Office of the Chairperson of the International Forum Security Council

The Office of the Chairperson of the IFSC (International Forum Security Council) is located on the premisis of the International Forum in Rilanon, Christie Island.

As of February 19th, 2021, the position is held ex officio by the Chairperson of the Global Crisis Council, elected by members of the Council every four years as directed in the Hafsokt Charter of the Global Crisis Council.

The current holder of the position, formally given the honourary title of Their Excellency, Just Arbiter is Klara Lorensky Sarinov - to whom any communications to this office should be addressed to. In the event of her absense, the staff of the Security Council may be charged with acting as her representitive in responding to incoming messages which do not directly require the firsthand response of the Chair.

This office is explicitly not to be contacted in regards to a nation’s membership within the IF, and all states are expected to follow the Application and Withdrawl Proccedure officiated by the office of the Secretary-General.

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People’s Empire of Nystatiszna
Minister of Trade and Foreigner Relations; delegation to the International Forum; subdivision Security Council
Rilanon, Christie Island
(000) 170-1497

Dear Mrs. Sarinov and the office of International Forum Security Council,

Thanks to the peerless and tireless work of your office, after getting in contact with the Packilvanian government we have been available to convince them to join, however they request an apology for their previous rejection. As such, I’ve been given the humble duty to pass the message of said request to you on behalf of the Security Council. I can’t express the gravity of how important it is to bring Packilvania into the light of diplomacy and as such I hope their request is not too much to ask for.

Mikael Barsness

  • An Open Letter to the Ministry of Trade and Foreigner Affairs of the People’s Empire of Nystatizna, acknowledging the matters surrounding the Sultanate of Packilvania and its relationship with the International Forum and the Security Council.

Ambassador Mikael Barsness,

I first would like to thank you for your correspondence, and your ability to deliver messages from the Government of the Sultanate of Packilvania in their stead. As it has been made clear by your letter to my office, the People’s Empire of Nystatiszna has made clear a willingness to ensure the voice of the Sultanate of Packilvania can be heard in these halls even in light of their current absence from the International Forum to which I regard as a step towards a reasoned discussion with representatives of the Sultanate for the sake of furthering global diplomacy.

It is with such an acknowledgement that I hope further communications that regard to such an interest be made, my office being always open for communications from any nation within or without. In regards to the purpose of your letter, in speaking on the request of an apology from myself for the actions of the Spring 2021 Security Council, in which they voted to offer Packilvania observership to the International Forum in line with the procedure of the Security Council at the time in which those voting against full membership expressed concern on the maintaining of security in international relations done through the International Forum due to the actions taken by the Sultanate of Packilvania on the world stage. As a primarily non-voting presiding officer of the Security Council and as a figure which possesses the obligation to express impartiality on decisions made by the Council, I will not be making any comment in favour or in opposition to the expressed judgements of the Security Council of Spring 2021. I will, however, express that - as you might have expected - the duties and context in which my role is underpinned requires me to state unequivocally that I am unable to issue an apology to Packilvania or any other individual or institution in regards to the decision made by the Spring 2021 Security Council.

As has occurred in every vote made by the International Forum Security Council in which I have presided over since August 2020, I was not required to exercise my voting rights on the rejection of Packilvania as a full member of the International Forum or the subsequent offer made to them for Observership. Therefore it must come to the forefront that the request in which has been delivered to me is one in which to apologise for a decision in which I have had no hand in making outside of officiating the discussion which was requested of me by the Sultanate of Packilvania itself. It is clear, and as I have been made aware, that the intent of the request is for me to represent the Security Council in making an apology - something in which I have to question how qualified I am such with the context of the previously mentioned lack of involvement with such a decision - in which I must offer the question of which Security Council I am expected to apologise for?

If it is to be the Security Council of Spring 2021, one in which has been disbanded since August of that year, then I am to be expected to arbitrate what expressions are to be made by representatives of Governments that do not now fall under my Office? If so, I must then state firmly that I am not of the ability to represent those or any Governments from my position, and such would be an extreme overreach for what is an organisation that Governments voluntarily apply for as a Forum for their representatives to engage in their diplomacy.

If, alternatively, the request involves me apologising as a representative of the institution of the Security Council as a whole for the body to have followed the procedure established by the International Forum at the time, then I am obliged to ask whether you would have me arbitrate the current status and adherence to every policy made by every Security Council that has formed since the existence of the International Forum in 1921, 62 years preceding my birth? As a figure in which to preside over the Security Council, my capacity is not to represent or reprimand every decision the institution has made.

The past and present members of the Security Council, chosen by the members of the International Forum, are not to be beholden to my personal convictions on the decisions they have made, and it would be above my station as a civil servant of the International Forum to suggest otherwise.

If the Sultanate of Packilvania wishes to reproach their stance that, as they expressed to my colleague at the time, His Excellency the late Shano Tuvria, “There will be no peace on Urth,” they are more than capable of either taking the previously made offer of Observership or - as with the International Forum policy of equal footing amongst states - making another application to the Office of the Secretary General to be deliberated under the current International Forum procedures by the Security Council.


Her Excellency, Just Arbiter
Klara Lorensky Sarinov
International Forum Security Council Chair