Office of the Attorney General

Christie Island – Rillanon
The Friendship Tower – 10:43 PM

When the taxi stopped in front of the impressive building, Roger Carlyle waited for a short while before actually getting off the car, simply observing its magnificence.

When he finally got out, he took a deep breath before entering. A dream was realizing. Frank Duller of East Malaysia had reached the end of his term. Now… it was Roger’s turn.

The letter of the Delegate’s still inside his pocket, the newly appointed Attorney general of The East Pacific walked towards the entrance.

Oh, so that’s the Attorney General’s building, in the bottom-right quadrant of the picture? Because the predominant building in the photo is flying an American flag above it, and I doubt that’s because the Delegate is American… :B)

— Begin quote from ____

Oh, so that’s the Attorney General’s building, in the bottom-right quadrant of the picture?  Because the predominant building in the photo is flying an American flag above it, and I doubt that’s because the Delegate is American…  :B)

— End quote

No, smart guy. The main building is flying an American flag above it because the newly appointed Attorney General is hailing an American friend (who SURELY is not the Delegate… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :P) of his who happens to like this building pretty much!

Christie Island – Rillanon
Office of the Attorney General – 3:04 AM

Leaning back against the armchair, Roger Carlyle sighed, closing his eyes. He needed sleep. He definitely* needed sleep. The last weeks had been so messy he hadn’t been able to enjoy anything more than three or four hours of relax… when he had been lucky. Turmoil had spread throughout the whole region and he had found himself projected straight away from his usual work. Files and papers had piled on his desktop… and then, all *around his desktop and were now literally besieging the weary Attorney General.

Hearing the door opening as quietly as possible, Roger opened his eyes and smiled at the woman who had just entered, a tray with two cups of coffees in her hands. She, too, bore the signs of too many sleepless nights.

«Valery, you should have gone home… it’s definitely too late»

Sitting on the chair on the other side of the AG’s desktop, the woman smiled wearily and nodded, handing the man one of the two cups.

«It’s just a matter of perspective, Roger. Someone would say it’s too early…» she giggled «…but then, it’s not just me. How long have you been here without going home, yourself? Four days… come on, that suit you’re wearing has almost melted with your own skin»

Sipping a mouthful of hot coffee, Roger chortled.

«Hey… you know this is not the same one of…» interjected the AG.

«Then you have too many suits too similar between each other, AG» giggled again the woman.

Putting down the cup, Roger nodded and then stretched his arms. As his muscles ached, he realized he was near his own limit.

«So… news?»

«Not yet. Our guys are examining the proposal of the Dovakhaneses… while we’re forming a second team to take care of the Darkesians’. The idea would be some independent work on both documents… and then to confront opinions and ideas. Anyhow, they’ll be long days. Probably longer than the previous ones… and that’s why you should stop and have some rest, Roger. You cannot go on forever. In the long term, you’ll just wear yourself out… and the region will need his AG»

Slightly frowning, the man conceded her a rueful nod.

«The region shouldn’t have an AG anymore… at least, not me»

«Then it shouldn’t have a Viceroy… and probably not even a Delegate. Roger, you’ve done what you thought was the best for the region. If and when you’ll be requested to give your reasons… well, you’ll have definitely good ones»

Sighing, the AG turned the computer off and rose on his feet. Valery had a point… but then, he was still feeling a bit uncomfortable with what had happened. Too many people involved. Too many people wrongly inactive. Too fast. Too much strife.

«Ok… let’s go. But tomorrow, please remind me to give a little reminder to His Highness the Viceroy»

Valery laughed.

«Very well… but not tomorrow. Just later»

Glancing quickly at the clock on the wall, Roger nodded.

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