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We Cover Stories to told from politics, accidents, even some stories from the people. with comedic taste, well at least try to

[right]August 19 - 2021[/right]

Getting the track
Minister of Transportations and Department of Infrastructure are announcing to improve its public transport infrastructure. Starting from the bus lane and widening the main route in some areas starting from the capital, Nexo City that going to work step by step throughout the country.
Although, traffic has still become a debate since the current plan issue to reroute the street to some areas that aren’t capable to handle high-demand traffic. No further report has been given from the minister since.
Report given the plan start this end of the year, no specific date has been given.
Exchange Rate per week:
The exchange rate drop 5% from 14.290,66 Rp per dollar to 13.575,54 Rp per dollar by this week


Expanding Aerial Way
Terminal B extension from Nova international airport in Nexo city has been opened to the public after 2 years of renovation. A flock of new routes and tourists is expected by the start of 2022, Department of Transportation and infrastructure (DOTIF) predicted an increase of 15% more from the current capacity. While Department of Orderia Civil Aviation (DOCA) expected an increase of 10% from the current aircraft capacity.

Transitioning to another Region, DOCA and DOTIF are expecting to renovate the old airport from the regional route. Harman Tarrate the current CEO of DOCA quote:

“Despite regional route from the airport to another airport in a short route, people still use it to go from here to there, but the main goal of this renovating program is due to its pre-date 1980’s facilities and equipment. Very little regional airport has been modernized, using the current technologies. We have to modernize this out-of-date equipment’s and infrastructures, it’s all about safety”

The plan of renovating is planned to be started around mid-2022. The specific date hasn’t been given
Exchange Rate per month:
The exchange rate his month is stable 13.675,99 Rp per dollar by this month

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Last Signal
Otrix II, An Interstellar Probe launch by the Orderia on 20 August, 1990. Her Mission is to explore and record the vastness of the universe outside our boundary. After Re-awaken in 2006, Otrix II continue its mission, unfortunately her fate will end.

Otrix II under the Omega Exploration Program is predicted to end in April of 2022. After 21 years of exploration and many collections she gathered.

“Omega Program, not many remember it but some still. Unfortunately, her fate end quite soon. As far as knowledge we given, we believe the Radio thermal Generator (RTG) fried and may damage some equipment, what kind of part is, we can’t confirm anything as of now, but it is something that need to be touch physically to fix it, we can’t do anything to it”

Scientist believe that in April of 2022, Otrix II will decommissioned, and ending the OmegaProgram completely. As far as the probe, Otrix II will become a dead probe floating endlessly to someplace we can’t imagine.

As for right now, Scientist are figuring out the problem they can fix and using the limited time to search anything that can be recorded back before her eventual fate.

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A Fire broke out in a local dinner franchise at Nexo City today at 3:00 PM. Although the exact cause is currently investigated, it’s suspected that an electricity cable short circuited near flammable material. Fire has been raging for the last hour and firefighter still continuously calming it down. All civilian reported to have been safe and there are no reported fatalities as of yet.

The short circuited was reported by one of the staff working in a gift shop table, said there was a burning like smell from the shelf, when they checked the plushie stored behind them, unknowingly a small fired has started and rapidly ingulf the counter. It is believed cause by faulty cable management by the restaurant manager.
Now this won’t make it into national news unless something big happened, and it’s quite unexpected sensation as a gas pipe which sit right next to it burst into flame. The restaurant building has a gas pipe which supplied by the national gas pipe.  As the flame rage in, it seems a chained reaction created and burst the pipe line. A couple manhole cover has flown left to right and its hole is spitting fire right now, a large portion of the sewer right now is a continuous threat for spreading a wild fire. By the time I’ve wrote this news, the pipe line is under process of closure and blocking the sewer pipe to limits its contamination.

For citizen around the area, executed extreme cautious in case your bath smell like gas.

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[right] [/right]
An Electricity surge just happened in Alpha City, the cause is still unknown, but it was assumed a cable was misfunctioned. As of today, the entire city is consumed by darkness itself while repair is undergone. Many powers plant worker and local government ensure its citizen that this surge will only temporary.
It’s been 5 hours and not a single light bulb connected to the power grid shine. The fix will be expected to take the entire day, most likely until tomorrow morning. I supposed today has no internet in Alpha.

Orderia News Network

A Long traffic jam in Nexo City makes some driver irritates harder than raging. The hours-long traffic was caused by the renovation and complete remake of the aging old monorail track. Nexo Department of Transport has their statement:

“The Old aging public transport system required a renewed plan and multiple renovations. Due to the old technologies of pre-1960s transportation, some parts are either no longer in production or lost in time. Their ugly head may start poking sooner or later, it is best to renew them before an incident happened”
Now multiple routes have been rerouted and cause heavy traffic jams. Might expect this for a couple of months but NDOT ensures the rerouting procedure won’t take long. But how long isn’t entirely stated.

Now onto our weather program. A Heavy rainstorm is expected to drop at Orderia Western Territory. Although not much to cover, many scientists predict it’s going to be a rather strong wind in the area. Not in a typhoon scale wind but enough to make you have a bad day.

Orderia News Network

As Holiday approaches, Multiple traffic jam has been issued throughout the entire highway network. Multiple attempts such as the one-way system are used to reduce the hours-long traffic. Although keep in mind, that the system is only temporary for holiday use and only affects several routes. C34, C1 and C9 highway routes are going to be the most affected.
A one-way system will be in immediate effect from 30 April to 7 May. Police are always on standby to help you get through the traffic. Of course pack a lot of snacks, pitstops can be always far, and why not join and listen to our music while you and the long road trip ahead. Well, mostly traffic.

Orderia News Network

Our Monthly news bring another excitements news as in the start of June will be Orderia Auto-race that will be held in Nexo City Circuit. The Nexo City Circuit is part of the Nexo City ring, as part of preparation and the race its self, portion of the highway will be closed temporarily. As a viable alternative, the secondary ring is an option. Many crews are already in the area as the time this news published. And with me is the One of the supervisors, the recorder is in!

“well as safety is-
[heavy machine noises]

And that conclude our interview
Traffic as many we expect, will be there. Many drivers are invited toward this excitement as the start of June, the one will claim the throne. So, grab your camera, prepare your banknote, and why not grab a wine or two and Reserve that sweet front row splash zone. And who knows, maybe you get a tire as souvenir

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Another day another month, which mean our more news also known as our only way to exist. This month bring us another story in which tomorrow is our weekly occurrence of chaos Thursday. A weird little superstition really, I mean everything can go wrong every time, it’s just more comically chaos on Thursday.
[sup]don’t know why we put this as holiday- [gibberish][/sup]
Ahem, anyway today actually exiting story with our mid-summer festival on our country surprisingly this late on June. Either way, most of your local park will probably will held it. Or maybe just touch grass I don’t know.

That looks fun! how come I can’t go there?

[sup][Shut up and do your work][/sup]
Fine… anyway another on our most popular if not the only thing that keep us up in the industry. The mildly annoying, everyday friend, and the excuse that probably get you fired at 8 a clock because you can’t get up earlier than 7, on our left ring we have Traffic congestiooooon!
Well expect about 1 and half hour traffic in Nexo city.

…huh. I supposed that’s it for today. Tune in next time when we search story other than traffic, see you next month same time same channel.

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Good morning, evening, or night Everybody at home from around the Urth!
It’s another month with us today Orderia News Network. Early in the morning in the Western Territory right in the studio with us today so good morning Orderia, hope you folks had breakfast cause today going to be a ride of rollercoaster.

First thing in the morning has a viral Coffee outbreak in the Rvera city. Café au lait has been a popular choice offering to local or tourist alike, quite a simple choice with bagel as siding, it does smell delicious here in the studio, I might buy one when gotten the chance.

Moving on, you can’t spell bamboo without boom! Well, you almost can’t but, Currently the nation has shortage over bamboo with delayed over delivery issue, your local government might have alternative until a new craft has landed, I hope my Jungle package doesn’t stuck in those traffic.

Moving to the weather, its rather sunny with mild cloud in Western Territory from 7:00 until 9:00, weather predict the rest of the day will be cloudy though rain cannot be confirmed as of now. Partially cloudy over the Eastern Territory all day.

Either way, that’s all for this morning and we hope you tune in next Month, now onto the music


Good evening and good night orderia! I hope you have a wonderful month cause you what it is! As of today a the previous planned racing event and with multiple delays are now a bout to go underway! Cross that bridge racers cause next month is Orderia national race event circling over the entire span of the western territory. At the 25th September 2022, will be an exiting month, celebrating the new independent day with a great race. Grab your money, take on the gear, and place your bets at the local pub because tonight! The preliminary round is about to begin!

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Good night Orderia and Happy Autumn Everybody yes, a month late to the party but we still raging whiskey. Either way, winter is upon us and what a cold winter it will be, I mean ‘gotta put those salt on the ice. Piercing through it has our first news on the day, Salt sale! Yep, this early, not even a minute in and we have an ads sponsorship, God bless the internet.

Speaking salty today our usual news is, same as ever. Though pumpkin is about on season, and believe me there lotta sales this season.  Cold breeze should be whispering through us in a couple weeks so buckle those heat pack!

Despite all the weather-y news today and sales. Our actual news, no, no I promise this time is an actual news. There are believe that the government including the Pillar council might want to reignited the space program once more!

Welp if you haven’t heard our history, Orderia Space program were disbanded in 1976 along side with Orderia Nuclear Weaponry Program (NWP) especially after the Hillside Incident in ’60s excluding Orderia Nuclear Power Program (NPP) and the remain, Bureau of Space Telecommunication and Exploration Agency (BOSEA) which operate the remaining satellite which still active satellite.

Most of Orderia Observatory, Satellite dish even the launch and command center were left abandoned, inoperable, and most of them have been taken out but mother nature herself with only handful were operated by BOSEA, if plan were continued along the way, its possible that Orderia will reach the star once more

Now our second news

Orderia News Network


ha-ha did we scare you? well… probably not but happy Halloween Orderians or Early Halloween where ever you are. This month is issue isn’t going to change what so ever neither my salary. Either way, this monthly issue is going to be a spooky one as Halloween enter Orderia streets as kids all over the neighbourhood is ready for trick and treat. Kids, Be safe on the street and check your candy. No seriously check your candy!

Well on to our news section. First off, weather is oddly colder here in Nexo city despite winter will come on late November. This nothing to be worry, expert believe this anomaly part of approaching winter cycle. Most of lower Territory including Lower Rookie Island will be experiencing more colder weather as winter approach. The rest of upper Orderia will experience a dry-winter for the rest of the season.

As much as expecting snow to cover the city but Winter Holiday is always the best, hot take here.

Secondly, plan for the reignition of Orderia Space Program has been delayed till Early January. As government ready to take next month Orderia National Day and the all we waiting for Orderian National Race Cup. Be ready folks as next month is fill with 3 paragraph excitement, maybe…

Next, a word from Nexo

“Hello folks, weird way to talk like this especially saying hi in all places but… Howdy! ,I hope all of you have a happy Halloween though I’m not celebrating it. dc windows always open. Ping me to summon the ritual or some company idk, but be safe and have a good month! (>.0)”
-Nexo, internet user
All that and said, Happy Halloween and we hope to see you next month issue!

Orderia News Network

Hello, hello and welcome back to our news channel. I your host and today were diving back into the text world of Orderia. Let me recap what happened the last November. First of nothing new, second, Last 25th November were Orderia National Days. Unfortunately, we can’t cover the full story, but you should be there next year, Great festival and all at the streets.

Next, we have the Orderia Space agency. If you folks recall, its was disbanded in 1991, now the Council has given the greenlight to reignited the Orderian Space Program sometime in 2023, though the exact date is unknown. Next on December, do be cold in the regions, though not all of them are snowing, atleast half of Orderian Region, lower half, which predominantly will be snowing for some part. Although snow exist in lower part in some regions, the entire Orderian climate will be cold, so just in case, prepare some winter wardrobe.

That’s all for Novembers news, we do hope to see you on New years Special in December

Orderia News Network


Howdy howdy, this your monthly issue on ONN. As we wrap up the year, this issue will be the last until next January, same time same place. About a day before midnight, and enjoying the new year sunrise, a lot has been expecting a good fortune from 2023. Park, bars, and shrine has preparing for the new year festive. The entire nation is ready to welcome 2023 and say goodbye to the past. Though if you viewer happened to want to watch a new year sunrise, Transera mountain

happened to be a good spot to see the sunrise.

A lot has happened in 2022, well maybe we aren’t covering that much, very little subjectively really. But as it happened to be short, so does the year. Thank you for all of the year and as it happened, we (i) want to be here again. Here to 2023, a good year for all of us.

Orderia News Network


Good night, good morning or evening where ever you are, we’re back to our monthly issue. First news as of this month

In 12 January 2023, A Viral cat café has struck heart across Orderia, the First ever Cat café in Orderia has open to public and has been a viral hit ever since, who can’t say no to those chubby little cats. Too bad you really can’t bring them home.

In 15th January, the last 2 years, Orderia has try to improve the Aviation industries, and improve we did. All of Orderia International Airport has renovated to Now standard and 12 more regional Airport, 6 Airfield and more to come. Pillar Council also has approved a new safety regulation in civil aviation.

On 20th January, Orderia Soccer team has entered the bracket and the Entire nation has the teams back. Better bring us home that gold, the entire nation is really cheering them on!
A flash in 21st, Otrix II or better Known as Omega II, the space probe destined to search the deepest part of space and her secrets. The program has officially shut down and the Probe, will be officially decommissioned in 23rd January 2023. Engineers and scientist have been monitored the probe since January of last year, the probe were expected to decommissioned last year as well. The deepest slumber since 2006 the probe can now rest well.

The reason for sudden news is alarming rate of probe malfunction equipment, engineers believe space dust and and other small debris may breach the protective layer and destroying the equipment inside. Your story will be known, your research will be valuable, Ostrix can now rest in peace.

A saddening moan heard across Orderia, on 31st January, Orderia Lost the World Cup. Their defeat is does heart breaking, but their achievement has been bought home. It does stand as Orderia has risen further than last year. The team will back home in 1st February and there may be haters but we expect at the very least a welcome and thank you effort for their hard work.


Issue #12, ONN broadcast.

Orderia News Network


Good Day Orderia! and welcome back to ONN. Broadcast across Orderia. Its been a while but we have some great news to coverup this.

Last Month on April. The Pillar Committee has sign and approved the reformation of Orderia Space Program. “Decade of Infrastructure problem regarding The Telecom’ committee are now responsible for the New Orderia Sapce Program, which were disbanded in 1991”, Currently decade old structure are being demolished, rebuild, and repurpose. It Might take awhile before the nation strike the stars once more.

On May, nothing happened. Except for the construction of a brand new Highspeed network across Orderia. For The First time Orderia will experience what a sheer speed looks like. Legislation has been passed and construction should be begun by the end of June.

Moving to June. Orderia are trying to get their energy green, on the opposite track. You might already know that the Nuclear Energy in Orderia has been a decade old problem with harsh critics on how Orderia as a nation with nuclear energy handle them. The Last 3 Remaining Nuclear Power Plant. Leviathan NPP, Raven NPP, and Transera NPP, are now in question for safety and directory. Currently, no new info has emerged but we’ll keep an eye for this…

Now Onto the Weather.

It’s Gunna’ be Hot.
ONN Issue #13

Orderia News Network

Good morning, Evening, and wherever you are. This is ONN the site. This month, we got some spicy news to cover, as always from Orderian’s truly.

Starting on a brand new 14BN mega project that hopefully will reconnect Orderia as a whole network as Project Vortex. Project vortex currently still a paper concept but once approved by the Council, it will revolutionize the nation rail network and services.

The Project hope not only to modernized the current system but also revamping the centuries old rail network by demolish and rebuild them into more efficient network. Not only that, the propose high speed network that will cross the Orderia western terr. Will also taken into consideration.

Many skepticize on how the project will be rolled out. By destroying old railways, many fear about the impact from nature but also in term of connection between city will be cut-apart. For now, that’s all we know.

But for now, let’s leave the earth at take space into the comets. The Pillar Council Has Approved the brand new Orderia Space Program. The Federal Telecommunicate Committee or FDTC will merge with the new space agency which we currently don’t have the name of. Orderia Will Once again lift into space, at least by December.

Onto Weather, NWS issue a report of potential storm sweeping into Transerra Mountain range. Transsera Weather station also has issued the warning. “Potential of heavy storm is expected, but due to mountain range weather, some form abnormalities might form” as statement from Transerra weather station. For You weather spotters, it is not advised to do weather spotting at least not in this particular range. But for you whom forced to, be safe out there!

That’s all for this month news, we’ll see you next month. As Always this is Orderia news and we’re still ONN.
#ONN Issue 14

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Crap! Crap! Crap! I’m late….


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to the one and the only news trusted news network in Orderia that will bring you to ONN. First of let me apologies for my arrival, you know how the Nexo traffic is.

Either way on our very first news for the month on August, hope you are excited ‘cause there’s a lot to cover in a 10 minute show.

Rating in on the 1st of August, the Rvera Plaza, reaching in over one-million tourist, despite the relatively average number among tourist place, its rather unheard of for Rvera. Well look no further than the sky. Rvera are known for its clear sky in the night, well that’s because its location is relatively mountainous. Astronomers and photographers have an eerie clear sky on that day.

Moving to the 10th of August, we have the first revamp on the Project Hope, Lily-Nexo new route are under constructed. Economic wise, bad idea., but the Council has stated that majority of Orderia rail network only covered large cities and their connectors. As you might have heard from our previous issue, the project is to bring new light over connection and created a new one. New Report come in from an independent train enthusiast network. It is expected that over 150 lines will be decommissioned and reconstructed.

August 17th , Orderia Pillar Council has stated that the Orderia space agency will hopefully reemerged in November, how this will turn out is time to tell.

A lot has relatively covered in politics, stuff in town are just there really…

Well, the Aquarium now Open in Lilycoast city on 18 of August. Is already quite jammed packed on its first day.

New Reports over politics. Over 5 suspect which are currently unnamed has been arrested and charge for over 8.500.000 Repuls over corruption. They’re trials is expected to held on October 12, 2023

Unfortunately, this is the only one we could cover, we expected to see you again. Tune in again Same time same channel. This is ONN and we’ll see you next month
ONN Issue #15