[NOTICE] Resignation

Effective immediately, I am resigning from the magisterium. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you all in this trying time. The region has shown me that TEP is resolute and TEP is Strong!

See y’all around!


Thank you for your work for our fine institution, and best of luck as to your future endeavours.

Thank you for your contribution. Even tho we are not much of friends ICily, I still appreciate your work in Magisterium.

Best of luck!

Noooo! Not one of the coolest awesome Magisters! :<

Seriously, thanks for your service and willingness to try out something in TEP. Maybe I’ll visit TWP sometime and bully you even though we barely had any interactions. We’ll see!

I hope you do return some day as a Magister. <3

Thank you kindly for your service to the Magisterium, Badger.

Thank you for your contributions to the region and thank you for your service. TEP will remain resolute and strong.

Thank you for your service, Badger! :smiley: