Osiris Papyrus #6

Pharaoh: Lyanna Stark
Kai Repat: Dalimbar
Sepatarchy: Biyah, Lemon Love, Josha, Bridgemarsh, Quadrimmina
Great Kenbet: Hileville, Zaolat, The Direwolves
Council of Ma’at: New Kervoskia, Oliver, Goobergunch

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<@Mahaj> i haven’t actually done any mating at all, but since i have to print it out the teacher won’t know :stuck_out_tongue:
<+Eluvatar> You better not have done any mating young man!
<@Mahaj> lol
<@Mahaj> mating = hard and stupid

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Election Fever!
The last few weeks has been election fever, kicked off with a Kenbet Special Election. As the Sepatarchy recalled the absent Kenbet member, Kain the Dragoon, the Council announced new elections. The election was between Asmodeus (Georgie, or The Direwolves) and Diamete. The election ended 7-4, with Asmodeus taking the seat.

Next, we had the Third Sepatarchy elections. The candidates were Biyah (Returning Sepat), Lemon Love (Returning Sepat), Bridgemarsh, Campinia, Asmodeus, Quadrimmina, and Rawr. After three days of wild vote changes and nail-biting, as well as after Rawr dropping out, the Third Sepatarchy was elected. As we in Osiris did Single Non Transferable Vote (SNTF), every citizen could vote for only one candidate; as such, the election results were: Biyah (6), Lemon Love (5), Bridgemarsh (4), Quadrimmina (4), Campinia (4), and Asmodeus (3). (It should be noted that one voter changed his vote last minute to avoid a 4-way tie.) As such: Biyah, LL, Bridge, Quad, and Camp were elected!

But we were not done with Sepatarchy elections, as Campinia retired from NationStates, leaving another vacancy in the Sepatarchy. Rather than hold those elections immediately, the Council decided to hold them at the same time as the Pharaoh elections.

The Pharaoh Elections started quickly, with Lyanna Stark (Incumbent) being nominated and accepting, announcing her Kai Repat candidate to be Former Pharaoh Dalimbar. They were challenged by Quadrimmina/Jamie. There was a debate on IRC between the candidates which included lots of praise for Lyanna from Quadrimmina (as did his entire platform). The official results were that Lyanna Stark and Dalimbar won with 94% of the vote (excluding abstain). Congratulations to the winners and nice race to Quad and Jamie!

The Sepatarchy Election was between Josha (Rawr) and Hyanygo. Josha won a majority of the vote, taking the seat.

Congratulations to all! Let’s hope all have wonderful terms!

Council of Ma’at
After mild fireworks, High Priest Agamemnon resigned from his post. He served us long and well as one of the first people involved in Osiris. Agamemnon had served on the Council from its creation. The Sepatarchy quickly announced and approved Goobergunchia as the candidate for the new Council of Ma’at spot, and the Council accepted Goober.

The Council also announced that there would be a change in voting from Single Non Transferable Vote (SNTF) to letting one citizen vote for one candidate for each open seat (thus, if five Sepatarchy seats are open, one can vote for five candidates). It was also announced that due to the vote changing madness of the last elections, votes would now take place by secret ballot.

After a slight foreign affairs snafu, the Council laid down an official statement on Forum Restriction. It reads:
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No Osirian Citizen or government official, and no Foreign National or government Official; may copy or redistribute to a Foreign Power’s forum, any official Osirian discussion in part or in whole, without the express permission of the Pharaoh, Council of Ma’at or Kai Repat.

Private discussion of Osirian affairs is permissible – as long as official documents and discussions are not published on a Foreign board.

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While assumed to be policy before, it is now clearly laid out.

Great Kenbet
The Great Kenbet currently consists of: Zaolat, The Direwolves, and Hileville. Currently the Great Kenbet is occupied with the Treason Trial of Tim which is still ongoing; the Court is currently waiting for the opening from the defense.

Dalimbar’s Patience
Former Grand Vizier and current Kai Repat Dalimbar’s patience has now become a currency. Though mercurial as a currency, Osiris has seen several citizens rejoicing in the street and joining the PatienceZone. An anonymous PatienceZone member has stated, “As the wine flows through the streets, the currency soars!” More on this NationStates • View topic - Dali's Patience-zone.

The Sepatarchy
The Sepatarchy has been very busy this term!

Already, they’ve appointed Goobergunchia to the Council of Ma’at and recalled Kain from the Kenbet, as well as passed a lot of new laws. A law was passed regarding approval of citizenship around elections to prevent voter fraud, as well as a Sunshine Law to edit the Book of the Dead for grammar/gender mistakes. They also created the position of Spokesperson of the Sepatarchy and held elections for such, which Biyah won. The Sepatarchy also passed the TNP-Osiris treaty and updated our Conflict of Interest laws to pertain to new citizens.

Two referendum changes to the Book of the Dead were recently passed as well. There are now rules on how to remove the Kai Repat or an inactive member of the Sepatarchy.

Osiris has recently starting using a welcome telegram script, aimed at sending an Osirian welcome telegram to every newly resurrected nation to come into Osiris. It is hoped this system will eliminate the need for spending hours slaving over the Nationstates Site, thus freeing up people for other projects - as the Pharaoh directs.

New Sepatarchy member Bridgemarsh was seen locked in the “Quick Guide” section of the forum. Lyanna Stark refused to comment on this capture of a Sepatarch, but instead notes, “Don’t the new guides look so pretty? There’ll be more.” She coughed, but it sounded somewhat like “Or else.” Interesting…

Foreign Affairs
After debates, conferences, and deliberations, Osiris has passed a treaty allying themselves to The North Pacific. The treaty was written in conference by members from Osiris (Lyanna, Biyah, and Goobergunch) and The North Pacific (Eluvatar, Gulliver, Peoples Empire). The treaty passed in the Sepatarchy and was quickly signed by the Pharaoh. It contains provisions primarily for mutual defense and intelligence sharing. The full treaty can be viewed http://s13.zetaboards.com/Osiris_NS/topic/6921993/1.

Military Arms
At major update on the 107th Day of the First Reign of Pharaoh Lyanna Stark, the First of Her Name, the Soldiers of Osiris, the Medjai Guard, acting as support to our friends from United Kingdom, Romana and The United Federation stormed across the desert and into the lands known as Warzone Sandbox.
As the allied forces seized the throne, the troubled region fell under the control of delegate Take The Money And Run. How long allied forces will remain in the area is unknown, but no ruler has held power for more than a month in recent times, and only in pre-history did someone hold Warzone Sandbox for more than 100 days.

The Sobek of the Guard Asmodeus, and Guardsman ABK was the only guardsmen part of the original invasion, however Guardsman and Vizier of Foreign Affairs Diamete and Guardsman Mostly Armless have helped reinforce the region, with 14 troops now endorsing the delegate.

The Guard is now firmly entrenched along with its allies, and looks forward to defending against possible attempts to dislodge them. All Medjai Guardsman are encouraged to move to Warzone Sandbox, and those interested in joining Medjai Guard should sign up here.

Hail the Pharaoh! Hail Osiris!


Chess Tournament

Osiris has begun hosting its first of what we hope will be many tournaments for citizens, as of going to print over 25 games have been played in the tourny so far with Oliver and Mahaj taking an early lead. Mahaj in particular has received positive reviews from his opponents, claiming that chess wasn’t really his thing before pulling victories out of nowhere. Good luck to all the contestants as the games continue.

Lyanna Stark recently hosted an IRC-Trivia night, with questions and answers contributed by citizens. Members of Osiris and other regions all took part and after 30+ questions it came down to a final tiebreak between Milograd and Hyanygo for the top score. Milo answered faster and took the title of Osiris Trivia Champ with a score of 43 to Hyanygo’s 38. Congratulations to Milograd and we hope that all that participated had fun!


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The Tree of LizLemons: I’m doing pretty well thankss! It’s almost hot enough for the pool. yessssss :slight_smile:
The Holy Empire of Danger Goat: Pish, pools are for squares
The Tree of LizLemons: Pools are fun even for goats :stuck_out_tongue:
Campinia: Lemons + pools = lemonade?
The Directorate of Geradin Empire: Should we start planning for Lemon Party at this rate?
The Tree of LizLemons: I’m down for a Lemon party :wink:
The Fun and Fancy Pharaoh of Lyanna Stark: I do not think that means what you think it means, Liz.
The Rainbow Connection of Mahaj WA Seat: Greetings, Osiris! You’re invited to a Lemon Party! But not at my place.
The Ever-Watching Federation of Biyah: ROFL! LemonParty at Liz’s place.

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Believe It Or Not

  • The first monotheistic religious state ever was in Egypt, established by the Egyptian Pharaoh “Akhenaton” the founder of the monotheism, taking the sun as a symbol of the one and only god.
  • Ancient Egyptians were one of the very first people who invented a writing method (their genuine Egyptian hieroglyphs).
  • The known year calendar to 365 days and 25 hours of the day were an Egyptian Inventions.
  • Dwarfs in Ancient Egypt would be respected and sometimes they get important positions in the state.
  • the Egyptians were the first to make an international peace treaty and they recorded it. it was between the King “Ramsees ll” of Egypt and Hattusili lll of the Hittite empire.
  • First “labor Strike” in history took part in ancient Egypt by the Egyptian workers.
  • ancient Egyptians were clever in preserving food and meat using materials like Natron and Sodium Bicarbonate (which is still used today). They would use it in the mummification process as well.
  • First glass and faience objects and accessories were found in Egypt.
    in Egypt also , was the invention of painting on plaster.
  • Cement was first invented by the Egyptians.
  • The oldest known wine cellars were discovered in Egypt.
    The Egyptians didn’t invent beer but with the documentaries of their earliest brewing process, they made it easier for us.

And we end as we begun…

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[20:35] <@Biyah> … shite. Hail.

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Osiran Papyrus #6 Written&Edited By Diamete, Lyanna Stark, Georgie, Bridgemarsh, Biyah, and Dalimbar.