[NOMINATION] Zukchiva for Arbiter

Nominating Zukchiva to take on Wall’s seat. Given Aurora’s resignation, Serge was confirmed to her seat instead of Wall’s, leaving us with another nomination needed to fill the seat.

I’ve reached out to Zuk who said they were willing to do it, which leaves us here.

Does Zuk intend on continuing as Overseeing Officer of the EPSA in concurrency with Arbitership if confirmed?


Will your Arbitership have any effect on your pending legislation, and if so, what?

There will be no effect on my pending legislation.

I do not plan to change what I’m doing in TEP because of my Arbitership, following my personal belief that Arbiters should not be isolated from other areas of TEP governance if they’re interested in such (since such isolation can lead to Arbiters disappearing from their job).

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With no questions or comments being made for a week, I motion Zuk’s nomination to vote.

I second. I’d like to thank Zuk for the answer.

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Vote here: [C-2023-29] Confirmation of Zukchiva to the Conclave