’m around when needed and still more than able to serve TEP.

Given that there have been no further questions for 6 days already, I motion this to a vote.

Is there a second?

I second the motion