[OOCRP]Proposal: RP Mentor Program

Looking at the situation in Govindia it seems that we may end-up with various zones ICly control by different powers… and even if we don’t we now have a region with a good bit of IC history.

My proposal to solve this is making the Sub Continent an area reserved for RP mentoring… i.e. new nations that want extra help could settle there and be helped by more experienced oldbies who were controlling the IC land… Giving them an IC reason to assist the new nations ICly in addition to OOCly.

In exchange for this help they would acknowledge the previous continuity even if it is bent to the point of breaking for IC sake (New Migrants, etc…) and some loose guidelines set down by the Oldbies for a regime they would support in their pupil’s nation… I would assume Krech wouldn’t ICly support a libertarian capitalist state…

Perhaps we could delegate one plot per older person…

This program I think is a good idea and the Govindian Land problem provides a nice excuse to implement it… If this works we could establish good bonds between Oldbies and Newbies helping them into the daunting RP world of The East Pacific… This would probably help our newbie retention level as well as they would be quickly brought into the fold as it were…


that sounds like a great idea… starting a RP Mentor Program

Some of us …ahem… active members who can’t RP for their lives but are decent writers … would be interested in this service as well.

Love the idea, Fish! I’d be glad to participate, as well.

Seems like a fine idea to me. Any opposition?

Not from me… i’d participate as well.