OOC: Distant Voices - Still lives

The RP-thread I’ve started is one I’m mainly planing on contributing to myself, and I intend to make the adventures of Steven Jaap, Jebidiah Prongs and many other citizens of Tingst last for a long time. I’m going to contribute to some other threads and RP along with the rest of you aswell, but I’m starting out slow.

If you have any questions concerning the characters, plot or whatever in Distant Voices - Still lives, please feel free to ask them here. I’ll try to clarify as best I can.

Nice! waits for more

I’m still doing this, RL just has a stronghold on me at the moment. Just to let you all know. The story will continue shortly.

And by shortly I mean next YEAR!

Well, it’s on again. I’m gonna try to make writing this story a routine. Nice to be back. Hi all!