[NOTES]Assorted Laws of Infinite Loop

Military Service All citizens must serve a minimum of three years military service, which must begin before their age of majority (21) all who serve are granted access to the National Debit service (explained in upcoming post) ROTC training may be counted as 1 year of service.

Age of majority the age of majority and legal voting age in Infinite Loop is 21 years of age,

National Debit Service as reward for the service in the military, citizens of Infinite Loop may access the NDS, this system is the electronic funds storage, (represented by 100% tax rate) all users may use up to their 75% of their weekly deposites (all pay in IL is mandated to be weelky, for most professions, and montly for a few select ones) with the remaining 25% going into the State mandated Savings account of the user (retirement plan) they may direct additional cash into the fund or into personal savings plans :fridgie too:

Metahuman Registration Program Genetically enhanced or otherwise Psionically endowed persons must be registered with the Office of Internal Policy.