On The Health and Financial Well-being of Workers

Acknowledging the importance of workers throughout the universes and the success of worker-related resolutions in the past,
Assessing the situation and understanding that while we have made great progress on the area of workers’ rights, there is still more to be done,
Furthermore, while this Assembly has done a great deal of work in relation to contagious disease, workers are often neglected when discussing health,
Recognizing that in some instances, workers who have contracted an infectious disease will return to their workplace, due to financial needs and societal expectations,
Supporting workers in their life experiences, such as the arrival of offspring or death of family members and believing workers should be allowed to celebrate, grieve, and grow closer to others,
Defines “reasonable work leave”, for the purposes of this resolution, as a specified time period that an individual is not required to attend work in the event they are at risk of spreading a contagious disease knowingly, a family member experiences a medical or life-ending event, or they or their significant other produces offspring, while receiving compensation equal to their expected wage during this time period,
Mandates that all workers receive reasonable work leave in the amount of one-eigth of all expected work periods within the typical fiscal period,
Further mandates that employers, including government agencies, may not retaliate against workers for use of reasonable work leave.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

On The Health and Financial Well-being of Workers" was defeated 8,327 votes to 6,815.