In about six hours hours, at Event Time Announcer - Liberation, we, along with our friends will be liberating a region from raiders, and ONLY YOU CAN HELP. We need a nation from you to move to the region we will be liberating, and in return you will be:

  • Entered into a draw where you can change the flag and banner of the East Pacific for a day;

  • Entered into a draw where you can win a SEASON TWO WALLENBURG CARD;

  • Lastly, you’ll all get a super special badge.

Here’s how you particiapte:

  1. Join the

  2. Say that you’re there as a civilian updater

  3. Wait to be masked

  4. When that has happened, follow instructions and ask questions!

Lastly, if you want to be entered into the draws, post in this thread.

Only You can Help the East Pacific,
Only You can help us win the region back.

Hail Pacificum Orientale.

Note: Updated operation time at minor listed Event Time Announcer - Liberation

Aga squad is taking the reigns here, be there or be square