Pact of Rosaheim Embassy

The Pact of Rosaheim (PoR) is a defensive pact founded by Norgsveldet, Eyjaria and Vistaraland.

The pact stipulates that if any member nation is attacked by a hostile threat, the other member of the pact shall defend their ally.

This pact was created as a deterrent for agressive nations to attack any of it’s members.

Should your nation wish to join this pact, please fill out this form.

Nation Name (long):
GDP (nominal):
Form of Government:
Reason for joining (optional):

Curremt Members:
Ducal Federation of Vistaraland
Imperial Realm of Norgsveldet
The Commonwealth of Eyjaria
Confederation of Rikevaarland
Federal Republic of Aduraszna
United Free Provinces of Western Suvania

Observer States:
Republic of Kyrloth

Nation Name (long): Confederation of Rikevaarland
GDP (nominal): 301,6 billion
Population: 5,2 million
Form of Government: Federal, coporatist, oligarchy republic
Ideology: Plutocracy and capitalism
Reason for joining (optional): As a nation with close relations with Norgsveldet and having watched the active military expansion of Kyrloth has made us afraid of our security on our continent. Especialy for the wealth our nation posses we need protection. Not to mention that our proffesional mercenaries that serves as our army will be at your proposal, and with our naval assets we can protection the regional waters better in the southern occean.

Dear Representitive of the Confederation of Rikevaarland,

We are hapoy to inform you that your nation has been accepted to join our defensive pact and shall be inducted into the alliance as soon as possible.

Together we stand strong against any agressor.


Pact of Rosaheim Admissions Committee

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Nation Name (long): Federal Republic of Aduraszna
GDP (nominal): ƕ700 billion (SH$434 billion)
Population: 20.5 million
Form of Government: Democratic republic / constitutional presidency
Ideology: Liberal capitalism
Reason for joining (optional):

The political situation in Borea has, in recent years, taken a decisive turn for the worse. Following two illegal annexations, what peace may remain both in the region and elsewhere is fragile at best. At worst, it is simply only a matter of time before war breaks out once more. It is in everybody’s strategic interests to join forces, and be ready to repel threats wherever they may be, by sea or by land.

Dear Representitive of the Federal Republic of Aduraszna,

We thank you for your application and are pleased to ssy you have been accepted into the Pact of Rosaheim. The situation in Borea is troubling to say the least, and that is why this alliance has been brought together. We can assure that should war break out in Borea, the PoR shall stand united to ensure the independance of it’s member states.

Together we stand strong against any agressor.


Pact of Rosaheim Admissions Committee

Dear the Pact of Rosaheim Committee–

We have all seen troubling times these past few years. Peace is a fragile thing indeed and it seems like at any moment it could shatter. Recent history has highlighted the prevalence of unwarranted aggression and a novel form of diplomatic cold war following peace-keeping missions in and around the great continent of Borea, and it would be a great strategic decision for everyone concerned to add another nation to this growing brotherhood of solidarity between northern nations, so that we may present a united front against the great evil of Morstaybishlian imperialism.

It has been less than a year since the Not-So-Great Morstaybishlia illegally sent a large warship directly into Kyrlot territorial waters - an act which does indeed count under international law as a declaration of war - but our government graciously decided to overlook this wanton and unprovoked aggression, and luckily a mechanical mishap took care of the problem before tensions could escalate further. However, this situation ought to serve as a very large red flag to governments in and around Borea (and across the whole of Urth, in fact); it is a sign that the Morst regime feels that they can tread wherever they want. The sheer arrogance of their military forces could end up being the match that sets alight this political powder keg and ignites the flames of war.

We all must unite and show the Empire that they do not, in fact, have the right to tread on us wherever they please, and make Boorish Bully Barvata think twice before he tries to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong for a second time.

I look forward to hearing your reply,

Yours in solidarity,
Kirrhion Sinter Tass, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kyrloth

Dear Representitive of the Republic of Kyrloth,

Thank you for reaching out to us. After some deliberation, we have decided to offer the Republic of Kyrloth an Observer Status within the Pact of Rosaheim. Should this be agreeable, Kyrloth will enter a pact of non-agression with the member states of the Pact, with the Pact offering to defend Kyrloth should it be met with unjustified invasion.

We are happy to have recieved your message and hope that this may lead to Kyrloth’s full membership at a later date, with this beong a step forward towards peace and solidarity among the nations in the region.

Together we stand strong against any aggressor.


Pact of Rosaheim Admissions Committee

Nation Name (long): United Free Provinces of Western Suvania
GDP (nominal): $94,183,312,254
Population: 4,096,886
Form of Government: Federal Parlimentary Republic
Ideology: Liberalism, Libertariamism
Reason for joining (optional): Invited by Norgsveldet, protection from threats to regional security

Dear Representitive of the United Free Provinces of Western Suvania,

We thank you for your application and are pleased to ssy you have been accepted into the Pact of Rosaheim. The Suvania situation is very troubling, and you have our full sympathies.

Together we stand strong against any agressor.


Pact of Rosaheim Admissions Committee

Nation Name (long): Republic of Phoenixia
GDP (nominal): 500 billion
Population: 50 million
Form of Government: Republic
Ideology: Democracy
Reason for joining (optional): to enjoy the optimal security guaranteed by this alliance, to develop more formidable relations with states, to maintain the territorial integrity of phoenixia and to promote military cooperation between states.

Nation Name (long):The Republic of Krozland
GDP (nominal):780 million
Population:61 million
Form of Government:Anocracy
Reason for joining (optional):As a new nation, I’d like to develop good relations with other nations, including the leading country who I’m on the same continent as (and I plan to share a border with