Notice from the Magisterium

The Magisterium of the Sovereign East Pacific,
Represented by the Provost,

Notifies the Citizenry of the East Pacific of the following:

The passage of the East Pacific Police Service Act and the confirmation of Hobbes as Commissioner of the East Pacific Police Service.

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An organization of nations dedicated to protecting The East Pacific’s sovereignty by marked and undercover operations into Law Enforcement, as well as domestic and international intelligence.

Section 1: Citation

This law may be cited as the Eastern Pacific Police Service Act.

Section 2: General Provisions

The Eastern Pacific Police Service (EPPS) is hereby established, and its powers and responsibilities are hereby defined as:

…2.1- Protecting The East Pacific’s regional sovereignty on a local basis.
…2.2- Domestic and international intelligence operations.
…2.3- Collaborating with the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army on regional defense and intelligence operations.
…2.4- Assisting the Conclave in evidence gathering and intelligence in court cases.

Section 3: Command

…3.1- The Eastern Pacific Police Service shall be overseen by a Commissioner who is nominated by the Delegate and confirmed by majority vote in the Magisterium.
…3.1.1- The Commissioner shall undergo a confirmation vote in the Magisterium, each time a new Delegate is elected. Such a confirmation vote should take place at least each 6 months.
…3.1.2- If the Commissioner-nominee is not confirmed, the Delegate must nominate a new Commissioner through the process described in Section 3.1
…3.2- The Commissioner can be removed by a majority vote of the Magisterium for inactivity, high crimes, treason, or inability to perform his/her duties.
…3.3- The Commissioner shall oversee and be responsible for all activities of the EPPS.

Section 4: Structure

…4.1- The Commissioner may utilize any organizational structure which allows the EPPS to achieve the responsibilities in Section 2, and does not violate the Concordat or the laws of The East Pacific.

Section 5: Investigations

…5.1- The Eastern Pacific Police Service shall, as the primary investigative service for The East Pacific, adhere to these restrictions:
…5.1.1- All investigations of citizens of The East Pacific must be approved by the Viceroy of the Conclave unless it is an investigation of an Arbiter, in which case the investigation must be approved by either the Delegate or the Provost.
…5.1.2- All investigations of citizens of The East Pacific must be announced on the forum, unless the Commissioner and the approver document reasons that the investigation can only be conducted covertly. Such documentation must be posted on the forum at the conclusion of the investigation.
…5.1.3- All investigations of foreigners must be approved by the Viceroy of the Conclave, unless the nation in question is a citizen of a region at war with The East Pacific, in which case no approval is required.
…5.1.4- Investigations of foreigners do not need to be announced in the forum.

SECTION 6. Enactment

This bill shall be enacted upon its signature by the Delegate, except if the Magisterium votes to override a veto of this bill by the Delegate.

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The Act has been approved by the Delegate. The Delegate nominated Hobbes to serve as Commissioner and the Magisterium has approved the appointment of Hobbes.

A Slanted Black Stripe,
Provost of the East Pacific