Notifications and Petitions

If you wish to notify or petition the Viziers, Eastern Pacific Police Service, or Citizenship Office on any matter not relating to the acceptance, removal, or clerical modification of citizenship, you may use this thread. Here are some examples of the intended uses of this thread:

  • Notification that a Citizenship Officer has been approved by the Magisterium
  • Notification that a Vizier has been nominated by the Delegate and/or approved by the Magisterium
  • Petition to review a perceived security threat
  • Petition to investigate and/or prosecute an alleged violation of law
  • Request for information on a decision that has been made

The Grand Vizier or Police Commissioner shall endeavor to respond to any notifications or petitions when possible. Please be patient. All citizens are welcome to post in this thread however, in particular, the Provost, the Delegate, and the Viceroy are encouraged to use this thread for formal communication with the Praesidium.