Nuclear Disaster Response Act

Nuclear Disaster Response Act

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Strong

Proposed by: Veilyonia

Description: The World Assembly,

REALIZING that nuclear disasters, whether accidentally caused, or caused as result of conflict, pose a serious threat to the world’s population,

UNDERSTANDING that nuclear radiation can have catastrophic effects on the environment and international population if the disaster is not dealt with accordingly, as contaminated waterways and nuclear fallout can disperse nuclear radiation across international borders,

ALARMED that many nations do not adequately respond to nuclear disasters, or underestimate their severity, placing not just their national population, but the international community at risk,


  1. DEFINES, for the purposes of appropriately interpreting the material of this resolution:
    -A ‘nuclear disaster’ as any event, brought about intentionally or accidentally, that results in the widespread expulsion of harmful concentrations of nuclear radiation
  • A ‘contaminated zone’ as an area containing concentrations of radiation that can be harmful or fatal with prolonged exposure.
  1. ESTABLISHES the Nuclear Disaster Response Organization (NDRO), which shall perform the following duties:

A) Confirming the severity of nuclear disasters, that is, the amount of radiation released, and its extent and distribution.
B) Providing cleanup crews to control the spread of radiation, and prevent individuals from receiving harmful doses of radiation.
C) Determining the causes of accidental nuclear disasters, for the purposes of preventing similar disasters in the future.

  1. MANDATES that all member nations report nuclear disasters to the NDRO, and any surrounding nations that may have been affected by the disaster.

  2. REQUIRES that nations afflicted by nuclear disasters take the following measures in dealing with the disaster, including, but not limited to:

A) Evacuating any areas that have been contaminated by radiation as a result of the disaster, beginning with areas closest to the source of radiation and moving outwards.
B) Providing clean water to areas that have had their sources of drinking water contaminated as a result of the disaster.
C) Providing immediate medical services to those suffering from radiation poisoning as a result of the disaster.
D) Clearly marking contaminated zones with multi-lingual signs, using languages present in the surrounding area.
E) Taking appropriate measures to prevent the spread of radiation by restricting or diverting the flow of contaminated waterways, where possible.

I´m for this resolution! As a major nuclear using nation, we recognize the importance of those preemptive security measures.

NationStates • View topic - PASSED: Nuclear Disaster Response Act is the link to the WA forum discussion.

So far, most are supportive. But there are a few critics based on the fact this might be covered by a former relief resolution, or from where will come the funding for NDRO.

Last Decision

The General Assembly resolution Nuclear Disaster Response Act was passed 4,725 votes to 985, and implemented in all WA member nations.