On Planetary Annihilation

The World Assembly,

REAFFIRMING its extant commitments to peace, environmental preservation, and cultural conservation;

CONDEMNING instances of “planetary annihilation,” in which entire planets are destroyed, as a flagrant contravention of the aforementioned commitments;

DEFINING “planetary annihilation” as the deliberate attack on a planet in any way that causes the majority of life forms on the planet to die;

BELIEVING that the losses entailed in planetary annihilation renders any possible resultant military gain unjustifiable due to its wanton destruction and therefore such tactics should not be considered legal warfare activity;

HOPING to ensure the protection of planets from such deplorable tactics being used against them when in times of planetary or galactic war;


I The usage of weapons that can cause planetary annihilation against planets, moons, occupied civilian megastructures, solar systems, or galaxies in warfare between two World Assembly nations.

II The sale or other transfer of said weapons capable of planetary annihilation between two nations or organizations.

III The illegal or careless handling of said weapons in such a way that irresponsibly puts others in danger.


I The ownership and production of said weapons by nations, planetary governmental bodies, or other organizations.

II The military testing of said weapons on uninhabited planets, moons, or asteroids, in lifeless solar systems.

III The usage of said weapons as a last resort in the event of a provoking non-WA nation attempting to destroy the nation’s planet with similar weapons of planetary annihilation to protect WA nations from nations who would not have to adhere to this resolution.

IV The usage of said weapons by organizations or corporations for the purpose of asteroid mining, or other commercial usage.

V The usage of said weapons on approaching astronomical objects that pose catastrophic or apocalyptic danger to inhabitable or inhabited planets, moons or other extrasolar bodies.

MANDATES that before military testing or mining operations, the proper precautions are taken and a reasonable search reveals no evidence of life in areas affected by the resulting planetary or asteroid destruction;

FURTHER MANDATES that proper signals shall be sent to any nearby space vessels that such testing or mining operations have been scheduled, and again when discharge is imminent so to not lead to accidental loss of life.

No, no, no! Who wrote this? They must have a planet.

Finds location and sends Death Star

There are some clearly poorly thought out clauses here, this would be horrendous if we actually had planets…

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

The Fourth Imperium will vote AGAINST.

The premise of this proposal is a little outlandish. Against.

This is just sad. Against.

Voted against.

“On Planetary Annihilation” was defeated 9,586 votes to 2,116.