Old Ranks (Aga OOship)

Like most militaries, the EPSA has various ranks of soldiers who are capable of doing various things. Most non-command ranks are achievable after training and a bit of experience. The ranks and the things you must do to get them are highlighted in the table below. If you’re new here, don’t worry about this too much - when you join the EPSA we’ll give you all the training and information you need, and you’ll climb up the ranks in no time!

Rank Badge Rank Name Requirements for Promotion
Pawn Badge.png (7.95KiB) Pawn Base rank, anyone who joins the EPSA starts here. Recruits will be oriented into the EPSA by their commanders, and will receive basic training as well as information about the basics of R/D, such as tagging, detagging, triggers etc.
Lance Badge.png (8.48KiB) Lance Soldiers must: Have received tagging and detagging training; Understand tagging and detagging, as well as update basics; Participated in five successful tag runs, successfully pointing for 10 regions.
Knight Badge.png (8.7KiB) Knight Soldiers must: Have received chasing training; Understand chasing; Participated in at least five successful defenses while chasing.
Silver General Badge.png (10.31KiB) Silver General Soldiers must: Have received trigger training; Understand triggering; Have triggered five updates with a 33% hit rate on one update.
Gold General Badge.png (9.41KiB) Gold General Soldiers must: Demonstrate security and understanding of various liberation and raiding techniques; Have lead at least one update; Have lead at least one training raid; Have proven to be organisationally capable and approachable, regularly answering questions.
Bishop Badge.png (8.21KiB) Bishop Senior Command rank, soldiers are promoted based on expertise and eagerness.

Fun fact: The EPSA ranks are based on the game shogi! The delegate is referred to as the monarch, and the OO as the flying chariot.

Soldiers are usually promoted when they reach the promotion zone and have completed everything they need to complete to be promoted.