Ownership of Rodenia

Hi all.

I will cut right to the chase: I do not wish to be roleplaying Rodenia in the present anymore. This is due to sometimes heated conversations, lack of time to sit down without doing it at hours like now (it’s 22:50) and being 5 months behind in Shat Dip which is where my true loyalty lies. Unfortunately my contributions so far will be cut short as I have a confirmed final exam date for my apprenticeship and I need to come away from focus point rps like this seems to be turning into.

I don’t mind remaining as a Co-owner, I would greatly enjoy working in the background when I get the opportunity to. Me and Sammy inherited it in the preservation of lore and this left-field RP has come at a bad time for us both for our own reasons. Sammy also cannot commit to Roleplaying for example. I want to know your thoughts and I really do apologise about this, I just think it is in my best interest.

As a resolution I was thinking of giving forum RPers time to determine who could be the drive of current day RP Rodenia whilst either Sammy and me or just Sammy acted as a fiduciary / fiduciaries / historical context and development backups.

Let me know what you think. I would prefer official responses here such as offers to take it on board as discord is a busy and bustling hive of activity and I am in a daily battle to keep up. I’m going to publish this to discord and ping everyone, but when I do I will be going to bed not long after and I won’t be able to see to the conversation for about 20 hours.

I suggest making the nation an NPC. As I understand the current concept of NPC nations, that would allow both you and Sammy to be able to add on some historical stuff, but the nation would be more or less stagnant / only there for flavor, until someone asks to adopt it, in which case the Cartographers get to decide. If that’s not how NPCs work, I still think it’d be a good idea unless it would be an obstacle for the plans you and Sammy have - aka history + backseat “““owners”””

I mean I have no say in this, nor a horse in the race, but I think it’d be a good solution.

After a discussion, Meagharia will be taking control of Rodenia in modern RP and me and Sammy23 will remain as fiduciaries / history writers for the country. We will work with Meagh as much as we can and support him in this endeavour. Oan has also agreed to assist Meagh. Thank you all