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Good morning and Evening! wherever you are. You’re currently listening to Orderian News Network. We’re back to our usual schedule and program as always, so don’t go away. Don’t worry it’ll be a flashy news!

Let’s start of at an early September.

In the 1st September, not much happened. So far harvest season still ongoing, a lot of crops are still in the field and ready to be yield.

Moving to the 10th of September, marked Rvera city 125th Anniversary and festival held all over the city. As always, expect traffic.

On 19 of September, the Pillar council has announced that the Orderian Space Agency will be confirmed to be active hopefully at 25 of November 2023. Disbanded in 1991 after the collapse of Orderian Republic, the orderia Federal Communication Committee (FDTC) is the current successor which operate most of Orderian Satellite. And now FDTC will be reemerged into OSA hoping to reignited the small spark.

On September 25th, the Pillar council and FDTC are in a meeting for the current position of the Transerra Radio Telescope. Apparently, the current building has been deemed completely outdated and expected to be retired in coming future. But, there’s also a possibility of total renovation of the telescope. Open in 1966 and positioned at the in the Transerra valley, this telescope has high and remote. The Telescope has been bombarded with Transerra Valley Harsh weather and a lot of the dishes has been damaged. Currently no new proposition has come up, we just hope for a good future.

Finishing September, on 29th September, the Pathogens Vault or well known as doctor’s library. A large freezer which stores bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. with roughly 500.000 different species of pathogens including their variants stored in a singles place. Often called as one of the most dangerous man-made places and one of the most secured places on the entire Urth. Will increase its capacity to stores another batch of pathogens. According to the pillar council, it hopefully can increase up to another 200.000.

The Pathogens vaults, secure, remote and far from society in hope to record germs and find cure for it. A lot of critics are still coming in whether the vault should still be operating and the possibility of accident could cause the pathogens to mutate.

And that’s all for this month, we’ll always here every month for a quick flash. Tune in again on ONN.
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Good morning or night and wherever you are. You’re currently listening in tune with Orderia News Network. We’ve might be late for a day but hey, who wouldn’t miss a good Halloween fortune.

Well let’s talk October

What a good way to start a month other than the early horrors of the month. Good batch of films have come in this particular Halloween. Watching some of them remind me of that old 80’s pizza joint or something, horrible pizza though.

Next years is a great day in Orderia as the general election is coming closer than ever. Campaign has start to sprout but yet to bloom. Presidential debate would, if work as intended, this November. 3 candidates has been selected as the next president, we hope to see them more in the coming debate.

Surprise announcement on 3rd of October. The Propose Project Vortex is greenlighted and the first foundation has been poured. It’s expected that phase one will be finished in 2025.

On October 10th, flood poured in Rvera. Believed to be caused by blocked river from household garbage. Despite a relatively shallow flood. A major section of the city power has been temporarily cut. The city flooded for roughly 2 hours before it resided back into the river.

Festive still grooving high as the Orderia annual Music festival on 15th of October. A lot of big names to shown and tons of great activities other than the price. The festival that was held in Lilycoast city from 15-17 October 2023. The festival held an aquatic theme this year. Fun stuff.

On 20th of October. Orderia Transport Department revealed its intention for Project Vortex as the new high-speed top of the line train. Of course, it’s a planned 3d model but seemed a lot of promised. Said to travel 300km/hour, connecting the capital Nexo and the aquatic city, Lilycoast. A lot of the public are still extremely cautious with this project.

On the 25th of october. Farmer’s Market open in Nagaria. Nagaria farmers have bountiful this year, a lot more than expected. A lot of the harvest are now distributed to the farmer’s market. The Pumpkin are sweeter this year too.

In the 30th of October. Notorious criminal, Julid Copper, is in custody for domestic terrorism. The Red Berret, notorious Orderia Terrorist group has been in many cases, involved with bombing and attempted assassination of the General of the Army, Nova C. Julian, are a known Officers among the group and are currently in custody in Alphie.

And the Final day of the Month, Halloween. Not much happened in this years Halloween other than the great festive.

And that’s all for the month. We’ve might not covered a lot this month but we hope to find some spicy news next month, or this month depend where you see it. Tune in again in ONN, same time, same channel.
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Good morning, evening and night Orderians, Urth, and the rest of people who might or might not listening to our channel. Either way, happy holiday from the ONN team. we have couple news to top of November and a bit for December before we wrap the season. Ready? Here, we go.

November 1st. Not much happened other than the preparation for the holiday, a lot of people are quite excited, a bit too early for some but hey. I do to like same off day. Some harvest come quite bountiful this year.

November 3rd. National Weather station across came across the usual pattern of windy pattern in Trassera valley. As the annual closure begin, this shouldn’t come up as a surprise but any road that use Traserrera mountain range are closed for the season. It should be expected starting 5th November until February 6th 2024.

November 10th. A Cosmos Festival happened in Rvera city. Annual year as the cold sky give clearer view.

November 20th. If you happened to find any poster that has Orderia Propaganda poster, that because the Orderia national day are coming up. Though this should not come as something to told, but here something that might interest you. The Pillar General council has put a proposal to disbanded the area 40 committee.

November 25th. The day that Orderia declared its nation state. 25th November has come up as Orderia National day. Festivity is up to the moon.

Novmber 30th. Closing November, the current Proposal for dissolution for area 40 committee are know in motion and should be discussed through the entire December. The Area 40. Notorious as a military site for Orderia have been technically abandoned since 1985. 38 years since it was abandoned, nobody has ever since touched the place. The government finally pull it under the rug for so long. Many rumor has passed for a generation about the place.

December 1st. 2024, new year, new agenda, new government. The 2024 general election has been up burning inside the people, or maybe only me but the Site 40 Agenda could be canceled as the proposal only come up yesterday.

And that wrap up 2023 for Orderia. We’ll see you in early January. The Orderia team wish you a merry holiday and happy early new year. Lets hope Nexo bit active next year, but. Here’s to the new year.
ONN Issue #18

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Good morning, Evening, and wherever you are. Welcome back to ONN and the entire crew, --while it’s a bit late–, would like to say Happy new year!

While on the topic of new year, as usual a monthly recap of what going on in over the month of December last year. Ready? here we go

1st December

Sparking the First December, the Highspeed railway construction has begun and the Orderia Railway company alongside third party development group has begun laying down foundation for large scale revamp of the rail network

The Transerra Valley still close for the winter. The National Weather Broadcast service announce sometime late Jannuary, any road connecting Transerra Valley will be open.

2nd of December

Not much Happened here moving on

5th December

The Proposal of the dissolvement of area 40 has yet to bear fruitful outcome. Majority of old sake guard has obstruct and delayed the dissolution of Area 40. There might be newer outcome, we’ll cover this over the following month.

12th December

Election campaign is through the roof. As the next general election has been announced in March 15th 2024. 4 Candidate has been chosen this year. One of them is Neo Cabaret returning for the second term.

15th December

A forest fire in Transerra valley has been reported and confirmed by the fire department.

“While it is a small contained fire, there a high chance of it becoming out of control. Our team has been a difficult situation not to mention extremely unfavorable weather on our side”

said the chief fire department

The fire has been extinguished and further investigation of what cause the fire.

30th December

A Large jump but fortunately, not much of news worthy situation arises

As far for December, the citizen of Orderia has been preparing to start welcoming 2024. The Annual new year festival held in Lilycoast city, The Annual Street festival in Nexo, Firework festival in Rvera and much more to the list.

And that’s as far as 2023 for Orderia is, we’ll find a next worthy news for 2024. We’ll hope you have a fantastic day and have a happy new year
ONN Issue #19

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Good morning, evening, or night wherever you are, you’re listening to Orderian News Network. As Usual on our program, a monthly recap on whatever happening on Orderia as of the month of January. Ready, here we go!

January 1st, New year, new Orderia. The celebration toward the night of 2024 is incredible. The first thing some people would do is watching the new year sunrise. Many already waiting on shrine and other religious site. But hopefully its start good.

January 4th. Campaigns are through the moon. The next Orderian general election is only a couple month from here. Neo Cabaret will be returning for the second term. Other Candidate also has started to increase their campaigning effort.

January 6th, The Assembly, or the Pillar Council has put forward a motion to revoked Calisto special region status. The Calisto special region give, Calisto, special power to govern under communist government partially separated with the reformist government in 1992. Due to legal and political concern, the council has decided to put amotion to revoked this old law.

January 10th The new and improve railway project in still underway but we have another news to put forward. Capria, the largest automobile industry in Orderia have put a shocking news as they will develop the all-new high-speed train.

January 12th A Fiery news, Nexo Aerial Restoration Club, Orderia Aircraft club, has not only plan but also has started to bring back the old Zeppelin for a couple run this march. An old piece of history long forgotten by time are starting to make a small return in Orderia. The General Aviation Committee has put the green light over the Restoration effort.

January 15th. A Project was proposed by the Bluelight, to replace an old Observatory in Transerra Valley. According to official government report, atleast 5 Observatory in Transsera has been decommission with 2 of them marked as historical landmark. The proposed plan coincides with Orderia plan to reach the stars once again and currently under review.

January 20th. Rvera mark its 400th anniversary for its founding. Rvera, the currently the Oldest city documented. Built and named in 1628, this city believes to be built by a man with a weird mask, the Founding mask festival in Rvera held every 20th January annually to celebrated its founder.

January 25th, Lillycoast city, a popular destination in Orderia for its aquatic live has recently put a new display of aquatic live in its aquarium. And the “Sea Tunnel”, connected partially to the sea, has a large view of live habitats near the coast. If you lucky, you might find the leviathan.

January 27th, A month filled with celebration and happiness isn’t end there, to put forward its multicultural, multi-sapient nation. A Favorite Annual festival known many by Orderians in Lilycoast city. This annual festival is for you and everyone as its celebrated literally everyone, whether you’re a Canine, feline, or an Elf, maybe a dwarf or some unclassified species, it doesn’t matter because the day is to celebrated to be differences.

January 31st, this month has been filled with festival and parties, but it doesn’t end here. During the 31st January, the entire night has been filled with presidential debate. Its starting to get chaotic as the month to come.

As we ended the month, thanks you for joining in. This has been ONN, and will be here same time, same channel. We’ll be waiting for you next month.
ONN Issue #20


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Good morning, evening, and afternoon listener, you’re currently on Orderia News Network. First off let us apologize for last month inactivity, we have some technical problem, but surely enough we’re back again this month.

Since last month we haven’t covered anything yet, this month will be a recap over the last two month in Orderia.

Let’s start things off in February

1st February, The Observatory project by Bluelight has been approved and ground breaking should be underway in the next couple of months, we hope a new kind of brightness shine in the night sky under the Transsera valley observatories.

5th February, The Orderia Anti-Corruption agents has successfully engaged with 12 different raids against local governments in Greater Nexo. Roughly ~200 suspected criminals have been detained for embezzling government money. Rumor believes this suspect were connected with the old government before the reformation in the 1990.

8th February, Protest against the government and corporates happened in the street of Nexo. The majority of these protesters are artist and movie-stars demanding AI-Protection against ongoing war against AI. The government has proposed this idea since last 2021 but has yet to reach fruition. Many believe large film corporate has lobby against such proposal. According to some interview; majority of Orderians are in sympathy with the protesters and are partially boycotting the movie industries. Currently the media interest of Orderians are on all-time low.

12th February, A 1900’s steam shipwreck is discovered roughly ~50 miles from the coast of Ravenstepe. This 1900’s shipwreck was discovered accidentally by fisherman while they’re were in the sea via sonar. Diving expeditioners are swimming their feet toward the wreck to identified the ship.

19th February, an old castle ruin was founded at the opposite side of the valley, roughly half of if was covered in sand. Scientist and historian believe this castle was build in the 1200’s. No further information was provided.

25th Feburary, Heavy weather destroy roughly 12 homes in Alphie. The National Weather Broadcast also warn local resident for a possible extreme weather in the region.

And now finishing in March.

1st March, Falle Granada, a controversial figure in Orderian politics in his days back in the 60’s was declared dead in his cell. The former dictator was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in the ’99 was declared dead due to kidney failure.

3rd March, Silent week. From 4th to 12th March. Candidates are banned to campaign until election day.

8th April. Iron and more! After extensive geological research in the Transsera Valley found a large deposit of Iron. Current Information suggest at least ~60ton worth of Iron found in the Deposit. Further examination by the crew to create a safe path toward the deposit in ongoing.

13th March. Election day. Roughly 75 million citizens are gathering in the local election depot and voting their candidates. Roughly one-thousand election depot were installed all across Orderia.

21th March, Neo Cabaret is in the lead with 41,98% confirmed vote against Nova, C. 15,59% confirmed vote. While early quick count may suggest otherwise, its possible Neo could enter his second term.

25th March, an avalanche was spotted and documented in the Transerra valley. Luckily the incident hit during midnight and nobody was injured. Investigation suggest of heavy rain in April may cause the erosion.

29th March, Anti-Corruption Agents has raided another government official after nights of stakeouts. Roughly another 1500 politician has been raided and detained due to their affliction with the ‘Old Republic’.

And that’s marked our special edition, you;ve been listening to ONN. We’ll be back next month!
ONN Issue #22


Good morning, day, and evening our esteemed viewers. Welcome back to ONN. The most trusted news source transpired only in Orderia.

As usual lets right back into our usual monthly recap.

1st April, Yes

2nd April, Bluelight has reached its first ground break. Marking the first step into reconstruction of Transsera Valley observatory line. Many scienstist, observer, and some random-joe we found from the streets are quite excited for the next 5 slow-and painfully long, long years.

6th April. After many considerations, Orderia Vintage Flight group, announced a quite interesting development. HU330 “Victini” Zeppelin are coming out from retirement. After much consideration, the last Orderia if not the – last on the world- are flying once more as a historical celebration. The 100 years old ballon are finishing its years long restoration project and plan for its grand re-awakening in August.

8th April. EV’s are surging through greater Nexo, quite shocking we know. Government project to promised net-zero carbon emission are starting to come through. Multiple charging station built right next to gas station. Though exactly how much direct investment to EV is up to debate, but it’s clear from the gov’ intention for net-zero emission.

12th April. A coffee spill was reported in the office. That’s it.

15th April. Orderia government unveil its new high-speed train in reason convention. The new model, KA100 is Orderia first homebuilt bullet train. It’s first prototype in April is underway, many considerations about the future of the project, but a working prototype is what we’re after.

20th April. Anti-Corruption Agents arrest 3 Oligarch for affiliation with terrorist group. Right now, they were being held in prison waiting to be tried for permanent imprisonment. Roughly 250,000 Repuls or roughly ten-thousand dollar worth of weapon cache was founded after one of the notorious groups break silent. More on this later on.

25th April. The Leviathan class battleship, “Amaryllis”, one of the old Battleship from the old 1910’s are sold for 22 million Repuls to a museum collection in Lilycoast city. Currently, the ship is under restoration before unveil to the public.

And that’s marked another edition to our list. you’ve been listening to ONN. We’ll be back next month!
ONN Issue #27


Good morning, evening, and afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to our monthly doses of news’s. Well without further ado, lets continue will our recap program like we always do every month. Here we go!

1st May, An avalanche was reported in Transerra Range. According to our onsite correspondence, no victim was reported. Multiple precaution in the area is advised by the government.

5th May, Orderia Anti-Corruptions police has seized roughly 1.3 million Repuls worth of treasury from Kadera Allia. A Well-known artist is under pressure from corruption charges after alleged embezzlement scheme from deep-state official. She is currently being held at Nagara prison in Nagaria.

10th May, Cop arrest on rank gang member after vandalizing local Highschool. Roughly 12 men are charges with Trespassing and Damaging private property, after Entering local Highschool in Alphie. They were promptly arrested after attempting to enter the school yard. Apparently, a student was chased after by this gang. For anonymity reason, the said victim is held at local police station for protection.

21st May, 533 Suspect on Illegal online gambling site was arrested. According to Orderia code of law, Gambling is legal although under strict restriction. This incident prompted on investigation on Online gambling site. According to state official, this gambling site is unrecorded into government date hence the arrest of the suspect.

28th May, Orderia Government are looking for third-party Investor into their railroad program that was started. According to government official, this way they look forward for more mutual and beneficial investment on the long run. Either that or we suspect they running out of money.

And that’s roughly the entire month on May. Not very exciting but we do hope this bring news that inform you where ever you are. By the way, this is June…

Go out and be proud, be happy whoever you are
– Cheers from ONN Team. –

ONN Issue #28