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Breaking news: Kyrloth annexing Izria!

With the new resports coming from the continent of Borea, the republic of Kyrloth has annexed the nation of Izria. With it they have seized Embask artic oil operations. As the Izrian King Tegura IV commited sucide, Izria unconditional surrendered to Kyloth’s Kirrhion Sinter Tass. When the operations manager refused to budge from Embasks’ arctic oil operations, Sinter Tass responded with brute force. He sent a small fleet of corvettes to the eleven oil rigs and forced their surrender. Since then, none of the two hundred and twenty one workers of mixed nationality some of which is Norgsveltian have been released. Forcing her hand Prime minister Johanne Sverdrup has asked the prime ministers of Eyjaria and Morstaybishilia to attend in a meeting to discuss the situsation. It has been reported there is more people who will attend this meeting in Osfjord later today. King Olav have stated he will be attending the meeting as well.

When asked the current situsation prime minister Johanne Sverdrup have stated “Sinter Tass will realize soon enough in what an horrible situsation he has put himself in, as such i am sure he will be more open to negotiations”

The tense situsation will be looked clearer into in later date.
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Breaking News: Norgsveltian Victory In Urthvision

As the atmosphere is calming down in Shango after Urthvision finnaly ended, and a Norgsveltian victory has been announced. Ivar Rybak has won Norgsveldet it’s first ever Urthvision victory, which means the next Urthvision song context will be hosted in Norgsveldet. It is still however unknown If it will be in Osfjord or Hirdvik, insults from the mayors from both cities has been hurrled towards eachother in the discussion on which city it should be.

In other news it has been reported that 10,000 more soldiers has been deployed to Dvalheim, prime minister Johanna Sverdrup has stated this is to secure Dvalheim’s border with Tiervan. Tiervan’s president Twain Aukusti has stated that this is clear act of imperialism from Norgsveldet

Breaking News: Tieresh Nationalist Militias attack Norgsveltian Military personel

Norgsveltian soldiers stationed in Dvalheim near the Tiervan border was attacked by a small group of Tieresh nationalist militias, armed with small arms. After a small fire fight between the Norgsveltian soldiers and the nationalist militias, 1 Norgsveltian soldier was killed and 2 more wounded, while the militias lost 3 and the rest was either wounded or captured, with only the leader being avaible to escape. The situsation is still being investigated by the Dvalian Security Force, Norgsveltian soldiers near the area is stationed away from the border for now, until the situsation calms down.

Prime minister Johanna Sverdrup has accused Tiervan for sending militias to Dvalheim, the president of Tiervan, Twain Aukusti denies any claim of such. Calling the prime minister of being paranoid maniac, while also stating that the militias was probly just demanding justice from imperialist tendesies of the Norgsveltians.

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Breaking News: Information of the leader behind the Tieresh Nationalist Militias have been released!

On the 12th of January Tieresh Nationalist militias attacked Norgsveltian soldiers stationed in Dvalheim, with inteligence servie in Dvalheim was avaible to find out who the leader behind the attack from the captured militias. The Dvalian Security Force has claimed this man is called Yvar Nieminen, who went by the name Peter Njordson in Dvalheim. The Dvalian police confirmed that the that went by the name Peter Njordson was suspected to be dealing with illegal activities and was a possible terror suspect. Yvar Nieminen was caught in security cameras crossing the border into Tiervan. The DSF is stating the man was sent by the Tieresh millitary to train dwindeling Tieresh Nationalists in Dvalheim. The High Councilman Prince Sverre has claimed the attack as an undermining of Dvalheim’s sovereignty and a attempt of furthering divisions in Dvalheim. Claiming that stricter laws to be put in place to ensure that the nationalist threat will be dealt with.

Prime Minister Johanna Sverdrup has responded that she will meet with Prince Sverre and hold a press conference with him about the situsation. Then have decided that in mid February that a diplomatic meeting between some of the leaders in the Union of Commonwealth Alliances shall be held. Stated that other leaders outside the alliance that are intrested in the situsation may join, but has to meet with her first.

President Twain Aukusti has been refused to answer any questions about the situsation, and only mention that certain changes in certain leadership postions may happen in Tiervan. What that means is not known, and there only speculations around it stated by several experts.

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19th January, Breaking News: Prime Minister Johanna Sverdrup hold press conference in Vinby

In the 19th of January prime minister Johanna Sverdrup held a press conference in the palace of High Councilman prince Sverre of Dvalheim. Both there having talked about the meeting between the two about what to do with Tiervan. In the press conference Sverdrup has stated that for now no direct millitary action will be dealt towards Tiervan. However that the possibility of a full on blockade of the nation may be on the table, The prime minister stating that new troops will be deployed on the island and that surveilance over the island will be increased. After being asked about the dwarven riots in Tiervan, the prime minister stated “Our hearts go to the dwarves getting oppresed by Twain’s regime. We are willing to support the dwarves fight for justice and freedom, we are with them all the way”.

When asked about the issue with Tieresh nationalists attacking millitary personel, prince Sverre stated that the amount nationalists has been going down. The new issue is Tiervan founding these militias and sending people to lead them. Sverre mentions that stricter laws will be put on place to limit any further nationalist support. He also demands that president Twain give up the leader behind one of these attacks, Yvar Nieminen so that he can be trialed for his illegal terror like actions in Dvalheim.

By the end of the conference both leaders confirmed that an international meeting will be held in Vinby in 21st of February. Leaders of the meeting will be from the Union of Commonwealth Aliance and regional powers that is intrested in the situsation with Tiervan. Those leaders having been called by the prime minister in 17th of January.

21st January, Breaking news: Video of His Majesty King Olav I’s speech becomes famous over Norgsveldet and the crown realms

A video of Olav I speech to soldiers in Dvalheim because famous over only a few days.

“We stand here as brothers! United by both heritage and religion. What I see in front of me are brave men, men that by all means rather should be with their families, as fathers, sons or husbands. However, is here for a sense duty, and responsibility. If Odin does not stand with you in your future struggles, then I will assure you I am! And If it is not for my mortal life, I would have gone to Valhall myself to speak some sense to him!” Some small laughs could be heard from the recording. “You may fight for the crown, but you first and mostly are fighting for family and country! Do not say everything for the king, say everything for your country! You are the predator and your enemies will be the prey! Til Valhall!” Olav said as the crowd yelled back and forth with Olav “Til Vallhall! (To Vallhalla)” and a massive applause could be heard.

Breaking News: Union of Commonwealth Alliances gets new members

With Lapinumbia and Durakia having held referendum of joining the millitary and trade alliance, with Lapinhumbia voted in favour to join the alliance on the 27th April 2020, and Durakia having just recently voted to join the alliance. The leaders of the UCA nations having recently held an meeting about holding an vote between them on those nations joining. With 8 out of 8 nations of the UCA accepting Lapinumbia request of joining it, they have officaly joined the alliance. For Durakia an overwhelming majority voted to accept their request of joining as well, with only Dvalheim voting against the possibility. Despite the High Councilman Sverre’s protest about Durakia’s membership, the island nation on west Novaris was accepted into the alliances. Prime minister Johanna Sverdrup having stated that they want hold UCA meeting to congratulate the new members joining the UCA.

Breaking News: His Majesty King Olav I talks about the Arkian Civil War

Coming live from Osfjord, His majesty is holding an press confrenece regarding the civil war in Arkalarius. With prime minister Johanna Sverdrup recently having declared her support to the imperialists, with funds and menn already being sent to the imperialists. Olav has just started the confrence with crown princess Ingrid on his side. 
Olav cleared his throat so that the noise around the room would settle down

“Regarding the current situsation with Arkia, I have to make one thing perfectly clear. We gave the west and east a chance to make peace. The confrence has made things perfectly clear to me, and that of my goverment is that there was no peace to be found. Despite the host nation of Durakia and of Norgsveldet with even my daugther asking and begging them to end the bloodshed, the leaders of West Arkia and East Arkia just barked at eachother like dogs. Blinded by ideology they allowed their nation to collapse. With little choice even be given to our goverment it was clear that if lasting peace is to be found in the region, it will not be through them. Therefor I declare my support of my goverment’s decision of supporting the imperialists. Through them order can be restored and our faith will still be protected in the region. So therefor I won’t simply ask as King of Norgsveldet and Eyjaria, or as Grand Duke of Dvalheim. But as the head of the Asatru faith, that we should show support to the imperialists. They respects our values and traditions, while the west and east either wants limit it or destroy it as much as possible. It is saddening that we are even getting involved, but for the sake of our faith and stability in that region, I ask our fellow worshipers of Asatru to show some small support to the Imperialists. Even if it is just recognising  their legitmacy of goverment that would be enough. If there is any questions to make my stance clearer, then now is the time to ask them.”

Riberoe talks has mixed result

At May 19 morning talks with Morstaybishlia and Meremaa delegations in the Morstaybishlian colony of Dalmaghar. To discuss the issue of security and trust in the region resolving around that island. The matter becoming of importance after Norgsveldet and Morstaybishlia supporting diffrent sides during the Arkian Civil War. The matter of tension is the complaints from the Grand Duke Njord II of Meremaa about the island having gotten reinforced with larger ships then ever before, despite previous agreement between Morstaybishlia and Norgsveldet of millitary access on the island and naval defense. With not wanting the tensions to increase around the island, the Riberoe Pact was made. Which shall ensure non-agression over the shared territorial waters the three nations share. Morstaybishlia will be obligded to report to Norgsveldet’s and Meremaa’s goverments of any large movements to the island. Norgsveltian and Meremaan frigates are to escort Great Morstaybishlian vessels to Dalmaghar that deliver heavy defensive equipment. Morstaybishlian destroyers and larger vessels are to depart the island. Despite the agreements, the Morstaybishlian delegation refused to allow Norgsveldet or Meremaa to share the records of millitary equipment and other equipment that is sent to the island. Talks about de-escelating the situsation in Arkia has failed, with none of the delegations involved agreeing on how to de-escelate the situsation. When the Norgsveltian defense minister Ragnar Hammerkjold that was representing Norgsveldet in the meeting was asked about he commented “With all things going on right now on Urth I will say it was more successful then i thought it would be”

Grand Duke Njord II was asked about the meeting as well, however no comments has come from him.

However in other news this morning debates in the parliament about involvement in the Arkian Civil War becomes heated after the leader of the Fatherland Party, Erik Vederveld, calls the prime minister a “traitor against our people”. When asked about further comments of it Vederveld responded with “I know what I said may be considered to harsh, and maybe it was. However, in my eyes. We have farmers in this country that need help, we have unemployment that is rising and foreign companies that is ripping us off. And what does our prime minister do? She sends more men and women to die in a far out land! I think we are done stepping our necks out for other people, it would not suprise me that the only reason our king supported this actions was because of her pressuring him.”

More on this later

Breaking News: Prime Minister Johanna Sverdrup has asked for meeting with the Puntalian president

Johanna Sverdrup has recently asked the “true” Puntalian President Pablo de dios Juarez on clearification on the illegal coup being done by joint forces of the rouge Puntalian millitary and Rufunian millitary. Stating in recent interview: “We have no intrests on escalting the situsation any further, this issue in Puntalia should not lead to war. However I will do everything in my power to ensure Puntalia won’t fall to the coup attempt. As much as the Refunians state it is to limit the spread of communism I have my supicions this is just their attempt to spread influnce and pull others in their rivalry with Osterlisch. I shall make it clear I am as much against communism as any other man or women, however should it be a communist coup or millitary coup it matters little. I will call for all nations involved in this situsation to hold a meeting to lower the tensions. But if the meeting is not avaible to lower it, then I will ask for the millitary incharge of the coup to back down”

The situsation will be updated

Breaking News: 15 thousand troops has been sent to south Acturia

In a recent press conferance prime minister Johanna Sverdrup has recently stated that 15k new troops will be sent to Acturia in light of the recent event. Stating 10k would be sent to South Peragen near the border of Rufuina and 5k to Lokania that is also stationed near the border. When getting asked by a reporter that was wondering what Rufuina is going to react to this, Sverdrup stated clearly that these troops are for the defense of its allies. Though she has stated that military actions against Rufuina is not off the table until they back out of Puntalia. 
“Rufuina and it’s people have no right to complain about the situsation it has brougth itself in, we don’t want war, but if the negotioations at the meeting fails. And the president of Rufuina does not back down from Puntalia, they might get it.”  - Johanna Sverdrup

In other news Crown Princess Ingrid has shed light on the situsation in Alyunthia and it’s recent “reforms”. The Crown Princess having recently been put as a diplomat for Norgsveltian and Alyunthian relations. Though not certain if it is because of recent events in Alyunthia, personal reasons or for other reasons the the crown princess has mentioned issues with working with Alyunthia, though the details of why is never specified. More on this later

Breaking News: New UCA deployment of troops has been sent to Acturia

With the prime minister having recently announced the deployment of more troops to Acturia, with recent tensions between Rufuina and UCA being the main reason of that, other UCA nations followed suit with more troops coming from them to be sent to the member states of Lokania and South Peragen. An recently an close ally of Norgsveldet, Alksearia has asked to become apart of said coalition force. With whispers of Alksearia going to join the UCA. 
Though the amount of coalition troops in Acturia varing in diffrent sources, atleast 300,000 has been caculated of active duty forces from the UCA being near the border with Rufuina.

Breaking News: Sverdrup calls the Morstaybishlian Prime Minister for hypocritcal and disturbing

In a recent press conference prime minister Johanna Sverdrup talks about the talks it had with Barvata earlier this morning. 
“The man shows little care about justice, self deterimination and freedom, he might say he does but actions speaks louder then words. The troops and fleet that has been sent to secure our allies in the region. Despite that Barvata makes us to be war mongers despite it being the UCA that was attacked by Rufuina! And despite Barvata even himself addmiting the conspiracy of the communists in Puntalia to be false, he still acts almost like Rufuina does not deserve to be punished nor has shown any willingness to condemn Rufuina! We will discuss the situsation in Acurtia in further detail in the meeting in Frago, where foreign minister John W. Vultz will be representing us. However, I am greatly disapointed in Morstaybishlias attitude” Johanna stated in her last comment in the conference.

When pressured for oppinions about the current situsation, his majesty king Olav I of Norgsveldet stated “I should make it known for all that i was hesitent to send any troops and fleet to Acturia, as no one wants war. However, Norgsveldet always should keep it’s word when it comes to protecting its allies. I hope the leader of Rufuina understand that innvading and forcing one of our allies at protectorate does not exactly help to limit the current situsation it has found itself in. I am sure our foreign minister can work something out, but it will only work if Rufuina starts being honest and truly annalyse it situsation it brougth itself in. One can not be suprised that someone fights back when you throw the first punch”

Talks with between UCA leaders and NSTO leaders on dealing with the situsation is being held.

Breaking news: The UCA gets a new member

In a recent vote earlier today with in a meeting between members of UCA, an vote meant for allowing Alksearia to join the UCA. With the huge majority of the UCA members voting in favour for them joining. While being gladly welcomed by leaders of UCA nations, with Olav I stating that with Alksearia joining an peacefull Acturia is more possible, however it has been stated as preditcable by political experts and commentators. Stating that Alksearia requesting to join made sense for its relations with Norgsveldet and New Leganes, and its acceptance was preditcable by commentators pointing at Alksearia sending troops to help UCA in protecting the border in the tense situsation in Acturia, with also Alksearia’s strategic position being pointed for another good reason for its acceptance.

Breaking News: King pressures the prime minister

With recent news coming that Johanna Sverdrup has sent more naval assets into Acturia, and that Packilvania support for Rufuina, King Olav I has used his royal progative, specified in the 10th Article of the Norgsveltian Constitution. To pressure the prime minister to stop any further reinforcement to Acturia. His majesty has also pressured the prime minister to accept the idea of deescalting the situsation in Rufuina. With Johanna not willing to be forced to step down, accepts no further reinforcement to Acturia and deescalting the situsation.

“While I do not intend on leaving Puntalia behind, I also think it can be done peacefully. My usage of my royal power is because of the prime minister’s choice on sending another set of ships to reinforce our presence in South Acturia, while I get her reasons, she did this without my approval, going against the constitution. As such, If the Prime Minister wants to keep her post, then she has to deal with the situsation going further much more carefully. I’d also like to request however towards the leaders of the super powers of Packilvania and Morstaybishlia, to once and for all. State what they mean by mediate. That way it does no longer just seem like at the current moment of them supporting Rufuina.” King Olav I of Norgsveldet and it’s crown realm in his state adress, 1st of July 2020.

Updated situsation to last news post.

In a recent state address the Norgsveltian King Olav I stated, that the meeting in Fargo will be not attended by Norgsveldet. Stating that a meeting about Puntalia should be held on neutral grounds and not in the nation currently occupying it. Prime Minister Sverdrup has stated her support of the idea, though has stated she will not be the one attending any meeting involving the current situation. With hints being that his majesty himself wishes to attend a meeting involving this current crisis. While having suggested South Peragen, his majesty also suggested Christi Island as a good neutral grounds to hold said meeting

Breaking news: 10 billion SHD to the Norgsveltian Armed forces!

With a recent bill being passed through the parliament prime minister Johanna Sverdrup has announced that 20 billion UKR (10 billion dollars) will be put into the millitary, With half of it going directly to United Royal Navy, with the spending being used to order and build the newest equipment. With new destroyers already being built. Which will increase the millitary budget to 100 billion. With 375 out of 600 members in the parliament voting for, with Johanna’s party getting support from the Liberal National Party (LNP) who’s party leader Carl Agvir stated his support for it.

Breaking News: King Olav I speaks about the Asatru Community in Puntalia

In an state adress in 5th July, 2020 king Olav I of Norgsveldet and it’s crown realms, he spoke about the large religious minority of Asatruars in Puntalia. 
“It has come to my attention there has been active protests from the Asatru community in Puntalia over the occupation. With even protests in the Puntalian capital. As Saint of Asatru temple I have my duty to protect them. If these protests are to be attacked I will have no choice but ask for my fellow Asatruars that intervention is needed to protect the security of the community there. I have already ordered the fleet and more troops to secure the islands of La Paraiso, Islas Riquezas and Puerto Florosa. Protecting what Asatru community that is there. Though I want to help us in this comming crisis and help our brothers in Puntalia”

After the adress many former anti intervention parties stated their support to the king. With the leader of the Asatru Democrats, Bjørn Varg, stating: “With recent reports having announced that around 90,000 protesters across San Agustin, it fantastic thing for his majesty asking for support from other Asatruars in this. We have to ensure the security of the community there and that our brothers in Puntalia stand with us in this”

As protests increases in Puntalia, we on NNN will keep you updated in this.

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Recent news from the last week.

20th July: 
Protests over the increased military budget has calmed down in the capital of Osfjord. With the goverment having increased social benefits as a way to lower the tensions over the military budget. With the leader of the Labour Party, Wilhelm Kirkeland, having stated his support over the increased social benefits. Though has kept critical view over the increased military budget. Stating: “While the world is in a tense situsation, my party has always been one for diplomacy over agressive power. We should be happy that it was our king, and not the prime minister doing the diplomacy in Puntalia”.  In other news his majesty has publicaly announced the creation of the Pact of Rosaheim. An regional alliance, made to deter agressive expansions of which nations like Kyrloth has recently been given attention in. Current members being Norgsveldet, Eyjaria and Vistaraland, with his majesty having meet with the Empress of Vistaraland.

22nd July:

With recent reports of Vakarastan troops attack Durakian and Norgsveltian troops stationed in Durakia, His Majesty has given out speech. 
“My hearth goes out to every single mother and father, that had to lose their son and daugthers by the hands of this unjust invasion of our ally. They fought bravely, and their souls will go to Valhalla for said bravery. As such with the news of these events, I have declared war on Vakarastan. We will bring justice for our loyal comrades, and freedom for the Vakari citizens. Everyday they suffer under their horrible regime, of which the workers they claim to protect has become slaves. If any nation tries to intervene on the side of Vakarastan, Norgsveldet will be willing to give the fight to them as well.”

29th July:

The king has announced the turn of normal in politics. Having given back the prime minister’s decision on foreign policy matter, though has stated he is not afraid to use his royal progative if the prime minister decide to overstep her authority. With also announcing that Crown Princess Ingrid has become majorly important in dealing with Novaris. As such has became the offical diplomat for Norgsveldet to many Novaris nations. Especialy the nation of Alyunthia having been put as an example of where the crown princess has been gratefully welcomed by the Alyunthians. Though many have pointed out this has more to do with Alyunthia’s gender policies for this then Crown Princess Ingrid’s popularity in Novaris. Though despite that her postive connections to Valkerus, Durakia and Arkia has also been pointed of her diplomacy in the continent.

While magazines have focused heavily on Ingrid’s love life and her possible relations with the Asendavian Prince Hjalmar, we on NNN focus on larger pictures.

10th September News: The Crown Princess’s birthday!

Crown Princess Ingrid of Norgsveldet celebrated her birthday with Prince Hjalmar of Asendavia in capital of Nyveldet, Werby, with the two royalties sharing same birthday the two royal families of Norgsveldet and Asendavia arranged for a royal birthday party in the city. With the party not only having the two royal families there but also inviting several royalties from around the world, such as: Arch Duke Vertinus III of Sanctmunitis,  Crown Prince Æthelwulf of Tretrid, Prince Edmund of Atlae, Prince Hendrik of Vistaraland, Baron Karsten of Arensund with his sister Nikita Yenia, Prince John of Alksearia, Princess Jariana of South Peragen, Grand Duke Njord II of Meremaa and Crown Princess Amelia Valksdatur of Valkerus. With current civil war in Valkerus, having made the invite to the Valkerusian princess caught some controversy. With vocal left wing movement condeming the Valkerusian invite, with even Tieresh President Twain Aukusti calling the princess a puppet. Despite these critics, the choice was seen as inevitable by many royal commentators and with Crown Princess Ingrid stating the following: “I have never met someone with as a caring heart and love to her own people, such as that of my best friend Amelia. Twain’s comments is that of a man who lack both those thing”.

The birthday of the Crown Princess was celebrated around the entirety of Norgsveldet and the Crown Realm. With Crown Princess getting congratulations from several nations around the world. With the party itself being celebrated with royal fanfare and national songs from both Norgsveldet and Asendavia all around. The party being taken as an example of the warm relations between both Asendavian and Norgsveltian Royalty, but also the two nations themselves. At said party King Olav I of Norgsveldet and its crown realms, and Saint of Asatru, held a speech about his daughter’s birthday: “You have grown so much my sweetie, indeed I still remember when you was just so little, you had to cuddle with me and your mother when you where afraid of the monsters under your bed. Yet as the years past, and you grew, while my hairs became more grey by the turn of tide. You have grown into a beautiful woman, one that I know shall become a great queen after my death. You have shown me the utter most joy in my life, and though I am proud, small part of me is sadden that years has gone so quick… Odin has truly blessed you with his wisdom. Three cheers for my daughter!”, with cameras taking up three yells of “Skål!”.

And we in the NNN, also wishes Ingrid and Hjalmar an happy birthday.

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