October 2012 Update

World Assembly Delegate: Hileville
Chairman of Assembly: Belschaft
Minister of Justice: Todd McCloud
Minister of Security: All the Kings Men of Rebel-topia
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Penguin
Minister of Regional Affairs: God-Emperor
Craziest Person in TSP: Lady-Rebels
Regional Power: Extremely High
Regional Forum:http://forums.thesouthpacific.org

Vote to Remove TSP from the MPA Underway in the Assembly

Hileville and Penguin recently proposed to withdraw the South Pacific from the Modern Pacific Alliance to the regional assembly, and after discussion the motion has gone to vote. Inactivity in the MPA and TSP were cited as having inspired them to propose the withdrawal, and Hileville recently explained that TSP’s attention needs to be focused on the region’s internal concerns at this time.

The South Pacific formally joined the Modern Pacific Alliance on October 27, 2011, when the vote to ratify the treaty passed in the regional assembly by a wide margin. A more detailed and extensive history of the alliance and TSP’s involvement in it can be found here.

Hileville Reaches 300 Day Milestone

On October 8th, Hileville officially began his 300th day as the South Pacific’s delegate. He became the region’s delegate on December 13th, 2011, when he replaced South Pacific Belschaft. The South Pacific congratulates Hileville for serving the region well ever since he became delegate, and hopes to see even more success from him in the future.

Delegate Election Reform Bill Close

Hileville introduced a draft a completed election reform bill that would revert the South Pacific’s system for electing the Delegate back to a challenge based system. The bill would put more power into the hands of voters who have a forum account. Unibot offered a unique system that was created by him and Solm which would allow for non-forum account voting by nations of the South Pacific. Hileville has since asked that the bill be placed on hold until testing of the unique system can be completed.

Judicial Reform, again?

After an unsuccessful attempt at a new Judicial system being installed after the Great Council, legislation has been introduced that would overhaul the Judicial Branch of Government again. The new system would make the Minister of Justice, who currently serves as TSP’s equivalent to a District Attorney, the new Judge in all cases. The legislation also establishes guidelines for selecting a prosecutor and defense attorney. More information will be available by our next update.

TSP Gossip Corner

“Scandal rocks TSP: GE married the drama llama?”
“Rebel away on vacations…or planning to coup TSP?”
“Predictions confirm: TSP will rule the pie by 2018”
“Alv: innocent guy or million dollar baby?”
“Michu secretly planning to become Queen of TSP: What about Penguin?!”