OOC: Graceland


Anyone may join, and has freedom to RP some general characters so long as they don’t fly off the handle with them (like the Listonian officers). I figure these massive building projects would have a lot of people in them, including (but not limited to)

[li]Dverians (and Dverian prisoners)
[li]Pretty much any foreigner down on their luck and looking for cheap labor jobs.[/li][/ul]

I noticed in our RP’s we don’t really have a lot of talk about music bands and junk. So, this could be interesting. Perhaps enough people could form a band. Eri is obviously a guy with country undertones (well, Listonian country undertones), so there’s that. Depends on who we get, I guess. So, anyone can join. Just do a decent backstory (no carbon copies of the OP) and see if something will come of it.